Forest of Dean parkrun # 439 External Results
Forest of Dean
14 Jul 18
parkrun parkrunCX 

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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:13Peter Woodward SBS25MForest of Dean AC16:5615:54-1.5 
217:25Howard Clark  V45MRoyal Navy/Denmead16:1916:197.4 
317:41Steven Henderson  S30MSale Harriers Manchester17:0616:350.0 
417:46Oliver Parry  V35MMercia Fell16:5116:21-0.3 
618:30Robert Bowery  V40MBlack Pear Joggers17:5217:343.1 
718:59Harry Wood  S25MForest of Dean AC18:0918:0914.1 
819:55Gerry O'Brien  V40MSouth Derbyshire18:4118:0010.1 
920:13Connor Foley U15MUnattached    
1020:15Andrew Wright  V45MCaerleon18:3218:327.0 
1120:44Ian De Villiers V45MUnattached    
1220:49Richard Pegler  V40MForest of Dean AC19:1818:306.0 
1321:17Dylan Hubbell U18MUnattached    
1421:17Jake Matthews  S30MUnattached20:3419:3711.2 
1521:19Rhys Williams  V40MMDC18:4218:309.4 
1621:29Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1721:29Mark Ward V35MUnattached    
1821:38Kyle Neal U15MUnattached    
1921:40Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2021:49Tim Watkins  SENMUnattached20:1119:0914.9 
2121:57Matthew Curtis V40MUnattached    
2222:03Kathy Griffin S25WUnattached    
2322:22Richard Cronin  S25MMDC/Lliswerry18:0817:526.9 
2422:26Thomas Phillips U15MUnattached    
2522:35Andy Barton V35MFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
2622:35Melanie Eaton V45WUnattached    
2722:36Roy Miller  V45MUnattached20:5719:527.8 
2822:39Guy Maskall SBV45MUnattached22:2822:1813.6 
2922:42Chloe Morgan  U15WForest of Dean AC22:1622:1620.5 
3022:44Ian Powell  V40MForest of Dean AC22:1321:5917.4 
3122:47Owen Moisley V55MUnattached    
3222:54Mark Passmore  V35MLes Croupiers21:3520:5210.4 
3323:13Dean Wilkes  V50MUnattached22:2220:3414.1 
3423:14Ian Morgan  S30MForest of Dean AC21:1520:2015.3 
3523:15Wayne Stewart  V50MForest of Dean AC22:1221:1117.8 
3623:26Robert Laurie S30MUnattached    
3723:30Brian Francis  V55MForest of Dean AC22:0920:5413.9 
3823:44Adrian Davis  V45MUnattached21:2720:118.3 
3923:50Simon Mulcahy V40MFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
4023:50Paul McAfee  V50MSpirit of Monmouth23:1223:1212.5 
4123:54Gavin Adams V40MUnattached    
4223:56Ryan Foley U18MUnattached    
4324:02James Wilden V40MUnattached    
4424:25Mark James V50MUnattached    
4524:29Mark Mathews  V45MForest of Dean AC20:5819:256.1 
4624:34Claire Dales S30WUnattached    
4724:41Steve Bedford V60MUnattached    
4824:44Jacob Day U18MUnattached    
4924:44John Foley  V50MUnattached18:5818:345.2 
5024:45Louise Neal-Hopes  V45WBRJ Huntingdon22:4022:2916.5 
5124:55Philip James  V55MForest of Dean AC24:3723:2617.6 
5225:00Dave Neal V55MUnattached    
5325:03Laura Stanley S30WUnattached    
5425:12Michelle Davis S30WUnattached    
5525:16Tony Bowden V35MUnattached    
5625:28Liberty Neal-Hopes U15WBRJ Run and Tri    
5725:33Richard Purser V45MUnattached    
5825:37Mike Carter V45MUnattached    
5925:44Stephen Mcmenemy  V55MSpirit of Monmouth23:2923:0614.3 
6025:50Craig Cameron V50MUnattached    
6125:52Andy Oakes V40MUnattached    
6225:57Matthew Kings S30MUnattached    
6326:01Jos Bartlett V50WUnattached    
6426:06Patrick Rennison  V55MForest of Dean AC22:3121:2019.8 
6526:07Joshua Matthews S20MUnattached    
6626:08Dawn Figg V45WUnattached    
6726:15Chris Barnett V45MUnattached    
6826:16Stefanie Francis  V50WForest of Dean AC25:2824:1617.0 
6926:20Jayne Dearnley V50WUnattached    
7026:34Sarah Passmore  S30WPontyclun RR24:0622:1912.4 
7126:37Izzy Babij  U15WForest of Dean AC23:1123:0019.5 
7226:39Jon Moody V40MUnattached    
7326:53Neil Peacey  V45MUnattached25:5723:1015.8 
7426:58David Williams V60MUnattached    
7527:00Tristan Knight U11MUnattached    
7627:02Chris Knight V40MUnattached    
7727:05Gareth Griffiths S30MUnattached    
7827:07Sarah Heath PBV55WShaftesbury Barnet/Alchester/Southern Counties Vets27:0723:0121.0 
7927:11Adam Ainsworth V40MUnattached    
8027:20Toby Evans U18MUnattached    
8127:24Brian Evans  V45MSpirit of Monmouth20:0519:559.1 
8227:26Sue Little V55WUnattached    
