Sandwell Valley parkrun # 5 External Results
Sandwell Valley
16 Dec 17
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
1NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10NT   Ben Horton  U18MRoyal Sutton Coldfield18:3418:073.4 
100NT   Sam Hawkins S20MUnattached    
101NT   Claire Obrien V35WUnattached    
102NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
103NT   Sam Millward Thomas  S25MHartshill Runners26:1926:1924.0 
104NT   Andrew Brian White  V60MWest Bromwich23:0722:0313.9 
105NT   Tom Bird S20MUnattached    
106NT   Colin Pheasant  V60MChase H26:5126:3324.4 
107NT   Marianne Allen  V40WHalesowen24:0823:2918.2 
108NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
109NT   Beverley Ward  V55WWest Bromwich25:2124:0319.1 
11NT   James Longman U18MUnattached    
110NT   Andrew Bailey  S30MFleckney & Kibworth28:5525:3418.4 
111NT   Steve Moseley V50MUnattached    
112NT   Paul Morris  S30MStafford H23:1521:4415.9 
113NT   Edward Wilson V35MUnattached    
114NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
115NT   Adrian Willmott V40MUnattached    
116NT   Ken Hughes  V40MYellow Army25:3423:5615.7 
117NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
118NT   Sara Longman V45WUnattached    
119NT   Clare Hobley V40WUnattached    
12NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
120NT   Helen Johnson V45WUnattached    
121NT   Henry Nash U18MUnattached    
122NT   Anna McManus  V35WBournville Harriers26:0726:0720.1 
123NT   Roger Lee V65MBoldmere Bullets    
124NT   Suzanne Bunn  V45WBournville Harriers29:2526:0120.8 
125NT   Ciaran Turnbull U15MUnattached    
126NT   Natalie Dellar  V40WStourbridge26:1723:1422.5 
127NT   Sue Horton V45WUnattached    
128NT   James Andrew Stevenson V35MUnattached    
129NT   Philip Sawyer  V50MChase H28:2422:2323.2 
13NT   Stephen Grant Thompson  V50MTrail Running Association19:5118:288.2 
130NT   Michael Elwell  V65MMidland Masters26:3421:0227.0 
131NT   Gemma Middleton  S30WAldridge28:5928:5931.0 
132NT   Janelle Daniel S30WUnattached    
133NT   Mick Sadler V65MCOBOC (City of Birmingham Orienteering Club)    
134NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
135NT   Alan Cobb V60MUnattached    
136NT   Deborah Rigby  V50WNotts Women31:4430:4929.3 
137NT   Brenda Hines  V45WUnattached30:4229:0527.1 
138NT   Carl Hitchon V40MUnattached    
139NT   Jason Smith  V50MStourbridge26:4825:3619.2 
14NT   Paul Chapman  V40MLong Eaton/Long Eaton20:0218:347.6 
140NT   Julie Webster  V50WRedhill RR30:0728:5525.9 
141NT   Mark Webster  V50MRedhill RR26:0323:2718.9 
142NT   Frances Deepwell  V50WUnattached30:3527:2825.9 
143NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
144NT   Sam Read S30MUnattached    
145NT   Maxine Sharps S30WUnattached    
146NT   Sarah Prophet V35WUnattached    
147NT   Simon Clarke  V45MFetch Everyone28:3326:0721.0 
148NT   Andrew Skidmore V40MUnattached    
149NT   Zoe Keep V40WUnattached    
15NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
150NT   David Colley V40MUnattached    
151NT   Lauren Read S25WUnattached    
152NT   Nicola James  V45WAldridge32:4532:3728.7 
153NT   Dave Marshall V40MUnattached    
154NT   Ursula Elwell  V60WMidland Masters31:4827:4330.0 
155NT   Claire Louise Haywood V40WRun Mummy Run    
156NT   Marie Mason V40WRun Mummy Run    
157NT   Joanne Jackson  V35WTelford H29:4129:2327.2 
158NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
159NT   Jodie Rogers S20WUnattached    
16NT   Dave Ellis  V55MUnattached20:3620:0310.3 
160NT   Bunny Kyd  V75MRoyal Sutton Coldfield35:4229:3033.1 
161NT   Victoria Bird  V35WAldridge33:5132:1931.3 
162NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
163NT   Angela Hollands V50WUnattached    
164NT   Terry Parker  V80MBirchfield H/Midland Masters37:1230:5632.4 
165NT   Junaid Riaz  S25MCity of Birmingham Striders22:1622:1615.0 
166NT   Andrew MacHam V40MUnattached    
167NT   Imandeep Kaur  S30WKings Heath25:5025:5023.9 
168NT   Angela Foster  SENWHorsham Joggers39:2428:5433.4 
169NT   Nigel Walmsley  V65MKings Heath29:4327:3426.6 
17NT   Dave Burton  V50MUnattached19:3018:366.6 
18NT   David Williams  V55MUnattached20:2419:227.3 
19NT   Dean Chilton-Davies V35MKings Heath Running Club    
2NT   Dominic Murray  S25MUnattached17:2717:011.2 
