West Glamorgan League External Results
23 Sep 18

In our version the results have been combined as per the race timetable.
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:45Ben Williams SENMPort Talbot1.8 
226:04David Keenan SENMLlanelli-0.7 
326:25Andrew Reynolds V35MNeath0.6 
426:46Rob Davies SENMAmman Valley-1.0 
527:01Adam JelfV35MSwansea Vale Runners  
627:17Nicholas Sheehan SENMLlanelli1.5 
727:20Michael Bryant SENMSwansea6.5 
827:26Gareth Ayres V35MPort Talbot2.7 
927:30Mark Harrison V35MLlanelli-0.4 
1027:34Gareth Davey V40MNeath1.3 
1127:35Nathan Daniel U23MNeath1.2 
1227:42Steven Williams V40MLlanelli6.1 
1327:44John Moran SENMSwansea1.6 
1427:46Craig Jones SENMSwansea-0.2 
1527:51Eamonn Kirk V45MSwansea/Vegan9.9 
1628:01Alan Davies V65MLlanelli4.2 
1728:05Daniel Newton SENMSwansea2.6 
1828:15Wayne Bowen V40MSwansea11.2 
1928:17Martin Flear SENMLlanelli6.9 
2028:20Jason Price V45MLlanelli5.6 
2128:21Christopher Jeynes V40MBrackla Harriers3.7 
2228:24Christopher Jenkins V40MNeath/Porthcawl Runners2.7 
2328:26Michael Benns V40MRun4All3.8 
2428:27Martyn Hughes-Dowdle V50MSwansea8.3 
2528:30Nino Gatti SENMPort Talbot1.9 
2628:36Matthew Reynolds V35MPort Talbot9.5 
2728:40Geraint Lewis V40MPorthcawl Runners3.9 
2828:46David Dickson V35MPorthcawl Runners5.7 
2928:48Peter Crane V55MNeath/Welsh Masters9.2 
3028:53David Garcia SENMSwansea17.2 
3128:55Aled Jones DaviesV35MTrots  
3228:58Jeff Thomas V50MBridgend4.1 
3329:04Daniel Otteson V35MSwansea-0.3 
3429:18Helen Marshall V35WSwansea9.9 
3529:23John CarrickV40MCeltic Tri  
3629:25Ashley Pascoe V45M3M Gorseinon3.0 
3729:31Dean Protheroe SENMRun4All4.4 
3829:36Mike Gleeson V45MSwansea4.2 
3929:37Alex JohnSENMSwansea Vale Runners  
4029:42Jonathan Jarvis SENMRun4All6.5 
4129:43Jamie Stedman SENMLlanelli2.4 
4229:46Mike Tate V45MCeltic Tri/Port Talbot6.5 
4329:47Peter Osborne V55MLlanelli7.2 
4429:50Gareth Parry V35M3M Gorseinon7.1 
4529:52Ross JelfSENMSwansea Vale Runners  
4630:04Lee Davies SENMPort Talbot10.8 
4730:09Alex Lewis V35MNeath5.3 
4830:26Callum Campion U17MLlanelli0.5 
4930:33Lee Morris V35M3M Gorseinon11.2 
5030:38Paul Chappell V45MCornelly8.5 
5130:40Hugh Janney V45MAmman Valley5.6 
5230:47Ian Phillips SENM3M Gorseinon/Swansea10.4 
5330:53Marc BarrowV40MSwansea Vale Runners  
5430:54Stephen Arnold V45MPaul Popham RC7.5 
5530:56Kevin Walford V50MCornelly15.4 
5631:00Dai James SENMOgmore Phoenix6.9 
5731:04Adam RunacresSENMPaul Popham Running Club  
5831:05Christopher Lloyd V35MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)8.0 
5931:06Matthew Phillips SENMLlanelli1.2 
6031:14David Bennett V45MPorthcawl Runners5.2 
6131:20Mark William Hiddlestone V45MPort Talbot3.2 
6231:30Stephen Williams V60MNeath8.8 
6331:36Richard Davies V40MAmman Valley18.0 
