Rose Inn 4 Series External Results
8 May 18
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:35   Matthew Clowes PBSENMCardiff/Cardiff Met Uni/Staffordshire Moorlands19:0519:05-5.6 
220:44   Andrew Hunt SBV40MMicky Morris Racing Team20:4419:473.2 
320:47   Oliver M Williams SBSENMWhite Rock20:4720:19-1.9 
420:50   Luke Williams PBSENMSan Domenico/Guernsey20:4720:01-2.7 
521:02   Craig Williams  U20MMicky Morris Racing Team/Cardiff20:4120:412.1 
621:21   Jack Blackburn SBSENMPontypridd (Roadents)21:2120:56-1.2 
721:43   Doug Nicholls SBV35MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters21:4321:32-0.5 
821:46   Paul Graham  SENMPontypridd (Roadents)/Army/Hereford20:4220:07-3.8 
921:49   Matthew Evans SBSENMAberdare Valley21:4921:380.4 
1021:50   Bradley Courtney-Pinn SBSENMPontypridd (Roadents)21:5020:56-1.5 
1121:50   Darren Bishop SBV35MPontypridd (Roadents)21:5021:34-1.2 
1221:52   Richard Baker  V45MLes Croupiers21:4421:19-0.2 
1321:55   Adam Davies SENMWhite Rock Runners    
1422:21   Edward Donovan SBV35MLes Croupiers22:2121:020.1 
1522:25   Alex Rawlings SBU15MForest of Dean22:2521:15-1.4 
1622:26   Martin Norton PBSENMLliswerry22:1222:120.9 
1722:33   Chris Oxley SBV35MSan Domenico22:3321:500.7 
1822:35   Sam Jones  SENMParc Bryn Bach21:4721:470.1 
1922:39   Mark Jennings  V40MMicky Morris Racing Team21:2020:11-0.5 
2022:42   Peter Woodward  SENMForest of Dean21:5421:54-1.0 
2122:43   Rob Jones PBV35MWorcester22:4322:431.8 
2222:53   Stefan Simms  V50MMicky Morris Racing Team22:1521:15-0.4 
2322:57   Rhys Pippard PBSENMLes Croupiers/100 Marathon Club22:5722:572.7 
2423:23   Gabrielius Stuokus PBSENMLes Croupiers23:1823:182.9Click your Clock logo
2523:33   Jon Like  SENMPont-Y-Pwl/Mynydd Du22:5621:59-1.1Click your Clock logo
2623:54   Daniel Thrift  SENMCaerphilly RC23:3522:432.7 
2723:57   Lauren Cooper SBSENWParc Bryn Bach/Aberdare Valley/Cardiff Uni23:5722:381.1 
2824:00   Robert John Davies PBV45MPontypridd (Roadents)/Unattached24:0024:003.0 
2924:07   Laurence Pole SBV40MPontypridd (Roadents)24:0723:224.2 
3024:25   Ryan Whatley PBSENMLliswerry24:2524:2511.1 
3124:29   Chris Morgan V50M     
3224:33   Leighton Rawlinson  V35MMicky Morris Racing Team23:0721:400.2 
3324:36   David Jacob  SENMLliswerry23:5123:389.3 
3424:39   Paul Dodd SBV60MChepstow H/Forest of Dean24:3923:034.1 
3524:44   Mark Evans PBV35MLes Croupiers24:4424:447.3 
3624:47   Tony Marshall V55MChepstow Harriers    
3724:50   Nick Hitchings SBV45MWorcester24:5024:033.8 
3824:56   Dickie Hudd PBV45MChepstow H24:5624:044.4 
3924:59   Emma Wookey  SENWLliswerry24:0822:404.4 
4025:01   Richie Mann PBSENMSan Domenico25:0124:415.9 
4125:05   Geraint Heath SBV40MLliswerry25:0524:5811.2Click your Clock logo
4225:09   Thomas Henry SBSENMLliswerry25:0922:503.1 
4325:17   Stephen Williams  V55MParc Bryn Bach24:5524:475.6 
4425:23   Nick Dukes SBV40MLes Croupiers25:2321:324.0 
4525:24   Samuel Jackson PBU20MParc Bryn Bach25:2425:241.8 
4625:25   Cameron Duncan  SENMSan Domenico25:0025:008.7 
4725:28   Ben Skinner  SENMHereford/Hereford Couriers RC24:5824:583.9 
4825:31   Wayne Bevan PBV40MForest of Dean25:3125:313.5 
