Kirste Memorial 5 External Results
22 Jul 18

In our version walkers have been removed and positions reassigned.
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
129:23Gus Withers SENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders    
230:39Lee Taylor SBV40MSouthend30:3927:320.2 
331:15Mark Waller SBV45MUnattached31:1528:476.8 
431:26Damien Harvey  SENMBenfleet28:4628:460.4 
532:48Luke Gill SBU17MEast Essex TC32:4829:286.9 
633:13Stuart Cable SBV40MLeigh on Sea33:1332:142.9 
733:38Sean Mcfarlane SBV45MLeigh on Sea33:3832:243.0 
834:05Colin Waggon SENM     
934:05Stuart Parsons SENMRayleigh Road and Trail Runners    
1034:07Stephen Kirsh SENM     
1134:17Nick Markwell SENM     
1234:55Lindsey Colman  V35WSouthend30:3930:363.4 
1335:05Elliott Cone  V40MLeigh on Sea32:4731:133.9 
1435:19Matthew Shaw SENM     
1535:21Luke Townley SENM     
1635:34Gary Pitman SBV40MRochford Endurance and Distance35:3433:247.8 
1735:46Graham Grout SBV60MBristol & West35:4632:219.8 
1835:55Hayley Lamkin  U23WSouthend31:5431:286.5 
1935:56Martin Hitchcock SBV45MLeigh on Sea35:5635:0212.4 
2036:12Callum Liasi SBU20MBenfleet36:1232:4523.9 
2136:14Darren Summers PBV50MLeigh on Sea36:1436:1411.0 
2236:19James Burns SBV50MLeigh on Sea36:1934:285.9 
2336:21James Whittington SENM     
2436:35david burke SENM     
2536:46Steve Cooper  V55MRayleigh RAT Runners34:4234:425.6 
2636:59Andrew Coombes SBV35MSouthend36:5935:3111.1 
2737:05Steve Churchyard  SENMBenfleet33:0432:153.2 
2837:09Danny Flint SBV45MSouthend37:0933:307.9 
2937:16Ash Smith SENMRayleigh Road & Trail    
3037:21Anthony Scarfe SENM     
3137:21Timothy Utting PBSENMRochford Endurance and Distance37:2137:217.1 
3237:26Jason Mitchell SENMFlyers Southend    
3337:27Neal Marlow SBV45MLeigh on Sea37:2733:2010.8 
3437:27Anne Jenkinson SBV45WSouthend37:2733:2314.7 
3537:43Peter Binns SBV70MSouthend/Castle Point Joggers37:4329:5810.8 
3637:44Stephen Taylor  V45MOrion35:0635:0616.8 
3737:55Simon Wagstaff SENMRayleigh Road and Trail Runners    
3838:06Lloyd Richardson PBV50MUnattached38:0638:0616.5Click your Clock logo
3938:08Marc Downham PBV50MLeigh on Sea38:0836:5010.2 
4038:11Sarah Jeffery  SENWSouthend/Leigh on Sea33:2132:197.2 
4138:26James Price PBV45MPhoenix Striders38:2637:2611.8 
4238:35Steve Joslin SBSENMLeigh on Sea38:3535:448.6 
4338:38Ian Maynard SENM     
4438:38Jason Farr SENM     
4539:00Ian Gill PBV60MEast Essex TC39:0039:0016.5 
4639:02Scott Thrush SBSENMLeigh on Sea/Thurrock39:0238:163.8 
4739:04Derek Page SENM     
4839:05Graham Purdham SENMFlyers Southend    
4939:05Ryan Gillard PBSENMLeigh on Sea39:0535:4213.2 
5039:09Neil Cornelius  V45MHockley TR37:5237:2010.1 
5139:11Katie Spicer SBV35WLeigh on Sea39:1136:2610.1 
5239:19Neal Clark PBV50MPhoenix Striders39:1938:258.8 
5339:24Paul Claydon PBV50MRochford Endurance and Distance/Police39:2439:2412.9 
5439:25Nicky Knight SENWTiptree Road Runners    
5539:28Rob West PBV35MLeigh on Sea38:3737:5716.9 
5639:28Michael Haylett PBV55MLeigh on Sea39:2839:2815.8 
5739:44Niki Read SBV40MLeigh on Sea39:4437:5514.8 
5839:45John Colby PBV50MRochford RC38:2838:2817.7 
