City of Hull AC Champagne League 4.3 External Results
17 Jul 18
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:15Scott Hargreaves SENMBridlington-0.9Click your Clock logo
224:37Mark Bissell SENMEast Hull0.8 
324:42Carla Stansfield SENWCity of Hull11.3 
424:54Adrian Bushby V45MCity of Hull1.9 
525:01Sophie Lee U23WCity of Hull/Leeds Uni7.8 
625:04Matthew Hayes V45MEast Hull2.0 
725:46David Morrison V35MBeverley2.3 
825:49Alan Smith V45MWhite City (Hull)/East Hull5.2Click your Clock logo
925:56Simon Downs V40MKingston upon Hull/Northern Masters4.0Click your Clock logo
1026:05Becky Mcdonald U20WCity of Hull13.1 
1126:12Christopher Moody V35MCity of Hull23.7 
1227:17Stephen Rennie V60MCity of Hull8.9 
1327:24Paul Cartwright V60MCity of Hull6.3 
1427:38James Durham V35MBeverley5.3 
1527:51Andrew Johnson V45MBeverley7.9 
1627:56Phillip Atkins V55MCity of Hull25.0 
1727:58Lucas Meagor V40MBeverley11.2 
1828:01Austin SmithiesSENMWhite City  
1928:05Chris Wiles V40MEast Hull9.8 
2028:17Mark Gronow V45MCity of Hull12.1 
2128:23Sarah Mitchell V40WCity of Hull20.2 
2228:24Paul Nippress V55MEast Hull6.9 
2328:30Ian McCoid V55MCity of Hull10.7 
2428:38Joe Boyes SENMCity of Hull7.2 
2528:44Niki Whitaker V40WCity of Hull6.9 
2628:50Cheryl Beal V50WCity of Hull22.3 
2728:55Brian Lazenby V40MCity of Hull13.2 
2829:24Lucy Stamford V40WBeverley9.4 
2929:30John Smith V60MCity of Hull10.8Click your Clock logo
3029:33Dave Playforth V55MEast Hull8.4Click your Clock logo
3129:35Alan Flint V65MBeverley12.8 
3229:38Emma Greensmith V40WBeverley11.4 
3329:41Steve Platten V40MCity of Hull12.6 
3429:41Corinna Emily Turner SENWCity of Hull13.2 
3529:42Andrew Tate V55MBeverley11.2 
3629:45Kevin Sharp V35MEast Hull8.9 
3729:49Andrew Stannard SENMKingston upon Hull16.3 
3830:00Peter Henderson V45MBeverley12.0 
3930:03Andrew Vernon SENMCity of Hull16.3 
4030:06Shaun McManus V55MWhite City (Hull)10.7 
4130:13Kate Ayre V45WCity of Hull14.5 
4231:01Guy Gibson V50MEast Hull16.1 
4331:04George Murphy V35MCity of Hull/Bedford H18.1Click your Clock logo
4431:05John Escritt V60MCity of Hull9.3 
4531:13Karen Green V50WCity of Hull13.8 
4631:15Mitch Trainor V40WCity of Hull8.2 
4731:40Fiona Robinson V50WCity of Hull28.1 
4831:45Michael Baggott V60MGoole Viking Striders/City of Hull14.6 
4931:47Robert Wells V40MEast Hull13.9 
5031:50Dean Field V50MBeverley12.0 
5132:14Gareth Botterill V35MBeverley17.5 
5232:24Dinah Ashbridge V45WCity of Hull13.6 
5332:45Uel Webb V35MBeverley24.2 
5432:51Simon King V40MWhite City (Hull)14.7 
5532:57Colleen Thundercliffe V50WCity of Hull11.2 
5633:16Stephen Richmond V60MBeverley15.7 
5733:17Fiona Holland V45WBeverley/Pocklington19.0 
5833:19James Thomas SENMCity of Hull20.5 
5933:19Ian Tasker V45MWhite City (Hull)15.5 
6033:22Brian Long V55MKingston upon Hull14.9 
6133:24Helen Penn V40WCity of Hull20.5 
