Gwent Leisure Centre League External Results
4 Feb 18
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
141:35Laurence Humphreys V35MFairwater/Royal Air Force/East Wales12.5 
241:47Jeff Wherlock V50MLliswerry0.0 
342:56Martyn Winser V35MChepstow H4.5 
443:12Sam Jones SENMParc Bryn Bach-1.4 
543:31Martin Norton SENMLliswerry0.4 
643:53Michael Lewis U23MFairwater-1.6 
744:03Adam Roberts SENMParc Bryn Bach16.4 
844:17Andrew Lee V45MPont-Y-Pwl1.6 
944:39Paul White V40MPont-Y-Pwl3.2 
1044:43Rich FosterSENMMonmouth  
1144:56Richard Johnson V45MPont-Y-Pwl31.6 
1245:01Ieuan Smith U23MLliswerry13.6 
1345:06Paul Bruton V40MLliswerry3.7 
1445:32Lee Mills V40MIslwyn5.6 
1545:53Rhys Knight V35MCaerleon/Unattached3.8 
1646:11James Blore SENMChepstow H4.6 
1746:37Jon Like SENMPont-Y-Pwl/Mynydd Du-2.3 
1846:52Jon Belcher V40MLliswerry2.0 
1946:59Jonathan Carter V45MChepstow H3.3 
2047:39Paul Hayward V35MIslwyn3.7 
2147:48Rhys Pippard SENMPont-Y-Pwl/Serpentine6.5 
2247:49Bleddyn Jones V40MIslwyn/Rhymney Valley7.8 
2348:00Paul Slade V35MGriffithstown27.1 
2448:11Ross WalkerSENMChepstow  
2548:16Ryan Whatley SENMLliswerry14.9 
2648:18James Kemp SENMPont-Y-Pwl1.4 
2748:36Steve Davies V55MGriffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl5.8 
2849:07Mark Burbidge V35MChepstow H21.5 
2949:17Michael Richardson V40MLliswerry3.8 
3049:22David Anthony Hughes V35MPont-Y-Pwl9.8 
3149:29Andrew Collins V40MIslwyn29.2 
3250:00Haydn Hartnell V55MIslwyn6.7 
3350:04James Kershaw-NaylorSENMLliswerry  
3450:11Stephen Williams V55MParc Bryn Bach8.4 
3550:14Ian Davies V50MParc Bryn Bach13.4 
3650:20Andrew Wright V45MCaerleon8.9 
3750:34Adrian BullV40MUsk  
3850:36Mark DunnV50MMonmouth  
3950:44Nicholas Walsh V45MGriffithstown9.9 
4050:47Matthew Ellis SENMParc Bryn Bach23.1 
4150:50Richard Sheehy SENMParc Bryn Bach13.8 
4250:59Julian HoweV45MMonmouth  
4351:03James Boyle V50MChepstow H10.4 
4451:30Matthew Kitching V40MChepstow H18.8 
4551:34Damian Caswell V40MParc Bryn Bach9.7 
4651:37Adrian Murkin V50MPont-Y-Pwl6.1 
4751:43Steven Matthew Lane V40MIslwyn5.7 
4851:50Dimitri VorresV55MPont-y-Pwl  
4952:18Simon Gill V35MLliswerry6.6 
5052:23Matthew Mulcahy V45MCaerleon6.5 
5152:35Neil Beynon V45MParc Bryn Bach8.5 
5252:40Alan Dobbs V40MChepstow H14.6 
5352:49Martin Chammings V35MParc Bryn Bach23.3 
5452:56Howard Charles Mason V50MCaerleon28.1 
5552:57Ethan Sayce U17MParc Bryn Bach5.2 
5653:28Jon Hancock V60MUsk19.7 
5753:47Steve Owen V65MChepstow H8.1 
5854:11Andy James V45MLliswerry18.4 
5954:17Brian EvansV45MMonmouth  
6054:35Andrew Dickens V45MPont-Y-Pwl9.3 
6154:41Peter Rodger V60MCaerleon9.7 
6255:07Martin Jones V40MIslwyn8.6 
6355:16Mark Hobbs SENMGriffithstown2.8 
6455:24Martin BlakebroughV50MMonmouth  
6555:38Owen Davies V45MParc Bryn Bach21.3 
6655:49Phil Miles V65MParc Bryn Bach14.2 
6755:51Ian Whatmough V55MLliswerry15.4 
6855:55Oliver Marcus Hughes V35MLliswerry14.6 
6955:56Ben BurnettV40MMonmouth  
7056:01Stephen Morgan V45MFairwater13.0 
7156:03Andrew Smith V35MPont-Y-Pwl9.9 
7256:08Jeremy CreaseyV50MMonmouth  
7356:10Gareth Hart V45MCaerleon12.8 
7456:23Steven Phillips V40MIslwyn12.2 
7556:27Mark Batten V45MChepstow H17.5 
7656:35Tom Atkin U20MLliswerry15.4 
7756:42Chris O'Brien V40MPont-Y-Pwl6.3 
7856:44Ian HarhhyV55MLliswerry  
7956:53Gavin Perkins V35MLliswerry8.3 
