Renfrewshire AAA Relay Championships External Results
Nether Pollok
21 Oct 18

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1.5MXCL U17M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:13Lewis Barclay U17MKilbarchan1.7 
27:27Ben Nichol U17MInverclyde8.0 
37:32Blayne Wright U17MGiffnock North-0.9 
47:56Eoghan O'Donnell U17MGiffnock North6.1 
58:11Ewan Ferguson U17MGreenock Glenpark17.4 
1.5MXCL U17M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:27Alan Mollins U17MGreenock Glenpark8.0 
27:30Andrew Robertson U17MGiffnock North6.5 
37:46Hunter Daws U17MKilbarchan23.7 
48:18Donald Maclean U17MGiffnock North/Glasgow Uni5.0 
1.5MXCL U17M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:05Harry McGill U17MGreenock Glenpark2.8 
27:24Ethan Carolan U17MGiffnock North0.1 
37:38Cameron Mckenzie U17MKilbarchan6.7 
49:05Chris Watson SweeneyU17MGiffnock North  
1.5MXCL U15M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:07Harris Paterson U15MGiffnock North3.0 
27:12Jacob Luc U15MGiffnock North-0.1 
37:15Ross O'Brien U15MGiffnock North-2.7 
48:13Caleb Dunning U15MInverclyde19.3 
58:19Robert Gunson U15MKilbarchan8.0 
69:03Craig Cameron U15MGiffnock North18.9 
79:07Jonathan Cameron U15MInverclyde1.3 
89:11Ross Hastie U15MKilbarchan15.2 
99:54Nathan AdamsU15MGGH  
1010:31Declyn HoustonU15MBellahouston Harriers  
1110:54An OtherU15MGGH  
1.5MXCL U15M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:44Reuben Macdonald U15MGiffnock North-2.9 
27:50Hugh Shiels U15MGiffnock North4.9 
37:56Cameron Green U15MGiffnock North-2.2 
48:15Robert Gray U15MInverclyde13.3 
58:47Shaun WisemanU15MGGH  
68:50Colin Arthur U15MKilbarchan12.7 
78:55Shay Garioch U13MGiffnock North23.5 
89:00Ross Kennedy U15MKilbarchan11.8 
1.5MXCL U15M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:42Lewis Hainey U15MInverclyde-4.6 
28:31Matthew Cox U15MGiffnock North0.1 
38:32Michael Nolan U15MGiffnock North9.1 
48:39Michael Murray U15MKilbarchan21.9 
58:50Charlie Tomkinson U15MGiffnock North10.1 
69:38Martin Burnhope U15MKilbarchan20.3 
710:50Alex WisemanU15MGGH  
1.5MXCL U13M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:09Calan Chong U13MGiffnock North2.5 
28:16Adam Chamberlain U13MGiffnock North11.1 
38:28Luke Lindsay U13MKilbarchan-0.8 
48:44Ryan Knights U13MKilbarchan6.9 
58:51Mitchell Scott U13MGiffnock North11.3 
69:04Robbie Stevenson U13MKilbarchan20.5 
79:15Ryan Fitzpatrick U13MKilbarchan4.8 
89:28Layton Carter U13MInverclyde25.6 
99:31Fraser McLaughlan U13MInverclyde20.1 
109:43Cathal Low U13MGiffnock North21.4 
119:59Magnus Morris U13MKilbarchan28.3 
1.5MXCL U13M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:46Craig Shennan U13MGiffnock North-1.4 
28:01Oliver Patton U13MKilbarchan-2.6 
38:08Matthew Murphy U13MGiffnock North10.6 
48:45Kier ArthurU13MInverclyde AC  
58:54Cameron Dawson U13MKilbarchan19.7 
69:05Murray Wallace U13MKilbarchan19.8 
79:06Luis Cameron U13MKilbarchan16.4 
89:17Mark McInnesU13MGiffnock North  
99:24Finn Burns U13MKilbarchan24.4 
109:45James Wylie U13MGiffnock North18.2 