6431:37Robert Sandles V50M3M Gorseinon12.2 
6531:38Mathew GilesV40MSwansea Vale Runners  
6631:39Christopher Lewis V40MPort Talbot6.3 
6731:48Helen-Marie Davies V40WSwansea6.6 
6831:54Lee Sandham V45MNeath13.5 
6931:58Gari JohnV35MSwansea Vale Runners  
7032:00Sally Munro V40WDarth Coastal Runners14.0 
7132:01Heath Brett V45MSwansea9.4 
7232:02Jamie Lewis SENMPort Talbot4.0 
7332:05Emma Jenkins SENWRun4All10.1 
7432:06David Crane V55MNeath17.0 
7532:10Chris LewisSENMSwansea Vale Runners  
7632:12Owen Davies V40MSwansea3.4 
7732:14Steve DaleyV35MGuest  
7832:15Chris Davies SENMCeltic Tri/Run4All3.1 
7932:16Hywel JonesV55MGuest  
8032:20Chris Selley V35MDarth Coastal Runners18.9 
8132:23David George Evans V55MPontardawe21.0 
8232:30William Edwards V45MPorthcawl Runners5.8 
8332:31Adrian Weaver V40MPort Talbot4.0 
8432:35Scott Ruse SENMNeath20.3 
8532:38Robert Slaughter V50MPorthcawl Runners11.9 
8632:39Keith Powell V65MCornelly9.8 
8732:49Darren HarriesV50MClwb Rhedeg Pontardawe  
8832:50Stephen Dawson V40MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)9.7 
8932:51Gareth Danter-HillV35MCornelly Striders  
9032:52Carl Feiven V40MCornelly7.7 
9132:53Gareth Meardon V35MPaul Popham RC7.2 
9233:02Michael Jones SENMSwansea27.5 
9333:04Deborah Roberts V45WPorthcawl Runners9.5 
9433:06Martin Slucutt V40MSwansea14.0 
9533:07Cassandra MilesSENWRun4all Neath  
9633:08Tony SpilerV45MPaul Popham Running Club  
9733:16Philip Cheater SENMPaul Popham RC11.5 
9833:18Andrew Evans V35MRun4All11.6 
9933:19Paul Simon Heskins V35MRun4All10.1 
10033:20Rhys Morgan SENMAmman Valley7.1 
10133:21Tenniel O'Brien V40MPaul Popham RC5.9 
10233:29Antony PhillipsV50MPorthcawl Runners  
10333:31Marc Bowen SENMTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)13.3 
10433:32Carly ThomasSENWPort Talbot Harriers  
10533:34Christopher Montenegro SENM3M Gorseinon13.6 
10633:36Steven James V40MOgmore Phoenix10.3 
10733:37Richard LearyV45MCeltic Tri  
10833:39Richard Sullivan V40MPaul Popham RC10.8 
10933:40Rob Falconer V60MSwansea10.1 
11033:42Paul Smith V35MPaul Popham RC15.6 
11133:49Ryan King V45MSospan15.8 
11233:50Gareth Jenkins SENMOgmore Phoenix10.3 
11333:59Mathew Bunce V45MBrackla Harriers9.8 
11434:01Anthony WilkinsonV45MCornelly Striders  
11534:02Jim DilksV40MTrots  
11634:03Chris Simons SENM3M Gorseinon8.8 
11734:07Iain Hendry V45MRun4All12.0 
11834:13Tudor Miles V55MRun4All14.3 
11934:21Darren Chapple V40MRun4All10.9 
12034:26Darren BeddowsV40MCeltic Tri  
12134:29Neil Buckman V35MCeltic Tri16.2 
12234:30Kelvin Davies V35MPontardawe20.6 
12334:31Ffion DaviesSENWPort Talbot Harriers  
12434:39Stephen D Cable V40M3M Gorseinon15.2 
12534:46Stuart GriffithsV40MSospan Road Runners  
12634:50Mandy Morris V45WPort Talbot10.7 