4925:33   Matthew Ellis  SENMParc Bryn Bach24:5824:5811.8 
5025:33   Owen Davies PBSENMLliswerry25:3325:317.8 
5125:40   Ceri Davies  V40MSan Domenico25:2723:526.5 
5225:42   Rhys Jones PBU17MLliswerry25:4225:429.0 
5325:43   James Thomas PBSENMParc Bryn Bach25:4325:4310.4 
5425:44   Antoinette Dumayne  SENWLliswerry/Swansea Uni24:5524:557.4 
5525:46   Aaron Lynch SBV45MLliswerry25:4625:1913.4 
5625:50   Adrian Murkin PBV50MPont-Y-Pwl25:5025:506.9 
5726:05   Richard Sheehy  SENMParc Bryn Bach25:1824:445.0 
5826:14   Sebastian Bevan SBU17MForest of Dean26:1424:3213.7 
5926:14   Katy Roy PBSENWChepstow H25:5924:144.3 
6026:15   Jamie Bishop  SENMPontypridd (Roadents)25:4425:448.4 
6126:16   Sam Jones SENMPontypridd Roadents Ac    
6226:18   Mark Burbidge  V35MChepstow H25:5025:5011.3 
6326:21   Danielle Phillips SBSENWPont-Y-Pwl26:2125:576.9 
6426:21   Andrew Dickens  V45MPont-Y-Pwl26:0025:417.3 
6526:26   Rich Holmes V50M     
6626:26   Gareth Thomas Hughes SBV35MUnattached26:2624:428.8 
6726:34   Daniel Lane PBV40MLliswerry26:1726:178.6 
6826:39   Nicholas Denny SBV40MPontypridd (Roadents)26:3924:319.5 
6926:40   Nathaniel Palmer  V45MLes Croupiers25:5325:416.2 
7026:47   Ingram Weeks PBSENMChepstow H26:4726:4717.3 
7126:50   Claire Jacobs  V40WLes Croupiers26:2925:399.9 
7226:54   Nick Hayward PBV40MSan Domenico26:2826:287.8 
7326:58   Walter Leach  V55MForest of Dean25:5125:055.4 
7427:01   Rob Bennett  V35MParc Bryn Bach26:5326:539.6 
7527:03   Jamie Suller V40MCaerphilly Runners    
7627:07   Peter Hutton SBV55MChepstow H27:0726:288.8 
7727:09   Lou Summers SBV50WPont-Y-Pwl27:0925:217.7 
7827:13   Christopher Goodwin V40M     
7927:21   Lubica Ford SENWPont-y-pwl And District Runners    
8027:31   Ian Bell  V55MSan Domenico/Bungay Black Dog25:3725:378.6 
8127:38   Rob Evans  V65MLes Croupiers26:5325:148.9 
8227:42   Jamie Goddard  V45MChepstow H26:3325:567.2 
8327:42   Mick McGeoch SBV60MLes Croupiers/Barry & Vale27:4223:0610.5 
8427:50   Heledd Roberts  SENWSan Domenico26:5726:1414.8 
8527:50   Delyth Williams  SENWSan Domenico27:4827:009.0 
8627:51   Johnny Lam SBV45MSan Domenico27:5123:323.5Click your Clock logo
8727:53   Malc Gonnella PBV60MFairwater27:5327:5310.2 
8827:54   Jim Storrar  V55MForest of Dean27:4426:318.7 
8928:07   Andrew Smith PBV35MPont-Y-Pwl26:5826:589.6 
9028:08   Laurie Carter  V60MChepstow H26:5723:3910.4 
9128:10   Angela Champion  V40WLes Croupiers27:5727:468.6 
9228:12   Ron Morris  V65MSan Domenico27:2224:389.4 
9328:16   Mark Williamson  V55MForest of Dean27:3227:329.4Click your Clock logo
9428:18   Michael Strange SBV60MForest of Dean28:1825:479.5 
9528:23   Carol Frances Rees SBV45WLes Croupiers28:2327:5812.5 
9628:30   Andy Berry V50M     
9728:32   Sian Jones SENWParc Bryn Bach Rc    
9828:37   Dominic Shields  V50MSan Domenico27:5025:3811.3 
9928:40   Simon Lamb  V45MSan Domenico28:0527:4013.9 
10028:42   Stuart Ward  SENMCaerphilly RC27:2627:2611.4 
10128:45   Sam Skelton U20MLliswerry Runners    
10228:47   Gwyn Jones PBV50MLes Croupiers28:4728:4711.1Click your Clock logo
10328:52   Susan Bowes PBV40WLes Croupiers28:1628:1610.4 
