RR10 League External Results
Itchen Valley Country Park
1 Aug 18
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Matthieu Marshall U23MSouthampton/Southampton Uni-0.5 
10NT   David Coak SENMSouthampton-0.6 
100NT   Dave SeymourV50MWessex  
101NT   Keith Spiers V50MHedge End8.4 
102NT   Simon Robert Gibbon V45MStubbington Green14.8 
103NT   Nick Crane V60MStubbington Green13.1 
104NT   Simon BeerV40MItchen  
105NT   Mark Wilson V40MWinchester12.5 
106NT   Richard Edmunds V50MStubbington Green8.9 
107NT   Malcolm Renyard V70MHardley/South West Vets/Havant12.4 
108NT   Peter WilsonV50MNew Forest  
109NT   Marcus T Lee V45MStubbington Green8.6 
11NT   Tom Bray SENMRomsey5.3 
110NT   Matt Kurton V35MWinchester11.1 
111NT   Ian Hawker V60MHardley15.1 
112NT   Mike Bourke V45MHedge End16.0 
113NT   Ben SharmanSENMRomsey  
114NT   Matthew Fordham V40MNew Forest Runners10.8 
115NT   Andrew Ward V40MItchen Spitfires10.1 
116NT   Jack Goozee V45MStubbington Green14.8 
117NT   Mark Winkworth V50MRomsey16.5 
118NT   David Barnes V60MEastleigh RC7.0 
119NT   Jim WoodV50MHedge End  
12NT   Peter Sansome V40MWinchester0.6 
120NT   Andrew Archibald V55MRomsey22.2 
121NT   David Chalk V55MItchen Spitfires12.8Click your Clock logo
122NT   Chris Wilson V55MHardley13.2 
123NT   Steve Goodwin V60MWinchester10.2 
124NT   James Dunlop V55MHedge End16.4 
125NT   Tim Ford V55MHedge End12.6 
126NT   Raymond Webb V65MRomsey20.3 
127NT   David Hugh Hawkins V50MEastleigh RC5.7 
128NT   Brendan Harbut V45MHardley20.0 
129NT   Charles Bartlett Fox V65MNew Forest Runners11.1 
13NT   George Belfield SENMWinchester1.8Click your Clock logo
130NT   Kevin Rowe V55MHedge End10.1 
131NT   Kali Banda V35MItchen Spitfires6.2 
132NT   Ali McgrathSENMStubbington  
133NT   Keith Harris V35MItchen Spitfires12.3 
134NT   Peter Hartley-OinnV50MRomsey  
135NT   Christopher Walker V50MItchen Spitfires23.1 
136NT   Mark TillerV50MItchen  
137NT   Nicholas Pink V40MEastleigh RC15.7 
138NT   Mick Anglim V70MHardley11.2 
139NT   Dave Rodway V50MNew Forest Runners23.3 
14NT   Paddy ConnorsSENMItchen  
140NT   Ashley Lovell V55MStubbington Green12.7 
141NT   Lee Maunder SENMHardley14.0 
142NT   David Walker V50MWinchester15.1 
143NT   Dave Wilson V60MHardley15.9 
144NT   Tristan Millward SENMHedge End17.0 
145NT   Ian Pierce V45MHedge End15.1 
146NT   Paul Goode V50MNew Forest Runners15.1 
147NT   Mark Parkin V60MEastleigh RC14.7 
148NT   Kevin RoyleV50MEastleigh  
149NT   John Labbett V55MHardley36.0 
15NT   Andrew Simpson V45MStubbington Green0.9 
150NT   James Doel V45MEastleigh RC15.6 
151NT   Keith Morris V45MRomsey14.3 
152NT   Brian Rumary V65MEastleigh RC19.0 
153NT   Ian Rogers V55MEastleigh RC18.6 
154NT   Gavin Kinley V55MHedge End17.8 
155NT   Robert Harding V45MHedge End16.5 
