Knowsley Harriers Summer FAB 4 External Results
24 Aug 18
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:46   Lewis Rooney PBU20MLiverpool H21:4621:46-0.4 
221:53   Richard Burney SBV40MLiverpool H21:5319:44-2.0 
322:27   Anthony Taylor V40M     
422:28   Ben Lewington  SENMKirkby Milers21:5721:570.6 
522:33   Peter Green PBV40MKnowsley22:3322:333.7 
623:31   Rob Dewhurst SBV40MLiverpool H23:3122:353.2 
723:34   Neil Hennigan PBV40MPenny Lane23:3423:342.9 
823:45   Kenneth Day PBV35MKirkby Milers23:4523:454.0Click your Clock logo
924:20   Lee Moore PBSENMKirkby Milers24:2024:203.9 
1024:50   Gary Wilton  V40MKirkby Milers24:4624:464.7 
1124:51   Tony Landry SBV55MKirkby Milers24:5124:424.6 
1225:28   Matthew Whalley SBU20MKirkby Milers25:2825:107.3 
1325:30   Kevin Harrison PBV40MKirkby Milers25:3025:304.6 
1425:38   Adam Fitzsimmons PBSENMKirkby Milers25:3825:385.4Click your Clock logo
1525:40   David Edwards SBV55MKirkby Milers25:4023:026.3 
1625:56   Andrew McGore SENMKirkby Milers    
1726:19   Chris Birkett SENM     
1827:12   Andrew Conway  V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton26:5426:498.9 
1927:14   Paul Wilson SBV45MLiverpool RC27:1426:186.3 
2027:21   Jennifer Houghton  SENWKirkby Milers26:3726:376.1 
2127:50   Alan Spencer SBV55MKnowsley27:5026:529.3 
2227:53   Christopher Mcelroy  V40MMossley Hill/Unattached27:2127:2110.4Click your Clock logo
2328:16   Peter Leadbeater PBV50MKirkby Milers28:1628:1610.5 
2428:27   Jamie Sircom PBV40MHalesowen28:2728:279.5 
2628:53   Charlotte Sanderson-Rigby  SENWPenny Lane28:4228:4212.0 
2728:53   John Diggle PBV40MKirkby Milers28:5328:5311.4 
2829:01   Nick Morton PBSENMKirkby Milers29:0129:0110.0 
2929:42   John Gore PBV45MWidnes Running Club29:4229:4211.4 
3029:53   John Lee PBV45MKirkby Milers29:5329:5312.5 
3129:56   Melanie Roberts  V35WPenny Lane/Knowsley29:2828:2613.9 
3230:07   Christopher Lee PBV45MKnowsley30:0730:077.4 
3330:10   Terry Noon PBV35MKirkby Milers30:1030:1011.2 
3430:37   Kevin Carberry PBV45MKirkby Milers30:3730:3716.1 
3530:41   Joe Carter U20M     
3630:59   Tony Peacock  V65MPenny Lane30:1828:1410.4 
3731:16   Stephen Isles V50M     
3831:17   Kelly Marrin PBV40WKnowsley31:1731:1714.0 
3931:30   Sarah Matthews PBV35WWidnes Running Club31:3031:3013.8Click your Clock logo
4031:36   William Merritt V55MKnowsley Harriers AC    
4131:48   Bhavna Mistry PBV45WKirkby Milers31:4831:4815.4 
4232:07   Mike Evans SBV65MKnowsley/Unattached32:0730:2713.9 
4332:23   Jay White PBSENMKirkby Milers32:2332:2319.1 
4432:34   Laura Nicholson SENW     
4532:54   Katy Davitt PBV40WKirkby Milers32:5432:5419.2 
4632:56   David Limbrick  V55MIslwyn32:3530:0115.1Click your Clock logo
4732:58   Jane Nicholson PBV50WPenny Lane32:5832:5817.6 
4832:59   Catherine Gilbert PBV45WWidnes Running Club32:5932:5917.0 
4933:17   Joe Allen U20M     
5034:06   Paul Savage V65M     
5134:20   John Guy V40M     
5234:29   Waldemar Rutkowski PBV35MWidnes Running Club34:2934:2920.5 
5334:44   Christine Grant PBV50WPenny Lane34:4434:4419.5 
5435:10   Eamonn Brady PBV50MPenny Lane35:1035:1020.9 
5535:11   Jo Sutherland PBV40WPenny Lane35:1135:1119.7 
5636:01   Joyce Griffiths V60W     
5736:57   Stephanie Savage V35W     
5836:58   Spencer Hanley U20MKnowsley Harriers AC    
5937:24   Peter Lee SENMKirkby Milers    
6037:26   Sharon McGough PBV40WKirkby Milers37:2637:2626.6 
6137:29   Inma Ruiz PBV45WPenny Lane37:2937:2923.2 
6237:45   Agata Rutkowski V35WWidnes Wasps    
6337:54   Carol Platt PBV60WKirkby Milers37:5437:5425.3 
6438:02   Ann Marie Carberry PBV50WKirkby Milers38:0238:0223.4 
6538:02   Helen Eaton PBV45WKirkby Milers38:0238:0223.4 
6639:11   Ann Green PBV55WKirkby Milers39:1139:1123.0 
6739:12   Danika Leahey SENWKirkby Milers    
6840:47   Ronald Thornton  V75MLiverpool Running Bugs40:4539:1727.5 
6940:51   Sue Towner V60WPenny Lane Striders    
7042:49   Claire Hayden V40WKirkby Milers    
7142:50   Stephen Hayes V45MKirkby Milers