EHH Summer League Sproatley 6 External Results
1 May 18
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
131:47   Steve Bateson SBV40MEast Hull31:4730:39-1.5 
231:58   Mike Hargreaves SBV35MEast Hull31:5831:53-1.8 
332:12   James Kraft PBSENMScarborough/Sheffield Hallam Uni32:1232:12-1.6Click your Clock logo
432:18   Phillip Taylor SBV35MBridlington32:1831:44-0.6 
532:50   Gregan Clarkson SBV35MKingston upon Hull32:5030:09-0.7 
633:19   Robert Weekes PBV35MEast Hull33:1933:19-1.9 
734:16   Nigel Sisson SBV45MEast Hull34:1631:321.7 
834:16   Andrew Deyes PBSENMEast Hull34:1634:160.2Click your Clock logo
934:30   Luke Davison PBSENMBeverley34:3034:301.6 
1034:35   Scott Hargreaves SBSENMBridlington34:3531:52-0.2Click your Clock logo
1134:38   James Wilson PBV35MDriffield Striders34:3834:380.3 
1234:43   Becky Briggs PBU20WCity of Hull34:4334:43-0.1 
1335:21   Neil Seddon PBSENMEast Hull35:2135:212.9 
1435:37   Gary Couzens PBSENMEast Hull35:3735:370.9 
1535:38   Carla Stansfield SBSENWCity of Hull35:3833:122.8 
1635:53   Mark Bissell PBSENMEast Hull35:5335:531.1 
1735:56   Stephen Maddison SBV45MKnavesmire35:5634:582.2 
1836:17   Paul Teece SBV40MEast Hull36:1734:553.7 
1936:32   Mark Williamson SBV45MHornsea36:3235:134.3 
2036:32   Thomas Mawer SBSENMEast Hull36:3236:290.4 
2136:52   Andrew Wigglesworth PBV40MEast Hull36:5236:525.4 
2237:25   Sean Thompson SBSENMEast Hull37:2537:205.0 
2337:33   Stephen Rennie SBV60MCity of Hull37:3335:143.5 
2437:44   Lee Alcock SBV35MEast Hull37:4437:022.0 
2537:45   Simon Ellerker SBV45MBridlington37:4537:445.7Click your Clock logo
2637:50   Ian Grewar SBV55MEast Hull37:5034:005.4 
2737:54   Alan Smith SBV45MWhite City (Hull)/East Hull37:5435:115.7 
2838:07   Joshua Taylor SBU23MBridlington38:0735:490.2 
2938:09   Adrian Messingham SBV45MBeverley38:0937:287.1 
3038:13   Adam Anderson PBSENMDriffield Striders38:1338:137.3 
3138:29   Shaun Alcock PBSENMEast Hull38:2938:293.2 
3238:30   Jeremy Edeson PBV55MDriffield Striders38:3038:306.9 
3338:30   Tony Smith PBV55MBridlington38:3038:309.7 
3438:32   James Durham SBV35MBeverley38:3236:337.6 
3538:41   Paul Bennett SBV45MEast Hull38:4137:315.5 
3638:42   Andrew Hemmings SBV35MCity of Hull38:4236:317.6 
3738:57   Lucas Meagor SBV40MBeverley38:5738:036.3 
3838:59   Richard Harrison PBV45MSelby38:5938:594.8Click your Clock logo
3939:01   Chris Wiles PBV40MEast Hull39:0139:019.0 
4039:12   Andrew Johnson SBV45MBeverley39:1236:337.5 
4139:15   Christian Jordan PBV40MVegan39:1539:158.7 
4239:19   Nick Maynard SBV45MCity of Hull39:1936:546.2 
4339:21   Paul Nippress SBV55MEast Hull39:2133:287.9 
4439:22   Scott Palframan PBV40MEast Hull39:2239:2212.2 
4539:23   Tim Groves PBV50MEast Hull39:2339:234.8 
4639:25   Mark Gadie PBV35MEast Hull39:2539:255.9 
4739:36   Michael Petersen SBV40MEast Hull39:3637:456.4 
4839:48   Lewis Suddaby PBSENMHull Achilles39:4839:481.7 
4939:52   Paul Cartwright SBV60MCity of Hull39:5238:536.5 
5039:55   Ben Eves PBV40MEast Hull39:5539:5510.5 
5139:58   Lewis Beecher SBV40MEast Hull39:5838:327.5 
5240:14   Oliver Burnett U20MUnattached    
5340:20   Paul Osborne PBV40MKingston upon Hull/Unattached40:2040:205.6Click your Clock logo
