Poole Runners Winter 5K Series External Results
16 Jan 09
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:18   Williard Chinhanhu SBSENMPoole Runners/Zimbabwe15:1814:4636.0 
215:30   Chris Powner SBSENMWinchester/Loughborough Students15:3015:00-3.2 
315:44   Nathan Shrubb  U23MMorpeth/Poole Runners14:5914:5918.0 
416:01   Matt Hibberd PBSENMSouthampton RC/Team Southampton16:0116:011.7 
516:07   Matthew Missen PBU23MTeam Southampton15:2915:29-0.3 
616:12   James Gilfillan PBSENMUnattached16:1216:12-0.2 
716:27   Adam Sloan PBU17MPoole AC/Team Dorset16:2716:2736.0 
816:31   Jon Sharkey PBSENMBournemouth15:5615:560.7 
916:55   Sophie Lovell SBSENWWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Army16:5516:1031.6 
1317:28   David Blackman  V40MSouthern Counties Vets16:5716:291.4 
1617:41   David Vosser  V45MWinchester17:3717:246.7 
2018:04   Malcolm Renyard  V60MHardley17:4917:3010.6 
2718:25   Jud Kirk PBV50MBedford & County/Bournemouth18:2318:236.8 
2818:33   Melissa Courtney SBU17WPoole AC/Team Dorset/Shaftesbury Barnet18:3315:58-2.0 
2918:35   Simon Hayter  V50MPoole Runners18:2417:357.1 
3018:40   Nicci Bolinger (was Blandford)  SENWSouthampton RC18:1618:106.4 
3418:51   Ian Barnes SBV60MPoole Runners18:5117:308.5 
3518:54   Mike Hirst  V50MPoole AC18:5117:508.3 
3719:08   Howard Doe  V55MNew Forest Runners18:4817:2514.1 
4119:20   Steve Crockford PBV55MPoole Runners19:2019:2036.0 
4919:52   Geoffrey Scott  V60MPoole Runners19:2318:3124.6 
6320:22   Mick Anglim  V60MHardley19:2118:5611.3 
8020:59   Ally Hanks SBV40WBournemouth Joggers20:5920:5812.6 
8521:13   Madeline Vosser  V45WWinchester21:0420:3617.6 
11422:44   Joy Radford SBV55WWinchester22:4420:3313.4 
14123:55   Linda Dominey SBV55WPoole Runners23:5523:0729.2 
16124:47   Maggie Kirk SBV60WNew Forest Runners24:4723:0332.5