Tamar Lakes parkrun # 122 External Results
Tamar Lakes
11 Feb 17
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:31Nick Loewendahl  S30MSt. Austell16:4416:449.6 
219:46Brian Andrew SBS30MBideford19:4619:1412.3 
319:55Kris Inch S30MUnattached    
420:35Tim Williams PBV35MBodmin Road Runners20:3520:3522.5 
521:11Daniel Cogswell PBS25MWarley Woods Pacers20:0519:5914.5 
621:12Gareth Cann V45MUnattached    
721:37Chris Hallman V35MUnattached    
821:59Paul Bunning V50MUnattached    
922:01Jack Squire U18MUnattached    
1022:02Verna Lee Savory-Webster V45WUnattached    
1122:11Issy Edworthy U15WBude Rats    
1222:30Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1322:30Ian Shute V40MUnattached    
1422:48Kit Davis V40MUnattached    
1523:10Ian McMahon V55MUnattached    
1623:14Joe Maloney U15MUnattached    
1723:27Jago Thorn V40MUnattached    
1824:05Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1925:06Chantal Harp S30WUnattached    
2025:08Jeremy Jollow V50MBradworthy Runners    
2125:28Graham Braund V40MUnattached    
2225:52Luke G V40MUnattached    
2326:01Lindsey Kinsman V40WUnattached    
2426:04Sophie Shute  U15WBude Rats23:5823:5820.9 
2526:29Kirsty Gamage V45WUnattached    
2626:36Nicola Begg V35WUnattached    
2726:40Tilly Daniel U15WUnattached    
2826:45Mark Nesbitt V55MUnattached    
2927:06Nicky Blythe S30WUnattached    
3027:06Ian Blythe V35MUnattached    
3127:37Brian Perry V55MUnattached    
3227:43Sophie Mewton S25WUnattached    
3328:27Maisie Downing U15WUnattached    
3428:41Judith Heard V45WUnattached    
3528:51Jane Walter V50WBradworthy Runners    
3629:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3729:05Steph Smeeth S30WUnattached    
3829:08Martin Fox V65MUnattached    
3929:10Helen Moore S30WUnattached    
4029:14Simon Downing V40MUnattached    
4129:19Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4229:21Keiron Chatterjea V45MUnattached    
4329:27Leanne Kiff S25WUnattached    
4429:28Tina Kiff-Jamieson V45WNorth Devon Triathletes    
4529:32Helen Heard V45WUnattached    
4629:48Stuart Lockyer  V50MTrail Running Association25:3421:5819.8 
4729:58Bodhi Van Der Linden U11MUnattached    
4830:06Sarah Van Der Linden S30WUnattached    
4930:08Jackie Lockyer V50WUnattached    
5030:09Amy Bellew S25WBradworthy Runners    
5130:10Shirley Grills V50WBradworthy Runners    
5230:50Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5331:29Alison Chatterjea V50WUnattached    
5431:59Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5532:00Sarah Jennings V40WUnattached    
5632:03Francesca Blows S25WUnattached    
5732:19Bruce Butler V55MLedbury & District Harriers    
5832:20Naila Rana S20WUnattached    
5932:31Emma Gregory V45WUnattached    
6032:38Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6132:54Haley Plumb V45WUnattached    
6232:55Vicky Clark V40WUnattached    
6332:55Marc Baker V45MUnattached    
6433:04Di Morley V50WUnattached    
6533:10Leah Gemmell U15WUnattached    
6633:23Ian Downing V65MUnattached    
6733:44Sophie Piper U15WUnattached    
6833:49Kath Edworthy V35WUnattached    
6933:53Kevin Webb V60MUnattached    
7033:53Carol Clarke V45WUnattached    
7134:09Jane Bunning V45WUnattached    
7234:35Minnie Downing  U11WDevon Schs33:0733:0737.2 
7334:42Samantha Piper V45WUnattached    
7434:43Andrea Downing V40WUnattached    
7534:55Tia Van Der Linden U15WUnattached    
7635:24Pamela Harvey  V40WTorrington31:1730:1629.0 
7736:08Krista Belcher V45WUnattached    
7836:08Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7937:58Karenza Stribley V45WUnattached    
8038:08Robert Bowani U11MUnattached    
8138:09Sandy Bowani V35WUnattached    
8238:15William Bowani U11MUnattached    
8338:16Chris Bowani V40MUnattached    
8438:43Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8539:26Merryn Allen V35WUnattached    
8639:28Paul Jennings  V55MBideford26:0222:1338.5 
8739:44Julia Landolfi V55WUnattached    
8839:50Rosemary Sanders V50WUnattached    
8939:51Hayley Jollow V40WBradworthy Runners    
9040:19Gill Aze-Thomas  V40WLaunceston RR29:3129:3128.7 
9140:43Hannah Daniel V40WUnattached    
9240:43Rachel Self V45WUnattached    
9340:44Rachael Pomeroy V35WBradworthy Runners    
9441:32Sarah Bryant V45WUnattached    
9542:19Jennie Gifford V35WUnattached    
9642:22Lindsey Maloney V40WUnattached    
9742:56Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9843:37Fiona George V35WUnattached    
9943:38Jessica George V55WUnattached    
10043:54Rebecca Lukins U11WUnattached    
10143:55Lauren Lukins U11WUnattached    
10248:30Sue Shephard-Stainton V60WUnattached    
10348:31Melanie Johns V50WUnattached    
10451:23Eleanor Bunting U15WUnattached    
10551:29Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10653:20Angela Horswill V55WUnattached    
10758:30Alan Littlejohns  V65MLaunceston RR25:3525:3230.4 
1081:04:00Stephen Morley V75MUnattached    
1091:04:01Susan Morley V75WUnattached    
1101:04:02James Morley V45MUnattached    
1111:04:10Paul Kinsman V45MBude Rats