Croydon Championships External Results
17 Mar 18
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
138:42   Philip Coales SENMStriders of Croydon/UCL/Croydon1.9 
239:01   Lee Flanagan V40MStriders of Croydon1.7 
341:32   Tom LawsonSENMStriders of Croydon  
442:34   Tom Gillespie V45MStriders of Croydon7.1 
543:17   Alan Burn V50MCroydon2.9 
644:50   Joseph Ibe V35MStriders of Croydon5.0 
744:56   Neil Aikman V45MCroydon6.8 
845:03   Mark Maginn V40MCroydon6.6 
948:16   Robert Zietz V60MStriders of Croydon9.5 
1049:00   Matthew Kiernan SENMCroydon8.7 
1150:08   Martin Lloyd V55MCollingwood8.1 
1250:28   Stephanie Upton V50WStriders of Croydon10.1 
1355:56   Maggie Statham V60WHolland Sports AC/Striders of Croydon/Oxted/Veterans13.9 
1457:02   Laura Marshall V40WCroydon13.6 
1559:18   Jules Del Nevo V45WCroydon17.2 
1659:22   Keith Brown V60MCroydon16.8Click your Clock logo
1760:28   Karen Speed V55WStriders of Croydon20.9 
1863:45   Norman Hemming V65MCroydon21.8