5939:46Charlotte Allen SBV40WLeigh on Sea39:4638:268.5 
6039:53Sean Parker SENM     
6140:13Alex Childs  V50MLeigh on Sea32:3429:463.4 
6240:16David Ward PBV55MLeigh on Sea40:1639:0612.6 
6340:17Alan Cooke SENM     
6440:17Mike Hopkins SBV50MCastle Point Joggers40:1738:3014.7 
6540:34Michael Waters SBV40MBenfleet40:3439:5512.5 
6640:52Colin Dunn  V40MCastle Point Joggers34:2932:567.4 
6740:55Adrian Rickard SENM     
6841:00Vanessa Gardner SENW     
6941:02Jim Edwards SENM     
7041:02Steven Trennery PBV50MRochford Endurance and Distance41:0241:0216.4 
7141:11Rebecca Gill SBV40WEast Essex TC41:1138:4522.8 
7241:14Martin Orford PBV50MPhoenix Striders41:1441:148.3 
7341:21Tristan Ridgewell SENM     
7441:23Fiona Walker SBV45WLeigh on Sea41:2340:4513.5 
7541:24Paul West PBV45MHockley TR41:2441:2412.6 
7642:06James Kane PBV55MEast Essex TC42:0642:0619.2 
7742:07Vanessa Mathers SBV50WSouthend42:0734:2014.2 
7842:12Maurice Tomline PBV45MHockley TR42:1242:1214.6 
7942:17Adrian Mathers SBV50MHockley TR42:1740:5518.0 
8042:40Lara Foster PBU20WLeigh on Sea42:4042:4020.6 
8142:45Anne Hoeb SBV40WCastle Point Joggers42:4540:5625.9 
8242:48Daniel Roche SENM     
8342:57Joseph Lucy SENM     
8443:15Sue Cribbs SBV45WSouthend43:1540:5325.3 
8543:25Steven Healey PBV50MPhoenix Striders43:2540:317.8 
8643:28Jon Strutt SENM     
8743:32David Dutton SBV65MThurrock/Rochford RC43:3239:3919.6 
8843:32Paul Omer  V50MPitsea RC39:1339:1313.0Click your Clock logo
8943:34Mark Robertson  V55MRochford Endurance and Distance42:3737:1714.3 
9043:41Kim Holland-todd PBV35WLeigh on Sea43:4143:4142.0 
9143:43Luisa Miller PBV40WRochford Endurance and Distance43:4343:4326.7 
9243:44Neil Hatton SBV45MRochford Endurance and Distance43:4443:4112.5 
9343:45Darren Latter PBV50MRochford Endurance and Distance/Unattached43:4540:2911.6 
9443:45Simon Panther SBV40MHockley TR43:4540:3213.2 
9543:46Gary Clifford  V65MCastle Point Joggers39:1239:1217.2 
9644:03Tina Reeve  V50WLeigh on Sea42:3941:2214.1 
9744:03Matt Simson  V45MUnattached38:1436:4111.0 
9844:08Matthew Hall SENM     
9944:28Harry Wilkins SENM     
10044:35Carly Rodgers PBV35WHockley TR44:3544:3525.3 
10144:40Jo McNeilly SENWCastle Point Joggers    
10244:46Colin Murdoch  V65MRayleigh RAT Runners40:5640:5620.6Click your Clock logo
10344:58Ingo Dierkschnieder SBV50MPitsea RC44:5844:0721.6 
10445:00Karen Lea PBV35WUnattached45:0045:0019.8 
10545:12Ian Walker SENMCastle Point Joggers    
10645:14Rea Evison SBV35WLeigh on Sea45:1442:1522.7 
10745:17Claire Dumontier-Marriag SENWREA TEAM    
10845:36Zoe Randall SENWZoe Randall    
10945:37Tracey Bradley SBV45WCastle Point Joggers45:3741:5116.9 
11045:37Sophie Holt SENW     
11145:48Rachael Thornton SENWFlyers Southend    
11245:51Steve Hall SENMRayleigh Road and Trail Runners    
11345:53Jenni Paterson SBV60WLeigh on Sea45:5343:4519.0 
11445:58Vicky Bickford SENWHockley Trail Runners    
11546:04John King PBV45MHockley TR46:0446:0423.9 
11646:13Scott Mangham SBSENMLeigh on Sea46:1340:2914.7 
11746:23Claire Dowden SENW     
11846:30Paul Varker SBV50MCastle Point Joggers46:3043:5223.0 