5440:25   Carl Barnaby PBV35MUnattached40:2540:2524.1 
5540:28   Andrew Baker PBV50MBridlington40:2840:287.0 
5640:29   Andy Guymer SBV40MCity of Hull40:2935:397.4 
5740:32   Tony Alcock SBV55MEast Hull40:3238:456.7 
5840:46   Gary Forrester SBV50MEast Hull40:4639:2210.8 
5941:05   John Pritchett PBV50MEast Hull41:0541:056.6 
6041:12   Richard Stanton V40MEast Hull Harriers & AC    
6141:14   Stephen Taylor SBV35MEast Hull41:1437:435.6 
6241:19   Kevin Sharp PBV35MEast Hull41:1941:1910.6 
6341:20   Dave Playforth SBV55MEast Hull41:2038:477.8Click your Clock logo
6441:28   John Potter SBV60MBridlington41:2838:448.6 
6542:01   Graeme Smith SBV40MEast Hull42:0136:419.0 
6642:04   Mark May PBV50MScarborough42:0442:0411.3Click your Clock logo
6742:06   Chris Flowers SBV50MEast Hull42:0638:5912.2 
6842:07   Stuart Buchanan SBSENMEast Hull42:0740:555.8 
6942:07   Gary Fee PBV55MEast Hull42:0742:078.6 
7042:12   Nicola Blyth PBV40WWhite City (Hull)42:1242:1211.9Click your Clock logo
7142:18   Kristopher Hopkins SBSENMEast Hull42:1840:536.8 
7242:26   Dan Newton PBV40MEast Hull42:2642:267.5 
7342:27   Kirsty Wilson SBV45WEast Hull42:2742:119.6 
7442:37   Carole Fee SBV45WEast Hull42:3742:137.9 
7542:42   Marc Needler PBSENMUnattached42:4242:4215.8 
7642:43   Liam Feasey PBSENMUnattached42:4342:4313.9 
7742:53   Rebecca Clifton PBV45WBridlington42:5342:5314.3 
7842:53   Graham Lonsdale PBV50MBridlington42:5342:539.5 
7943:06   Katie Seddon SBSENWEast Hull43:0643:0010.8 
8043:11   Graham Cook SBV50MCity of Hull43:1140:5112.2 
8143:13   Jason Moss PBV40MEast Hull43:1343:1312.9 
8243:15   Adam Callan PBV35MEast Hull43:1543:1511.0 
8343:16   Emily Wix PBSENWEast Hull43:1643:169.3 
8443:19   Neil Gordon SBV45MEast Hull43:1938:3810.9 
8543:31   Guy Gibson SBV50MEast Hull43:3142:519.6 
8643:35   Ashley Jacketts PBU17MEast Hull43:3543:358.2Click your Clock logo
8743:35   Mark Walmsley V45MUnattached    
8843:41   Sara Morrow PBV45WSelby43:4143:4110.5 
8943:51   Pete Robinson SENMUnattached    
9043:54   Magdalena Zaremba PBV35WEast Hull43:5443:5413.5 
9143:55   Jason McCoubrey PBV40MHornsea43:5543:5513.3 
9243:58   John Webster SENMUnattached    
9344:04   Annaliese Tomlinson PBV40WEast Hull/Met Police44:0444:0413.7 
9444:16   Stephen Braddock PBV45MHornsea44:1644:1613.2 
9544:17   Steve Parkinson SBV55MBeverley/Barracuda TC44:1739:4312.3 
9644:20   Emma Artley SBV35WBridlington44:2043:5114.1 
9744:26   Sam Brown SENMUnattached    
9844:28   John Escritt PBV60MCity of Hull44:2844:2811.8 
9944:43   Andrew Fewster SBV50MEast Hull44:4340:0315.4 
10044:53   Martin Hutchinson PBV50MBridlington44:5344:5311.3 
10144:55   Andrew Vernon PBSENMCity of Hull44:5544:5512.1 
10244:56   Chris Knowles PBSENMUnattached44:5644:5626.4 
10345:00   Matthew Robinson PBV35MEast Hull45:0045:0014.2 
10445:06   Ann Allen PBV55WEast Hull45:0645:0613.4 
10545:10   Keith Conkerton SBV55MEast Hull45:1040:5513.3 
10645:19   Janet Potter SBV60WBridlington45:1941:4012.8 
10745:21   Graham Havercroft SBV60MHull Achilles45:2139:1211.9 
10845:33   Drew Wilson PBV45MHornsea45:3345:3315.0 
10945:34   Luke Jackson PBSENMEast Hull45:3445:349.6 
11045:41   Anthony Whitley PBV50MUnattached45:4145:4115.1Click your Clock logo
