Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan Schools Boys League External Results
18 Oct 17
5.1KXC 3.4KXC 2.83KXC 

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5.1KXC U20M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:34James Vincent U20MCardiff3.1 
216:57Dylan Nazareth U17MCardiff Archers-1.8 
317:16Owain Edwards U17MCardiff6.0 
417:22Morgan JamesU17MCardiff  
517:33Callum Jay Stone U20MCardiff17.2 
617:39Daniel Austin U17MCardiff Archers8.4 
717:44Josh Kloet U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs22.5 
817:46Iestyn Edwards U17MCardiff4.9 
918:01Alfie Davies U17MCardiff16.0 
1018:02Callum ThomasU17MCardiff  
1118:18Salaman MegagU17MCardiff  
1218:22Tom LowrieU20MCardiff  
1318:23Cameron PocockU17MCardiff  
1418:26Billy Graham U15MCardiff Archers8.5 
1518:32Cian Davies U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs15.3 
1618:34James Gold U17MCardiff7.0 
1718:36Matthew JonesU17MCardiff  
1818:41Eli Scoble U17MCardiff18.5 
1918:51Callum Russell U17MCardiff23.3 
2018:52Lukas Lacey-Hughes U17MCardiff Archers13.2 
2119:01Aron FollettU17MCardiff  
2219:02Reuben Jones U17MCardiff17.4 
2319:06Morgan Thompson U17MCardiff11.8 
2419:07Ben WhelanU20MCardiff  
2519:08George Adsett U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs30.4 
2619:08Will Couston U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs32.3 
11128:52Benjamin MisellU17MCardiff  
100NTOliver Meek U15MCardiff Archers51.1 
101NTOscar HernandezU17MCardiff  
102NTAzhar KhanU20MCardiff  
103NTMadjid RassamU17MCardiff  
104NTCian DavisU17MCardiff  
105NTCharlie SavilleU17MCardiff  
106NTZaed DeanU17MCardiff  
107NTFredi WaitU17MCardiff  
108NTJacob MilsomU17MCardiff  
109NTAbdul AlshahranyU17MCardiff  
110NTHerbie PowellU20MCardiff  
27NTEtienne Lodge U17MCardiff Archers24.2 
28NTKeith HarroldU20MCardiff  
29NTTomos EvansU17MCardiff  
30NTCameron Taylor U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs31.3 
31NTVincent ReesU20MCardiff  
32NTGwyn RobertsU17MCardiff  
33NTTirion Bowen U15MCardiff32.4 
34NTRory Skinner U13MCardiff30.8 
35NTSam BelcherU17MCardiff  
36NTDylan Jones U15MRhondda43.6 
37NTAntonio Peacock U20MCardiff30.7 
38NTDan JewittU17MCardiff  
39NTNiall Rees U20MCardiff & The Vale Schs37.0 
40NTJack BlackmoreU17MCardiff  
41NTDylan Garrett U17MCardiff38.2 
42NTMatthew Lowrie U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs27.7 
43NTBen YarwoodU17MCardiff  
44NTWill RickettsU17MCardiff  
45NTCarwyn Hastings U15MCardiff20.4 
46NTBen GrunwaldU17MCardiff  
47NTEamon TorhuniU17MCardiff  
48NTZuhaib MughalU17MCardiff  
49NTMatthew Saunders U17MCardiff Archers32.9 
50NTIoan Davies U17MBridgend27.4 
51NTGwilym EvansU17MCardiff  
52NTIoan McDougall U15MCardiff Archers35.9 
53NTOwen PearceU17MCardiff  
54NTMac ChadwickU17MCardiff  
55NTChristian BilimoreU17MCardiff  
56NTMitchell EvansU17MCardiff  
57NTDan GibsonU17MCardiff  
58NTMorgan ClarkeU17MCardiff  
59NTTom Hughes U23MCardiff & The Vale Schs36.1 
60NTJames VickersU17MCardiff  
61NTEuan Hawkins U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs17.1 
62NTEthan PostgateU17MCardiff  
63NTTomas MintoU17MCardiff  
64NTIwan WynneU17MCardiff  
65NTDan CozmaU17MCardiff  
66NTJack Hurley-HallU17MCardiff  