1.5MXCL U13M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:47Matthew New U13MKilbarchan15.9 
28:27Jack Wallace U13MGiffnock North0.3 
38:27Tayven Adamson U13MInverclyde6.9 
48:32Matthew Knak U13MGiffnock North0.3 
58:51Alex Chamberlain U13MGiffnock North13.2 
68:59Jack Kennedy U13MKilbarchan7.5 
79:03Ryan Mccusker U13MKilbarchan25.2 
89:46Cormac Shiels U13MGiffnock North7.2 
910:39Cillian MacQuarrie U13MKilbarchan29.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:00Connor McGhieU11MGNAC  
26:07Patrick Fraser U11MGiffnock North3.7 
36:29Leo BeatonU11MGGH  
46:34Nathan Fitzpatrick U11MKilbarchan7.7 
56:41Nathan Connor U11MKilbarchan28.2 
66:45Kester Mullin U13MGiffnock North26.0 
76:51Noah McLeodU11MGNAC  
87:23Liam Wilson U11MKilbarchan18.1 
97:41Haydn ConwayU11MInverclyde AC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:18Charlie McAllister U11MGiffnock North7.9 
26:39Zander Summerhill U11MGiffnock North18.8 
36:43Ian Macpherson U11MKilbarchan3.5 
46:47Finlal Gillespie U11MKilbarchan28.0 
56:58Jacob StuffinU11MGNAC  
67:07Gregory HayU11MGGH  
77:53Ben Hammerman U11MInverclyde40.9 
87:53Lewis Hewitt U11MKilbarchan34.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:00Oliver Bryers U13MGiffnock North6.6 
26:16Kirk Gray U11MKilbarchan14.3 
36:37Joseph Ottolini U11MGiffnock North24.8 
46:39Rhys Knights U11MKilbarchan13.0 
56:56Ben Gerrard U13MInverclyde19.2 
67:01Rishon Zavier U11MGiffnock North28.4 
77:12Alasdair Hamill U11MKilbarchan22.0 
1.5MXCL U17W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:15Laine Alemu U17WKilbarchan14.4 
28:21Emma Chamberlain U17WGiffnock North16.4 
38:40Nuala McCheyne U17WInverclyde11.3 
49:18Leona Murray U17WKilbarchan22.9 
1.5MXCL U17W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:21Eilidh Gibson U17WKilbarchan6.3 
28:23Helen Chong U17WGiffnock North13.2 
38:52Libby Sutherland U17WKilbarchan12.8 
49:23Cliona McCheyne U17WInverclyde18.2 
1.5MXCL U17W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:06Alisha Sivell U17WKilbarchan16.0 
28:23Zoe Renfrew U17WInverclyde11.4 
310:11Leila Hickey-Fugaccia U17WGiffnock North22.4 
1.5MXCL U15W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:22Isla Scott U15WGiffnock North9.9 
28:30Sarah Forbes U15WKilbarchan17.6 
38:36Abbie Alemu U15WKilbarchan14.7 
48:39Eva Chong U15WGiffnock North14.6 
59:05Ruby McGill U15WGreenock Glenpark6.8 
69:26Orla Mcgeehan U15WInverclyde21.5 
79:40Jessica Gibson U15WGiffnock North25.5 
1.5MXCL U15W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:01Louise Hastie U15WKilbarchan5.3 
28:24Abby Thomson U15WGiffnock North14.1 
38:55Ella McGregor U15WGiffnock North14.4 
48:58Evie LivingstonU15WKilbarchan AAC  
510:26Erin Law U15WInverclyde31.1 
610:36Mia McBain U15WGiffnock North19.2 
711:03Abbie Tosh U17WGreenock Glenpark17.4 
1.5MXCL U15W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:22Rachel Muir U15WKilbarchan13.2 
28:33Kate Paul U15WGiffnock North7.1 
38:40Abi Hammerman U15WInverclyde10.0 
49:40Nuala O'Donnell U15WGiffnock North13.9 
510:05Kiara Meiklejohn U15WGiffnock North13.2 
610:44Emma Aitken U15WGreenock Glenpark25.3 
