City of Hull AC Champagne League 3.8 External Results
23 May 17
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:24Gregan Clarkson V35MKingston upon Hull-0.3 
221:59Stuart Carmichael V45MBeverley/East Hull/Kingston upon Hull8.3 
322:11Richard Buckle V35MEast Hull2.1 
422:23Danny Brunton V35MBridlington1.6 
522:56Matthew Hayes V45MEast Hull0.4 
623:12Nigel Sisson V45MEast Hull2.5 
723:17Adrian Bushby V45MCity of Hull3.1 
823:24Scott Hargreaves SENMBridlington-0.3Click your Clock logo
923:43Paul Teece V40MEast Hull2.3 
1023:54Jim Rogers V50MCity of Hull/East Hull2.7 
1124:02Darren Edge V50MBeverley1.1 
1224:10Simon Downs V40MKingston upon Hull/Northern Masters4.1Click your Clock logo
1324:34Sophie Lee U23WCity of Hull/Leeds Uni4.2 
1424:35David Morrison V35MBeverley3.7 
1524:38Paul Nippress V55MEast Hull7.5 
1625:05Simon Bishop V40MBeverley11.6 
1725:08Carla Stansfield SENWCity of Hull5.3 
1825:18Daniel Jones SENMLeeds Uni/Leeds City/East Hull/Keswick2.5 
1925:19Daniel Barrass V35MCity of Hull5.5 
2025:20Stephen Rennie V60MCity of Hull4.3 
2125:25Mark WraggSENMCity of Hull AC  
2225:37Stephen Glenville SENMCity of Hull6.7 
2325:47Alan Smith V45MWhite City (Hull)/East Hull4.4 
2425:56Graham JusticeV45MCity of Hull AC  
2526:00Jon Wilson V40MKingston upon Hull/Selby4.8Click your Clock logo
2626:03Tim Pattle V35MCity of Hull7.4 
2726:17Lee Craven V35MKingston upon Hull7.0 
2826:20Lucas Meagor V40MBeverley10.4 
2926:23Andrew Johnson V45MBeverley6.0 
3026:25Adrian Kamis V50MEast Hull7.3 
3126:29Andy Guymer V35MCity of Hull9.0 
3226:32Ian Hird V55MCity of Hull10.3 
3326:37Graeme Smith V40MEast Hull8.4 
3426:40Paul Cartwright V60MCity of Hull5.4 
3526:51Paul Body V40MCity of Hull12.4 
3626:53James Durham V35MBeverley6.8 
3727:03Mark Gronow V40MKingston upon Hull10.8 
3827:08Martin Hardey V40MEast Hull6.9 
3927:35Marc Cooper V35MCity of Hull23.4 
4027:42Alan Flint V65MBeverley12.3 
4127:54Ian McCoid V55MCity of Hull8.3 
4228:02Mitch Trainor V40WCity of Hull9.4 
4328:04Corinna Emily Turner SENWCity of Hull12.0 
4428:06Neil Gordon V45MEast Hull12.9 
4528:10Stuart Buchan V55MCity of Hull13.9 
4628:12Colin Langley V45MCity of Hull22.8 
4728:13Simon King V40MWhite City (Hull)12.3 
4828:21Niki Whitaker V40WCity of Hull7.9 
4928:25Andrew Tate V55MBeverley11.1 
5028:27Derek Brown V45MCity of Hull9.9 
5128:28Neil May V55MBarracuda TC/City of Hull15.7 
5228:31Kirsty Wilson V45WEast Hull9.0 
5328:51Steve Parkinson V55MBeverley/Barracuda TC11.3 
5429:22Stuart Spooner V55MBridlington25.3 
5529:24John Smith V60MCity of Hull9.5 
5629:28Hannah Harne SENWCity of Hull24.6 
5729:33Mike BaggottV60MCity of Hull AC  
5829:39Lucy Jones SENWEast Hull15.1 
5929:39Lucy Stamford V40WBeverley10.5 
6029:40Uel Webb SENMBeverley18.2 
6129:45Wayne MurtaghV40MCity of Hull AC  
6230:10Robert Wells V40MEast Hull18.9 
6330:33Stephen WalkerSENMCity of Hull AC  
6430:36Madeleine Chadwick V40WCity of Hull17.1 
6530:42Graham Naylor V65MWhite City (Hull)12.3 
6631:02Andy CollinsonV50MBeverley AC  
6731:10Peter Watkinson V60MBeverley14.4 
6831:14Stephen Coveney V65MCity of Hull17.2 
6931:29Rachel Anderson V35WWest Hull Ladies13.4 
7031:39Nick Frere V40MCity of Hull14.4 
7131:43Paul Davis V45MCity of Hull11.9 
7231:46Fiona Holland V45WBeverley18.9 
7332:01Jayne Dale V55WBeverley13.6 
7432:05Tina Brown V45WCity of Hull29.8 