156NT   Robbie MacNab V45MHedge End12.9Click your Clock logo
157NT   Paul Shave V45MItchen Spitfires15.9 
158NT   Ian Craddock V45MHardley23.4 
159NT   Paul McCabe V45MHedge End18.9 
16NT   Peter O'Donnell V40MHedge End3.3 
160NT   Ian Bradley V50MHedge End16.2 
161NT   Glen MalcolmV50MNew Forest  
162NT   David Deering V45MEastleigh RC18.9 
163NT   Jon Leigh V55MStubbington Green9.8 
164NT   Ian Bowers V50MHedge End13.0 
165NT   Tom Callaway SENMStubbington Green9.3 
166NT   Chris JonesV60MItchen  
167NT   Lionel Handy V60MNew Forest Runners9.8 
168NT   Douglas Lafferty SENMItchen Spitfires13.6 
169NT   Paul NewbyV70MHardley  
17NT   Mark Causebrook V35MHardley/Southampton2.6 
170NT   Jon Diaper V55MEastleigh RC17.1 
171NT   Nigel Whitcher V50MStubbington Green16.1 
172NT   Tim Yeandle V60MEastleigh RC24.4 
173NT   Matt CaptainV40MHardley  
174NT   Daniel Laming V40MItchen Spitfires13.8 
175NT   Andy Lee V55MStubbington Green11.4 
176NT   Alan Tulip V60MSouthampton26.8 
177NT   Paul Backhouse V50MEastleigh RC13.3 
178NT   Kevin Balfour V50MEastleigh RC20.8 
179NT   Carl SchaferV50MStubbington  
18NT   Alastair Pickburn V35MNew Forest Runners-1.1 
180NT   Andy White V45MStubbington Green23.4 
181NT   Paul Carpenter V45MItchen Spitfires21.4 
182NT   Hywel Jones SENMEastleigh RC19.3 
183NT   Lutz Preuss V50MWinchester12.7 
184NT   George Howarth V60MStubbington Green14.9 
185NT   Chris Wheeler V35MStubbington Green11.5 
186NT   Russell Mead V50MStubbington Green17.4 
187NT   Marc Holmes V35MSouthampton15.1 
188NT   Richard Jacks V35MStubbington Green9.7 
189NT   Andy WebbV50MNew Forest  
19NT   Martin Mannion V50MWinchester/Dundrum South Dublin/Ireland2.0 
190NT   Paul Bailey V50MNew Forest Runners14.7 
191NT   Robert Ainslie V50MHedge End16.2 
192NT   Barrie Reeves V65MEastleigh RC30.7 
193NT   Nicholas Myers V45MItchen Spitfires20.5 
194NT   Rob Williams V45MStubbington Green20.4 
195NT   Mark Pottle V40MHedge End15.4 
196NT   Mike Southwell V50MNew Forest Runners23.0 
197NT   Gavin Mcmillan V55MEastleigh RC19.5 
198NT   Dave HowellsV60MWessex  
199NT   Martyn Banner V55MStubbington Green20.2 
2NT   Matt Hammerton V40MRomsey5.7 
20NT   William Feline V35MStubbington Green2.7 
200NT   James Munn V45MEastleigh RC20.2 
201NT   Francis Henry Littler V70MEastleigh RC21.5 
202NT   Graham Moore SENMItchen Spitfires  
203NT   Marcus HewittV40MItchen  
204NT   Robert Jones V40MHedge End19.1 
205NT   Peter Haynes V65MSouthampton20.7 
206NT   Andrew Astley V60MHardley29.8 
207NT   Keith Whitaker V65MStubbington Green17.8 
208NT   Paul Hammond V60MEastleigh RC18.7 
209NT   Toby Evans V35MStubbington Green16.1Click your Clock logo
21NT   Calum Johnson SENMHardley5.4 
210NT   Jeff Deacon V60MEastleigh RC20.7 
211NT   Mark Madelin V60MSouthampton27.4 