8057:18Paul Thomas V40MIslwyn15.5 
8157:37Andrew Lawrence V35MIslwyn20.3 
8258:08Gerry Ashton V60MChepstow H17.3 
8358:13Matthew Trinder SENMParc Bryn Bach17.0 
8458:18Tony Lewis V50MParc Bryn Bach14.6 
8558:29David Smout V65MParc Bryn Bach26.0 
8658:32Mex Gaillard V40MFairwater18.7 
8758:36Nick Osman V45MParc Bryn Bach9.4 
8858:57Simon Bray V50MUsk  
8959:07Keith Langley V60MPont-Y-Pwl17.5 
9059:13Andrew John Green V50MChepstow H19.9 
9159:22Paul Dursley V60MLliswerry20.9 
9259:41Wayne Rudall V50MUsk18.7 
9359:44Roger Freeman V35MParc Bryn Bach8.3 
9459:46Martyn Jenkins V55MFairwater24.3 
9560:03Andrew Goldstraw SENMFairwater34.8 
9660:49Lewis Davies-Percy V35MIslwyn13.1 
9760:54David Webster V55MLliswerry17.0 
9860:59Howard Martin Attwood V65MLliswerry19.5 
9961:29Keith Davies V55MIslwyn15.7 
10061:47AN Other      
10162:02Nathan Richards V40MIslwyn32.4 
10262:30Marcus Smith V45MParc Bryn Bach12.3 
10362:48Ieuan Kingston V35MPont-Y-Pwl8.0 
10463:06Daniel Newton V40MPont-Y-Pwl22.0 
10563:15Huw Evans V45MLliswerry19.1 
10663:55Neil Walker V40MUsk23.0 
10764:19Stephen Dallow V60MParc Bryn Bach11.1 
10864:43Peter Olivier V50MCaerleon25.6 
10964:49David Parry V45MParc Bryn Bach21.6 
11064:59Shane Baker V35MPont-Y-Pwl7.2 
11165:07Luke Davies V35MIslwyn33.7 
11265:21David Ronald Kempton V60MParc Bryn Bach21.1 
11365:38Brett Regulski V55MChepstow H19.6 
11465:39Jon Stones V40MLliswerry25.5 
11565:40Hamish Hughson V45MChepstow H37.4 
11665:59Mark Prosser V45MFairwater15.7 
11766:49Richard Parnell V40MIslwyn10.6 
11866:51Matthew Taylour V35MIslwyn23.9 
11966:54Michael Bonnett V60MLliswerry22.1 
12067:12Brian Phillips U20MLliswerry48.5 
12167:56Steven Houghton V55MCaerleon22.1 
12268:08Timothy Murphy V55MFairwater19.5 
12368:10Richard Powell V40MIslwyn32.4 
12468:16Rod WyattV45MMonmouth  
12568:24Michael Tasker V45MCaerleon20.4 
12668:47Chris Hope V45MIslwyn35.0 
12770:08Graham Simpson V55MUsk40.2 
12870:30Tony Kear V50MCaerleon29.3 
12971:10David Davies V50MCaerleon20.8 
13071:27Terry Vaughan V45MParc Bryn Bach32.1 
13171:52Neil Chipper V55MLliswerry17.0 
13272:32Andrew Marlog V35MParc Bryn Bach32.2 
13373:19Darren Swift V50MParc Bryn Bach26.3 
13473:42Michael Brunnock V50MPont-Y-Pwl31.4 
13574:49Mark Nicol V45MChepstow H18.8 
13676:58Gary WilcoxV55MPont-y-Pwl  
13779:45William Barrie Lewis V60MIslwyn24.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
151:18Jonathan JenkinsV70MMonmouth  
257:36Geoffrey Bayliss V70MChepstow H29.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
133:58Lauren Cooper SENWParc Bryn Bach/Aberdare Valley/Cardiff Uni1.2 
234:25Sandra Chipper V45WLliswerry4.2 
335:39Georgie Parnell V35WNewport H/Welsh Masters5.2 
435:55Faye Johnson SENWPont-Y-Pwl7.1 
536:48Nicky Collin SENWLliswerry6.5 
636:51Jane Horler V45WChepstow H13.2 
736:56Sarah Bell V40WChepstow H6.0 
837:19Emma Wookey SENWLliswerry5.1 
937:45Alex WilsonV35WMonmouth  
1038:05Hannah Williams SENWParc Bryn Bach5.0 
1138:32Antoinette Dumayne SENWLliswerry/Swansea Uni4.0 
1238:53Victoria Hobbs SENWLliswerry10.5 
1339:07Lou Summers V50WPont-Y-Pwl8.1 
1439:37Danielle Sapsford V35WChepstow H22.4 
1540:03Harri Like SENWPont-Y-Pwl7.1 
1640:06Laura GreyV35WMonmouth  
1740:16Kelly WallV35WIslwyn  
1840:16Emma PriceSENWFairwater  
1941:05Rachel Lewis V40WParc Bryn Bach16.7 
