Mount Edgcumbe parkrun # 124 External Results
Mount Edgcumbe
7 Jul 18
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
120:46Clive And Andrew Delve V35MCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
221:04Mark Davidson SBV50MEast Cornwall19:0818:264.5 
321:37Daniel Clewley S30MSweatshop Running Community    
422:42Rob Williams  S30MPlymouth H17:5717:040.9 
523:05Mark Phillips V45MUnattached    
623:11Brian Adamson V45MUnattached    
723:17Jonny Gillespie S30MUnattached    
823:39Andrew Parnell V50MUnattached    
923:47Hans Thompson V60MUnattached    
1023:56Laura Hughes S30WUnattached    
1124:12Samuel White V35MUnattached    
1225:54Robin Newby  V45MSt. Albans Striders21:5920:219.9 
1326:14Molly Gilbey  U15WCity of Plymouth22:1719:436.0 
1426:15Jamie Williams  U18MCity of Plymouth17:2016:481.6 
1526:23Eleanor Connelly  V35WUnattached22:3822:3814.2Click your Clock logo
1626:58Jane Weatherill V35WUnattached    
1727:32Rob Shenton V60MUnattached    
1827:38Claire Davidson  V45WEast Cornwall22:2022:1015.7 
1927:45Viba Courtney-Battista U18MUnattached    
2027:45Matt Starling V40MCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
2127:55Oliver Jones V40MUnattached    
2228:17Michael Connelly  V40MUnattached22:5722:2813.7 
2328:32Richard Mather V55MUnattached    
2428:45Terrie Leighfield V55WUnattached    
2529:14Michael Bassett V65MUnattached    
2629:26Claire Mitchell V35WUnattached    
2729:37Lesley Hitchen  V45WPlymouth Musketeers25:5024:4018.4 
2829:41Paul Casey V55MUnattached    
2929:46Struan Powrie S25MUnattached    
3029:51Leigh Watkins V45MUnattached    
3130:24Nicola Noble  S30WPlymouth H20:5920:5911.8 
3230:27Jon Anderson V45MSweatshop Running Community    
3330:43Rosie Reid S25WUnattached    
3430:44Eddy Martin S25MUnattached    
3531:37Benjamin Marriott  U11MEast Cornwall23:4622:5314.3 
3631:46Hayley Marriott  V45WEast Cornwall23:1723:1313.4 
3732:22Jane Deary V55WUnattached    
3833:33Alison Dorrington V45WUnattached    
3935:02William Harland U15MUnattached    
4035:36Sue Thorpe V55WUnattached    
4137:04Deb Shenton V60WUnattached    
4238:33Cynthia Richings  V65WTamar35:2931:4228.9 
4338:38Gilbey Isabel U15WUnattached    
4438:39Naomi Lee S30WUnattached    
4539:29Wendy Bassett S30WUnattached    
4640:53Yasmin Simmonds V45WUnattached    
4745:29Bernadette Newby  V45WSt. Albans Striders30:3526:2822.7 
4851:33Lesley Bassett V65WUnattached    
4951:34Nick Haynes V65MRedditch STARS