212NT   Mike Furlong V55MHedge End31.0 
213NT   Paul Leeming V50MItchen Spitfires25.3 
214NT   Robert Wells V45MHardley21.0 
215NT   Steve Till V60MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Southampton20.0 
216NT   Derek Kelly V70MRomsey30.4 
217NT   Kevin Ashman V60MStubbington Green26.7 
218NT   Terry Orr V55MHedge End28.0 
219NT   Richard Widdop V70MWessex RR  
22NT   Matthew Brown SENMRomsey0.3 
220NT   Gary Cahill V35MItchen Spitfires27.0 
221NT   Mario Sheath V50MNew Forest Runners22.4 
222NT   Matthew Collins SENMEastleigh RC30.8 
23NT   Rob Greenwood SENMStubbington Green0.1 
24NT   Neil Richmond V50MSouthampton4.9 
25NT   Matt Coffey V35MSouthampton-1.5Click your Clock logo
26NT   Alex Prinsep U23MRomsey2.6 
27NT   Shuan BealeSENMStubbington  
28NT   David Mallard V35MStubbington Green3.2 
29NT   Alexander Whiting SENMWinchester2.6 
3NT   Paul Cardy V35MCity of Portsmouth/Romsey/Police-0.3 
30NT   James Grove SENMHedge End2.8 
31NT   Jon Osman V55MEastleigh RC5.0 
32NT   Colin Brown V35MEastleigh RC7.8 
33NT   Gerry Robson V50MItchen Spitfires6.6 
34NT   Mark Stileman V50MRomsey1.6Click your Clock logo
35NT   Francis Handy SENMNew Forest Runners/Birchfield H2.8 
36NT   Jim Suswain V35MHardley18.4 
37NT   Jon Ward V45MSouthampton7.4 
38NT   Simon Gillett V40MWinchester9.8 
39NT   Gillam McClure SENMItchen Spitfires3.9 
4NT   Mark Nixon SENMEdinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds0.6 
40NT   Carlo Van Leeuwen V35MHedge End4.1 
41NT   John WarnerV40MStubbington  
42NT   Daniel LurcockSENMRomsey  
43NT   Nicolas Willson V35MSouthampton6.3 
44NT   Daniel Foster V35MStubbington Green2.9 
45NT   James Pilgrim SENMEastleigh RC5.9 
46NT   Dimitri Elenis V45MNew Forest Runners8.7 
47NT   Mark Suddaby V40MRomsey4.4 
48NT   Joe Amber SENMHedge End4.0 
49NT   Jamie Foster SENMItchen Spitfires3.5 
5NT   Daniel Baker SENMSouthampton-0.8 
50NT   Stephen Williams V35MItchen Spitfires3.8 
51NT   James Cole V35MRomsey3.7 
52NT   Steve Cumes V45MStubbington Green6.1 
53NT   Simon Williamson V40MWinchester7.7 
54NT   Matthew Cafferky V35MNew Forest Runners6.2 
55NT   Andrew Dudgeon V50MHedge End5.4 
56NT   Dale Purdom V50MHardley13.9 
57NT   Steve Oliver V55MWinchester/South West Vets6.7 
58NT   Mike Dally V45MHedge End10.5 
59NT   Graham Martin V45MStubbington Green5.8 
6NT   James Moore SENMWinchester1.0 
60NT   Nicholas Hawkins U20MEastleigh RC18.4 
61NT   Chris SandySENMStubbington  
62NT   Robert Benham V45MItchen Spitfires7.0 
63NT   Martyn West V65MWinchester7.4 
64NT   Gavin Collins V35MHedge End14.5 
65NT   Daniel Latham SENMHardley4.6 
66NT   Mark Eaton V50MStubbington Green6.9 
67NT   Tony WillisV60MEastleigh  
68NT   David Madelin V35MSouthampton7.2 
69NT   Robert Finch SENMSouthampton6.6 
7NT   Neil Jennings SENMRomsey1.2 
