Wirral Seaside Runs
28 Jun 06
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
114:54   Jonathan Mellor U20MLiverpool H-5.9 
216:14   Mark Hulmston SENMWirral3.0 
316:25   Ian Cooper V40MEllesmere Port17.2 
416:40   Peter Scarratt V40MWirral33.6 
117:10   Kevin Buxton V45MWirral18.9 
117:19   Tony McDevitt V50MWirral19.6 
117:52   Charlotte Towers U17WWirral3.7 
118:38   Desmond Wilkinson V55MWirral  
219:59   Natalie Palin SENWLiverpool RC18.0 
120:36   Alison MacDonald V40WEllesmere Port12.8 
121:32   Roger Smith V65MBirkenhead36.0