Cardiff Bannister Anniversary Mile External Results
4 May 18
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1M 1
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
17:55   Julie Lewis PBV60WLes Croupiers7:557:5518.6 
28:02   Jon Martin SBV40MLes Croupiers8:027:5024.9 
38:12   Gwenno Thomas SBV40WLes Croupiers8:127:4920.9 
48:12   Karen Chadwell SBV45WLes Croupiers8:127:5021.6 
58:16   Eirian Arwyn SBV60WLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters8:167:5620.7 
68:30   Paul M Davies SENM     
78:33   Geoff Wright PBV65MLes Croupiers8:338:3322.5 
88:34   Laura Coombes PBV40WLes Croupiers8:348:3425.1 
99:13   Helen Hubback PBV45WLes Croupiers9:139:1327.5 
109:17   Amy Heard PBSENWLes Croupiers9:179:1735.0 
119:42   Jeff Aston SBV70MLes Croupiers9:427:0329.3 
129:56   Amanda Thompson SBV55WLes Croupiers9:567:4532.4 
1M 2
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:16   Mat Jones SENM     
26:21   David George SBV45MLes Croupiers6:215:539.3Click your Clock logo
36:22   Carl Miller PBV55MLes Croupiers6:226:2212.5 
46:48   Sarah Burdett SBSENWLes Croupiers6:486:3713.7 
57:07   David Mcdonald SBV45MLes Croupiers7:075:5720.6 
67:25   Claire Bell PBV50WLes Croupiers7:257:2520.6 
77:31   Kay Chapman PBV50WCardiff7:316:5811.5 
87:44   Ralph Davey PBV70MLes Croupiers7:447:4419.7 
97:48   Kirsty Mcgowan PBSENWLes Croupiers7:487:4826.0 
107:55   Kelly Crofts PBV35WLes Croupiers7:557:5519.3 
1M 3
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:18   Michael Cranwell PBV65MLes Croupiers6:186:1810.2 
26:22   Martin Croshaw PBV45MUnattached6:226:2213.0Click your Clock logo
36:38   Peter Heath PBSENMLes Croupiers6:386:3816.2 
46:42   Gary John SENMLes Croupiers RC    
56:45   Michael H Davies SBV65MLes Croupiers6:456:2812.5 
66:54   Claire Marie Jarrom SBSENWLes Croupiers6:546:3815.0Click your Clock logo
76:56   Luke Heslop PBV40MPegasus RC6:566:5618.2 
86:58   Claire Connolly SENWVale Surf Life Saving Club    
97:06   Jon Andrew Morgan PBV55MLes Croupiers7:067:0616.2 
107:19   Eve Gallop-Evans PBV50WLes Croupiers7:197:1915.8 
1M 4
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:04   Gwyn Jones PBV50MLes Croupiers6:046:0411.5Click your Clock logo
26:15   Gareth Jenkins PBSENMOgmore Phoenix6:156:159.1 
36:18   Dominic Shields SBV50MSan Domenico6:186:0011.4 
46:26   Stephen Wood PBV40MPegasus RC6:266:2615.9 
56:31   Carol Frances Rees PBV45WLes Croupiers6:316:3112.8 
66:36   Jenny Martin SBV35WLes Croupiers6:366:3213.3Click your Clock logo
76:46   Phil Hoffer PBV45MUnattached6:466:4623.3 
86:47   Paul Chapman SBV45MLes Croupiers6:476:2212.1 
96:48   Steve B Lewis SENMLes Croupiers RC    
106:52   Julie Scholey SBV55WLes Croupiers6:526:4113.0 
1M 5
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:15   Mark Joyce PBV40MLes Croupiers5:155:154.4 
25:15   Michael Riley PBV40MLes Croupiers5:155:153.3 
35:16   Matthew Hurford SBV45MLes Croupiers5:165:120.7 
45:24   Gareth John PBV45MLes Croupiers5:245:2411.8 
55:25   Robert Sage SBV40MLes Croupiers5:254:534.2 
65:36   Ben Farag SBV55MLes Croupiers5:365:248.2 
75:36   Ian Bell PBV55MSan Domenico/Bungay Black Dog5:365:369.1 
85:40   Katie Beecher PBV35WLes Croupiers/Civil Service5:405:404.0 
95:46   Steven Preddy PBV45MLes Croupiers5:465:468.1 
105:51   Nathaniel Palmer PBV45MLes Croupiers5:515:356.4 
115:54   Stewart Harding PBSENMUnattached5:475:4711.6Click your Clock logo
125:58   Claire Bruce SBV40WLes Croupiers5:585:369.0 
1M 6
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:48   Doug Nicholls SBV35MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters4:484:45-0.3 
24:52   Edward Donovan SBV35MLes Croupiers4:524:480.2 
34:53   Scott Browne PBV40MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters4:534:532.0 
45:02   Nick Tulp SBSENMLes Croupiers5:024:530.3Click your Clock logo
55:03   Mike Erskine PBSENMLes Croupiers5:035:030.6 
65:05   Stuart Crees SENMLes Crouipers RC    
75:07   Gabrielius Stuokus PBSENMLes Croupiers5:075:073.2Click your Clock logo
85:11   Adrian Lewis SBV45MAberdare Valley/Welsh Masters5:015:012.3Click your Clock logo
95:18   Mark Evans PBV35MLes Croupiers5:185:187.7 
105:27   Laurent Bono PBSENMLes Croupiers5:275:274.7