Summer Multi-Terrain Series External Results
11 Sep 18

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
123:49Dave Bennett V40MEllesmere Port0.9 
224:00Rob Pearse V40MWallasey-0.7 
324:05Rob Grantham V45MPensby/Police0.8 
424:14Mark Clair V35MMersey Tri2.3 
524:24Dean Hanwell SENMMersey Tri-0.1 
624:26Paddy EatonSENMLiverpool RC  
724:28Mark Davies V40MWest Cheshire4.2 
824:29John Stone SENMEllesmere Port-1.4 
924:31Jamie Rutherford SENMLiverpool RC/Vegan0.3 
1024:37James Toohey SENMLiverpool RC-0.6 
1124:39Glen Groves V50MLiverpool H8.1 
1224:46Paul Martin SENMMersey Tri1.3 
1324:48Chris FitzpatrickSENMHelsby  
1424:51Jack Poland SENMWallasey-1.8 
1524:56Matthew Goodwin V35MUTS Running4.6 
1624:59Thom AtkinsonSENMMersey Tri  
1725:03John Heap V45MWirral3.6 
1825:14Martin Hurst U20MWirral9.7 
1925:20Bernie Murphy V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton6.6 
2025:33Tom Sirett SENMEllesmere Port1.5 
2125:35Alex Cowin V35MPenny Lane0.7 
2225:41Alex Rigby SENMLiverpool RC5.8 
2325:44Ian Wallace V35MWirral1.3 
2425:48Greg Jones SENMWallasey6.2 
2525:50James Ellis V35MKirkby Milers3.8 
2625:56Ian Magill V45MLiverpool RC7.7 
2725:59Alan Smithson V35MMersey Tri9.0 
2826:03Adam Gordon V40MHelsby RC3.7 
2926:04Matthew Clair SENMLiverpool RC1.1 
3026:07Stephen Spence V45MWirral5.1 
3126:08Andrew Carter V45MWest Cheshire5.3 
3226:13Paul Waters SENMKnowsley9.9 
3326:15Andrew Clague V50MWest Cheshire3.4 
3426:19Philip Johnson SENMMersey Tri2.6 
3526:19Ross White SENMPenny Lane6.0 
3626:25Jonathan Carter SENMChester TC2.4 
3726:26Christopher Ryan V35MMersey Tri8.2 
3826:31Lewis Houghton U20MKirkby Milers6.6 
3926:32Rob FletcherV45MMersey Tri  
4026:33Alex Gifford V40MEllesmere Port7.9 
4126:37Steven Edwards SENMEllesmere Port8.6 
4226:39Alan Robertson V40MWirral7.6 
4326:42William Ferguson SENMWirral/Unattached9.3 
4426:44Chris Shaw V40MBuckley RC3.3 
4526:46Paul Shannon V55MTattenhall/Unattached6.7 
4626:52Julien Tour V35MPenny Lane4.2 
4726:54Gary English V55MLiverpool RC6.6 
4826:58Gary Wilton V40MKirkby Milers3.3 
4926:59Philip Townsend SENMChester TC9.5 
5027:03Graham Jenkins V55MEllesmere Port8.4 
5127:08Antony Woodall V45MWest Cheshire7.0 
5227:16Owen Barden V40MMersey Tri4.9 
5327:19Colin Walsh V35MPenny Lane4.6 
5427:21Ian Roche V55MMersey Tri6.8 
5527:22Tom Gillbanks U20MWallasey-1.6 
5627:29Richard Hayes V45MWest Cheshire5.7 
5727:31Jonathan Cole V40MEllesmere Port6.3 
5827:33Michael Waring V50MChester TC5.5 
5927:34Matt Gillbanks V45MWallasey4.4 
6027:35Peter Rodriguez V40MHelsby RC10.9 
6127:38Dave Connor V45MMersey Tri8.4 
6227:46Stephen Tod V45MLiverpool H16.6 
6327:47Kevin Charleston V35MPensby6.9 
6427:51Colin Palmer V55MWallasey12.7 
6527:56Dan HuttonSENMMersey Tri  
6628:02Sarah Kearney V40WWirral7.8 
6728:03John Harrison V35MEllesmere Port4.2 
6828:06Paul Skipper V35MMersey Tri3.3 
6928:07Nick Wilson V45MWirral5.5 
7028:16Paul Cubbins V40MWallasey13.6 
7128:19James Bellis SENMLiverpool RC22.4 
7228:20John Hammond V40M100 Marathon Club/UTS Running6.4 
7328:22Mark Dunn V35MKirkby Milers11.0 
7428:23Richard Burrows SENMUTS Running4.1 
7528:24George Aylward SENMPenny Lane7.0 
7628:26Kevin Gorry V35MUTS Running11.8 
7728:27Ian Atkinson V55MChester TC10.6 
7828:28Bryan Stevenson V35MUTS Running6.9 
7928:29Kevin Hall V50MWallasey7.7 
8028:30Tim Grace V45MMersey Tri9.5 
8128:35Katherine Andrews V35WWallasey13.5 
8228:41Daniel McKevitt V35MKirkby Milers6.5 
