Mersea Island parkrun # 36 External Results
Mersea Island
19 Aug 17
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:56Dan Woodcock  S20MLoughborough Triathlon RC16:5816:5810.1 
218:59Aidan Cahill  U15MColchester & Tendring17:3816:40-0.7 
319:40Damian Ranson  V40MUnattached19:0519:0519.0Click your Clock logo
419:45Steven Moss  V55MUnattached18:0318:036.0 
519:57Leon Webster  S30MSpringfield18:5018:0111.7 
620:00Mick O'Sullivan  V55MTrent Park18:5418:538.1 
720:04Steve Hewes  V40MHarwich19:3216:467.8 
820:07Craig Mitchell  V40MColchester H18:2617:583.0 
920:14James Grierson V45MUnattached    
1020:41Ian Elden  V40MSudbury Joggers19:4718:255.3Click your Clock logo
1120:51Mark Crosby S30MUnattached    
1220:59Sam Barker S20MUnattached    
1321:57Thomas Wargent S20MUnattached    
1421:58Nick Walmsley V55MUnattached    
1522:14Bryan Sargeant V55MUnattached    
1622:17Kevin Bunton V55MUnattached    
1722:41Stephen Swaine V45MUnattached    
1823:09Ben Johnson V35MUnattached    
1923:12Joe Grierson U15MUnattached    
2023:15Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2123:22Elizabeth Cahill  V50WBraintree22:1722:1714.8 
2223:44Ian Crux V40MUnattached    
2323:49Rachel Nolan V40WUnattached    
2423:49Paul Nolan V45MUnattached    
2524:03Jude Swaine U11MUnattached    
2624:14Andrew Wagerfield V35MUnattached    
2724:20Al Beard V45MUnattached    
2824:28Christopher Lee  V60MUnattached22:2021:1416.9 
2924:57Seamus Clifford V45MUnattached    
3025:18Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3125:33Rachel Sadler V40WCrazy Runners    
3225:34David Cahill  V50MBraintree22:5420:3112.4 
3325:41David Johnson-Laird V40MUnattached    
3426:11Clare Suzanne Collins V45WUnattached    
3526:20Carl Messer V45MUnattached    
3626:36Lisa Dove  V35WSudbury Joggers/Unattached24:4423:2721.4 
3726:51Andy Byrom V50MUnattached    
3827:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3927:03Alex Washington S25MUnattached    
4027:04Ross Blackaby S25MUnattached    
4127:24Dean Cutting V50MUnattached    
4227:32Laura Fairbanks  V35WQueens Park25:4223:0915.5 
4327:33John Allen V65MMersea Island Hash House Harriers    
4427:42Catriona McAulay S20WUnattached    
4527:56Gordon Mcaulay  V50MUnattached26:1725:1718.9 
4628:13Clare Thompson V60WUnattached    
4728:28John Henry V55MUnattached    
4828:39Bethanie Moore S20WUnattached    
4928:52Christine Wagerfield V35WUnattached    
5028:53George Johnston U15MUnattached    
5129:06Luke Groves  S30MGreat Bentley24:1423:3319.3 
5229:12Katherine Patel V35WUnattached    
5329:20Lucy Willis S20WRun Eat Sleep - South Shields    
5429:32Julia Bacon V45WWitham RC    
5529:39Ben Eary S30MUnattached    
5629:50Sarah Rose V35WUnattached    
5730:06James Michael Collins V50MUnattached    
5830:18Carly Rawe S20WUnattached    
5930:19John Bushell S20MUnattached    
6030:22Kate Bagley V45WUnattached    
6130:37Amy Widdowson U11WUnattached    
6230:38Ian Widdowson V45MUnattached    
6330:55Don Ford V70MOrion Harriers    
6430:56Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6530:56Chris Wiseman V40MUnattached    
6631:04Dave Tough V50MUnattached    
6731:46Debbie Collier V50WOrion Harriers    
6831:47Howard Emerson V70MUnattached    
6931:59Clare Ward V50WUnattached    
7032:00Joe Ward V45MUnattached    
7132:07Lynne Woodcock V60WUnattached    
7232:11Shirley Walmsley V60WUnattached    
7333:02David Willis V60MUnattached    
7433:21Lucy Crickmore V40WUnattached    
7533:24Chris Austin V50MUnattached    
7633:30John Ferdinand V35MUnattached    
7734:16Steve Tillbrook V50MUnattached    
7834:18Jacqui Crombie V50WUnattached    
7934:33Amelia Page U18WUnattached    
8035:05Niki Casey V35WUnattached    
8135:53Hannah Bunce S20WUnattached    
8236:19Beverley Leslie V55WJogging Made Easy    
8337:09Caroline Widdowson V40WUnattached    
8437:25Lucy Widdowson U18WUnattached    
8538:19Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8638:19Ben Warren U15MUnattached    
8738:20Leanne Johnson-Laird V35WUnattached    
8839:19Diana Lee V55WJogging Made Easy    
8943:05Joshua Essam U11MUnattached    
9043:07Gemma Essam S30WUnattached    
9143:09Yvonne McAulay V55WUnattached    
9243:51Lucy Warren U18WUnattached    
9343:51Grace Johnson-Laird U11WUnattached    
9444:18Sam Grout U11MUnattached    
9544:19Tyler Mansell U11MUnattached    
9644:21Mike Grout V45MUnattached    
9744:42Rachel Mansell S30WUnattached    
9845:08Pauline Dawson V65WUnattached    
9945:20Elaine Vaughan V45WUnattached    
10045:46Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10145:48Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10247:38Emma Vaughan U18WUnattached