Eastern Counties Championships External Results
Bury St. Edmunds
18 Nov 17
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
141:11Steven Robinson SENMPeterborough/Royal Air Force6.0 
241:33Angus Holford SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Colchester H-2.3 
342:05Alan Darby SENMEly-1.0 
442:29Shaun Walton U23MRamsey/Peterborough8.1 
542:31Robert Chenery SENMIpswich Jaffa/Bungay Black Dog-0.4 
642:49Gary Crush V40MCity of Norwich-1.3 
742:59James O'Neill V35MRyston3.6 
843:39Craig Fiddaman SENMIpswich Jaffa5.6 
944:09Chris SellansSENMColchester Harriers  
1044:10Spencer Goodall V45MCity of Norwich/Eastern Masters8.9 
1144:13Mark Clements V40MIpswich Jaffa6.1 
1244:21Paul WaggittSENMEly Runners  
1344:26James Grant Skinner V40MPeterborough6.5 
1444:42Allen Smalls V45MColchester H3.2 
1544:52Neil Pollard V35MNewmarket J-1.3 
1644:59Nicholas Stone SENMPeterborough18.7 
1745:04Tyrone Farrer V40MHuntingdonshire0.2 
1845:09Nick Smith SENMSt. Edmund Pacers17.7 
1945:12Steve Fraser-Lim V40MIpswich Jaffa15.4 
2045:18Benjamin Turley V35MIpswich Jaffa7.9 
2145:20Tom Hale SENMSt. Edmund Pacers9.9 
2245:32Gavin Davies V35MIpswich Jaffa4.6 
2346:01Alex Metcalfe SENMEly8.0 
2446:10Ian Old SENMIpswich Jaffa8.0 
2546:12Paul Holley V50MNewmarket J0.8 
2646:16Nate Filer V35MColchester H1.1 
2746:21Nick Palmer V40MStowmarket13.9 
2846:23Nick Osborn V35MHuntingdonshire5.5 
2946:26Richard Heath V40MColchester H3.7 
3046:35Gordon Irvine V35MEly8.2 
3146:45Tom Kingsnorth V35MSt. Edmund Pacers5.4 
3246:46Paul Spowage V50MColchester H/Eastern Masters6.0 
3346:48Steve Hall V45MPeterborough/Ramsey4.9 
3446:56Keith Marley V45MColchester H5.0 
3546:58Lawrence Wade V40MCity of Norwich2.7 
3647:01James Hayward SENMIpswich Jaffa6.2 
3747:10Alexander Hosking SENMIpswich Jaffa14.5 
3847:12Christopher Gay SENMNewmarket J1.0 
3947:33John NearsV40MColchester Harriers  
4047:45Mark Hayward V35MNewmarket J-1.1 
4147:53Andrew Raynor V50MColchester H6.8 
4247:56Alexander Sales SENMColchester H8.2 
4348:12Trevor Bunch V40MSt. Edmund Pacers9.8 
4448:36James Sadlier V40MPeterborough2.4 
4548:58Ryan Ostler SENMIpswich Jaffa24.4 
4649:13Simon Harris V40MNewmarket J11.7 
4749:21Joseph Peat SENMIpswich Jaffa18.7 
4849:26Oliver Gifford U23MColchester H13.8 
4949:32Nathan Popple SENMPeterborough/Bangor Uni11.6 
5049:37Richard Flutter V50MColchester H7.7 
5149:59Oliver Mason SENMPeterborough7.1 
5250:00Richard Hill V40MEly6.2 
5350:09Sean Barker V50MHuntingdonshire4.0 
5450:37Ben Jeffery V35MSt. Edmund Pacers/West Suffolk4.3 
5550:42James Waterson V45MColchester H7.7 
5650:48Simon Smith V50MColchester H7.5 
5750:51Ritchie Parkins V45MStowmarket/Royal Air Force27.4 
5851:00Stephen Howard V50MEly5.0 
5951:11Ben Collison V35MWest Norfolk5.2 
6051:26Mark Harrod V40MColchester H22.9 
6151:28Martin Rowe V50MHuntingdonshire7.7 
6251:28Jamie Rule SENMNewmarket J9.4 
6351:40Chris Miles V35MStowmarket30.6 