8328:42Tom SutcliffeV40MWirral  
8428:42Lee Turner SENMKirkby Milers2.5 
8528:51Simone Capponi V40MPenny Lane13.3 
8628:52John Bassett V50MWallasey11.2 
8728:54Matthew Nicholson V35MEllesmere Port3.8 
8828:56Michael O'rourke V35MPenny Lane6.8 
8928:57Andrew Boulger V45MKirkby Milers8.8 
9028:57Sara Avery V50WEllesmere Port4.4 
9128:58Peter Hampshire V45MPensby8.6 
9228:59Peter CushionV45MVikings RC  
9329:01Sam KennedySENMChester Tri  
9429:02Steve Spencer V45MBirkenhead13.7 
9529:05Joseph Chedgzoy SENMKirkby Milers10.2 
9629:06Stella Hayden SENWPenny Lane18.9 
9729:09Graham Earlam V60MEllesmere Port12.8 
9829:13Graham SharrockSENMMersey Tri  
9929:14Neil HoggarthV45MMersey Tri  
10029:15Matt FairheadSENMVikings RC  
10129:17Helen Stansfield V35WWallasey13.1 
10229:20Paul Collins V50MWirral12.7 
10329:23David Gain SENMWirral6.8 
10429:27Aileen Kearney U23WWirral/Oxford Uni9.9 
10529:28Harvey Tegg U17MWest Cheshire10.1 
10629:31Marc Jacques V50MLiverpool RC4.7 
10729:35Patrick Tait U20MWest Cheshire17.3 
10829:36David Houghton V35MMersey Tri14.8 
10929:37John HoggSENMWallasey  
11029:38Bobby BurkeV50MLiverpool RC  
11129:39Chris Bowers V40MWallasey10.5 
11229:42Andrew KeenanV40MMersey Tri  
11329:43Steve EntwistleV55MVikings RC  
11429:45Graham Cushion V40MLiverpool RC9.1 
11529:46Jim HigginsSENMHelsby  
11629:47Steve Norton V50MWallasey8.9 
11729:48David Green V35MPensby7.6 
11829:48Paul BrownSENMLiverpool RC  
11929:48Becky BurkeU20WLiverpool RC  
12029:50Andrew Biddle V40MPenny Lane6.9 
12129:52Hayley Evans V35WBuckley RC16.4 
12229:53Sallie Holt V40WWallasey10.9 
12329:56Phil Bird V55MWallasey15.1 
12429:58Julian Tegg V45MWest Cheshire14.3 
12530:00Ian Evans V45MVillage RR21.8 
12630:04Jeff Adams V60MPensby10.5 
12730:05Ben BrookesSENMMersey Tri  
12830:06Paul Aird V55MDeestriders RC14.2 
12930:07Barry WilliamsSENMMersey Tri  
13030:15Paul Frodsham V60MHelsby RC12.5 
13130:16Christopher Ball V45MWirral5.8 
13230:17Matt WilsonSENMWallasey  
13330:18David Webb V35MPenny Lane16.1 
13430:18Elaine Opara V35WWallasey11.0 
13530:19Danny Lawson SENMWallasey10.5 
13630:25Alice TrevailSENWMersey Tri  
13730:26Michael FlatleySENMLiverpool RC  
13830:30Matt Helme V55MLiverpool RC10.9 
13930:33Steve Pemberton V60MPenny Lane12.0 
14030:34Jo Irvin V35WUTS Running11.0 
14130:39Matthew Cartwright-Terry V40MMersey Tri13.5 
14230:40Christopher Lee V45MLiverpool Running Bugs8.2 
14330:42Steve Ellis V40MUTS Running13.5 
14430:45Kate MacFarlane SENWPenny Lane14.7 
14530:47Mark Derbyshire V35MDeestriders RC18.0 
14631:02Alex Yem SENMWallasey9.1 
14731:03Rachel Hurst U17WWirral19.1 
14831:04Huw Lewis V55MBuckley RC18.7 
14931:05Brian Seal SENMVillage RR9.6 
15031:06Christine Cammillare V35WDeestriders RC9.5 
15131:08Sean Simmons V45MChester TC11.4 
15231:09Chris QuinnSENMLiverpool RC  
15331:13Andrew Peter Cotgrave V40MUTS Running15.6 
15431:18Andrew GlenV55MLiverpool Running Bugs   
15531:19Iain Wood V60MChester TC12.3 
15631:20Anne Rosbottom V45WWirral13.7 
15731:21Lucy Partridge V35WPensby20.9 
15831:22Oonagh Jaquest V40WPenny Lane16.5 
15931:23Martin Hirrell V50MPenny Lane14.3 
16031:30Neil Gibbons V60MWallasey16.7 
16131:32Laura Sayer-Hall SENWHelsby RC19.7 
16231:33Philippa HardyV40WVikings RC  
16331:35Paul Holmes V40MUTS Running11.5 
16431:36Sam Woods U20MWallasey21.8 
16531:37Michele Alty V50WWallasey13.3 
16631:39Ian KingV60MLiverpool RC  
16731:41Conal Cunningham V40MPenny Lane28.8 
