Poole Runners Winter 5K Series External Results
17 Oct 08
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:01   Ian White PBV35MBournemouth16:0116:0110.2 
216:07   Matthew Missen PBU23MSouthampton RC16:0715:291.7 
316:10   Matt Hibberd PBSENMSouthampton RC/Team Southampton16:0116:010.3 
416:11   Gareth Beech PBU23MNew Forest Runners16:1116:1136.0 
516:18   Stephanie Twell PBU20WAldershot, Farnham & District/St. Mary's Uni16:1815:32-2.9 
616:25   Iain Cross SBSENMSouthampton RC16:2516:182.5 
716:47   Fergus O'Reilly  U15MBournemouth16:4016:1036.0 
1017:12   Paul Drake  V40MPoole AC/Bournemouth16:5216:5212.9 
1417:24   Ceri Mitchell  SENWTeam Southampton17:2016:1835.1 
2217:29   Mark Clews SBV45MAldershot, Farnham & District17:2917:1834.3 
1517:32   Claire Nichols PBSENWWoking/Team Southampton17:3217:0636.0 
2818:13   Gavin Clegg  V50MPoole Runners17:3417:1516.4 
3318:23   Carley Rose PBU20WCity of Norwich/Bournemouth Uni18:0718:0735.2 
3618:28   Alison Barnes SBV35WBournemouth18:2817:15  
4518:42   Howard Doe  V55MNew Forest Runners18:0317:2514.9 
4718:44   Ian Barnes  V60MPoole Runners18:3017:309.7 
4818:44   Jud Kirk SBV50MBedford & County/Bournemouth18:4418:238.4 
5118:54   Simon Hunt  V50MBournemouth18:0417:409.0 
5519:01   Rachel Newcombe  V40WLiverpool H18:1617:5314.7 
5819:09   Becky Dean  SENWPoole Runners/Royal Air Force19:0318:1410.7 
6319:26   Daisy Harper-Brown PBU15WBournemouth19:2619:2636.0 
6619:31   Mick Anglim SBV60MHardley19:1318:5611.3 
10720:52   Ian Graham SBV60MBournemouth20:5218:1214.7 
11621:12   Jane Morgan SBV45WHardley20:3620:1518.4 
12021:20   Madeline Vosser  V45WWinchester21:0920:3617.2 
13121:46   Keith Mitchell  V65MNew Forest Runners21:2420:28  
17623:46   Linda Dominey SBV55WPoole Runners23:1323:0732.0 
18424:12   Maggie Kirk SBV60WNew Forest Runners23:5623:0334.3 
20525:47   Jackie Jenkins SBV65WNew Forest Runners25:0023:5817.6 
22126:47   Rhona Goodwin SBV65WNew Forest Runners26:4725:2128.5