Leeds parkrun # 116 External Results
Woodhouse Moor
26 Dec 09
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:07   Graham Brook  S30MStragglers17:0715:531.7 
219:55   Allan Barrie  V35MStragglers17:3417:249.6 
320:06   Daniel Fitzhugh  S25MValley Striders17:4217:1629.9 
420:37   Ian Rosser  V40MValley Striders18:2417:578.7 
520:41   Joel Giddings  V35MValley Striders19:2317:574.5 
622:46   Chris Jones  V50MHyde Park Harriers19:1319:097.6 
723:05   Sam Dooley  V45MHyde Park Harriers18:3818:3830.0 
823:20   Guy Willard  V40MWakefield Triathlon Club19:5019:1932.8 
923:30   Sharon Williams  V45WAbbey Runners Leeds20:4420:4412.2 
1023:50   George Kainyek  SENMUnattached19:1719:1712.7 
1124:02   Kenny Craddock  V45MUnattached21:1921:1912.1 
1224:25   Michael Jameson  V35MHyde Park Harriers21:1421:1436.0 
1325:40   Mark Harris  V45MRothwell18:2618:2625.7 
1425:46   Richard Sutcliffe  V35MOtley24:5821:2236.0 
1526:16   Tom Mitchell  S30MUnattached21:2620:2510.1 
1628:39   Ralph Kidner  V55MHyde Park Harriers23:3821:1615.1 
1728:39   Ellie Dooley  U15WHyde Park Harriers24:4220:2635.8 
1828:41   Angela Ward-holmes  SENWUnattached24:4321:3234.4 
1929:13   David Anthony Birkby  V45MUnattached24:0523:4921.5 
2029:14   Stephen O'hara  V60MHorsforth Harriers23:3522:4520.8 
2129:52   Andrew P Nicholls  V50MHyde Park Harriers26:2520:0510.0 
2230:57   Joe Hogg  V40MHyde Park Harriers24:4923:3717.3 
2331:08   Aamir Murtaza  SENMUnattached23:4722:0815.8 
2433:23   Aasim Murtaza  SENMUnattached29:3524:5536.0 
2533:23   Ghualm Murtaza  V35MUnattached24:1719:0918.1 
2636:17   Amanda Jane Birkby  V40WUnattached27:3626:3221.5 
2740:20   Surinder Bangerh  V35WHyde Park Harriers27:4725:3519.8 
2842:44   Amar Bhatti  V40MHyde Park Harriers36:1327:2723.7 
2942:55   Jaz Bangerh  V35WHyde Park Harriers30:5028:1226.7 
3045:41   Janice Marshall  V55WHyde Park Harriers30:3428:5434.4 
3146:14   Tess Hornsby Smith  V35WHyde Park Harriers38:5333:5536.0 
3246:17   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached