North West Sunday League External Results
10 Dec 17
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4.85MXC SM
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Ian Lawton V35MLiverpool H/Mersey Tri0.7 
10NT   Mark Clair V35MMersey Tri0.6 
100NT   Paul CubbinsV40MMersey Tri  
101NT   Kev Outten V40MSt. Helens Striders6.2 
102NT   Mark Walker V45MWarrington TC6.3 
103NT   Steven Nokes V40MWarrington RR8.4 
104NT   Tadie Abeki V40MKnowsley8.3 
105NT   George DavalSENMMersey Tri  
106NT   Dominic Roberts V35MPensby7.6 
107NT   Thomas Rimmer SENMPenny Lane13.7 
108NT   Andrew Dowdeswell SENMWidnes Running Club10.3 
109NT   Ian Wright V45MSt. Helens Striders8.7 
11NT   Chris Pownell SENMKnowsley-1.4 
110NT   Paul Skipper V35MMersey Tri5.4 
111NT   Paul WilliamsSENMMersey Tri  
112NT   Graham Driver V50MSpectrum9.5 
113NT   Daniel Green V40MWarrington RR8.2 
114NT   Ian Roche V50MMersey Tri5.2 
115NT   Paul Wilson V45MLiverpool RC5.6 
116NT   Steve Riley V50MHelsby RC13.9 
117NT   Mike AisbittV40MSkem BH  
118NT   Wally Coppelov V55MNewburgh15.0 
119NT   Matt HelmV55MLiverpool RC  
12NT   James Toohey SENMLiverpool RC-0.1 
120NT   Dave Connor V40MMersey Tri4.6 
121NT   Tim Palmer V50MHelsby RC12.9 
122NT   Robert Chalmers V40MPensby12.4 
123NT   Stephen Bowden V60MWarrington RR/Northern Masters10.1 
124NT   Chris Falls V40MWidnes Running Club9.8 
125NT   Sean Wilton SENMKirkby Milers3.6 
126NT   Mike SmithV50MLymm Runners  
127NT   Tim Grace V45MMersey Tri4.7 
128NT   Michael ParrV40MNorthwich RC  
129NT   Mike Douglas V35MWarrington TC27.9 
13NT   Jon-Jo Doherty SENMSt. Helens Striders-2.2 
130NT   Julian Spencer V55MSpectrum9.6 
131NT   Daniel Tetlow SENMSt. Helens Striders11.6 
132NT   Grant Davidson V40MMersey Tri/Penny Lane12.0 
133NT   Colin Rushton V45MWarrington RC16.0 
134NT   Dave McAlastairV55MPensby Runners  
135NT   Andie Gow V65MPensby11.3 
136NT   Tim Schofield-JonesSENMNorthwich RC  
137NT   Russ Platt V50MWarrington RR6.4 
138NT   Peter Leadbeater V50MKirkby Milers10.9 
139NT   Mark Glaister V55MSkelmersdale11.4 
14NT   Mark Heavey V45MWarrington RR7.7 
140NT   Graham Cushion V40MLiverpool RC9.1 
141NT   David Roberts V55MEllesmere Port10.5 
142NT   Jeff Adams V60MPensby8.7 
143NT   Gavin Parry V45MKnowsley11.2 
144NT   Gary HiltonV45MWarrington Tri  
145NT   Jefferson Gard V45MPenny Lane18.1 
146NT   John Robb V50MChester TC13.1 
147NT   Barry WilliamsSENMMersey Tri  
148NT   Huw Kinsman SENMSpectrum15.9 
149NT   Simone TondelloniSENMLymm Runners  
15NT   Alan Smithson SENMMersey Tri5.8 
150NT   Geoffrey Douglass V35MWarrington RC13.9 
151NT   Ian McNeill V55MBirkenhead11.3 
152NT   Tony Peacock V65MPenny Lane10.6 
