Ayrshire AAA Championships External Results
25 Nov 17

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4.2KXC U15M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:25Ryan Littlejohn U15MKilmarnock16.9 
218:33Nathan SmithU15MKilmarnock Harriers  
318:48Lewis Ferguson U15MKilmarnock13.5 
420:06Blair GemmelU15MAyr Seaforth  
521:21Sands Christie U15MKilmarnock35.7 
6NTSamuel Drummond U15MAyr Seaforth32.5 
1.2KXC U11M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
15:31Callum Peat U11MAyr Seaforth35.8 
25:34Daniel Byers U11MAyr Seaforth11.1 
25:34Sam McCallum U11MKilmarnock26.6 
45:44Harris McNicol U11MNorth Ayrshire9.6 
55:47Brayden Dean U11MKilmarnock19.6 
65:56Dylan Gee U11MNorth Ayrshire12.1 
76:03Brady Mclean U11MAyr Seaforth4.0 
86:04Kai Gilmour U11MKilmarnock47.1 
96:17Daniel Sharp U11MKilmarnock26.4 
106:21Lewis Anderson U11MKilmarnock2.8 
116:23Jamie Work U11MKilmarnock-0.7 
126:25Daniel Frew U11MAyr Seaforth40.6 
136:34Ruaraidh McNulty U11MKilmarnock40.4 
146:48Sam Mccrorie U11MAyr Seaforth4.0 
156:48Leo BrochieU11MAyr Seaforth  
166:48Aiden McWhirter U11MNorth Ayrshire32.9 
177:24Kaya Tatar U11MNorth Ayrshire47.6 
188:01Frederick Smith U11MNorth Ayrshire42.5 
198:17Luca Brennan U11MNorth Ayrshire49.2 
4.2KXC U15W
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:32Meredith Reid U15WNorth Ayrshire3.1 
220:12Eilidh Ballantyne U15WKilmarnock19.4 
320:57Evie Mackay U15WAyr Seaforth25.5 
421:11Victoria McDowall U15WKilmarnock23.4 
521:21Emma Donachy U15WNorth Ayrshire33.2 
622:10Megan Pettigrew U15WNorth Ayrshire29.1 
723:24Amy Anderson U15WKilmarnock36.3 
823:41Madison McKerrell U15WKilmarnock34.2 
924:24Abby LauchlinU15WKilmarnock Harriers  
1026:18Kirstyn Park U15WKilmarnock32.9 
1.2KXC U11W
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
15:41Olivia Warboys U11WKilmarnock16.0 
25:48Rachel Warboys U11WKilmarnock21.1 
35:50Anna Kirk U11WAyr Seaforth15.2 
45:51Adele Street U11WNorth Ayrshire11.4 
56:05Megan ForozU11WKilmarnock Harriers  
66:22Maddie McGregor U11WNorth Ayrshire22.7 
76:37Abby Docherty U11WNorth Ayrshire18.9 
87:00Isla Tonner U11WKilmarnock20.8 
97:00Mhairi Ballantyne U11WKilmarnock22.3 
128:29Abbey Kennedy U11WKilmarnock17.4 
10NTEve ShirnieU11WKilmarnock Harriers  
11NTEmma MorrisonU11WKilmarnock Harriers  
13NTFreya Harkin U11WNorth Ayrshire31.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:27Jonathan Downey U13MKilmarnock-2.0 
211:33Adam Currie U13MAyr Seaforth24.1 
312:04Jamie Phillips U13MKilmarnock-4.5 
412:08Charlie McNulty U13MKilmarnock4.1 
512:20Conor Scobie U13MAyr Seaforth1.4 
612:46Charlie Gaskin U13MKilmarnock20.7 
713:39Robbie Sanderson U13MKilmarnock25.7 
813:51Ben Heron U13MNorth Ayrshire0.7 
914:39Calum Hannah U13MAyr Seaforth15.8 
1018:26Jack Meney U13MNorth Ayrshire47.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTMary McInally U13WNorth Ayrshire24.2 
10NTNiamh Gaffney U13WNorth Ayrshire31.8 
11NTLucy Hoy U13WKilmarnock19.7 
12NTAmy Dickson U13WNorth Ayrshire26.5 
13NTRana Tatar U13WNorth Ayrshire26.0 
2NTLeah Murray U13WNorth Ayrshire24.3 
3NTEmma McMillan U13WAyr Seaforth21.0 
4NTKatie Murray U13WAyr Seaforth25.2 
5NTSophie McColm U13WAyr Seaforth17.2 
6NTEllie Anderson U13WKilmarnock8.3 
7NTAoibha Ballard U13WNorth Ayrshire20.3 
8NTJessica DonellyU13WAyr Seaforth  
9NTLottie Lambert U13WKilmarnock30.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
123:00Declan McGhee U17MAyr Seaforth26.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
131:13Leonie McCutcheon U17WKilmarnock30.9 
235:39Phoebe McCutcheon U17WKilmarnock36.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
132:04Richard Mair V35MKilmarnock8.7 
233:27Kenneth Neill V35MAyr Seaforth-1.2 
334:49Craig Ferguson SENMKilmarnock-2.3 
434:50Gordon Reid V45MKilmarnock22.3 
535:07Grahame Hopper SENMAyr Seaforth12.8 
635:17Robert Lindsay V40MKilmarnock/Scottish Vets H4.2 
735:46Colin GlencourseV40MKilmarnock Harriers  
836:08Paul Lafferty SENMIrvine1.2 
937:32Matt PearceV40MTroon Tortoises  
1037:48Ian McIlwraith V40MNorth Ayrshire8.2 
1137:55Jamie Nix U20MKilmarnock2.6 
1237:55David White V45MKilmarnock9.0 
1338:04Stephen Nisbet V35MNorth Ayrshire21.5 
1438:08Alan DouglasSENMIrvine  
1538:19George Irving V50MIrvine11.0 
1638:23Rob Carrol V40MTroon14.5 
1738:33Ian YoungV40MAyr Seaforth  
1839:04Colin MillerV60M   
1939:40Mark Preston SENMNorth Ayrshire5.7 
2040:01Alasdair Mccallum V50MNorth Ayrshire10.8 
2140:53Iain Pettigrew V45MAyr Seaforth8.7 
2241:00John McCabe V50MTroon7.9 
2341:06Jim Sneddon V45MIrvine9.3 
2441:29Tim Downie V60MAyr Seaforth10.6 
2543:28A StewartV50MNorth Ayrshire  
2645:27Stuart McColm V45MAyr Seaforth10.5 
2745:37James AndrewV40M   
2845:44Darrell DunscombeV40MTroon Tortoises  
2946:15Peter Taylor V65MIrvine11.5 
3047:07Andrew CrichtonSENMAyr Seaforth  
3148:04James ElliotV40MRons Runners  
3249:24Kenny WeirV60M   
3352:39Tony Di CarloV70M   
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
138:18Laura Wallace V35WAyr Seaforth12.1 
240:29AN Other      
345:08Gillian Hannah V45WAyr Seaforth15.8 
445:39Ruth Kirk V45WAyr Seaforth19.5 
546:35Sylvia Mulholland V45WRon's Runners12.3 
647:17Caroline Millar V45WTroon11.7 
747:51Paula Wilson V45WKilmarnock22.4 
849:17Anne NobleV50WTroon Tortoises  
949:58Amanda Bryden SENWKilmarnock9.0 
1054:28Abby CunninghamV40WAyr Seaforth