11946:43Gavin Lea SENM     
12046:43Matt Kirsh SENM     
12146:44Paul Sitch SENMRayleigh Road and Trail Runners    
12246:47Nic Miller PBV40MPitsea RC46:4746:4718.8 
12346:49Adam Coombes SENM     
12446:50Toni Tomlin SENWHockley Trail Runners    
12546:57Dawn Foster SBV45WLeigh on Sea46:5742:2434.3 
12647:03Gary Walsh SBV55MLeigh on Sea47:0340:4918.4 
12747:03Graham Button PBV50MLeigh on Sea47:0347:0317.7 
12847:51Peter Cole SENM     
12948:01Chris Openshaw SENMHockley Trail Runners    
13048:03Eleanor Carmichael SBV35WLeigh on Sea48:0345:2821.0 
13148:04Rachel Riggs SBSENWLeigh on Sea48:0441:5910.1 
13248:07Terry Barber PBV40MUKRunChat48:0748:0725.0 
13348:08James Chapman SENMFlyers Southend    
13448:12Jessica Flack SENWHockley Trail Runners    
13548:31Carol Drake SBV50WLeigh on Sea48:3141:3216.8 
13648:40Keith Makinson SENMJBR Tun & Tri Club    
13748:41Ian Caldwel SENMBenfleet RC    
13848:44Emma Conroy SENW     
13948:44Malcolm Keys SENMFlyers Southend    
14049:09Kate Ruddell SENW     
14149:12Matt Campbell-Carr SBV40MLeigh on Sea49:1243:3129.7 
14249:27Linda S Dutton SBV65WMid Essex/Rochford RC49:2744:5522.4 
14349:31Nicola Horncastle SENWFlyers Southend    
14449:35Jason Searles SENM     
14549:46Sean William Allison SBV50MBenfleet49:4641:5622.1 
14649:46Catherine Maylin PBV45WCastle Point Joggers49:4649:4631.2 
14749:48Cheryl Macdonald  V55WPitsea RC40:5739:5219.4 
14849:49Nicola Lennox SENW     
14949:53Lizzie Burgess  V35WHuntingdonshire41:5741:5722.4 
15049:54David Spurle  V35MHuntingdonshire35:2535:2510.4 
15149:55Terence Coker SENMFlyers Southend    
15249:56Andrzej Gajbutowicz SENM     
15350:19Keith Lovell SBV50MRochford Endurance and Distance50:1945:2322.0 
15450:31Jaimie Davies SENM     
15550:32Johnny Lau SBV50MLeigh on Sea50:3243:2315.6 
15650:39Tim Watts SENMFitbugs    
15750:49Richard Creek SENM     
15851:08Martina Koukalova SENW     
15951:11Graham Bardell SENMJBR Tun & Tri Club    
16051:17Amanda Bradfield SENW     
16151:26Barry Kay PBV45MRochford RC51:2651:2622.5 
16251:26Steve Adkins PBV55MRochford RC51:2651:2629.5 
16351:28Debbie Dunn  V40WCastle Point Joggers42:2242:2222.3 
16451:29Nicola Hawkins SBV50WPhoenix Striders51:2945:5121.3 
16551:33Chris Cammidge SBV55MCastle Point Joggers51:3346:2131.8 
16651:40Cordelia Webb SENW     
16751:42Steve Pettitt  V50MLeigh on Sea46:2140:5517.3 
16852:07Paul Young SENM     
16952:10Samantha Shepherd PBV35WLeigh on Sea42:4242:4219.6 
17052:10Mark Childs  V50MLeigh on Sea41:5741:5722.1 
17152:18ivor Waldney SENM     
17252:19Carly Montero SENW     
17352:20Kerry Slesser SBV45WLeigh on Sea52:2047:4115.8 
17452:29Owen Williams SENM     
17552:30Lisa Westwick SENWLeigh-on-Sea Striders    
17652:33Christopher Phillips SENM     
17752:36Debbie Harper SBV55WCastle Point Joggers52:3647:1022.8 
17852:36Reece Fenner SENM     
17952:37Lynn Rivers  V55WLeigh on Sea49:4543:3226.8 
18053:01Rachel Scott Yates SBV45WHockley TR53:0152:3034.8 
18153:02Jason Goodman SENM     
18253:10Robert Prigg SBV50MLeigh on Sea53:1047:5628.6 
18353:21Martin Cahalane SENM     
18453:23Barrie Jones SENMFlyers Southend    