153NT   Darren Roberts V45MWarrington RC16.7 
154NT   Ciaran LynchV45MPensby Runners  
155NT   Lee RogerV45MMersey Tri  
156NT   Tim Holloway V50MDelamere Spartans13.1 
157NT   Paul HarbidgeV55MWarrington Tri  
158NT   Paul Dowdle V45MSt. Helens Striders14.7 
159NT   Roger Seddon V50MWarrington RC11.2 
16NT   Ian Magill V45MLiverpool RC4.4 
160NT   Neil Goulding V40MSkelmersdale20.9 
161NT   Simon WardV45MMersey Tri  
162NT   John Suckley V55MPensby11.6 
163NT   Andrew Glen V50MKnowsley7.3 
164NT   Fred Duenbier V60MNewburgh23.0 
165NT   Chris BallV45MMersey Tri  
166NT   Antony DagnallV60MSt Helens Striders  
167NT   Steve Pemberton V60MPenny Lane10.7 
168NT   Tom ThomersonV45MWarrington RC  
169NT   Peter Moville V55MSt. Helens Striders13.7 
17NT   Chris Collins V35MHelsby RC2.7 
170NT   Richard Shayle V45MPensby11.0 
171NT   Robert-jon Cooper V35MPenny Lane10.4 
172NT   Phil Walton V40MWarrington RC16.2 
173NT   Stuart GreenhallV55MNorthwich RC  
174NT   Brian KennedyV60MNewburgh Nomads  
175NT   Colin Lamprey V55MPensby13.3 
176NT   Richard Macilwaine V55MSpectrum35.3 
177NT   Rob Lloyd V45MWidnes Running Club15.8 
178NT   Tony Green V60MPenny Lane12.5 
179NT   Matt Sanderson V45MWarrington RC15.0 
18NT   Jay Brittles SENMMersey Tri6.4 
180NT   Chris MorganV60MHelsby  
181NT   Ian EllisV45MMersey Tri  
182NT   David Faulkner V60MLymm15.2 
183NT   Alan Wilcox V50MNorthwich11.6 
184NT   John Kleiser V40MDelamere Spartans15.2 
185NT   Robert Shanahan V50MEllesmere Port21.7 
186NT   Neil Egerton V50MWidnes Running Club16.6 
187NT   Nigel Pratten V70MPensby17.6 
188NT   Andy Dalton V55MSkelmersdale19.5 
189NT   Alex Hughes SENMVillage RR17.8 
19NT   Jack Antrobus V35MWarrington RC1.8 
190NT   Steve StamperV55MNorthwich RC  
191NT   Andrew Bates SENMPenny Lane17.0 
192NT   Michael Kay V45MWarrington RC18.1 
193NT   Billy Sergeson V50MPenny Lane22.2 
194NT   Wayne Nickson V45MWarrington RC24.1 
195NT   Sean Gunnery-hitchen SENMWarrington RC29.9 
196NT   Glyn Davies V45MWarrington RC18.7 
197NT   Ian Chalmers V65MPensby20.8 
198NT   Bryan Forth V45MWarrington RR25.5 
199NT   Kit Whitfield V50MSpectrum26.8 
2NT   Chris Maher SENMPenny Lane-2.4 
20NT   Josh Keogh SENMPenny Lane4.7 
21NT   Stephen Harrison V45MVillage RR/Liverpool Pembroke Sefton6.3 
22NT   Thom AtkinsonSENMMersey Tri  
23NT   Tom Greaves U23MWarrington RR/Lancaster Uni-0.7 
24NT   Sam Evans V35MPenny Lane5.6 
25NT   John HuntV50MPensby Runners  
26NT   Alex Cowin V35MPenny Lane1.6 
27NT   Lee Fuller V40MWarrington RC2.6 
28NT   Alex Mason V40MDelamere Spartans3.2 
29NT   Alex Rigby SENMLiverpool RC2.9 
3NT   Chris Stanford V35MWarrington TC-1.2 