10428:55   Andrew Spencer  V55MGriffithstown27:2425:418.8 
10528:58   Holly Jenkins SENW     
10629:02   Paul Mason V55MTewkesbury Rc    
10729:07   Oliver Marcus Hughes SBV35MLliswerry29:0727:1714.5 
10829:14   Lee Andrew Phillips  V45MParc Bryn Bach28:4028:4014.0Click your Clock logo
10929:21   Debbie Stenner PBV40WForest of Dean29:2129:2114.3 
11029:21   David Williams V55MLes Croupiers Rc    
11129:22   Kraig Jackson SBU23MLliswerry29:2229:159.0 
11229:24   Andrew Barry SBV55MLliswerry29:2428:2015.8 
11329:31   Mike Chipping  V65MBristol & West28:2527:359.3Click your Clock logo
11429:31   Nicky Morgan  V45MParc Bryn Bach28:5428:3912.0 
11529:31   Gwynfor Palfrey  V55MParc Bryn Bach/Blaenau Gwent28:1528:1512.6 
11629:31   Jeanette Jenkins SBV55WFairwater/Welsh Masters29:3128:5712.6 
11729:40   Zoe Rees  SENWCaerphilly RC29:3129:3115.2 
11829:42   Alan John Robertson SBV60MForest of Dean29:4226:5610.1 
11929:42   Ryan Jones  U15MLliswerry28:1828:1816.1 
12030:01   Nicola Smith V50WPont-y-pwl And District Runners    
12130:03   Kristian Sinclair PBV35MLliswerry30:0330:0316.9 
12230:13   Paul Cope V35M     
12330:14   Beth Jones PBU20WParc Bryn Bach29:2429:249.8 
12430:19   Cyril Williams  V60MParc Bryn Bach29:2629:2316.5 
12530:21   Julie Scholey  V55WLes Croupiers29:2927:3512.7 
12630:24   Marcus Smith PBV45MParc Bryn Bach29:2929:2911.4 
12730:32   Laura Medway PBSENWChepstow H30:3230:3226.7 
12830:34   Richard Martin V35MPontypridd Roadents Ac    
12930:35   Richie Sewell  V60MLes Croupiers29:4928:1313.3 
13030:35   Kerstin Fitzpatrick PBV45WFairwater30:3530:3520.3 
13130:36   Lolly Evan V45WLes Croupiers Rc    
13230:42   Hayley Jackson  V45WParc Bryn Bach30:1027:559.3 
13330:49   Marcia Gouveia  V35WSan Domenico30:4227:2215.4 
13430:49   Jen Williams PBV35WCaerphilly RC30:4930:4915.9 
13530:50   Graham Lynch  V70MLliswerry30:2428:3518.9 
13631:02   Martyn Jenkins  V55MFairwater30:3528:5615.9 
13731:04   Tim Wright  V50MLliswerry30:1728:2511.7 
13831:04   Nicola Cogan V35W     
13931:09   Louise Crockett SBV50WChepstow H31:0930:3914.6 
14031:16   Les Davis  V70MSevern29:4124:3013.2 
14131:17   Julia Bajjada PBV45WChepstow H31:1731:1723.1 
14231:26   Josh Hudd  U17MChepstow H30:4329:5916.9 
14331:31   Howard Martin Attwood  V65MLliswerry30:4728:3616.8 
14431:43   Kimberley Price  V35WParc Bryn Bach30:0430:0410.0 
14531:46   Vicky Fear  V35WLliswerry31:2229:2916.8 
14631:47   Emma Maloney SENWLliswerry Runners    
14731:59   Teresa Tranter  V65WForest of Dean31:5529:5614.4 
14832:15   Ian Macrory V45MLliswerry Runners    
14932:35   Lynne Park SBV55WForest of Dean/Civil Service32:3531:2222.3 
15032:36   Gemma Hewitt SBV35WChepstow H32:3629:1516.9 
15132:41   Laura Hire PBSENWParc Bryn Bach32:4132:4118.4 
15232:41   Eve Gallop-Evans  V50WLes Croupiers32:0531:3915.7 
15332:44   Emma Rawlings V45WSevern Ac    
15432:45   Barry Llewelyn  V55MPont-Y-Pwl31:3731:3720.2 
15532:46   Katie Burden SENWCaerphilly Runners    
15632:47   Sian Griffith  V40WChepstow H32:0031:2615.5 
15732:56   David George  V45MLes Croupiers29:5728:099.4Click your Clock logo
15833:09   Daniel Spencer PBU23MGriffithstown33:0933:0924.8 
