Dunbartonshire AAA Relay Championships External Results
21 Oct 17

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2.5KXCL U17M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:31Fraser Gilmour U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow-2.6 
210:25Jackson AdamsU13MGarscube Harriers  
310:34Saul McGlennonU13MVictoria Park COG  
410:37Callum Paterson U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow7.1 
510:41Matthew Cameron U13MHelensburgh3.9 
611:17Crawford Smith U13MKirkintilloch-0.1 
711:20Jamie McPherson U13MClydesdale33.1 
811:31Fraser McKechnie U13MClydesdale21.9 
911:38Gregor MurdochU13MGarscube Harriers  
1012:18Aiden McInally U13MClydesdale37.5 
1112:41Ewan SingerU13MGarscube Harriers  
1212:47Jay McCormickU13MGarscube Harriers  
1312:51Jackie ToddU13MGarscube Harriers  
1413:01Edward HowatU13MGarscube Harriers  
1513:08William Scott U13MHelensburgh7.8 
1613:15Preston YoungU13MGarscube Harriers  
1713:44Neil Singer U15MGarscube43.0 
1814:56Caleb GallacherU13MMaryhill Harriers  
1915:44Maria Mcgilp U13WMaryhill Harriers40.9 
2.5KXCL U17M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:56James ConnollyU15MGarscube Harriers  
29:24David KilpatrickU15MVictoria Park COG  
39:27Luke Aitken U15MGarscube18.3 
49:29Finlay Ross-Davie U15MGarscube-3.2 
59:34John DochartyU15MClydesdale Harriers  
69:41Ruaridh Stickland U15MGarscube26.3 
79:47Josh McNicol U15MClydesdale13.4 
810:21Christian McKay U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow30.3 
910:31Gregor Smith U13MKirkintilloch11.0 
1010:38Alistair McCartney U15MHelensburgh18.5 
1111:26Andrew McNair U13MHelensburgh22.1 
1211:31Joseph GrahamU15MMaryhill Harriers  
1315:07Jake MackU13MMaryhill Harriers  
1415:17Kieran McInally U13MClydesdale48.5 
2.5KXCL U17M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:43Jack Trainer U17MGarscube-2.4 
29:00Michael Miller U17MClydesdale1.9 
39:13Murphy Hand U17MGarscube/Scottish Schs18.3 
49:22James Cathro U17MGarscube23.3 
59:44Fraser GordonU17MGarscube Harriers  
69:48Russell Barnett U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow19.6 
79:58Fergus Blyth U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow24.8 
810:40Jake McPherson U15MClydesdale32.5 
910:42Ewan McCallumU17MClydesdale Harriers  
1010:44Matthew Porteous U15MKirkintilloch30.1 
1111:20Frazer TreartyU17MMaryhill Harriers  
1211:31Josh Bain U15MHelensburgh28.1 
1312:28T-Jay LambertU13MHelensburgh AAC  
1.5KXC U11
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:52Kyle Flockhart U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow16.6 
26:58Ewan McCartney U11MHelensburgh36.4 
37:08Cara Kirkwood U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow23.5 
47:13Andrew Muir U11MKirkintilloch22.6 
57:15Rebecca Barnett U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow22.1 
67:21Angus MacLeanU11MGarscube Harriers  
77:24Rory Beaton U11MGarscube16.3 
87:29Jenna Gallacher U11WHelensburgh42.7 
97:32Callum Mathew U11MGarscube14.7 
108:29Skye Mcnicol U11WClydesdale38.0 
118:35Robert MillU11MHelensburgh AAC  
128:36Melissa McKayU11WVictoria Park COG  
138:57Erin McInally U11WClydesdale53.0 
149:10Darryl GordonU11WMaryhill Harriers  
159:11Ffion MannU11MGarscube Harriers  
169:29Alice McIntyreU11WMaryhill Harriers  
179:55Ava GraceU11WMaryhill Harriers  
1810:08Orla McLintickU11WMaryhill Harriers  
1910:08Aneesa GallacherU11WMaryhill Harriers  
2.5KXCL U17W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:50Sophie Sinclair U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow23.8 
211:24Kenzie Macintosh U13WClydesdale19.5 
311:33Beth Raeside U13WGarscube33.7 
412:10Tess HandU13WGarscube Harriers  
512:23Amy Byrne U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow23.3 
612:25Ingrid Imrie U13WGarscube19.0 
712:52Rowan Mair U13WHelensburgh24.8 
812:56Beth TrainerU13WGarscube Harriers  
913:21Iona Smith U17WKirkintilloch18.1 
1013:36Lucy WilliamsU11WMaryhill Harriers  
1113:36Millie Horrocks U13WHelensburgh36.2 
1214:55Lucy Tolland U13WClydesdale37.4 
1315:18Erin PriorU11WMaryhill Harriers  
2.5KXCL U17W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:12Grace MacLean U15WGarscube31.3 
211:21Jenna Little U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Glasgow Caledonian Uni9.1 
311:34Polly Anderson U13WClydesdale20.4 
412:00Jenny Scott U15WHelensburgh10.4 
512:02Hanna CampbellU15WGarscube Harriers  
612:16Caitlin CoyleU15WVictoria Park COG AC  
712:45Millie Howat U15WGarscube19.0 
812:54Katie Flett U15WHelensburgh17.6 
913:45Hannah Prior U15WMaryhill Harriers49.3 
1017:29Saskia GormanU11WMaryhill Harriers  
