Alder Hey Halewood 5K Series External Results
4 Nov 17
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:24   Mark Dunham  V35MSouthport Waterloo15:5515:55-1.1 
216:32   Thomas O'Dowd  SENMKnowsley16:1215:491.6 
316:51   Chris Maher PBSENMPenny Lane16:4015:37-2.4 
416:52   Christian Harvey PBU20MKnowsley16:5216:525.5 
517:23   Jon-Jo Doherty  SENMSt. Helens Striders16:4316:00-1.8 
617:28   Alex Goodall PBU20MWhite Star (Belgium)/Elswick17:2817:28-3.1 
717:44   Ashley Crawford  SENMSperrin17:2316:441.1 
817:52   Daniel Hughes  SENMRed Rose17:3117:312.0 
917:52   Joe Mulhall PBU20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton17:5217:529.4 
1018:02   Marty Christian  V45MKirkby Milers15:2015:203.7 
1118:04   Jay Brittles SENMDockside Runners    
1218:05   Jack Poland  SENMWallasey17:5517:071.1 
1318:19   Sean Jones  SENMUnattached17:3917:392.5Click your Clock logo
1418:37   Phil Riding  V40MPenny Lane17:4217:423.7 
1518:44   Andrew Fearns PBV40MKnowsley18:4417:392.3 
1618:51   Zach Ryan PBU20MPensby18:5118:514.6 
1719:14   Robert Garth  SENMPenny Lane18:0318:036.3 
1819:25   Colin Dobbs  V40MPenny Lane17:5717:565.0 
1919:30   Steven Edwards  SENMEllesmere Port18:1417:583.9 
2019:41   Ian Fitzpatrick SBV55MSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters19:4119:005.3 
2119:50   Andrew Glen  V50MKnowsley19:3219:177.2 
2219:53   John Harrison  V35MEllesmere Port19:2719:025.6Click your Clock logo
2320:10   Andrew Keeley  V55MPenny Lane18:4918:446.5 
2420:17   Michael Connor  V50MKnowsley19:5019:427.9 
2520:37   Alan Joyce  V60MKnowsley20:0019:258.2 
2620:39   Thomas Rimmer SBSENMPenny Lane20:3919:0512.9 
2720:57   Peter Sandford SBV60MDallam RC20:5717:338.7 
2821:12   Andrew Taylor V40M     
2921:20   Martin Hirrell  V50MPenny Lane20:4819:1510.6 
3021:20   Andrew Conway  V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton20:0719:598.8 
3121:27   Mia Ierston  U13WLiverpool H21:1921:1915.7Click your Clock logo
3221:32   Nicola Hughes SBSENWRed Rose21:3220:027.8 
3321:52   Ella McMutrie SBU13WLiverpool H21:5221:509.2 
3421:55   Andrew Smith  V40MLiverpool H21:3321:3322.7 
3522:23   Tony Peacock  V65MPenny Lane21:3019:3010.4Click your Clock logo
3622:27   John connolly V45MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
3722:33   Paul Doyle SBV55MPenny Lane22:3322:1816.4 
3822:36   Jennifer Grant  U13WLiverpool H21:4521:4516.3 
3922:38   Justine Moore  V45WKnowsley21:2321:1011.3 
4022:46   Graham Deane PBV35MKnowsley22:3221:4811.0 
4123:06   Dave Tomkins  V70MNorthern Masters/Warrington AC22:4520:2416.5 
4223:13   Megan McMutrie PBU13WLiverpool H23:1323:1313.9 
4323:15   Graham Liu  V50MSouthport Waterloo22:0921:1911.0 
4423:24   Alan Spencer  V55MKnowsley20:1520:009.7 
4523:26   Mike Evans  V65MKnowsley/Unattached23:0923:0913.8Click your Clock logo
4623:36   Sarah Jackson  V35WPenny Lane22:3718:5116.3 
4723:49   Aaron Evans U11MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
4823:50   Michael Maloney  V65MKnowsley22:2422:2413.5 
4923:55   Michael Devereux SBV65MPenny Lane23:5521:2119.6 
5024:03   Michelle Roberts PBSENWWidnes Wasps24:0324:0323.2 
5124:07   Steven Wilmin V50M     
5224:13   Annmarie Williams  V45WPenny Lane23:4022:2613.9 
5324:13   UNKNOWN ( unknown SENM     
5424:19   Kevin Goodall V50M     
5524:21   Billy Hargreaves  V70MSouthport Waterloo23:3119:0916.4 
5624:28   John Dobie V70MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
5724:33   Alex McElroy PBU11MKnowsley24:3324:3320.5 
5824:34   Christopher Mcelroy  V35MMossley Hill/Unattached20:3220:3210.4 
5924:34   Ahmed Thaabit SENMTriathlon Club    
6025:25   Milli Smith  U17WLiverpool H24:1124:1125.7 
6125:27   Stacey Clark PBSENWWidnes Wasps25:2723:5314.4 
6225:34   Collett Lurdes V50WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
6325:47   Lucas Houghton U11MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
6425:52   James Stansfield  SENMPenny Lane21:5021:5019.1Click your Clock logo