15933:25   Andrew Marlog  V35MParc Bryn Bach32:2132:2121.5 
16033:31   Barbara Maddison  V55WChepstow H33:2532:4015.4 
16133:36   Nicola Brann  V45WLliswerry32:3832:0516.9 
16233:45   Steve Owen  V65MChepstow H26:4326:097.4 
16333:48   Sarah Passmore SENW     
16433:51   Michael Brunnock PBV50MPont-Y-Pwl33:5133:5125.8 
16533:53   Nikki Marshall V55W     
16633:54   Brenda Avery  V65WChepstow H/Welsh Masters32:4929:1715.6 
16733:56   Hywel Jones PBV45MLliswerry33:4133:4119.0 
16834:00   Peter Covington Jones V60MForest Of Dean Ac    
16934:05   Alun M Jones  V50MPont-Y-Pwl32:3132:3118.4 
17034:12   Georgine Seed PBV55WParc Bryn Bach34:1234:1219.1 
17134:24   Wendy Sharpe-Nash PBV50WChepstow H34:2434:2414.8 
17234:37   Chris Lacey V40MLliswerry Runners    
17334:38   Claire Bell  V50WLes Croupiers34:0034:0020.3 
17434:40   Leanne Westacott V45WLliswerry Runners    
17534:49   Zoe Elver  V45WLliswerry34:1933:5018.2 
17635:08   Andrew William Philip Knott SBV35MForest of Dean35:0831:4720.5 
17735:14   Lydia Taylor PBU23WSan Domenico35:1435:1424.4 
17835:18   Melinda Daley V45W     
17935:19   Ceri Caswell SBV40WParc Bryn Bach35:1934:3915.9 
18035:22   Godfrey Ron V55MPont-y-pwl And District Runners    
18135:25   Katie Rhiannon Edwards PBU23WGriffithstown35:2535:2532.6 
18235:28   Sophie Knight PBSENWCaerphilly RC35:2835:2820.4 
18335:37   Stuart Salvage PBV45MLliswerry33:2733:2717.8 
18435:44   Jayne Walters PBV45WPont-Y-Pwl35:4435:4421.3 
18535:46   Dave Andrews  V70MChepstow H34:4630:3918.7 
18635:47   Robert Prowse V50M     
18735:50   Debbie Woodley V40W     
18836:06   Rod Wyatt SBV45MSpirit of Monmouth36:0632:2325.8 
18936:09   Jay Gooneillake SENM     
19036:11   Anne Beard  V50WPont-Y-Pwl34:5934:5920.1 
19136:16   Pam Williams  V55WPont-Y-Pwl35:0635:0626.5 
19236:24   Andrew Price  V35MPont-Y-Pwl32:4732:4715.7 
19336:26   Harry Jackson U20MParc Bryn Bach Rc    
19436:28   Ian Warner V60M     
19536:29   Jenny Bradfield PBV40WGriffithstown36:2936:2922.7 
19636:31   Peter Jackson PBV55MParc Bryn Bach36:3136:3121.5 
19736:31   Suzanne Court PBV45WParc Bryn Bach36:3136:3123.1 
19836:46   Karen Llewelyn  V55WPont-Y-Pwl35:5835:5825.8 
19936:51   Ceri Satchell  V40WLliswerry36:1136:1128.6 
20036:57   Bridget Davies  V50WChepstow H35:5435:5421.9 
20137:00   Lucy Kershaw SENW     
20237:04   Ruth Robertson SBV45WSan Domenico37:0434:2021.9 
20337:17   Claire Morgan  V55WForest of Dean36:1631:4822.5 
20437:20   Leigh-Anne Vowles PBSENWParc Bryn Bach37:2037:2028.6 
20537:23   Joanna Pearson SBV45WCaldicot37:2336:3924.9 
20637:25   Neil Pearson V45M     
20738:39   Chloe Mason SENW     
20838:47   Peter Roberts  V60MGriffithstown37:5028:4222.0 
20939:18   Yvonne Forsey SBV60WLliswerry39:1834:4828.5 
21039:30   Helen Welch SBV45WPontypridd (Roadents)39:3036:4527.1 
21139:51   Emily Smith PBU23WParc Bryn Bach39:5139:5134.7 
21240:09   Hayley Pugh PBV45WPontypridd (Roadents)40:0940:0929.3 
21340:50   Jo-ann Gwynne PBV45WPontypridd (Roadents)40:5040:5033.1 
21442:18   Claire George  V45WLes Croupiers39:4239:4224.4 
21543:46   Karen Mason V55WTewkesbury Rc    
21655:02   Daphne Austerberry  V75WChepstow H52:3640:4534.1