1.5MXCL U13W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:59Amber Wade U13WGiffnock North10.2 
29:00Kirsty Wylie U13WGiffnock North10.9 
39:00Isla Marshall U13WKilbarchan17.1 
49:08Ava Beaton U13WGreenock Glenpark5.6 
59:37Ruby White U13WGiffnock North23.2 
69:43Leona Conway U13WInverclyde25.8 
710:28Scarlett Scott U13WGiffnock North22.5 
810:59Tayla CampbellU13WKilbarchan AAC  
1.5MXCL U13W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:00Katy Donnelly U13WGiffnock North6.7 
29:05Tuscany Wright U13WGiffnock North6.9 
310:08Charlotte ClarkU13WKilbarchan AAC  
410:09Amy Teasdale U13WKilbarchan2.0 
510:23Hannah Thomson U13WInverclyde28.5 
610:47Caitlin Smillie U13WGiffnock North25.7 
710:59Gabrielle Paddison U13WGiffnock North22.1 
812:18Abbigael CrawfordU13WGGH  
1.5MXCL U13W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:19Ellie Nayar U13WKilbarchan16.6 
29:30Emma McLennan U13WGiffnock North5.5 
39:44Millie Paton U13WInverclyde29.3 
49:45Esme DougalU13WGiffnock North  
510:05An OtherU13WGiffnock North  
610:25Erin Mckay U13WGiffnock North26.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:26Sophie McGintyU11WGGH  
26:32Cara Mcminn U13WKilbarchan11.6 
36:40Isla Ross U11WGiffnock North18.6 
47:01Emma Gribben U11WKilbarchan16.0 
57:05Lauren McPherson U11WGiffnock North6.1 
67:17Aneesah King Oubacha U11WGiffnock North8.1 
77:18Emilia Hickey FugacciaU11WGNAC  
87:22Summer Taggart U11WGreenock Glenpark11.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:38Leilani Spelman Ikedashi U11WGiffnock North27.2 
26:39Sarah McNulty U11WGiffnock North4.5 
37:07Erin McEleny U11WGreenock Glenpark16.5 
47:25Anna McMinnU11WKilbarchan AAC  
57:40Maisie SpeirsU11WBellahouston Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:04Freya Campbell U11WGiffnock North2.3 
26:49Leah Knox U13WGreenock Glenpark31.0 
36:56Hannah Sluman U11WGiffnock North10.8 
47:14Beatrice NarneU11WGNAC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:34Jack Arnold SENMBellahouston Harriers-1.3 
210:44Ryan Gray U20MInverclyde-1.6 
311:03Kieran Killen U20MGiffnock North11.6 
411:05Mark Doherty V35MInverclyde-3.4 
511:12Steven Campbell V40MGreenock Glenpark2.5 
611:14Iain Paton SENMGlasgow Caledonian Uni3.6 
711:15Dylan Crawford U20MInverclyde-0.2 
811:17Robert Quinn V50MKilbarchan14.6 
911:19Grant Murphy SENMBellahouston RR-0.3 
1011:47Andrew White V45MGreenock Glenpark0.7 
1111:52Mark Porter SENMBellahouston Harriers1.5 
1212:12Mikey GowansSENMBellahouston Harriers  
1312:27Ryan Waldron V35MKilbarchan3.1 
1412:42John Stevenson V45MGreenock Glenpark5.5 
1512:51Paul Burningham V40MBellahouston Harriers6.4 
1613:00Darren Murray V45MBellahouston Harriers16.9 
1713:03Derren Thomson V45MGiffnock North/Unattached14.8 
1813:25Gavin Morrison V50MInverclyde5.6 
1913:38Christopher Smith V50MGiffnock North13.5 
2013:46Tom Ferris V45MBellahouston RR9.6 
2113:53Alexander Cuthbert V40MBellahouston Harriers18.8 
2213:59Kenny Mcdonald V45MBellahouston RR13.4 
2314:19Michael Dunn V60MGreenock Glenpark15.3 
2414:47Conor DohertySENMBellahouston Harriers  
2515:37Matthew CampbellSENMBellahouston Road Runners  