20NT   Mark Kingsbury  S30MUnattached18:3618:366.4 
21NT   Katie Cotton  S30WLong Eaton/Long Eaton20:4020:359.7 
22NT   Dave Johnson  V55MKings Heath/Trail Running Association19:5918:3910.2 
23NT   Andrew Sadler S25MUnattached    
24NT   Peter Jones V50MUnattached    
25NT   Peter Eckersley  V60MBRAT20:1419:419.7 
26NT   Nigel Beecroft V50MUnattached    
27NT   Rob Jones  V35MSheffield RC18:5118:424.7 
28NT   Vickie Guthrie V45WUnattached    
29NT   Andrew Wadsworth  V55MSparkhill19:3819:386.8 
3NT   Peter Dimbleby  V40MBirchfield H17:5117:102.9 
30NT   Conrad Webbe  V45MWest End21:1520:1911.4 
31NT   Gary Worrall V35MUnattached    
32NT   Jonathan Stanforth  S25MBournville Harriers18:2417:482.0 
33NT   Rob Andrews V50MBoldmere Bullets    
34NT   Ieuan Darkes  U18MUnattached20:5719:298.1 
35NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
36NT   Dave Whittaker V55MUnattached    
37NT   Tomasz Chlipala V35MUnattached    
38NT   Ellen Humpherston  U18WRoyal Sutton Coldfield20:4420:448.5 
39NT   Glenn Mallen V40MUnattached    
4NT   Andy Young  V35MUnattached17:2016:572.3 
40NT   Lisa Wakeman  S30WAldridge22:1421:139.9 
41NT   John Hayes  V35MGoodGym21:2219:425.4 
42NT   Neil Johnson V45MUnattached    
43NT   Amy Sheppard-Tweedie  V35WCobra21:4219:3310.8 
44NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
45NT   Graham Hollands V55MUnattached    
46NT   Linda Howell  V35WBournville Harriers21:0518:5917.4 
47NT   Ian Horton V45MUnattached    
48NT   Simon Bull V35MUnattached    
49NT   Paul Allen V50MUnattached    
5NT   Matt Allen  V40MHalesowen18:5617:396.3 
50NT   Robert Allen V55MUnattached    
51NT   Mike Saunders  S30MPlymouth Musketeers21:0020:3810.8 
52NT   Liam Percival S30MUnattached    
53NT   Mark Beech  S30MRoad Runners Club21:4421:4412.6 
54NT   Philip Payne V45MUnattached    
55NT   Stuart Middleton  V45MSt. Albans Striders19:4619:317.0 
56NT   Kerry Hemmings S30WUnattached    
57NT   Simon Fawke V50MBirmingham Running Athletics and Triathlon Club    
58NT   Holly Manly S30WUnattached    
59NT   Hans Duggal  V55MSandwell Valley23:1320:0814.2 
6NT   Jonathan Lewis  S20MHalesowen17:2117:211.6 
60NT   Mark Broome S30MUnattached    
61NT   James Potter V40MUnattached    
62NT   Oliver Stokes  V35MNewport & District23:4522:4115.8 
63NT   Marie Reece V60WUnattached    
64NT   Malcolm Hutchings  V60MRunning Forever25:0123:3618.5 
65NT   Robert Mcmanus  V40MBournville Harriers25:1024:2016.5 
66NT   Mohammed Rahman V35MUnattached    
67NT   Chris Smith S25MUnattached    
68NT   Richard Shearing  V35MBournville Harriers20:1419:488.4 
69NT   Jude Glynn  V50WBournville Harriers22:3922:3914.0 
7NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
70NT   Allan Fletcher  V50MUnattached24:2823:1214.3 
71NT   Steve Turvey  V35MNorthbrook18:1117:233.2 
72NT   Jess Hurp  S20WUnattached24:1524:1517.1 
73NT   Kirsty Miller-Manly S25WUnattached    
74NT   Jordan Webster  S20MUnattached 21:1431.7 
75NT   Neil Langley V50MUnattached    
76NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
77NT   Stephen McCann  V45MBirchfield H20:5719:4010.0 
78NT   Jason Vigrass  V45MAldridge23:4822:4516.7 
79NT   Nick White  V50MUnattached25:1421:5221.3 
8NT   Clark Woodhall  V40MTipton18:0217:585.1 
80NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
81NT   Tom Fallon  V45MKings Heath25:3625:1820.1 
82NT   Peter Longman V45MUnattached    
83NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
84NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
85NT   Sean Mcconvery  V55MUnattached25:5722:3917.9 
86NT   Richard Hill  V55MUnattached24:0121:4017.3 
87NT   James Bevan V35MUnattached    
88NT   Lisa Wilson V40WBoldmere Bullets    
89NT   Alan Argyle  V60MBadgers23:1022:5015.6 
9NT   Andy Yu  S30MUnattached18:5618:145.5 
90NT   Lisa M Dimbleby  V45WBirchfield H25:1424:4516.6 
91NT   Jared Karim  V40MUnattached21:2120:0914.2 
92NT   Sarah Cooper S25WUnattached    
93NT   Laura Kirwan  S30WAldridge23:2423:2416.2 
94NT   Mark O'Rourke  S30MAldridge19:2219:228.5 
95NT   Shaun Cooper S25MUnattached    
96NT   Rob Embrey V50MUnattached    
97NT   David E Lewis  V45MHalesowen18:0018:003.5 
98NT   Simon Morris V45MUnattached    
99NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached