Spring Forest Mile Open External Results
2 May 17
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Mile U13X
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:12.7Owen Hall PBU13MForest of Dean AC6:12.36:12.328.2 
26:18.7Reuben Lawson PBU13MChepstow H6:18.76:18.73.6 
36:24.0Aron Asher PBU13MForest of Dean AC6:24.06:24.07.6 
46:27.5Sam Peake U13MUnattached    
56:31.5Kieran Morgan PBU13MForest of Dean AC6:26.86:26.820.2 
66:42.7Izzy Babij PBU13WForest of Dean AC6:37.76:37.720.5 
76:47.5Grace Clarke PBU13WForest of Dean AC6:47.56:47.529.5 
86:49.9Bryn Godwin PBU13MForest of Dean AC6:49.96:49.934.5 
106:50.5Finley Smith PBU13MForest of Dean AC6:50.56:50.535.2 
96:50.5Chloe Morgan PBU13WForest of Dean AC6:39.86:39.821.5 
116:59.4Charlie Roberts PBU13MForest of Dean AC6:59.46:59.420.1 
127:01.9Isabelle Chapman SBU13WForest of Dean AC7:01.96:48.037.3 
137:02.2Adam Evans PBU13MForest of Dean AC7:02.27:02.225.3 
147:11.7Miriam Holmes  U13MForest of Dean AC7:00.27:00.236.8 
157:21.8Sophie Harvey SBU13WForest of Dean AC7:21.87:11.338.4 
167:32.9Eleri Cowen  U13WForest of Dean AC7:20.67:20.632.7 
177:35.2George Cooper U13MForest of Dean AC    
187:41.1Isabella Worgan SBU13WForest of Dean AC7:41.16:59.438.7 
197:43.5Grace Treharne PBU13WForest of Dean AC7:43.57:43.543.1 
207:43.5Jemma Harrison PBU13WForest of Dean AC7:43.57:43.543.1 
219:11.4Lauren Bennett PBU13WForest of Dean AC9:11.49:11.452.5 
229:22.2Morgan Sheen PBU13WForest of Dean AC9:22.29:22.235.1 
Mile U11X
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:57.6Thomas Creed  U11MForest of Dean AC6:46.96:44.530.7 
26:58.5Jessica Ward PBU11WForest of Dean AC6:58.56:58.542.0 
37:01.2Oliver Morgan PBU11MForest of Dean AC6:52.06:52.09.0 
47:09.3Callum Peake U11MUnattached    
57:13.4Fiona Chapman PBU11WForest of Dean AC7:08.36:51.729.0 
67:24.5Harry Parsons PBU11MForest of Dean AC7:24.57:24.528.4 
77:24.5Arthur Dennant SBU11MForest of Dean AC7:24.57:12.616.3 
87:42.6Charley Cooke PBU11MForest of Dean AC7:42.67:42.643.0 
97:45.1Millie Manning  U11WForest of Dean AC7:26.27:26.241.3 
107:45.9Lauren Creed PBU11WForest of Dean AC7:45.97:45.940.0 
117:57.9Fletcher King PBU11MForest of Dean AC7:57.97:57.948.1 
128:15.9Charles Wellsted SBU11MForest of Dean AC8:15.97:46.546.8 
138:25.3Drew Sheen PBU11WForest of Dean AC8:25.38:25.336.8 
148:26.2Scott Weaver  U11MForest of Dean AC8:10.58:10.520.2 
Mile SX 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
17:51.9Michael Bryant  V55MNewent Runners7:16.26:17.716.3 
27:57.9Eva Goodhead SBV40WForest of Dean AC7:57.97:54.125.1 
38:06.3Vicky Wilson PBSENWForest of Dean AC8:06.38:06.322.6 
48:53.7Lisa Bolster PBV35WForest of Dean AC8:53.78:53.747.2 
59:36.3Claire Lavender PBV35WForest of Dean AC9:36.39:36.328.5 
69:36.3Angela Bryant SBV55WForest of Dean AC/Worcester/Welsh Masters9:36.38:53.532.7 
711:59.3Hayley Elsmoore V40WUnattached    
Mile SX 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
17:07.2David Wadley PBSENMForest of Dean AC7:07.27:07.227.0 
27:52.2Donna Sheen PBV35WForest of Dean AC7:52.27:52.220.5 
38:53.7Bev James SBV55WForest of Dean AC/Unattached8:53.78:35.0828.9 
48:56.3Debbie Woodward PBV45WForest of Dean AC8:56.38:56.334.7 