11145:44   Vince Mcgowan SBV45MEast Hull45:4435:054.5 
11245:45   Stuart Eskrett PBV50MBeverley45:4545:4510.6 
11345:48   Andy Steel PBV45MKingston upon Hull45:4845:4812.1 
11446:05   Gary Jensen SBV40MEast Hull46:0538:2013.4 
11546:07   Beth Grogan PBU20WGoole Youth46:0746:0710.4 
11646:07   David Cracknell PBV50MEast Hull46:0746:0715.4 
11746:13   Vicky Godfrey PBV40WEast Hull46:1346:139.0 
11846:15   Sean Higgins PBSENMEast Hull46:1546:1514.9 
11946:25   Karl Rolstone SBV35MEast Hull46:2543:5312.0 
12046:28   Simon Porter PBV45MBridlington46:2846:2811.5 
12146:32   David Butt SBV65MEast Hull/Unattached46:3245:5013.8Click your Clock logo
12246:33   Rachael Sharp PBV40WFitmums & Friends46:3346:3314.0 
12346:39   Debbie Jacketts PBV40WEast Hull46:3946:3912.0Click your Clock logo
12446:43   Nigel Pennington PBV50MScunthorpe46:4346:4314.6 
12546:59   Neil Adams SENMUnattached    
12647:14   Paul Andrews SBV50MEast Hull47:1440:0715.0 
12747:17   Peter Taylor SBV70MCity of Hull/Unattached47:1741:4713.6 
12847:19   David Anderson SBV55MEast Hull47:1946:4214.9 
12947:24   Jayne Dale SBV55WBeverley47:2447:0213.3 
13047:32   Martin Howman PBV50MEast Hull47:3247:3215.9 
13147:36   Shirley Oglesby SBV65WEast Hull47:3646:2913.1 
13247:40   Alison Hayes SBV40WEast Hull47:4044:5215.0 
13347:40   Diane Palmer PBV50WBridlington47:4047:4016.0 
13448:00   Kelly Palmer PBSENWBridlington48:0048:0016.0 
13548:00   Anthea Eskrett SBV35WEast Hull48:0047:4813.5Click your Clock logo
13648:18   Robert Sidwell SENMUnattached    
13748:24   Andrew Anthony Deyes V60MUnattached    
13848:27   David Maskell PBSENMEast Hull48:2748:2712.4 
13948:28   Kerry Young SBSENWEast Hull48:2839:4310.4 
14048:29   Michelle Smith PBV40WEast Hull48:2948:2916.2 
14148:29   Andrew North SBSENMEast Hull48:2945:1417.5 
14248:32   Craig Waites PBV40MHornsea48:3248:3217.6 
14348:37   Pete Marson SENMUnattached    
14448:44   Tanwen Gray SBV40WBeverley48:4447:2918.7 
14548:49   Mike O'Brien SBV55MCity of Hull48:4947:3219.5 
14648:52   Emma-Jayne Brackstone PBSENWEast Hull48:5248:5214.2 
14748:55   Kelvin Westerman SBV65MEast Hull48:5544:0618.3 
14849:02   Janet Suddaby SBV50WEast Hull49:0248:3913.5 
14949:20   Julie Salvidge SBV50WEast Hull49:2048:3417.0 
15049:39   Stacy Foxworthy SBSENWWest Hull Ladies/West Hull49:3949:2012.8 
15149:44   Anthony Jones SENMUnattached    
15249:45   Suzanne Wesson SBV50WEast Hull49:4549:2918.4 
15349:56   Michael Dugan SBV35MEast Hull49:5649:0318.2 
15450:04   Marie Hussey SBV40WEast Hull50:0447:4320.9 
15550:05   Lee Campbell SBSENMEast Hull50:0546:1416.4 
15650:10   Robert Eyre SBV70MBridlington50:1044:5017.8 
15750:22   Dominique Webster SBV40WBridlington50:2248:4517.9 
15850:24   Matthew Kay SENMUnattached    
15950:25   Pete Vojvodic PBV60MFitmums & Friends50:2550:2517.4 
16050:29   Gary Robinson PBV45MEast Hull50:2950:2919.6 
16150:29   Bernard Child SBV70MEast Hull50:2944:4215.3 
16250:42   Ben Smith PBU23MBridlington50:4250:4222.0 
16350:55   David Borrill SBV55MEast Hull50:5548:1422.4 
16450:57   Sarah Rose-crawford PBV35WEast Hull50:5750:5718.2 
16551:10   Bill Dixon SBV60MEast Hull51:1047:5420.4 
16651:29   Heidi Baker PBV40WBridlington51:2951:2916.8 