12734:52Evan Phillips SENMCornelly11.9 
12834:53Graham Robertson Vyner V50MRun4All15.1 
12934:53Lee HopkinsV35MCeltic Tri  
13034:53Isobel Dawson V35WTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)11.3 
13134:57Anthony Heald V50MLlanelli12.6 
13234:57Owen LewisV45MGuest  
13335:01Vanessa Harragan V35WSwansea12.0 
13435:02Brian Saxby V55MRun4All15.6 
13535:03Clara Davies V35WAmman Valley11.7 
13635:05Sharon Ford V45WPorthcawl Runners11.8 
13735:09Emma WilliamsV35WSospan Road Runners  
13835:12Cara Leanne FarleySENWRun4all Neath  
13935:15Robert Campion V40MLlanelli13.4 
14035:21Michael BohanV35MCeltic Tri  
14135:22Lucy Edwards U20WCornelly9.5 
14235:26Dylan HarriesSENMClwb Rhedeg Pontardawe  
14335:27Paul DaviesV50MPort Talbot Wizards  
14435:28Tanwen Randell DaviesV35WAmman Valley Harriers  
14535:31Carl TrowbridgeV40MSospan Road Runners  
14635:33Anthony Warden V45MAmman Valley12.7 
14735:38Paul Watts V55MAmman Valley10.2 
14836:02Tahir Altimimi V55MLlanelli14.7 
14936:11Kristopher Williams V35MSospan17.8 
15036:12Joanne Edwards V45WCornelly10.8 
15136:25Cheryl Tanner V35WRun4All14.6 
15236:26David Cornish V50MPort Talbot14.5 
15336:27Laura Hughes DowdleU20W3M Gorseinon Road Runners  
15436:30Victoria Williams V35WSwansea15.5 
15536:31Lee Kwok V40MRun4All16.8 
15636:43Kevin Jenkins V55MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)15.6 
15736:44Jayne LearyV45WCeltic Tri  
15836:46Liam Oak U23MPort Talbot1.5 
15936:48Alyson Heard V55W3M Gorseinon22.4 
16036:50Amy Carter U20WLlanelli27.4 
16136:56Paul Osborne V60MLlanelli21.8 
16236:57Will CraneV35MNeath Black Tuesday  
16336:58Paul Johnson V55MOgmore Phoenix27.0 
16437:02Paula Wilfort V50WCornelly12.6 
16537:03Sian Phillips V55WSwansea13.4 
16637:05Linda Woodland V55WPort Talbot13.2 
16737:08Jonathan Williams V55MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)19.6 
16837:20Paul Arnold V50MCeltic Tri27.1 
16937:21Lorna Johnson V45WCeltic Tri/Run4All15.9 
17037:24Gemma Harris V35WRun4All17.3 
17137:27Nick OwenV55MSwansea Vale Runners  
17237:28David Sheard V50MOgmore Phoenix15.4 
17337:29Jonathan Jones V35MLlanelli27.0 
17437:30Kevin Taylor V55MAmman Valley13.8 
17537:31Paul May V50MCornelly11.5 
17637:33Annamarie Parsons V45WPort Talbot12.6 
17737:39Gillian Phillips V60WSospan22.0 
17837:50Geraint H Jenkins V50MAmman Valley15.4 
17937:52Jaquie FaganV40WCeltic Tri  
18037:53Nikki Dowie V45WCornelly12.9 
18137:54Caroline Sandles V50W3M Gorseinon18.1 
18238:00Steven Burton V40M3M Gorseinon13.0 
18338:01Steve Hames V55MNeath19.6 
18438:12Helen Williams V55WTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)16.3 
18538:13Helen Janney V45WAmman Valley14.5 
18638:20Victoia Floyd Ellis SENWCornelly18.9 
18738:23Lee LlewellynV40MLr Runners  