16831:45Dave McAlister V55MWallasey11.6 
16931:46Anna Kenny V35WWallasey15.1 
17031:49Andy Sale V50MLiverpool H42.8 
17131:54Bailey Ewel SENWPenny Lane20.1 
17231:58Stephen Cole V45MWallasey13.5 
17331:59Neil MillarV45MBTR Road Runners  
17432:02Michelle Bennett V40WMersey Tri22.6 
17532:03Kirsty Seddon V35WChester TC14.2 
17632:08Neil BlackmoreV50MPensby Runners  
17732:09David Ward V50MTeamBR10.5 
17832:09Carl Yu V40MLiverpool RC7.2 
17932:10Robert Chalmers V40MPensby12.1 
18032:11Nigel Crompton V55MPensby14.1 
18132:12Tim Waldron V35MLiverpool RC25.9 
18232:14Lizzie O'MahonySENWMersey Tri  
18332:16Sarah BlackerSENWMersey Tri  
18432:32Simon HewittV40MMersey Tri  
18532:35Claire Wyn-Jones SENWEllesmere Port7.2 
18632:47William MerrittV55MKnowsley Harriers  
18732:49Paul RustV40MMersey Tri  
18832:54Bob Benson V65MWest Cheshire18.6 
18932:56Lorna HarperSENWMersey Tri  
19033:01Charlotte Sanderson-Rigby SENWPenny Lane22.0 
19133:10Nigel Foo V45MPenny Lane13.4 
19233:11Tim Charmley V50MTattenhall21.4 
19333:12Mark Gibbons V45MUTS Running21.3 
19433:13Ian McNeill V60MBirkenhead14.7 
19533:14Sasha Yap SENWPensby10.6 
19633:17Paul AvisonV45MVikings RC  
19733:18Fiona McGivenSENWPensby Runners  
19833:19Steve Stuthridge V45MVillage RR16.5 
19933:23Paul Cunningham V45MHelsby RC26.1 
20033:25Danny McRorieSENMWallasey  
20133:26Abigail Willmitt SENWLiverpool RC14.0 
20233:27Debbie WilsonSENWMersey Tri  
20333:28Nikolaos Giotakis V45MPensby15.4 
20433:29Heidi SlaterU20WWallasey  
20533:31Rachel Gyte SENWLiverpool RC15.5 
20633:37Lizzy Parker-MullenSENWChester Tri  
20733:38David Berry V55MTeamBR14.4 
20833:41Jan Mcard V45WWallasey10.5 
20933:42Anthony PeacockV60MPenny Lane Striders  
21033:48Dave Jones V40MUTS Running20.0 
21133:49Patrick Kavanagh U20MEllesmere Port19.2 
21233:49Andrew Waring V60MBirkenhead17.1 
21333:55Debbie ReidV60WHelsby  
21433:58Greg Roberts V40MTeamBR20.1 
21533:59Robert Davies V35MUTS Running27.2 
21634:04Jennifer West V40WVillage RR16.0 
21734:05David Gibbons U20MUTS Running23.0 
21834:08Kate RyanV40WWallasey  
21934:12Benjamin Darby V35MPensby9.1 
22034:14Helen OwensV40WHelsby  
22134:15Gary Johnstone V55MPensby13.4 
22234:20Carda RobinsonV40WMersey Tri  
22334:27Iain Arnison V45MPensby17.8 
22434:31Stephen Mcconville V50MPensby11.5 
22534:32Neil Kelly V55MTeamBR20.0 
22634:34Michael Stone V55MUTS Running19.2 
22734:38Sam Stanford SENMEllesmere Port4.8 
22834:39Helen Kelsall V35WKirkby Milers17.3 
22934:42Mark Scott V50MLiverpool RC17.4 
23034:43Tony Kennedy V55MWest Cheshire18.1 
23134:51Geoff Collins V60MHelsby RC19.4 
23234:55Lewis MyattSENMMersey Tri  
23334:57Stuart FosterV55MWallasey  
23435:01John Owen V50MDeestriders RC17.2 
23535:02Ann Griffiths V40WUTS Running13.7 
23635:04Peter Barham V45MWallasey13.3 
23735:05Alison MacDonald V50WEllesmere Port13.6 
23835:08Mark Ezard V50MPensby25.3 
23935:14Tracy Pennington V50WPensby18.2 
24035:18Sarah Jackson V40WPenny Lane11.7 
24135:36Danny SeddonV60MWallasey  
24235:38Clive Giddis V55MWest Cheshire36.5 
24335:43Colin Lamprey V55MPensby17.5 
24435:45Debbie Rutherford V55WEllesmere Port27.0 
24535:46John FitzgeraldV60MMersey Tri  
24635:47Derek McArdle V55MWallasey15.1 
24735:49Abir Ali V40MTeamBR15.3 
24835:50Kerry Whelan SENWEllesmere Port13.5 
24935:53Billy Hargreaves V70MSouthport Waterloo21.9 
25035:59Maureen Muir V65WPensby24.3 
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