8327:29Millie Eaton U15WUnattached    
8427:42Katie Spencer SBS30WSpirit of Monmouth26:3526:3526.7 
8527:44Tom Bartlett S25MUnattached    
8627:45Jane Creed  V40WForest of Dean AC26:2723:1715.1 
8727:45Liselette Jane Adams  V40WForest of Dean AC26:3525:4916.3 
8827:49Gary Ginger V45MUnattached    
8928:06Simon Kewin V50MUnattached    
9028:21Martin Harding S30MUnattached    
9128:26James Robinson U11MUnattached    
9228:29Fraser Rickards U15MUnattached    
9328:33Andrew William Philip Knott  V35MForest of Dean AC24:5522:3126.1 
9428:34David Peters V50MUnattached    
9528:35Jane Robinson V45WUnattached    
9628:38Sarah Waycott V35WUnattached    
9728:45Chris Dearnley V50MUnattached    
9828:53Frank Robinson V50MUnattached    
9928:56Minnie Dinsdale U11WUnattached    
10028:57Luke Dinsdale V40MUnattached    
10128:58David Brown V50MUnattached    
10229:01Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10329:06Brian Millar V55MUnattached    
10429:13Angela Bowkett  V50WForest of Dean AC27:3526:3523.6 
10529:13Martin Edward Heath  V45MUnattached22:5320:5715.6 
10629:13Annabelle Griffiths S30WUnattached    
10729:20David Bourne V65MUnattached    
10829:21Chris Trillo V35MUnattached    
10929:27Katharine De Villiers V45WUnattached    
11029:29Marie Carpenter V35WUnattached    
11129:34Ian Hill V60MUnattached    
11229:43Rosie Boiling U18WForest of Dean AC    
11329:44Kelly Ruck  S30WForest of Dean AC28:3924:5917.8 
11429:45Jane Powell V45WUnattached    
11529:46David Bliss V60MUnattached    
11629:53Rosie Jones PBV45WForest of Dean AC28:0028:0030.9 
11729:55Josh Taylor U11MUnattached    
11829:55Nick Taylor V45MCSSC Sports & Leisure    
11930:07Tim Neal-Hopes  V45MBRJ Huntingdon21:4518:5511.3 
12030:17Robin Drewett PBV75MUnattached27:5825:5522.4 
12130:24Lara Neal U11WUnattached    
12230:24Jess Langford S25WUnattached    
12330:25Elena Neal V35WKingsway Runners    
12430:31Keith Williams  V60MUnattached28:3424:2530.4 
12530:37Alison Mcmenemy  V55WSpirit of Monmouth29:3528:4223.3 
12630:49Michelle Peacey  V50WUnattached28:3726:5423.7 
12730:57Dianne Haines  V50WNewent Runners29:0526:2922.5 
12831:06Debbie Woodward SBV50WForest of Dean AC30:2028:3133.7 
12931:17Liz Bartlett S25WParkrunnerPB    
13031:22John Day V45MUnattached    
13131:34Mandy Tingle V50WUnattached    
13231:55Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
13332:25Jessica Mead S25WUnattached    
13432:29Julie Carthy V45WForest of Dean AC    
13532:41Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
13632:45Jessica Jones S25WUnattached    
13732:48Adam Savery V45MUnattached    
13833:08Dave Willson V60MUnattached    
13933:18Michele Hall V65WUnattached    
14033:48Nicola Rickards S25WUnattached    
14133:49Jean Griffin V55WUnattached    
14233:54Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
14333:54Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
14433:57Clare Jackman V45WUnattached    
14533:59Ben Tarry V40MUnattached    
14634:19Vanessa Pegler  V45WForest of Dean AC25:3725:3122.2 
14734:55Jasmine Reddington V45WUnattached    
14835:08Jo Babij  V45WForest of Dean AC30:2326:0726.5 
14935:27Bev James  V60WForest of Dean AC/Unattached30:3827:0828.2 
15035:28Julie Angove V50WUnattached    
15135:31Vix Martorell V40WUnattached    
15236:08Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
15336:10Emma Griffiths PBV40WSpirit of Monmouth36:1035:0335.6 
15436:32Diane Booker V70WUnattached    
15537:13Karen Carter V45WUnattached    
15637:22Paige Farmer S20WUnattached    
15737:28Karen Moisley V55WUnattached    
15837:29Rebecca Moisley S20WUnattached    
15937:41Jennifer Jackman U15WUnattached    
16038:02Jane Van Soest-smith  V50WForest of Dean AC28:3126:3936.7 
16143:33Peter Johnson V45MUnattached    
16243:35Andy Ormiston V50MUnattached    
16347:50Dominique Willisseck V60WUnattached    
16454:57Kathy Probert V55WUnattached    
16559:55Kieran Morgan  U15MForest of Dean AC20:4520:4519.2 
16659:57Nigel Elliott S30MUnattached    
1671:00:04Caroline Rickards  V40WForest of Dean AC27:2727:2719.9 
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
518:12Ashleigh Bailey S25WUnattached