6233:28Stuart Buchan V55MCity of Hull12.2 
6333:28Andrea Keen V45WCity of Hull18.7 
6433:29Tania Cream V50WCity of Hull16.8 
6533:29Andrew Naylor V40MCity of Hull17.1 
6633:50Stephen Williets V50MBeverley18.0 
6734:00Shaneen Platten V40WCity of Hull14.9 
6834:07Keith Conkerton V55MEast Hull22.1 
6934:32Thomas O'Brien SENMCity of Hull24.8 
7034:34Mark Waterson V55MCity of Hull19.5 
7134:36Stephen Coveney V65MCity of Hull20.6 
7234:42Peter Watkinson V65MBeverley14.5 
7334:45Neil Plummer V55MCity of Hull42.8 
7434:46Patrick Walker V45MCity of Hull16.1 
7534:48Laura Egan V35WBeverley24.3 
7634:50David Cracknell V50MEast Hull19.1 
7734:56Adam Thompson V45MKingston upon Hull20.7 
7834:56Suzie Hilton-Bell V40WCity of Hull18.1 
7935:07Graham Naylor V65MWhite City (Hull)16.9 
8035:13Mike O'Brien V60MCity of Hull19.8 
8135:36Sally Precious V45WCity of Hull15.9 
8235:52Amy Brewster SENWWest Hull Ladies20.9 
8336:15Elaine Julian V50WBeverley20.7 
8436:18Stacy Foxworthy SENWWest Hull Ladies11.2 
8536:41Rebecca Johnson SENWWest Hull Ladies23.2 
8636:50David Monaghan V50MCity of Hull21.3Click your Clock logo
8737:04David Foster V60MBridlington26.8 
8837:20Craig Lee Syrett V45MCity of Hull29.0 
8937:33Phillip Atkins V55MCity of Hull25.0 
9037:44Andrew Meese V40MBeverley35.9 
9138:09Janet Ainley V45WWest Hull Ladies27.2 
9238:13Eileen P Henderson V55WCity of Hull25.2 
9338:54Kay Farrow V60WBeverley23.0 
9439:08Joanne Drysdale V45WWest Hull Ladies26.5 
9539:15Jayne Creer V45WKingston upon Hull27.4 
9639:47Kevin McManus V60MCity of Hull23.4 
9740:01Jeffrey Copping V70MCity of Hull26.9 
9840:22Penny Darmody V55WEast Hull25.3 
9940:25Maria Diaz V55WWest Hull Ladies21.1 
10040:28Rachel Boddice V35WWest Hull Ladies26.8 
10140:48AN Other      
10241:09John Pawson V70MCity of Hull26.0 
10341:18Kate O'brian SENWCity of Hull36.9 
10441:19James Braithwaite U23MWhite City (Hull)23.7 
10541:33Sheila Maddison V55WEast Hull22.9Click your Clock logo
10641:39Carol Cooke V55WEast Hull26.0Click your Clock logo
10741:46Fay Giles V50WWest Hull Ladies28.7 
10841:48Catriona Williamson V60WBeverley27.2 
10942:30Jen Walker V50WWest Hull Ladies27.6 
11044:21Rachael Benson V40WWhite City (Hull)30.9 
11146:32Chloe Lawrence V35WWest Hull Ladies41.5 
11246:49Katie May V50WCity of Hull28.2 
11347:16Frank Harrison V75MCity of Hull32.6 
11447:35John Boardley V75MBeverley43.1 
11548:35Sarah Tock V45WCity of Hull24.2 
11648:35Diane Taylor V50WWest Hull Ladies38.3 
11749:11Fiona Hampton V50WWhite City (Hull)44.1 
11849:11Pippa Nixon SENWWhite City (Hull)44.5 
11949:38Mary Carrick V65WEast Hull/Beverley37.3 
12050:31Andrea Thomson V45WWest Hull Ladies32.5 
12151:15Suzanne Clarkson V60WWest Hull Ladies30.9 
12252:36Julie Thomson V55WCity of Hull42.3 
12352:36Peter Kirk V75MCity of Hull38.3 
12452:36Pam Atkins V70WBeverley28.6