Mount Edgcumbe parkrun # 107 External Results
Mount Edgcumbe
10 Mar 18
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
120:17Jamie Williams SBU18MCity of Plymouth17:2016:481.3 
220:21Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
322:46Daniel Clewley S30MSweatshop Running Community    
423:14Nick Davies S30MUnattached    
523:43Ross Harvie U18MUnattached    
625:09Hans Thompson V60MUnattached    
725:23Peter Daly  V55MPortsmouth JC21:2420:3511.9 
825:48Matthew Grzenda  V40MPlymouth Musketeers21:2020:256.3 
926:19John Harmer V45MUnattached    
1027:01Molly Gilbey  U15WCity of Plymouth22:1719:436.2 
1127:03Layla Atkinson V40WUnattached    
1227:38Jane Weatherill V35WUnattached    
1328:05Clive Horton  V55MPlymouth H24:4323:3723.9 
1428:10Bertie Mather U15MUnattached    
1528:18Robert Dorrington U15MUnattached    
1628:57Viba Courtney-Battista U18MUnattached    
1729:00William Blackstone V45MSweatshop Running Community    
1829:08Guy Boswell  V55MPlymouth Musketeers26:4120:2416.7 
1929:44James Allington S20MUnattached    
2030:12Mark Medland  V50MAlmost Athletes24:1421:5217.2 
2130:29Mark Harvie V60MUnattached    
2231:04Paul Casey V50MUnattached    
2331:32Laura Harvie S20WUniversity of Southampton AC    
2431:43Katie Harvie U18WUnattached    
2531:47Hayley Cozens  S20WPlymouth H/Southampton Uni25:3424:2616.3 
2631:47Douglas Webb  S25MPlymouth H18:3418:344.5 
2732:14Kate Murphy S25WUnattached    
2832:21Richard Mather V55MUnattached    
2933:08Mary Hickson  V50WRanelagh26:4524:5719.4 
3034:52Claire Courtney V35WUnattached    
3135:33Simon Baker V45MUnattached    
3235:55Cass Bisco S30WUnattached    
3336:29Alan Trevorrow V50MUnattached    
3440:40Gilbey Isabel U15WUnattached    
3540:41Hannah Dorrington U15WUnattached    
3641:21Justine Armstrong V50WUnattached    
3744:39Eden Lee U11WUnattached    
3844:39Naomi Lee S30WUnattached    
3944:41Simon Lee V35MUnattached    
4045:55Marion Moxhay SBV55WUKRunChat45:5534:3036.0 
4146:16Lee Broadbent V50MUnattached