67NTJamie Hilton U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs29.3 
68NTJosh DaviesU17MCardiff  
69NTDylan WilliamsU17MCardiff  
70NTJake LewisU17MCardiff  
71NTHarri Tomos Howkins U15MCardiff39.2 
72NTCharlie WilkinsU17MCardiff  
73NTCian Ralphs U15MCardiff11.5 
74NTWilliam Rhys Howkins U17MCardiff47.3 
75NTEvan Davies??U17MCardiff  
76NTJosh JonesU17MCardiff  
77NTHarry Griffiths U17MCardiff27.0 
78NTLewis TaylorU17MCardiff  
79NTVictor Wenhan Zhang U15MCardiff26.7 
80NTGeorge Thomas U20MBridgend  
81NTCallum NottU17MCardiff  
82NTRyan PurnellU17MCardiff  
83NTRio SilvaU17MCardiff  
84NTDylan RogersU17MCardiff  
85NTEvan DaviesU17MCardiff  
86NTCian HalesU17MCardiff  
87NTRhodri ThomasU17MCardiff  
88NTJacob BarazU17MCardiff  
89NTEthan CarringtonU17MCardiff  
90NTIestyn Jones U20MCardiff44.2 
91NTWill LukeU17MCardiff  
92NTIdris MerryU17MCardiff  
93NTRhydian Greening U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs37.9 
94NTTom GouldU17MCardiff  
95NTIwan WilliamsU20MCardiff  
96NTRohit KrishnanU17MCardiff  
97NTEdu Esono-AduU17MCardiff  
98NTArthur PetersonU17MCardiff  
99NTEthan TaylorU17MCardiff  
3.4KXC U15M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:56Harry Pearce U15MCardiff Archers13.6 
212:00Benjamin Macey U13MCardiff18.4 
312:07Huw Riley U15MCardiff Archers2.2 
412:09Osian Tyrrell U13MCardiff6.5 
512:20Sam Johnsey U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs16.1 
612:21Luke Hall U15MCardiff Archers10.6 
712:26Henry Spencer U13MCardiff10.3 
812:27Mubarak Qorane U15MCardiff20.1 
912:28Ben Farrell U13MCardiff-0.1 
1012:29Rhys Hardman U15MBridgend-3.1 
1112:32Fraser King U15MCardiff Archers22.6 
1212:38Ifan Roberts-Jones U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs16.7 
1312:41Ben Ray U15MBarry & Vale8.5 
1412:46Ben PriceU15MCardiff  
1512:49Adam OuabriU15MCardiff  
1612:51Steffan Rayment U13MCardiff Archers20.3 
1712:56Gruff Sion U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs17.6 
1812:58Rhys Bowen U13MCardiff Archers13.1 
1913:01Rhys ThomasU15MCardiff  
2013:03Josh LeeU15MCardiff  
2113:04Sam ParryU15MCardiff  
2213:06Ben Geraghty U13MCardiff Archers27.7 
2313:08Cai Green U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs22.8 
2413:11Jamal Bedri U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs29.1 
2513:13Gwyddien Edwards U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs29.2 
2613:19Luca Logue-Fonseca U15MCardiff32.9 
12021:05Bonga FiazaU15MCardiff  
100NTSeth JonesU15MCardiff  
101NTFynn EvansU15MCardiff  
102NTMadoc KitchenerU15MCardiff  
103NTJohn WalesU15MCardiff  
104NTMatthew LeeU15MCardiff  
105NTMarcin KornatowskiU15MCardiff  
106NTWilliam Brown U20MCardiff54.0 
107NTHarrison BlackmoreU15MCardiff  
108NTEthan LiscombeU15MCardiff  
109NTWill OwensU15MCardiff  
110NTArun JohnU15MCardiff  
111NTDylan SquiresU15MCardiff  
111NTRobert KelseyU15MCardiff  
112NTAhmed AbaidU15MCardiff  
113NTDaniel VirgilU15MCardiff  
114NTJoe WattsU15MCardiff  
115NTRhys ThomasU15MCardiff  
117NTSam GodfreyU15MCardiff  
118NTGriff DaviesU15MCardiff  
119NTDylan NewlandU15MCardiff  
27NTWilliam RobertsU15MCardiff  
28NTFran TaylorU15MCardiff  
29NTDan BuffreyU15MCardiff  
30NTIsaac JonesU15MCardiff  