30NT   Marty Christian V45MKirkby Milers3.4 
31NT   Kyle Harrison SENMLiverpool RC5.6 
32NT   Phil Riding V40MPenny Lane3.5 
33NT   Colin Bishop V55MHelsby RC0.8 
34NT   Stephen Doyle V40MKnowsley5.7 
35NT   Patrick Boyle V40MLiverpool RC3.3 
36NT   Paul Waters SENMKnowsley4.5 
37NT   Christopher Ryan V35MMersey Tri5.4 
38NT   James Ellis SENMKirkby Milers2.8 
39NT   Mark HowardV40MMersey Tri  
4NT   Jamie Rutherford SENMLiverpool RC-0.5 
40NT   David Edwards V55MKirkby Milers5.5 
41NT   Philip Johnson SENMMersey Tri4.7 
42NT   Simon Rogers V55MPensby6.2 
43NT   Robert Garth SENMPenny Lane7.1 
44NT   Jay Clarke SENMPenny Lane0.6 
45NT   Peter Murphy V40MLymm6.8 
46NT   Paul Martin SENMMersey Tri2.0 
47NT   Alistair Malpas V35MPensby6.6 
48NT   Mark Hadland V40MWarrington TC9.7 
49NT   Michael Heyes SENMMersey Tri23.7 
5NT   Christian Harvey U20MKnowsley6.5 
50NT   Rob FletcherV45MMersey Tri  
51NT   Richard Seville V40MSt. Helens Striders10.5 
52NT   Nicholas WhiteSENMNorthwich RC  
53NT   Chris GormanSENMNorthwich RC  
54NT   Mark Riley SENMSt. Helens Striders3.4 
55NT   Colin Dobbs V40MPenny Lane5.6 
56NT   Kye Byrne SENMWarrington RC5.4 
57NT   Matthew Robinson V35MNewburgh  
58NT   Ian Rutherford V45MHelsby RC7.0 
59NT   Darren Rodmell V40MPenny Lane13.0 
6NT   Lawrence Eccles SENMPenny Lane1.4 
60NT   Alex WardSENMMersey Tri  
61NT   Gary English V50MLiverpool RC4.2 
62NT   Dan Peers SENMSpectrum9.5 
63NT   Simone Capponi V40MPenny Lane10.0 
64NT   Paul Scully V45MWarrington RC7.0 
65NT   Michael Waring V50MChester TC5.4 
66NT   Owen Barden V40MMersey Tri7.1 
67NT   Michael HollowaySENMLiverpool RC  
68NT   Joseph Chedgzoy SENMKirkby Milers7.6 
69NT   John Jensen V40MPenny Lane9.0 
7NT   James Allen SENMSt. Helens Striders6.3 
70NT   Jonathan Toft SENMPenny Lane8.4 
71NT   Francis Edwards V35MDelamere Spartans11.1 
72NT   Phil Lomas V40MWarrington RC9.1 
73NT   Phil Rowen V45MLymm4.5 
74NT   Kevin Gillibrand V50MWarrington RR6.9 
75NT   Kevin Harrison V40MKirkby Milers4.7 
76NT   Chris Usher V40MNewburgh11.5 
77NT   Michael Connor V50MKnowsley7.9 
78NT   Xavier SolerSENMWarrington RR  
79NT   Mike Hitchmough V50MNewburgh19.5 
8NT   Paddy EatonSENMLiverpool RC  
80NT   Patrik Corrigan V55MPensby9.8 
81NT   Ian WilsonSENMMersey Tri  
82NT   Gareth John Boyd V45MHelsby RC8.1 
83NT   Paul Cheetham V45MSkelmersdale8.0 
84NT   Marc Williams V35MVillage RR5.9 
85NT   Ian Chisnall V40MSt. Helens Striders6.9 
86NT   Phil DabnerV50MMersey Tri  
87NT   Gary Fisher SENMKirkby Milers3.9 
88NT   Ian Russell V50MPenny Lane11.0 
89NT   Stuart RussellV45MLiverpool RC  
9NT   Daniel Harbidge SENMWarrington TC7.0 