Mile SX 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
17:29.4Ross Denison SBU23MForest of Dean AC7:29.46:41.445.6 
27:39.4Chloe Powles PBU23WForest of Dean AC7:39.47:39.426.0 
37:43.8Andrew William Philip Knott PBV35MForest of Dean AC6:38.16:38.124.8 
47:52.1Julia Evans PBV40WForest of Dean AC7:52.17:52.125.4 
58:03.3Liselette Jane Adams PBV35WForest of Dean AC8:03.38:03.317.2 
68:09.8Amanda Knott PBV40WForest of Dean AC8:09.88:09.834.7 
78:23.3John James SBV65MSevern8:23.36:52.837.7 
Mile SX 4
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:40.0Daniel Cobley V40MUnattached    
26:40.2Debbie Stenner  V40WForest of Dean AC6:38.86:38.822.5 
36:47.2Peter Hewitt PBV35MForest of Dean AC6:47.26:47.226.9 
46:50.6Chris Munton  V35MForest of Dean AC6:35.36:35.321.7 
56:50.7Melinda Ruck PBV45WForest of Dean AC6:50.76:50.717.8 
66:54.6Vanessa Lawson  V45WChepstow H6:42.56:42.510.6 
76:56.7Abi Pickett SENWUnattached    
87:09.7Rhian Wyman PBSENWForest of Dean AC7:09.77:09.725.5 
97:16.5Anne Kirk SBV50WForest of Dean AC7:16.57:13.015.1 
107:18.0Martin Adams PBV35MForest of Dean AC7:18.07:18.020.8 
117:23.2Vicky Logan V40WUnattached    
127:26.1Emma Parsons SBV40WForest of Dean AC7:26.17:18.832.7 
137:27.0Suzanne Peters PBV50WForest of Dean AC7:27.07:27.020.4 
147:38.1Vicki Hewlett SBV50WForest of Dean AC7:38.17:26.3318.5 
Mile SX 5
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:45.6Matt Peake V40MUnattached    
25:48.2Andrew Woodward V40MUnattached    
35:51.2Max King PBU20MForest of Dean AC5:51.25:51.235.1 
45:56.3Daren Mark Smith SBV50MForest of Dean AC5:56.35:36.414.0 
55:58.8Chloe Wheeler  U20WForest of Dean AC5:56.65:56.612.7 
66:04.3Ian Morgan SBSENMForest of Dean AC6:04.35:51.916.3 
76:05.8Briony Bishop SBU17WGloucester6:05.85:38.85.5 
86:07.3Simon Roberts PBV45MForest of Dean AC6:07.36:07.315.8 
96:09.6Lee Osborne PBV45MForest of Dean AC6:09.66:09.633.2 
106:09.9Emma Clarke PBU17WForest of Dean AC6:09.96:09.923.4 
116:18.4Keiran Jones SBU20MForest of Dean AC6:18.46:15.733.2 
126:19.1Alan Robertson SBV60MForest of Dean AC/Scottish Vets H6:19.16:02.414.1 
136:31.2Richard Dennant  V50MForest of Dean AC6:18.35:45.420.5 
146:37.9Sherryl Hall SBV50WForest of Dean AC6:37.96:06.512.8 
157:22.3Kate Burke SBV40WForest of Dean AC7:22.37:16.524.9 
Mile SX 6
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:53.2Peter Woodward  SENMForest of Dean AC4:50.24:43.21-1.6 
25:11.2Marcus Bennetto  SENMForest of Dean AC5:06.85:06.80.0 
35:23.2Christopher James Penny SBV40MForest of Dean AC5:23.24:57.3031.0 
45:24.5Dan Sandford PBV40MForest of Dean AC/Unattached5:24.55:24.56.0 
55:28.8Timothy Watkins PBSENMForest of Dean AC5:28.85:28.822.9 
65:30.5Ben Robbins PBSENMForest of Dean AC5:30.55:30.522.5 
75:33.6Cory Sherwin  U20MForest of Dean AC5:18.75:13.0-1.2 
85:55.1Walter Leach  V55MForest of Dean AC5:49.15:44.45.6 
96:03.9Julian Michael Boon  V45MForest of Dean AC5:52.15:35.45.5 
106:37.4Andrew Gage  V55MCLC Striders6:11.96:11.915.4 
Mile U15W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:12.3Rebecca Ward PBU15WForest of Dean AC6:12.36:12.336.5 
26:17.5Katrina Bennett PBU15WGloucester6:17.56:17.530.0 
36:52.0Madeleine Francis  U15WForest of Dean AC6:06.36:06.325.9