70NT   Steve Marcer V40MSouthampton3.6 
71NT   James Lewington V40MStubbington Green7.7 
72NT   Cameron HewittSENMItchen  
73NT   Robert Bryan V45MWinchester10.2 
74NT   Andrew James Robinson V35MWinchester12.8 
75NT   Stephen Lowy V45MWinchester8.1 
76NT   Andy Donn V45MStubbington Green8.3 
77NT   Adam Ruddy SENMItchen Spitfires6.2 
78NT   Colin Mcmanus V35MWinchester5.9 
79NT   Godfrey Rhimes V55MEastleigh Junior  
8NT   Sam Appleton U23MWinchester/King's College London1.4 
80NT   Matt Evans V45MStubbington Green10.5 
81NT   John MacInnes V55MSouthampton8.9Click your Clock logo
82NT   Paddy Butler V55MHardley10.3 
83NT   Keith Hollis V45MSouthampton11.2 
84NT   David Vosser V55MWinchester5.2 
85NT   Scott Shaw V40MStubbington Green12.6 
86NT   Mike Bell V65MStubbington Green/City of Portsmouth8.4 
87NT   Simon Bacon V45MStubbington Green9.3Click your Clock logo
88NT   Christopher Brown SENMRomsey34.9 
89NT   Steve Churcher V55MEastleigh RC8.1 
9NT   Martin Stockley SENMEastleigh RC0.0 
90NT   Martin De SousaSENMItchen  
91NT   Nigel Hemsted V60MRomsey8.8Click your Clock logo
92NT   Andrew Moody V50MNew Forest Runners10.7 
93NT   Martin DaviesV50MWinchester  
94NT   David Keates V55MItchen Spitfires11.9 
95NT   Alex Johnson V45MHedge End11.7 
96NT   Richard Snell V50MStubbington Green16.4 
97NT   Max Maxwell V50MHedge End10.3 
98NT   Haydn Brown V55MStubbington Green9.9 
99NT   Keith SheppardV60MHedge End  
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Lucy Elliott V50WWinchester/Southern Counties Vets4.6 
10NT   Rachel Fargher V40WStubbington Green20.7 
100NT   Linda Francis V55WHedge End20.8Click your Clock logo
101NT   Gemma WaughmanSENWItchen  
102NT   Lisa Graham V50WSolent Running Sisters34.1 
103NT   Rachel Sutch V55WItchen Spitfires18.1 
104NT   Ruth Jeffery SENWItchen Spitfires17.7 
105NT   Sally LucasV50WR Sisters  
106NT   Mary Corbett V60WEastleigh RC19.2 
107NT   Karen Keane V55WRomsey22.8 
108NT   Tori CollinsonSENWItchen  
109NT   Teresa RobsonV40WItchen  
11NT   Lucy May SENWStubbington Green11.4 
110NT   Sarah Northcott V35WStubbington Green21.2 
111NT   Sophie Carr SENWWinchester  
112NT   Sharon Summers V50WHedge End21.9 
113NT   Louise WhitemoreSENWHedge End  
114NT   Yvette Pidgley V50WNew Forest Runners33.4 
115NT   Sally Harbut V40WHardley28.8 
116NT   Alana Williams SENWItchen Spitfires21.8Click your Clock logo
117NT   Jenna Shergold V45WHedge End25.5 
118NT   Holly Welton SENWNew Forest Runners  
119NT   Jane Costello V55WHedge End23.3 
12NT   Charlotte Hoskins V40WWinchester7.7 
120NT   Catherine Crocker V40WItchen Spitfires24.8 
121NT   Danii Bundy U23WHardley33.7 
122NT   Georgie Roberts V40WNew Forest Runners33.1 
123NT   Lisa Reynolds V35WSolent Running Sisters22.5 
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