Lincoln Wellington 3K Series External Results
22 Aug 17
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:21   Lewis Budgen  U15MLincoln Wellington10:1710:17-0.9Click your Clock logo
211:09   Emily Crookes PBU13WLincoln Wellington11:0911:096.8 
311:14   India Barwell  U13WLincoln Wellington11:0710:323.7 
411:20   Cameron West PBU13MLincoln Wellington11:2011:206.1 
511:25   Will Bloom  U13MLincoln Wellington11:0110:071.3 
611:30   Kameron Rodgers  U15MGainsborough & Morton11:0211:0213.9 
711:56   Oliver Pearson  U13MLincoln Wellington11:2010:415.5 
812:03   Ashwin Kumar  U13MLincoln Wellington11:0210:153.7 
912:07   Ross Butcher  U13MLincoln Wellington11:5410:567.3 
1012:11   Thomas Edmond U15MLincoln Wellington AC    
1112:12   Warren Limpkin SBU13MLincoln Wellington12:1211:4623.7 
1212:29   Madison Green  U13WLincoln Wellington12:0211:459.6 
1312:55   Callum Begley U15MLincoln Tri    
1412:56   Joseph Davies  U13MLincoln Wellington12:2912:0712.6 
1513:09   Isabella Vinter  U13WLincoln Wellington12:5111:5212.6 
1613:20   Luke Lenton  U13MLincoln Wellington13:1113:1128.8 
1713:22   Lucy Davies  U13WLincoln Wellington13:1812:4113.9 
1813:29   Ewan Merrell  U13MLincoln Wellington12:5412:2810.9 
1913:49   Jack Marklew  U13MLincoln Wellington13:2013:2021.7 
2013:52   Cerys Vickers  U13WScunthorpe13:3613:369.3 
2113:56   Lucie Thorpe PBU13WLincoln Wellington13:5613:4021.5 
2214:13   Samesh Kumar PBU13MLincoln Wellington14:1314:1313.0