18553:30Leilah McClay SBV35WLeigh on Sea53:3051:2524.7 
18653:41Malwina Rokita SENW     
18753:41Natalie Anderson SENW     
18853:42Neil Wilson SENM     
18953:43Adewale James SENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders    
19053:53Michelle Spicer SENW     
19153:53Steve Kilcoyne SBV45MRochford RC53:5351:4727.3 
19254:09Kerry Prigg PBV45WLeigh on Sea54:0954:0927.9 
19354:13Roxanne Harvey SENW     
19454:28Patrick Waters SBV70MCastle Point Joggers54:2847:3135.9 
19554:59David Walker  V40MLeigh on Sea48:4048:4028.9 
19655:05Allison Tynan  V50WLeigh on Sea52:1144:4321.3 
19755:10Vicki Passmore SENW     
19855:24Sally Rothwell SENWFlyers Southend    
19955:25Rebecca Addison SENW     
20055:29Julie Coombs SENWFlyers Southend    
20155:34Mark Hembling SENM     
20255:38Hannah Bardell SENWJBR Tun & Tri Club    
20355:40Marie Waite  V40WLeigh on Sea50:5550:5532.2 
20456:00Jade Britton SENWHockley Trail Runners    
20556:15Stephen Frost PBV45MRochford RC56:1556:1540.3 
20656:38Emma Jane Warrington SBV40WUnattached56:3848:2227.6 
20756:41Susan Vine  V65WPhoenix Striders50:3644:2630.5 
20856:51Ansy Appleby SENMFlyers Southend    
20956:51Aoife McAdden SENWFlyers Southend    
21056:52Lisa Morris SENW     
21156:55Claire Panther PBV40WHockley TR56:5556:5524.3 
21257:01Sam Ball SENMHadleigh Allsorts    
21357:06Dawn Haylett SBV55WLeigh on Sea57:0652:2734.1 
21457:17Stacey Robison SENWFlyers Southend    
21557:19Laura Hicks SENW     
21657:21Nicola Osborne SENW     
21757:22Neil Young SENMFlyers Southend    
21857:22Dean Young SENM     
21957:55Marion Breeze  V55WPitsea RC45:1342:4223.8 
22057:58Charmaine Marks PBV45WHockley TR57:5857:5830.4 
22157:59Julie Burns SENWEssex Ladies    
22258:00Alison Dunn SBV50WLeigh on Sea58:0043:0416.3 
22358:05Sally McKeown PBV55WLeigh on Sea58:0558:0523.0 
22458:07Tim Reeves SBV50MHockley TR58:0756:3527.3 
22558:11Neil Caughey SBV50MRochford RC58:1149:2840.3 
22658:11Laura Dawson  V40WHockley TR52:5851:3228.7 
22758:12Jacqui Knowles SENWRochford Running Club    
22858:28Thomas Cufley SENM     
22958:31Julie Haslett SBV40WLeigh on Sea58:3155:5724.6 
23058:35Lisa Wilson SENW     
23158:48Adam Kirsh SENM     
23258:51Caitlin Gillard SENWLeigh-on-Sea Striders    
23359:05Lisa Ann Laithwaite PBV35WUnattached59:0559:0531.0 
23459:06Gillian Williams SENW     
23559:07Gemma Cobb SENWHadleigh Allsorts    
23659:08Carla Baker SENW     
23759:16Carla Allison SENW     
23859:23Janet Head SENWPitsea Running Club    
23959:37Neil Mcleod SENM     
24059:47John Rickard SENM     
24160:20Tracey Hooper PBV40WRochford RC54:2554:2523.2 
24260:21Jenny Marston SBV50WRochford RC60:2153:5736.6 
24360:21Jan Steed SBV55WCastle Point Joggers60:2150:5029.1 
24460:21Tina Victory  V50WCastle Point Joggers44:5044:5027.3 
24560:26Terry Robison SENW     
24660:29Kate Cammidge SBV55WCastle Point Joggers60:2949:1433.4 
24760:32Jessica Francis SENW     
24861:03Amanda Colgate-Herbert SENWRayleigh Road and Trail Runners    
24961:24Emily Scarnell SBSENWLeigh on Sea61:2449:1938.1 
25061:25Jamie Brown SENM     
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