Mount Edgcumbe parkrun # 56 External Results
Mount Edgcumbe
4 Mar 17
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
120:03Jamie Williams SBU18MCity of Plymouth16:5816:481.3 
221:09Matthew Bisco V35MUnattached    
323:46Robert Gaffney V35MUnattached    
423:49Daniel Clewley S30MSweatshop Running Community    
524:26Bevan Johnson  V40MPlymouth H21:1021:1012.8 
624:34Darren Munday  V40MStorm Plymouth22:2021:2624.2 
724:43Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
824:44Robert Dorrington U15MUnattached    
925:12Tim Lee S30MUnattached    
1025:43Molly Gilbey PBU11WCity of Plymouth25:0719:436.2 
1125:48Shay Stone U15MUnattached    
1226:00Oliver Jones V35MUnattached    
1326:27Guy Boswell  V50MPlymouth Musketeers25:0720:2416.7 
1426:43Simon Lee V35MUnattached    
1526:51Rory Rule S20MUnattached    
1626:56Chris Perkins V50MUnattached    
1727:05Chloe Hoatson  V35WPlymouth Musketeers24:2023:5717.3 
1828:37Jane Weatherill V35WUnattached    
1930:52Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2031:01Melissa Purchall V40WCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
2131:17Abi Lewis S20WUnattached    
2231:23Louise Hayward V40WUnattached    
2331:46Tim Purchall V40MCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
2431:48Matt Starling V40MCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
2531:53Aileen Smith V40WUnattached    
2631:56Roz Humphreys V40WUnattached    
2732:05Jessica Townsend S25WUnattached    
2832:05Cari Taylor S20WUnattached    
2932:29James Matthews U15MUnattached    
3032:35Sommer Parry U18WUnattached    
3132:38Simon Parry V45MUnattached    
3233:27Madeleine Palin S20WUnattached    
3333:40Petra Williams V40WUnattached    
3434:44Benjamin Marriott  U11MEast Cornwall26:2722:5314.5 
3534:54Hayley Marriott  V40WEast Cornwall26:2823:1313.7 
3635:04Gilbey Isabel V40WUnattached    
3735:50Dawn Western V55WRAM Runners    
3835:50Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3938:44Hannah Dorrington U15WUnattached    
4038:44Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4139:30Dominique Cheffers Gibbs V40WCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
4241:03Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4341:04Ashleigh Rust S20WUnattached    
4441:05Helen Rust V45WUnattached    
4541:07John Charles Mitchelmore V65MUnattached    
4641:48Solomon Woffenden U11MUnattached    
4741:49Simon Young V45MUnattached    
4842:52Sarah Woffenden V45WUnattached    
4943:00Ashton Delve U11MUnattached    
5043:00Clive And Andrew Delve S30MCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
5143:57Marion Moxhay SBV55WPlymouth Musketeers40:3134:3036.0