6451:43Steven Hughes V50MStowmarket16.2 
6552:10Chris Manby V35MColchester H8.4 
6652:12Russell Goodridge V45MColchester H6.5 
6752:15Carl Rooney V40MHuntingdonshire8.0 
6852:26Warren Birch V50MIpswich Jaffa6.9 
6952:42Elliot Wells V35MStowmarket17.8 
7052:59Howard Beasley V55MSt. Edmund Pacers4.7 
7153:06Peter Bird V40MSt. Edmund Pacers9.8 
7253:31Justin Potter SENMStowmarket8.5 
7354:20Steve SymssV40MStowmarket Striders  
7454:40David HilsonV50MColchester Harriers  
7556:04Matthew Mason V45MEly16.4 
7656:30Christopher Bing V35MIpswich Jaffa15.0 
7756:45Martin Avis V45MSt. Edmund Pacers17.3 
7856:57John Adams V40MIpswich Jaffa20.3 
7957:39Mike Rose V55MHuntingdonshire12.7 
8058:14Ian Rattray V45MColchester H10.0 
8158:37Simon Miller V45MColchester H13.2 
8259:31Steve McNamara V45MStowmarket19.5 
8360:14Jamie Bennett V40MIpswich Jaffa/Ipswich13.2 
8460:34Paul Woodyatt V55MCity of Norwich/Eastern Masters21.0 
8560:53Philip Beer V50MStowmarket13.2 
8662:37Peter Jay V55MSt. Edmund Pacers16.3 
8763:21Robert Reason V50MStowmarket18.9 
8864:47Jeremy Reader V40MNewmarket J16.8 
8966:41Mark Hughes V45MStowmarket18.8 
9068:36Gi Cheung V45MIpswich Jaffa26.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
128:31Gary Evans U20MBedford & County/Riverside10.6 
229:21Joseph Patterson U20MColchester H12.8 
329:29Oscar Dawson U20MColchester H10.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:35Max Caulfield U17MColchester H0.9 
222:02Thomas Abbott U17MIpswich18.6 
322:10Jack Grady U17MIpswich9.8 
422:16Ermeas Afewerki U17MColchester H9.6 
522:22Reuben Handy U17MSt. Edmund Pacers17.4 
623:10Adam Wood U17MIpswich19.4 
723:20Joe Robson U17MSt. Edmund Pacers8.3 
823:26Steven Quercia-Smale U17MSt. Edmund Pacers-1.7 
923:29James Orrell U17MBRJ Huntingdon-2.5 
1023:32Jacob FoxU17MPeterborough AC  
1124:06Joseph Boden U17MColchester H12.8 
1224:09Fergus Crouch U17MColchester H5.8 
1324:30Keiran MoodyU17MSt Edmunds Pacers  
1424:33Patryk Szpryngiel U17MPeterborough18.2 
1524:44Morgan Moore U17MStowmarket3.5 
1625:26Louis TurnerU17MPeterborough AC  
1727:13Oliver Bingham U17MStowmarket9.3 
1827:21Alfie LarkeU17MStowmarket Striders  
1928:51Aiden Painter U17MPeterborough25.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:13Ben Bayly U15MSt. Edmund Pacers0.2 
214:20Aidan Cahill U15MColchester & Tendring6.5 
314:47Tom Henson U15MSt. Edmund Pacers0.7 
415:04Thomas Bridger U15MCambridge & Coleridge-3.9 
515:12Harvey Hancock U15MNene Valley0.7 
615:17Benjamin Garrod U15MThetford26.7 
715:19Billy Life U15MNorth Norfolk Harriers4.4 
815:27Angus Lawrence U15MHuntingdonshire29.0 
915:43Keelan Duffy U15MBRJ Huntingdon-1.5 
1015:47Oscar Woodward U15MSt. Edmund Pacers20.6 
1115:50Tom Frohn U15MIpswich15.0 
1215:58Sam Cooper U15MNorth Norfolk Harriers9.5 
1316:01Matthew Bennett U15MIpswich Jaffa9.4 
1416:06Tyler Howard U15MThetford15.8 
1516:13Anton Avis U15MSt. Edmund Pacers26.7 
