Liverpool Womens 10K External Results
10 May 09
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PosGunChip   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
136:02    Helen Waugh SBSENW 36:0234:0114.3 
236:41    Nicola Whitfield Bird PBSENWWest Cheshire/Ellesmere Port/Manchester Uni36:4136:415.5 
337:04    Kirsty Longley PBSENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton37:0434:290.3 
437:26    Catherine Gallagher PBSENWLiverpool H/Loughborough Students/Barrow Runners37:2637:2624.7 
537:55    Amy Glen PBU23WLiverpool H37:5537:5536.0 
639:40    Nabilah Salihi PBSENWSpectrum39:4039:2935.1 
739:43    Briony Taby PBV40WMossley Hill39:4339:43  
840:10    Natalie Palin  SENWLiverpool RC39:2739:2717.8 
940:55    Laura Murphy PBU20WLiverpool H40:5540:5535.1 
1041:08    Michelle Murphy PBV40WLiverpool H41:0841:0812.4 
1141:27    Clare Murphy  U20WLiverpool H41:1640:4436.0 
1241:30    Clare Morley  SENWHull Achilles39:2339:2336.0 
1341:33    Marina Ali PBV35WLiverpool H41:3341:33  
1441:46    Julie Dala (nee Webb) PBV40WWirral41:4640:0723.1 
1541:54    Helen Davies PBSENWMossley Hill41:2640:1612.6 
1641:59    Sarah Lowe PBV35WUnattached41:5941:59  
1742:18    Emma Webster PBSENWWigan Phoenix42:1842:18  
1842:27    Gill Eden PBV40WUnattached42:2742:27  
1942:32    Jane Morley  V55WHull Achilles/Northern Masters42:0242:0216.8 
2042:32    Victoria Coley PBSENWUnattached42:3242:32  
2142:49    Camille Aryeetey SBV35WUTS Running42:4942:0212.0 
2242:55    Alison Briscoe  V40WUnattached42:1342:1336.0 
2643:46    Susan Cain SBV50WPenny Lane43:4641:209.8 
3044:1944:15   Susan Burke PBV45WLiverpool RC44:1544:1518.9 
3144:2244:19   Karen Loughney  V40WNorth Shields Poly44:1944:1917.5 
3444:44    Hilary Russell PBV50WUnattached44:4444:44  
3944:5744:55   Lisa Gawthorne  SENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton44:5438:536.5 
4746:17    Rosemary Rogers SBV55WDeestriders RC46:1745:0716.3 
15951:51    Rosemary Armstrong SBV65WDoncaster51:5148:4429.0 
34155:46    Norma Young PBV70WUnattached55:4655:4636.0