7532:06Tom O'brienSENMCity of Hull AC  
7632:08David Bell V35MWhite City (Hull)10.3 
7732:10Pam EdgarV45WCity of Hull AC  
7832:17Dean FieldV50MBeverley AC  
7932:22Laura Emms SENWGreat Bentley11.7 
8032:29Stephen Richmond V60MBeverley14.1 
8132:32Andrea Keen V40WCity of Hull18.2 
8232:49Janet Kay V50WEast Hull17.5 
8332:53Debbie Jacketts V40WEast Hull13.7 
8432:58Ian Tasker V45MWhite City (Hull)13.3 
8533:01Bruce Woodford V40MBeverley11.1 
8633:08Debbie Smith V40WWhite City (Hull)18.0 
8733:14Roy Dennison V70MCity of Hull24.8 
8833:22David Johnson V50MCity of Hull29.2 
8933:38Shaun McmanusV55MWhite City RRC  
9033:59Stacy Foxworthy SENWWest Hull Ladies13.6 
9134:12Patrick Walker V40MCity of Hull11.8 
9234:21Rebecca Lawtey V35WCity of Hull28.3 
9334:24Steven Poulsom V50MEast Hull20.1 
9434:47Shirley Oglesby V65WEast Hull13.7 
9534:51David Monaghan V45MCity of Hull17.7Click your Clock logo
9634:55Mark Oglesby V50MBeverley21.4 
9734:57Eileen P Henderson V55WCity of Hull25.3 
9834:57Mandy Davison V50WEast Hull22.8 
9934:58Keith Conkerton V55MEast Hull17.1 
10035:00Rebecca Johnson SENWWest Hull Ladies17.4 
10135:01Mike O'Brien V55MCity of Hull20.1 
10235:05David Foster V60MBridlington25.8 
10335:08Stephen Brotherton V45MBeverley23.2 
10435:34Helen Duncan SENWCity of Hull22.3Click your Clock logo
10535:38Elaine Julian V50WBeverley20.5 
10635:49Rachel Whittaker V35WWest Hull Ladies16.8 
10735:54Andrew Grainger V50MBeverley20.7 
10836:16Lizzie Wardale U20WWest Hull Ladies22.2 
10936:28Andrew Meese V40MBeverley29.9 
11036:30Kevin McManus V60MCity of Hull24.2 
11136:30Helen Penn V40WCity of Hull15.1 
11236:58David Parkes V50MWhite City (Hull)25.9 
11337:22Kay Farrow V60WBeverley21.8 
11437:38Christine HemingwayV55WCity of Hull AC  
11537:58Rachael PattleSENWCity of Hull AC  
11638:10Penny Darmody V55WEast Hull23.9 
11738:16Sue Reast V50WCity of Hull24.1 
11838:28Sophie ClubleySENWCity of Hull AC  
11938:42Christine Whitehouse V60WBeverley26.4 
12038:48Jeffrey Copping V65MCity of Hull23.3 
12138:49Martina Akrill V35WWest Hull Ladies25.8 
12239:02Sophie Quinton SENWWest Hull Ladies37.6 
12339:36Rachael Benson V40WWhite City (Hull)27.5 
12439:50Jane Allen V35WWest Hull Ladies24.6 
12539:51Sarah Wilson V50WWest Hull Ladies26.2 
12639:54John Pawson V70MCity of Hull21.5 
12740:11Janet Wardale V55WWest Hull Ladies23.2 
12840:17Pam Atkins V70WBeverley27.5 
12940:30Samantha Wishart V40WWest Hull Ladies25.5 
13040:46Peter Kirk V75MCity of Hull32.5 
13140:57Victoria Evins V45WBeverley26.8 
13241:05Maria Diaz V50WWest Hull Ladies20.9 
13341:23Kate O'brienSENWCity of Hull AC  
13441:24Frank Harrison V75MCity of Hull28.4 
13541:43Jen Walker V50WWest Hull Ladies23.5 
13641:55Karen Scott V40WWest Hull Ladies20.3 
13741:55Katie May V50WCity of Hull27.9 
13841:58Julie Thomson V55WCity of Hull36.3 
13942:20Jacqui Dickinson V60WBeverley30.5 
14042:49Penelope Booth V60WBeverley24.6 
14144:10Carol Cooke V55WEast Hull25.9 
14244:29John Boardley V70MBeverley37.1 
14344:40Sarah Tock V40WBeverley29.8 
14445:43Michael Jameson SENMCity of Hull34.9 
14546:39Denise CarterV40WWhite City RRC  
14647:39Andrea Thomson V45WWest Hull Ladies31.5 
14747:52Suzanne Clarkson V60WWest Hull Ladies30.9 
14848:01Richard Tomlinson V65MBeverley45.5 
14948:15Mary Carrick V65WEast Hull/Beverley32.5