Mount Edgcumbe parkrun # 113 External Results
Mount Edgcumbe
21 Apr 18
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:33Jamie Williams SBU18MCity of Plymouth17:2016:481.6 
220:27Gabrielius Stuokus  S25MLes Croupiers/Lithuania17:3717:372.4Click your Clock logo
321:54Taylan Parry  U18MTamar20:5720:5717.3 
423:00Ross Harvie U18MUnattached    
523:13Bertie Mather U15MUnattached    
623:28Lutane Steyn S25MUnattached    
723:40Simon Wood V40MUnattached    
824:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
924:32Hans Thompson V60MUnattached    
1025:16Thomas Vincent S25MUnattached    
1125:31Viba Courtney-Battista U18MUnattached    
1226:40Clive Horton  V55MPlymouth H24:4323:3723.4 
1326:41Guy Boswell SBV55MPlymouth Musketeers26:4120:2416.3 
1426:44Simon Parry V45MUnattached    
1526:48Bronnen Parry U20WUnattached    
1627:23Andy May V45MUnattached    
1727:32Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1828:02Antonio Tilocca  V45MUnattached24:0323:0917.0 
1928:31William Blackstone V45MSweatshop Running Community    
2028:35Mark Harvie V60MUnattached    
2128:43Laura Nicholls  S30WSouth West RR23:5723:5315.3 
2229:09Lesley Hitchen  V45WPlymouth Musketeers25:5024:4018.4 
2329:09Brennan Drewitt V35MUnattached    
2429:28Dan Wilkinson V45MUnattached    
2530:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2630:34David Nicholls  S30MSouth West RR22:5422:1711.4 
2731:23Alison Dorrington V45WUnattached    
2831:35Louise Hayward V45WUnattached    
2931:54Lawrie Mather U11MUnattached    
3031:54Richard Mather V55MUnattached    
3132:32Jane Deary V55WUnattached    
3232:34Sommer Parry U18WUnattached    
3332:41Aileen Smith V40WUnattached    
3433:02Claire Courtney V35WUnattached    
3533:16Daisy Wood U11WUnattached    
3633:24Poppy Wood  U11WCornwall AC24:0023:3015.6 
3733:25Susanne Wood  V40WCornwall AC24:0221:2913.3 
3833:39Lacey Whitwham S30WUnattached    
3933:46Laura Harvie S20WUniversity of Southampton AC    
4034:01Deborah Down V40WUnattached    
4135:05Lorraine Wilson V50WUnattached    
4235:29Hannah Dorrington U15WUnattached    
4337:44Simon Baker V45MUnattached    
4440:26Kate Queally V50WUnattached    
4540:26Richard Dorrington V50MUnattached    
4644:10Eden Lee U11WUnattached    
4744:11Naomi Lee S30WUnattached    
4844:13Dawn Dyer V55WRAM Runners