2.5KXCL U17W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:11Ellie Hinks U15WGarscube20.6 
210:59Kerry GallagherU17WGarscube Harriers  
311:15Iona Wilson U15WHelensburgh21.1 
411:46Roisin Cameron Coyle U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Strathclyde Uni7.7 
511:57Emma Gilmour U17WVictoria Park City of Glasgow19.9 
613:00Katie Craig U17WClydesdale38.5 
713:07Unknown RunnerU17WMaryhill Harriers  
814:16Eva McIloonU15WHelensburgh AAC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:32Callum Heirs U23MVictoria Park City of Glasgow18.7 
216:33Garry Mathew V35MGarscube0.2 
316:42Ewan RoseSENMGU Hares and Hounds  
416:54David Fenwick SENMDumbarton18.3 
517:29Tim Martin SENMGarscube3.5 
617:40Marco Consani V40MGarscube8.3 
717:47Norman McNeilV40MKirkintilloch Olympians  
817:58Crawford Little V45MVictoria Park City of Glasgow20.8 
918:11Stuart Scott SENMHelensburgh2.6 
1018:20Kevin Farmer SENMClydesdale5.6 
1119:03Rob McLennan V55MGarscube5.3 
1222:01Iain McFarlaneSENMGarscube Harriers  
1322:26Charlene Kelly V35WDumbarton9.7 
1423:13David Connor V45MGarscube31.0 
1532:34Raghbir Singh V65MGarscube37.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:36Martin Hayes SENMVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Glasgow Uni5.7 
216:39Stephen Porteous V35MGarscube17.8 
317:03Neil WilsonSENMGU Hares and Hounds  
417:44John Mclean SENMDumbarton15.4 
517:47Cameron KempU20MHelensburgh AAC  
617:59Grant McDonaldSENMGarscube Harriers  
718:19Simon Sheridan V40MGarscube5.5 
818:41Alexander Chisholm V60MGarscube8.5 
918:52Gerry Craig V45MVictoria Park City of Glasgow5.9 
1019:41Lindsey CurrieV45MDumbarton AAC  
1119:57Gary Shaw V40MKirkintilloch6.8 
1220:16Martin King SENMClydesdale26.6 
1321:31Ade Kearns V55MGarscube20.3 
1423:14Kieran Mclaughlin SENMGarscube21.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:34Kevin Liddle V35MGarscube8.0 
216:47Alan RamseySENMVP-Glasgow  
317:36Andrew Merry U20MDundee Hawkhill/Glasgow Uni12.0 
417:39Craig Shields V35MGarscube-0.4 
517:40Barry QueenV40MHelensburgh AAC  
618:04Pete Walsh, JnrSENMDumbarton AAC  
718:27Gavin Hinde V35MGarscube4.9 
819:47John Gordon Murray V40MGarscube5.7 
920:58Peter RamseyV40MVP-Glasgow  
1021:02Teginder PaddaSENMKirkintilloch Olympians  
1121:16Kieran Mcquade SENMDumbarton17.2 
1222:29Tom Collins V60MClydesdale20.0 
1322:32Stephen Kenneth Wilson V50MGarscube14.6 
1422:40Alistair Cuthbertson V50MGarscube30.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:31Gavyn Chalmers SENMGarscube/Glasgow University Hares & Hounds-4.1 
215:46Max RalstonSENMVP-Glasgow  
317:09David Lindsay V40MGarscube16.0 
417:32John Coyle V40MGarscube0.9 
517:51Jason Bell U23MHelensburgh2.2 
618:40Mark Welsford V40MKirkintilloch10.4 
719:08Duncan McKellar V35MGarscube5.0 
820:09Jeremy CoulingV40MGarscube Harriers  
920:14Alex Potter V55MVictoria Park City of Glasgow6.6 
1020:16William Goldie V60MDumbarton10.8 
1121:30Stuart DonaldSENMGarscube Harriers  
1223:39Charles GordonV40MGarscube Harriers  
1324:15Bobby Young V70MClydesdale/Scottish Vets H11.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
119:24Frances Wardle SENWUnattached7.3 
221:29Audrey AyresSENWGU Hares and Hounds  
321:34Jennifer Muir U20WKirkintilloch24.6 
421:47Suzanne Shaw V40WKirkintilloch8.8 
522:07Ann White V65WGarscube13.8 
622:10Fiona KingV35WClydesdale Harriers  
723:06Chloe PlazalskaSENWGU Hares and Hounds  
823:24Laura Gray V35WGarscube7.6 
924:13Morag Casey V40WGarscube16.1 
1024:16Nighean StevensV35WGarscube Harriers  
1125:21Lynsey Parker V35WMaryhill Harriers13.5 
1226:08Moira SmithV35WKirkintilloch Olympians  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:12Hannah GilchristSENWGU Hares and Hounds  
222:08Mary Senior V40WGarscube6.6 
322:26Martha Lovatt SENWGarscube10.7 
422:49Fiona MaurerSENWGarscube Harriers  
523:24Allison Law V50WKirkintilloch24.8 
623:55Natasha OdellSENWGU Hares and Hounds  
724:25Petra SambaleV35WGarscube Harriers  
825:20Christine Duncanson V55WClydesdale35.9 
926:05Vivien Fraser V45WKirkintilloch18.6 
1027:18Catriona Nisbet SENWMaryhill Harriers12.1 
1131:26Liz ShortSENWGarscube Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:41Lesley Bell V40WGarscube1.9 
219:53Catrina BallantyneSENWGU Hares and Hounds  
321:31Pamela McCrossan V55WClydesdale/Scottish Vets H11.5 
423:31Ausrine Ward V40WKirkintilloch17.0 
523:54Kathryn Scott V55WGarscube12.0 
623:54Alison LockeSENWGarscube Harriers  
724:22Michelle EvansSENWGU Hares and Hounds  
824:36Casey Thompson SENWGarscube21.9 
925:45Ada Stewart V50WKirkintilloch/Scottish Vets H14.7 
1027:21Margaret Peebles SENWMaryhill Harriers26.1