31NTCameron ThomasU15MCardiff  
32NTGeoffrey CunninghamU15MCardiff  
33NTDylan Hands U13MCardiff Archers8.6 
34NTMacsen Stockton U13MCardiff & The Vale Schs17.8 
35NTOliver PriceU15MCardiff  
36NTHydref WilliamsU15MCardiff  
37NTTom DriscollU15MCardiff  
38NTJames PrendergastU15MCardiff  
39NTJack HastingU15MCardiff  
40NTHarry Beddall U13MCardiff Archers16.5 
41NTJoshua Oak U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs23.0 
42NTLucas Da CruzU15MCardiff  
43NTAeron MekkunnelU15MCardiff  
44NTGruff ReesU15MCardiff  
45NTElliot Styles U15MCardiff Archers32.4 
46NTGethin PriceU15MCardiff  
47NTJames BettinsonU15MCardiff  
48NTKane James U13MCardiff Archers21.2 
49NTRio RodriqezU15MCardiff  
50NTEthan BarkerU15MCardiff  
51NTGruff DaviesU15MCardiff  
52NTEllis TaylorU15MCardiff  
53NTTom O'CallaghanU15MCardiff  
54NTSam GreenawayU15MCardiff  
55NTSam SaundersU15MCardiff  
56NTZack BakerU15MCardiff  
57NTLuke Pownall U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs34.9 
58NTSteffan EvansU15MCardiff  
59NTCharlie BrooksU15MCardiff  
60NTTiaan ArthurU15MCardiff  
61NTLewis Ingram U15MBarry & Vale29.5 
62NTLukas Anstead U15MCardiff Archers33.9 
63NTTal WilliamsU15MCardiff  
64NTJoe TurnerU15MCardiff  
65NTIestyn Hall U15MCardiff Archers48.4 
66NTGriff WattsU15MCardiff  
67NTEfan JonesU15MCardiff  
68NTMacsen RutherfordU15MCardiff  
69NTTommy GoodmanU15MCardiff  
70NTTomos MoynihanU15MCardiff  
71NTAlex BrownU15MCardiff  
72NTJacob JonesU15MCardiff  
73NTJoe GibsonU15MCardiff  
74NTOwen JonesU15MCardiff  
75NTEdward SummersU15MCardiff  
76NTAaron Shears U13MCardiff Archers54.0 
77NTCai BeasleyU15MCardiff  
78NTJoel Williams U13MBarry & Vale42.8 
79NTMatt BaldwiinU15MCardiff  
80NTTom EliasU15MCardiff  
81NTOsian PhillipsU15MCardiff  
82NTIfor ReesU15MCardiff  
83NTTom BelcherU15MCardiff  
84NTPeppino Kemble U15MCardiff31.2 
85NTJamal CallendarU15MCardiff  
86NTSteffan Mason-SmithU15MCardiff  
87NTEllis James U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs  
88NTJac CotterellU15MCardiff  
89NTSam JonesU15MCardiff  
90NTJordan Uko U15MCardiff Archers54.0 
91NTJames DemanuelU15MCardiff  
92NTJames EvansU15MCardiff  
93NTIwan Thomas U20MBarry & Vale  
94NTJoseph JacksonU15MCardiff  
95NTCybi SewellU15MCardiff  
96NTClark McGinleyU15MCardiff  
97NTKarim MohammedU15MCardiff  
98NTHarry Owen U15MCardiff41.8 
99NTJacob StewartU15MCardiff  
2.83KXC U13M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:23Loui Camilleri U13MCardiff Archers2.9 
210:36Elis Finlayson U13MCardiff8.0 
310:39Joseph Joyce U13MCardiff8.4 
410:49Charlie Flynn U13MCardiff Archers17.5 
511:08Ifan Sion U13MCardiff & The Vale Schs8.8 
611:10Joshua Hyndman U13MCardiff & The Vale Schs22.5 
711:20Stanley Jones U13MCardiff17.5 
811:21Saxon ArthurU13MCardiff  
911:23Matt SimsU13MCardiff  
1011:24Jaydon MamoU13MCardiff  
1111:26Ben HoltU13MCardiff  
1211:32Eben Thomas U13MCardiff & The Vale Schs22.9 
1311:34Mike WithecombeU13MCardiff  
1411:35Ally KilgorU13MCardiff  
1511:38Luc Martin U13MBridgend22.6 
1611:39Owen Fitzgerald U20MCardiff & The Vale Schs26.5 
1711:42Sam Col?U13MCardiff  
1811:45Lewis ThomasU13MCardiff  
1911:47Sol Hammah-SmithU13MCardiff  
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