South West 6-Stage Road Relays External Results
8 Apr 17
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3.2KL L1
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:36   Mike TowlerSENMAvon Valley Runners  
29:41   Tom Slattery U20MCornwall AC-1.0 
39:46   Ed StahlSENMWells City Harriers  
49:47   Jason DrewSENMExmouth Harriers  
510:09   Michael Robinson SENMExmouth/Exeter Uni1.9 
610:20   Paul Cooke SENMSouth Molton0.4 
710:39   James Benham V35MSouth West RR5.4 
810:40   Christian Hewitt U23MTiverton0.5 
910:47   Howard Bailey SENMExeter2.1 
1010:58   Ian Mckee SENMAvon Valley2.9 
1111:06   Tim Vialls V50MSouth West RR3.1 
1211:08   Martin Battershill V50MErme Valley10.3 
1311:29   Rich Shirley SENMSt. Austell8.1 
1412:16   David Mudford V40MAvon Valley7.3 
1512:52   Sid KyleV50MSouth Molton Strugglers  
3.2KL L2
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:35   Richard James Ayling SENMAvon Valley1.1 
210:09   Andrew WardenSENMCornwall AC  
310:11   Ryan Snell V35MExmouth-0.8 
410:26   Johnny EllisSENMWells City Harriers  
510:32   Daniel Alsop V35MSt. Austell/Cornwall AC-1.3 
610:47   David Wilson V35MSouth West RR2.9Click your Clock logo
710:48   Mark CowanSENMExeter Harriers  
810:52   Pete Belcher V40MExmouth5.0 
910:54   Rory James Carr V35MTiverton10.4 
1010:55   Mathew TappSENMSouth Molton Strugglers  
1111:24   Peter Dyer U23MAvon Valley/Leeds Uni Cross Country Club5.3Click your Clock logo
1211:30   Ewan David Lake V45MErme Valley9.8 
1311:49   Andy JonesV50MSouth West Road Runners  
1412:11   Tony DunfordV40MAvon Valley Runners  
1515:51   Jon CarterV50MSouth Molton Strugglers  
3.2KL L3
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
110:09   Dominic Beddis V35MAvon Valley0.6 
210:18   Thomas Burman SENMExeter7.3 
310:23   Mike Musgrove V45MExmouth1.1 
410:34   Gareth Davies SENMSouth West RR1.3 
510:40   James Cutlan SENMSt. Austell1.3 
610:45   Paul Sole V35MCornwall AC1.9 
710:47   George MallinsonSENMWells City Harriers  
811:07   Nicholas Bristow V40MErme Valley6.7 
911:32   Tim Lowrie V35MAvon Valley9.0 
1011:59   Ian Wallace V35MSouth Molton5.1 
1112:07   Terry MackieSENMExmouth Harriers  
1212:11   Jim Durston V50MSouth West RR7.2 
1312:16   Alan Ledger V35MNewquay RR/Tiverton7.6 
1412:56   Simon Reeves V55MAvon Valley12.4 
1514:46   Ted TownsendV50MSouth Molton Strugglers  
3.2KL L4
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:54   Callum Crawford U23MExeter/Loughborough Students-1.8 
210:01   Paul Maskell V35MSt. Austell5.8 
310:11   Matthew Cole U23MYeovil/Wells City-2.6 
410:14   Marc Cox SENMExmouth9.7 
510:19   TC Chulu U17MSouth West RR-1.2 
610:20   Pete Slade V40MAvon Valley9.0 
710:26   Craig Salamone SENMCornwall AC6.5 
810:38   Martin Shapland V45MSouth West RR/Tiverton11.7 
911:02   Richard Harding V40MAvon Valley2.2 
1011:15   Paul ThomasV50MSouth West Road Runners  
1111:51   Grant Parker SENMSouth Molton12.4 
1212:05   Mike Hoskin V40MErme Valley9.9 
1312:55   Philip Harding V60MAvon Valley/South West Vets11.7 
1414:01   Ray Elston V75MExmouth17.1 
1517:15   Tony Collyer V60MSouth Molton30.2 
3.2KL L5
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:40   Michael Biss U20MWells City/Yeovil0.4 
29:57   Dan ShepherdSENMAvon Valley Runners  
310:09   Adam Miller V40MExmouth4.7 
410:24   Joby Hobbs V35MAvon Valley1.2 
510:38   Ali BristowSENMErme Valley Harriers  
610:46   Simon WhiteSENMTiverton Harriers  
710:50   Andrew Eddison V50MCornwall AC5.5 
811:13   Brett Jackson SENMSt. Austell5.7 
911:34   James Benham V35MSouth West RR5.4 
1011:40   Nicholas Einchcomb V50MSouth West RR3.7 
1111:46   Hugh Marsden V55MExmouth6.3 
1212:37   Frank Lamerton V65MAvon Valley10.9 
1313:10   David Phillips V60MExeter18.6 
3.2KL L6
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:22   Robert Mann SENMExeter/Exeter Uni-1.4 
29:24   Callum Jones U23MCornwall AC/Bristol Uni/Newquay & Par-3.8 
39:26   Sam Sommerville U20MYeovil/Wells City/Sheffield Uni-1.9 
49:49   Jamie Palmer V45MExmouth/South West Vets1.2 
59:55   Mike Rose SENMAvon Valley1.3 
69:59   Nathan Brown U20MErme Valley-2.5 
710:49   Jamie Masters SENMSt. Austell4.0 
810:57   Daniel Piper V35MAvon Valley4.3 
910:58   Gareth Davies SENMSouth West RR1.3 
1011:13   Richard Everson V55MSouth West RR12.8 
1111:20   Robin Mark Schols V50MAvon Valley/South West Vets5.5 
1211:31   Kerry Roberts V55MTiverton8.8 
1314:17   Lee Elston V35MExmouth24.1