90NT   Davyd Michell V40MHelsby RC/Northern Masters8.0 
91NT   Ian Shorrock V40MPensby8.1 
92NT   Graham Cheers V40MWarrington RC8.7 
93NT   Gary Wilton V40MKirkby Milers3.8 
94NT   Jim Dawson V50MLymm8.2 
95NT   Michael O'rourke SENMPenny Lane6.9 
96NT   Nick Wishart V50MDelamere Spartans28.8 
97NT   Alan Sanderson V35MLiverpool RC8.6 
98NT   Bob BurkeV50MLiverpool RC  
99NT   Dean Wilson V40MLiverpool RC/North York Moors7.3 
4.85MXC SW
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Hazel Maccormick V35WPenny Lane7.2 
10NT   Honor Thompson V35WSkelmersdale13.4 
11NT   Laura Baynham-Hughes V40WHelsby RC9.0 
12NT   Lisa Grantham V40WPensby/Chester TC13.8 
13NT   Liz Turner V35WPenny Lane9.0 
14NT   Sharon Samson V35WPenny Lane9.9 
15NT   Stephanie Loach V40WPensby25.8 
16NT   Becky WadesonV35WSkem BH  
17NT   Ali Lewis V45WPensby26.1 
18NT   Jenny Illidge SENWHelsby RC10.7 
19NT   Alice TrevailSENWMersey Tri  
2NT   Lucinda Lamb SENWHelsby RC13.1 
20NT   Laura RoachSENWLiverpool RC  
21NT   Pam Thurtle V40WPenny Lane16.0 
22NT   Caroline Barrow V40WWidnes Running Club11.5 
23NT   Yvonne Wyke V45WParbold22.0 
24NT   Bridget GlaisterV40WParbold Pink Panthers  
25NT   Nicole LeowSENWKirkby Milers  
26NT   Marina Maxwell V40WWidnes Running Club9.6 
27NT   Tiffany MoorcroftV40WNorthwich RC  
28NT   Maria Cook V40WParbold17.3 
29NT   Nicola LawranceV35WWidnes RC  
3NT   Kate MacFarlane SENWPenny Lane11.9 
30NT   Lucy Partridge V35WPensby11.6 
31NT   Debbie WilsonV35WMersey Tri  
32NT   Louise Davison SENWPenny Lane16.2 
33NT   Janet Robertson V50WHelsby RC13.8 
34NT   Tarja Barnes V45WWarrington RR13.7 
35NT   Clare Firth V40WWarrington RC13.2 
36NT   Jennifer Chedgzoy SENWKirkby Milers18.7 
37NT   Melanie Bradley V45WNorthwich16.6 
38NT   Beata Suthard V35WNorthwich11.8 
39NT   Anja Pownell SENWKnowsley16.0 
4NT   Sarah Roberts V35WPensby8.4 
40NT   Anne Gregory V45WWarrington RR12.0 
41NT   Helen Lonsdale V35WNorthwich15.6 
42NT   Karen Parry V45WKnowsley15.6 
43NT   Melissa Giusti SENWWarrington RC32.8 
44NT   Kate Dwyer V45WWarrington RC17.3 
45NT   Sue Sanderson V45WWarrington RC17.5 
46NT   Susan Kerfoot V35WSt. Helens Striders14.2 
47NT   Charlotte Rawcliffe V35WPenny Lane12.2 
48NT   Rachel ArnoldV50WHelsby  
49NT   Louise Plevin SENWWarrington RC18.9 
5NT   Kelly Hamilton SENWSt. Helens Striders/St. Helens Sutton6.4 
50NT   Abigail Willmitt SENWLiverpool RC14.3 
51NT   Linda Statham V45WWarrington RR19.0 
52NT   Caroline WeaverV50WWarrington RC  
53NT   Emily Smith V35WHelsby RC21.4 
54NT   Gill Collen V55WWarrington RR23.2 
55NT   Hannah Coyne-Williams U23WLiverpool RC26.1 
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