2616:20Robert Carson V65MBellahouston Harriers15.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:54Peter Tucker V35MBlackheath & Bromley/Inverclyde/Scottish Vets H-1.5 
211:03Chris Mooney V35MGreenock Glenpark2.0 
311:06Darren McQuade SENMBellahouston Harriers0.9 
411:14Stuart Kerr SENMKilbarchan1.2 
511:21Michael Houston SENMInverclyde/Glasgow Caledonian Uni/Falkirk1.7 
611:26Bryan Mulgrew SENMBellahouston RR-1.0 
711:47Luke Chamberlain V45MGiffnock North8.3 
811:53Victor Mcgregor SENMKilbarchan3.4 
912:02Brent Brodie V45MBellahouston Harriers3.8 
1012:04Michael McLoone V55MGreenock Glenpark2.5 
1112:14Paul Clawson V35MBellahouston Harriers1.9 
1212:15Lewis SinclairSENMCaledonian Uni  
1312:21Ted Gourley V55MGiffnock North6.2 
1412:42Tom Jamieson V35MInverclyde4.0 
1512:46Kenneth Taylor V35MBellahouston Harriers8.1 
1612:57Ross Neilson V40MGreenock Glenpark13.9 
1713:17Christopher Logue V40MBellahouston RR15.6 
1813:18Anthony CarsonSENMBellahouston Harriers  
1913:19Jonny MoranV40MBellahouston Road Runners  
2013:48Alan O'Rourke V45MGreenock Glenpark11.4 
2114:05Kevin Smith V55MBellahouston Harriers9.2 
2215:17Stuart Macdonald V55MBellahouston Harriers15.4 
2315:57Douglas McConvilleV35MGiffnock North   
2416:17Murdoch Rodgers V65MBellahouston RR24.1 
2517:15Tom Keenan V60MBellahouston Harriers18.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:24Ross Gray U23MInverclyde-1.5 
210:45Graham Evans SENMKilbarchan/Heriot-Watt Uni0.4 
311:03Jon Hammerman V35MInverclyde-0.4 
411:22Daniel Doherty V35MGreenock Glenpark2.2 
511:26Sean Gaffney SENMInverclyde4.1 
611:47Fraser Armstrong U23MRed Star/Bellahouston Harriers0.1 
712:03Tom SmithSENMBellahouston Harriers  
812:18Jason Steele V45MGiffnock North10.5 
912:20Ryan Brown U20MGreenock Glenpark17.0 
1012:24Calum Ferguson U23MBellahouston Harriers3.7 
1112:35Gerard Scullion V50MBellahouston RR5.3 
1212:48Stephen Hanley SENMGreenock Glenpark2.1 
1312:48Derrick Ritchie V55MGiffnock North20.2 
1412:52Francis Gilroy V50MBellahouston Harriers7.9 
1513:25Rob Crusher V50MGiffnock North5.0 
1613:55Max SteeleSENMBellahouston Harriers  
1714:14Donald FergusonSENMBellahouston Harriers  
1814:25Steven SmithV50MGGH  
1914:33Tony Breslin V45MBellahouston RR16.9 
2014:45Axel HorbachSENMCaledonian Uni  
2114:50Ken MacMahonV40MBellahouston Road Runners  
2215:04Graham McMillanV50MBellahouston Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:43Graeme Hyett V35MInverclyde/Belgrave4.0 
211:15Conor Thomson U20MKilbarchan4.7 
311:18Stuart Miller SENMBellahouston Harriers1.9 
411:27David Henderson V35MInverclyde1.6 
511:32David Mackintosh SENMBellahouston Harriers0.4 
611:37Paul Monaghan V45MGreenock Glenpark-0.3 
711:40Oliver Traynor SENMBellahouston RR/Glasgow Uni2.9 
811:47Graeme Paterson V40MBellahouston RR7.3 
912:06Paul BeatonV40MGGH  
1012:25Jordan Orr U23MGiffnock North2.0 
1112:33Daniel HumbleSENMBellahouston Harriers  
1212:38Graeme Gemmell V50MBellahouston Harriers5.5 
1313:12Colin PorterV35MGiffnock North   
1413:38Malcolm MacleanV40MGGH  
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