16751:41   Chloe Wilson U20WUnattached    
16851:46   Jennifer Deyes SBSENWEast Hull51:4650:1219.9 
16952:01   Peter George Royal SBV65MBridlington52:0145:0416.3 
17052:14   Jackie KIrman PBV55WHornsea52:1452:1420.9 
17152:14   Alexia Morgan PBV45WHornsea52:1452:1413.0 
17252:19   Jayne Greer SENWKingston Upon Hull AC    
17352:22   David Walmsley PBV50MEast Hull52:2252:2221.6 
17452:27   Vicky Webster PBV50WDriffield Striders52:2752:2717.8 
17552:30   Michael Salvidge PBV50MUnattached52:3052:3018.7 
17652:33   Ross Parker SBV70MEast Hull52:3347:5521.3 
17752:40   David Rimmer PBSENMEast Hull52:4052:4021.8Click your Clock logo
17852:46   Mandy Davison SBV50WEast Hull52:4648:3721.5 
17952:46   Wayne Martindale SBV50MEast Hull52:4644:2315.1 
18052:51   Allison Stead V50WUnattached    
18152:58   Zoe Ellis SBV45WBridlington52:5850:1219.2 
18253:30   Helen Duncan SBSENWCity of Hull53:3046:0119.3 
18353:36   Mike Abbotts SBV70MDurham53:3648:4721.2 
18453:39   Florence Henderson SENWUnattached    
18553:58   Kay Farrow SBV60WBeverley53:5851:1320.7 
18654:18   Jayne Earle SBV50WEast Hull54:1852:2221.5 
18754:18   Tina Wigglesworth SBV45WEast Hull54:1847:5820.0 
18854:25   Emma Wells SBV45WEast Hull54:2552:4122.8 
18954:28   Verona Petty SBV45WBridlington54:2846:5918.9 
19054:37   Leanne Kilvington PBV35WHumber Tri54:3754:3721.4 
19154:41   Kelly Hunter SENWFitmums    
19254:52   Amanda Tindall SBV40WBridlington54:5254:3021.3 
19354:52   Kirsten Porter SBU20WBridlington54:5252:2320.0 
19455:18   Nicola Riley SBV50WBeverley55:1853:1221.2 
19555:41   Dave Barber SENMHornsea Harriers    
19655:45   Beth Dearing PBSENWEast Hull55:4555:4517.6Click your Clock logo
19755:51   Peter Thompson V55MUnattached    
19855:54   Matthew Stevens PBV45MEast Hull55:5455:5421.3 
19956:12   John Crosby PBV60MEast Hull56:1256:1218.7 
20056:26   Angharad Shepherdson PBV40WWest Hull56:2656:2622.5 
20156:45   Keith Gadie SBV70MEast Hull56:4554:2821.4 
20256:53   Marie Palframan SBV35WEast Hull56:5356:4622.1 
20357:06   Julie Barker PBV55WEast Hull57:0657:0630.9 
20457:11   Janice Louise Wilcock SBV40WEast Hull57:1150:2726.6 
20557:29   Kate O'Brien SENWCity of Hull AC    
20657:35   Sarah Webster SENWUnattached    
20757:35   Sarah Kilkenny SENWUnattached    
20857:40   Laura Gunstead SBSENWEast Hull57:4052:3617.5 
20957:41   Emily Mansfield U20WUnattached    
21058:36   Kevin McManus SBV60MCity of Hull58:3648:1825.0 
21159:10   Jeffrey Copping SBV70MCity of Hull59:1050:2523.9 
21259:11   Steven Poulsom SBV50MEast Hull59:1149:3219.9 
21359:43   Martin Walker PBV50MEast Hull59:4359:4326.1 
21460:20   Jen Walker SBV50WWest Hull60:2055:3124.7 
21561:31   David Budsey SENMDriffield Striders    
21662:02   Kate Dixon SENWUnattached    
21763:14   John Pawson SBV70MCity of Hull63:1452:2623.0 
21863:41   Samantha Middleton-Frankton PBV40WHornsea63:4163:4126.4 
21963:59   Abigail Morgan PBSENWHornsea63:5963:5914.2 
22064:01   Joe Finer SENMUnattached    
22164:38   Andrew Tweddell PBV45MUnattached64:3864:3824.7 
22268:35   Frank Harrison SBV75MCity of Hull68:3554:5127.6 
22371:35   Steven Dawson V55MUnattached    
22476:17   Suzanne Clarkson SBV60WWest Hull76:1765:5431.1