1616:14Joe Webb U15MSt. Edmund Pacers11.3 
1716:17Dylan Tomaselli U15MNene Valley0.4 
1816:22Alex Richardson U15MSt. Edmund Pacers7.2 
1916:25Joe Bradford U15MWest Suffolk26.4 
2016:33Dylan Bradnam U15MSt. Edmund Pacers4.9 
2116:57Brendan Rose U15MHuntingdonshire7.2 
2217:03Archie Tweed U15MSt. Edmund Pacers9.8 
2317:26Adam Smeeton U15MEly11.6 
2417:38Jack Jackson U15MNene Valley8.1 
2518:19Charlie Adams U15MIpswich Jaffa39.7 
2618:20Oliver Langner U15MIpswich Jaffa16.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:45Lewis Sullivan U13MSt. Edmund Pacers3.2 
210:59James Peck U13MThetford-1.8 
311:03Innes O'Malley U13MNorth Norfolk Harriers4.6 
411:32Henry Jonas U13MNorth Norfolk Harriers-3.1 
511:37Brad Keay U13MNorth Norfolk Harriers/Shropshire Schs0.7 
611:42Luca McGrath U13MCambridge & Coleridge12.4 
711:48Max Berry U13MSt. Edmund Pacers-0.6 
811:55Benjamin Peck U13MThetford-3.0 
911:57Harry Wakefield U13MSt. Edmund Pacers/Ryston13.3 
1011:59Howard Croft U13MHuntingdonshire9.6 
1112:00Ryan Grady U13MIpswich2.5 
1212:02Kai Chilvers U13MNene Valley-0.8 
1312:15Oliver SandersU13MThetford AC  
1412:22Max Fisher U13MIpswich0.1 
1512:27Joel McGinness U13MHuntingdonshire21.4 
1612:28Ciaran Burke U13MHuntingdonshire9.3 
1712:29Benjamin MoyeU13MSt Edmunds Pacers  
1812:32Ben Franks U13MIpswich19.4 
1912:47Freddie House U13MNene Valley17.8 
2012:59Theo Gardiner U13MColchester H2.5 
2113:01Jake HaywoodU13MStowmarket Striders  
2213:13Ashton Richardson U13MSt. Edmund Pacers15.2 
2313:16Oliver Beasley U13MPeterborough16.2 
2413:21Dominic Pauley U13MBRJ Huntingdon0.4 
2513:24Matthew Benson U11MNorth Norfolk Harriers1.9 
2613:33Jude SwaineU13MColchester & Tendring AC  
2713:34Albie Driscoll U13MSt. Edmund Pacers35.0 
2813:34Arthur Cornish U13MSt. Edmund Pacers  
2913:45Archie Barker U13MNorth Norfolk Harriers20.7 
3013:47Jeremy White U11MEly14.1 
3113:57Joshua Rooke U13MSt. Edmund Pacers13.7 
3214:03Ewan Peck U13MThetford22.8 
3314:09Jack AppellU13MSt Edmunds Pacers  
3414:11Leo d'Ayala U13MEly19.5 
3514:39Zac Appell U11MSt. Edmund Pacers  
3614:45Alex McNamara U13MStowmarket37.5 
3715:03Charlie SpencerU13MSt Edmunds Pacers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
126:17Brian Rogers V60MIpswich Jaffa8.2 
229:02Chris PurbrookV60MNewmarket Joggers  
329:11Stephen Robinson V60MStowmarket29.0 
429:58Alan Burgin V65MHuntingdonshire18.9 
532:51Charles SchoolbredV60MIpswich Jaffa  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:13Odette Robson V45WSt. Edmund Pacers12.9 
224:41Sara Bird SENWIpswich Jaffa13.4 
325:02Laura Thomas SENWIpswich Jaffa2.5 
425:28Angela Joiner-Handy V45WSt. Edmund Pacers8.8 
526:11Cath JeffreyV35WSt Edmunds Pacers  
626:13Rebecca Cooke SENWColchester H8.9 
726:13Andrea James SENWColchester H13.0 
826:15Jane Clarke V55WCity of Norwich/Eastern Masters13.8 
926:18Gemma Porch V35WStowmarket16.7 
1026:31Ella Neale SENWColchester H/Brunel Uni London8.7 