6526:03   Clare Pascoe  V40WKnowsley25:5625:2422.0 
6626:17   Carolyn Knott V45WPenny Lane Striders    
6726:42   Claudia McLean  V45WKnowsley25:3825:3821.5 
6826:44   Rachel Kuypers  V40WWidnes Wasps25:5924:5214.9 
6926:52   Emma Cannon De Sousa V40WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
7026:59   Stuart Wright V40MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
7127:01   Lee Yates V35M     
7227:08   Paul Wright V45MCouch To 5K    
7327:08   Kate Wakefield  V55WWarrington RR26:5126:1122.5 
7427:09   Eve Watts PBU13WSt. Helens Sutton27:0927:0924.0 
7527:18   Spencer Hanley U13MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
7628:03   Ian Sinnott V40MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
7728:07   Alison Sohl V35WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
7828:09   Michelle Kelly  V55WPenny Lane27:1024:0521.3 
7928:10   John Kelly  V55MPenny Lane22:2619:4118.8 
8028:13   Claire Foley SENW     
8128:24   Keelar Dhopate V40MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
8228:28   Fiona Bradbury  SENWKnowsley26:1326:1326.7 
8328:53   martin Wladock V35M     
8428:57   Jo Sutherland SBV40WPenny Lane28:5727:3519.6 
8529:32   Jim Garvey  V70MPenny Lane28:5928:5927.6 
8629:51   Sharon Martin SBV40WKnowsley29:5125:2020.1 
8729:51   Norma Forrester V50W     
8830:13   Derek Hughes  V65MKnowsley28:4924:4328.9 
8930:28   Angela Joyce V60WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
9030:37   Sue Towner V60WPenny Lane Striders    
9130:46   Claire Marquis V35W     
9230:47   Nicola Maddock V40WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
9330:56   Mollie Swadkins  SENWKnowsley29:2329:2322.6 
9431:30   Gill Swadkins V55WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
9531:32   Dylan Houghton U11MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
9631:43   Adele Allan V50WCouch To 5K    
9731:56   Pete Davies V55MMossley Hill    
9832:08   Ann Green  V55WKirkby Milers30:0529:5123.0 
9932:09   Liby Nicholea V45W     
10032:15   Will Hanley U11MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
10132:18   Pauline Fielding  V60WPenny Lane31:0430:5729.9 
10232:20   Phil Robinson V50MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
10332:23   Lillie Lipton U15W     
10432:27   Katy Mae Dinnage U13W     
10532:33   Ronald Thornton  V75MKnowsley31:0130:2127.5 
10632:38   Rachel Roberts V40W     
10732:38   Claire Tipton SENW     
10832:50   Stephanie Charman V65WKnowsley Harriers    
10933:10   Anne Kerswell V50WCouch To 5K    
11033:39   Kerry Evans V40WCouch To 5K    
11134:29   Darren Clark SENM     
11234:31   James Griding U20M     
11335:08   Maxine Vlasman V50WCouch To 5K    
11435:13   Joanne Evans SENWCouch To 5K    
11535:23   Alison Dinnage V45WCouch To 5K    
11635:33   Diane Forbister PBV50WKnowsley35:3335:3335.1 
11735:33   Mike Murphy V75M     
11836:27   Liz Connolly V40WCouch To 5K    
11936:29   Lisbeth Owens V55W     
12036:44   Alan Hampson V55MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
12136:44   Onnor Hampson  V45WKnowsley23:4223:4215.6 
12237:17   Russ Owens V55MCouch To 5K    
12337:40   AnneMarie Ness V50W     
12437:40   Alex Loughlin V45WCouch To 5K    
12537:44   Angela Clague V40WCouch To 5K    
12637:47   Sheila Rigby V50W     
12737:48   Jo Schofield V35W     
12837:48   Molly Kesswell U15WCouch To 5K    
12938:26   Helen Greenop V40WCouch To 5K    
13038:40   Tilli Roberts U13W     
13138:49   James Ennis V35M     
13240:31   Michelle Moody Jones V45W     
13341:28   Eileen Kelly V55W     
13442:02   Jo Shaw V40WCouch To 5K    
13642:26   Angela Bowland SENW     
13743:45   Rijul Dhopate U15MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
13843:48   Dhopate Reena V40WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
13944:14   Ann Moore V55WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
14044:14   laura Chandle SENW     
14144:14   Katie Lloyd  SENWKnowsley24:5024:5017.3 
135TBC   unknown unknown2 SENM