18838:25Jayne Arnold V45WCeltic Tri29.1 
18938:34Mark King V55MPontardawe18.9 
19038:36Iwan Dowie V45MCornelly11.5 
19138:40Raymond V Majer V65MSospan18.5 
19238:41David EvansV45MPort Talbot Wizards  
19338:42Gemma Haworth SENWPorthcawl Runners15.3 
19438:43Fleur JonesV40WCornelly Striders  
19538:52Kellie Morgan RoweV35WCornelly Striders  
19638:59Nichola Wilcox V40WPort Talbot12.4 
19739:02Claire Williams V55WPontardawe17.0 
19839:05Graham DanielsV55MAmman Valley Harriers  
19939:10Rhian John V35WRun4All12.0 
20039:12Peter Bell V40MCornelly16.2 
20139:15Charlotte Green V40WDarth Coastal Runners23.8 
20239:18Rebecca MurraySENWCornelly Striders  
20339:23Geoff White V45MRun4All11.7 
20439:28Alice Sullivan V40W3M Gorseinon20.1 
20539:29Joe Hawkins SENMCeltic Tri13.5 
20639:37Steve Picton V45MPorthcawl Runners18.9 
20739:40Gavin Fraser V45MCornelly18.8 
20839:42Nigel WattsV60MAmman Valley Harriers  
20939:42Angela Delaney V50WSwansea13.9 
21039:43Evan SmithSENMPort Talbot Wizards  
21139:44Ceri Hatton WebberSENWLr Runners  
21240:02Claire MorganV45WSospan Road Runners  
21340:03Sian Evans SENWAmman Valley17.1 
21440:12Roxanne Turner SENWLlanelli12.0 
21540:17Simon GriffithsV45MSwansea Vale Runners  
21640:25Jane Harwood SENWPort Talbot19.1 
21740:32Emma Winch V35WOgmore Phoenix25.7 
21840:36Cory NormanSENMLr Runners  
21940:38Christopher Watkins V50MRun4All31.5 
22040:43Claire GodfrayV45WPorthcawl Runners  
22140:48Gareth Evans SENMPort Talbot9.2 
22240:51Stephanie Murray V50WCornelly18.2 
22340:52Diane Ridgeway V50W3M Gorseinon16.7 
22440:53Laura Robinson V35WPontardawe26.0 
22540:54Mark Davies V50MPaul Popham RC18.8 
22640:55Fiona Jones SENWPaul Popham RC20.8 
22740:57Paul DaviesV35MGuest  
22841:02Sharon Trotman V45W3M Gorseinon17.3 
22941:04Natalie Jones SENWLlanelli14.6 
23041:06Steve EynonV45MSospan Road Runners  
23141:07Glenn WilliamsV45MSospan Road Runners  
23241:16Mair MorganV50WTrots  
23341:17Kelly Gipson V50WSwansea13.7 
23441:18Michael SturgessSENMCeltic Tri  
23541:19Joanne Betty V35WOgmore Phoenix27.3 
23641:23Louise Udiawar V40WPontardawe14.7 
23741:25Vivienne Gush V55WPorthcawl Runners16.6 
23841:28Alwyn Thomas V60MPorthcawl Runners17.5 
23941:29Gwen SmithV50W3M Gorseinon Road Runners  
24041:30Leighton Jones V70M3M Gorseinon19.5 
24141:32Lisa Arnold V40WPaul Popham RC19.2 
24241:34Daniela Jones V45WPorthcawl Runners26.7 
24341:37Steve JonesV60MGuest  
24441:38Sarah Alexander V35WRun4All26.1 
24541:39Zoe MarshallSENWPaul Popham Running Club  
24641:40Uku Kumari V65MSwansea27.2 
24741:41Linzi Byrne V35WPontardawe18.0 
24841:42Dave MitchellV60MGuest  
24941:43Victoria Hillman V35WOgmore Phoenix19.8 
25041:47Luigi Bonifacio V35MLlanelli26.5 
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