1126:35Hannah Pollard V35WNewmarket J18.7 
1226:38Zohra Armitage V40WSt. Edmund Pacers10.6 
1326:51Rebecca Cousins SENWWest Norfolk16.2 
1427:08Christine Anthony V50WWest Suffolk/Eastern Masters/St. Edmund Pacers11.3 
1527:14Joanna Woledge V40WSt. Edmund Pacers21.3 
1627:27Ffion Harris SENWColchester H/Army9.0 
1727:27Sam Spencer SENWIpswich Jaffa13.9 
1827:35Val Jennings V50WIpswich Jaffa10.7 
1927:35Esther Lury V40WIpswich Jaffa18.8 
2027:45Stacey EyresSENWColchester Harriers  
2127:45Samantha Hart U23WColchester H/Central Lancashire Uni20.0 
2227:50Kelly Crawford SENWHuntingdonshire20.3 
2327:55Ieva Klavina V35WHuntingdonshire5.5 
2428:12Katie King SENWSt. Edmund Pacers1.6 
2528:21Ellie Cumner V35WBraintree/Colchester & Tendring8.8 
2628:39Catherine Henery V50WCity of Norwich11.3 
2728:45Katy Burgin SENWHuntingdonshire25.5 
2829:02Mel Sherman V40WIpswich Jaffa23.8 
2929:20Lucy Smith V35WSt. Edmund Pacers21.2 
3029:21Jackie MacllannanSENWColchester Harriers  
3129:23Louise Wilkinson V55WCity of Norwich26.3 
3229:44Cheryl Appleby SENWColchester H28.5 
3329:53Alison Fox V50WHuntingdonshire20.4 
3430:13Suzanne Heath V45WIpswich Jaffa23.0 
3530:16Katie Margarson SENWSt. Edmund Pacers/Cambridge & Coleridge12.0 
3630:23Jenny Richardson V55WColchester H16.4 
3730:30Laura Bourne V45WSt. Edmund Pacers20.1 
3830:35Jenny Morgan V60WSt. Edmund Pacers11.9 
3930:37Dianne Hughes V55WStowmarket20.1 
4031:04Susan Lockhart V55WIpswich Jaffa15.9 
4131:10Belinda Godbold V55WIpswich Jaffa23.6 
4231:17Jo HaywoodV45WStowmarket Striders  
4331:18Amy Steele SENWHuntingdonshire24.7 
4431:19Eloise Bird V50WSt. Edmund Pacers19.3 
4531:49Pauline Stocker V55WHuntingdonshire22.8 
4632:06Louise Goddard V40WStowmarket31.6 
4732:21Helen Wass V50WNewmarket J27.9 
4832:52Marion Bennett V35WIpswich Jaffa13.9 
4932:56Sandra Mayhew V50WStowmarket11.9 
5033:09Sarah Sellens SENWColchester H15.2 
5134:09Erica Burger V55WCookham35.0 
5234:47Alison Beech V55WIpswich Jaffa30.1 
5336:08Jan Holmes V50WNewmarket J23.9 
5437:37Julie Haselwood V60WIpswich Jaffa27.6 
5538:05Rachel Richardson-Wright V55WColchester H26.2 
5642:02Rebecca Hannah SENWNewmarket J31.3 
5742:02Sarah Kinston V40WNewmarket J23.4 
5844:05Caroline McIntosh V65WNewmarket J28.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
126:21Mary Ann Deasy U20WColchester H31.0 
228:43Ellen Ellard U20WPeterborough17.0 
329:21Alice Bell U20WSt. Edmund Pacers37.6 
431:07Lucy Waller U20WHuntingdonshire/Leeds Uni19.3 
532:10Lizzy JacksonU20WSt Edmunds Pacers  
632:57Amelia Darnell U20WHuntingdonshire9.2 
734:57Ellie Temple U20WSt. Edmund Pacers43.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:13Maddie Jordan-Lee U17WStowmarket1.5 
224:15Millie Jordan-Lee U17WStowmarket2.7 
328:35Katie Lawrence U17WHuntingdonshire22.4 
429:11Chloe LoosleyU17WBRJ Running & Tri Club  
529:58Ellie Sullivan U17WSt. Edmund Pacers32.1 
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