2041:07Megan Holmes U23WCaerleon29.4 
2141:17Sarah Coote V35WParc Bryn Bach13.1 
2241:48Rhianydd Evans V35WIslwyn32.8 
2341:55Sarah Lauder V35WLliswerry12.0 
2441:56Leanne MeekV35WMonmouth  
2542:06Sharon Newell V45WParc Bryn Bach13.4 
2642:07Emma KingV35WMonmouth  
2742:10Anne Harris V45WParc Bryn Bach/Pont-Y-Pwl29.8 
2842:16Paula Williams V50WCaerleon19.1 
2942:18Siân JonesSENWParc Bryn Bach  
3042:27Emma Sowrey V40WPont-Y-Pwl26.1 
3142:49Elinor Phillips SENWLliswerry21.6 
3242:50Sarah Jeremiah V40WParc Bryn Bach10.6 
3342:55Emily HarrisonSENWMonmouth  
3443:18Julie Cashell V40WParc Bryn Bach25.9 
3543:23Lucy MacdonaldSENWMonmouth  
3643:27Rachel Bowen V40WLliswerry9.0 
3744:30Nicola SmithV50WPont-y-Pwl  
3844:42Sian Jones V35WCaerleon20.5 
3944:44Melissa Pearce V45WParc Bryn Bach17.2 
4045:05Alex Evans V40WParc Bryn Bach11.0 
4145:32Sarah Francis V40WLliswerry16.4 
4245:35Clare Patterson V35WPont-Y-Pwl5.5 
4346:10Liz Richards V50WCaerleon14.1 
4446:26Rebecca Poole V35WFairwater23.9 
4546:27Bev Bradbury JonesV45WFairwater  
4647:03Hannah Davies SENWIslwyn20.0 
4747:22Delphine Jones V35WParc Bryn Bach15.9 
4847:24Rebecca FosterV40WMonmouth  
4947:25Anna Smith V35WParc Bryn Bach33.5 
5047:33Vicky RobertsSENWMonmouth  
5147:50Sophie WilliamsSENWMonmouth  
5248:21Sonja Breese V45WLliswerry23.0 
5348:22Nicola Sinclair V40WLliswerry23.4 
5449:10Elizabeth Patricia Stokes V45WGriffithstown17.2 
5549:38Julie Roche V50WFairwater16.5 
5649:51Liz Carpenter-Davies SENWParc Bryn Bach34.2 
5750:05Suzanne Tew V45WParc Bryn Bach9.6 
5850:13Vicki Jones V45WIslwyn31.4 
5950:31Jane Lewis V45WFairwater16.1 
6051:22Alison Holton V45WParc Bryn Bach19.9 
6152:08Ceri Caswell V40WParc Bryn Bach19.6 
6252:14Zoe Heydon V40WIslwyn41.1 
6352:32Georgine Seed V55WParc Bryn Bach18.0 
6453:11Siân McgoldrickV50WParc Bryn Bach  
6553:14Lucy Cummings SENWPont-Y-Pwl38.9 
6653:17Susan Webster V50WLliswerry41.3 
6753:34Cerianne Jenkins V40WLliswerry21.9 
6853:50Bobbie Swift V40WParc Bryn Bach20.1 
6954:09Annette Exley V50WUsk33.5 
7054:15Stella Symons V50WFairwater25.4 
7154:16Val Clare V60WLliswerry36.6 
7254:20Jane Bayliss V65WChepstow H23.9 
7354:30Kathleen Jervis V60WParc Bryn Bach25.8 
7454:51Sue Ashton V60WChepstow H28.3 
7555:06Jayne Bentall V45WLliswerry26.3 
7655:10Teresa Davies V45WParc Bryn Bach23.7 
7755:22Carol Ann UsherV55WMonmouth  
7855:38Sarah Pontin V40WIslwyn25.6 
7956:16Keren Beard V45WGriffithstown19.4 
8056:17Leigh Guy V40WIslwyn36.0 
8156:52Karen Llewelyn V55WPont-Y-Pwl24.3 
8256:56Julia Groombridge V50WLliswerry19.4 
8357:29Susan Gray V50WParc Bryn Bach27.6 
8457:55Anne Jenner V55WChepstow H27.7 
8558:02Sharon Herbert V50WPont-Y-Pwl25.3 
8658:17Marisa Benjamin SENWPont-Y-Pwl17.5 
8758:23Caroline Matthews V45WParc Bryn Bach23.4 
8858:44Helen Gwilliam V50WFairwater26.2 
8958:55Wendy Rees V55WGriffithstown32.3 
9060:18Lisa NicholsV45WLliswerry  
9160:20Maria Atkin V50WLliswerry29.2 
9261:19Suzanne Williams V50WFairwater29.0 
9362:17Shiree Jones SENWPont-Y-Pwl35.9 
9462:24Leanne Stephens V40WIslwyn34.7 
9562:36Morwenna Phillips SENWLliswerry26.8 
9663:48Sarah Tucker V40WIslwyn26.4 
9764:22Gwyneth Howells V65WCaerleon29.0 
9864:34Jacqueline Webb V55WChepstow H25.1 
9965:20Emily Jayne Welsh V35WIslwyn33.5 
10076:52Jaye Price SENWIslwyn42.4