Mount Edgcumbe parkrun # 112 External Results
Mount Edgcumbe
14 Apr 18
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
120:03Simon Parry V45MUnattached    
220:57Liam Baldwin S25MUnattached    
320:57Taylan Parry PBU18MTamar20:5720:5718.9 
421:09Stuart Henderson  V40MTeam Bath/Army17:3916:583.1 
521:36Ryan Gibbons  S30MKent17:4917:492.7 
621:52Steve Baker SBV60MTamar/South West Vets21:5219:328.8 
722:02Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
822:06Keith Wilsenach S25MUnattached    
922:15Graham Wallace  V50MAbingdon18:4918:496.2 
1023:30Lutane Steyn S25MUnattached    
1123:53Bertie Mather U15MUnattached    
1224:11Ross Harvie U18MUnattached    
1325:03William Greyling S30MUnattached    
1425:24Matthew Bisco V35MUnattached    
1525:35Molly Gilbey  U15WCity of Plymouth22:1719:436.2 
1626:17Clive Horton  V55MPlymouth H24:4323:3723.9 
1726:39Jane Weatherill V35WUnattached    
1826:55Viba Courtney-Battista U18MUnattached    
1927:27Holly Shute  U18WBude Rats22:5022:5019.6 
2027:28Anna Tanner V35WUnattached    
2127:28Rose Harvie S20WUnattached    
2228:08Guy Boswell  V55MPlymouth Musketeers26:4120:2416.7 
2328:24Des Prosser V65MUnattached    
2428:31David Thomas Edward Morris  V65MLarkfield24:1022:1814.2 
2528:41Sophie Shute  U18WBude Rats24:0223:5819.3 
2628:46Mark Harvie V60MUnattached    
2729:03Danny Baldwin S30MUnattached    
2829:42Paul Casey V55MUnattached    
2929:47Ruby Gibbons S25WUnattached    
3029:58Matt Starling V40MCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
3129:59Tim Purchall V40MCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
3230:10Katie Harvie U18WUnattached    
3330:44Chrissie Searle V60WUnattached    
3431:05Struan Powrie S25MUnattached    
3531:08Matthew Clark S20MUnattached    
3631:32Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3731:36Clare O'Sullivan V40WUnattached    
3832:03Sommer Parry U18WUnattached    
3932:04Bronnen Parry U20WUnattached    
4032:25Jane Deary V55WUnattached    
4133:28Claire Courtney V35WUnattached    
4233:54Laura Harvie S20WUniversity of Southampton AC    
4334:14Dan Queally U18MUnattached    
4434:48Ben Shute U11MUnattached    
4534:52Ian Shute V40MUnattached    
4635:07Alan Byron  V45MRebel Runners - Medway27:0926:0422.1 
4735:26Lorraine Wilson V50WUnattached    
4835:39Rory Price U11MUnattached    
4935:39Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5036:04Gilbey Isabel U15WUnattached    
5136:10Mandy Anderson V45WUnattached    
5237:08Jon Anderson V45MSweatshop Running Community    
5338:16Charles Walker V60MUnattached    
5439:13Rebecca Perkins S25WUnattached    
5541:36Theadora Beavan U11WUnattached    
5641:37Mark Beavan V35MUnattached    
5742:05Kate Queally V50WUnattached    
5842:18Jane Morris  V60WLarkfield36:2232:3236.0 
5942:21Mark Williams  V45MCity of Plymouth19:0718:515.6 
6042:22Lee Broadbent V50MUnattached