Alder Hey Halewood 5K Series External Results
7 Oct 17
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:08   Lawrence Eccles  SENMPenny Lane17:0017:001.8 
217:15   Lee Fuller  V40MWarrington RC17:0616:513.0Click your Clock logo
317:43   Ashley Crawford SENM     
417:52   John Connolly  V45MLiverpool H17:1416:564.7 
518:04   Matthew Skaife  U20MMossley Hill17:4417:442.4 
618:35   Marty Christian  V45MKirkby Milers15:2015:203.7 
718:46   Paul Schumann  V50MKnowsley17:5817:295.9 
818:57   Steven Irwin  V50MKirkby Milers18:4518:225.8 
919:23   Dominic Cooper  V35MMossley Hill18:5018:506.1 
1019:25   John Halson  V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:1318:106.3 
1119:48   John Harrison  V35MEllesmere Port19:2719:025.6Click your Clock logo
1219:53   Ian Fitzpatrick SBV55MSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters19:4119:005.3 
1319:54   Steven Maguire  V40MPenny Lane19:2918:2314.3 
1419:59   Paul Skaife PBV50MMossley Hill19:5919:5913.7 
1520:01   Mark Dodd  V40MEllesmere Port18:5216:494.2 
1620:12   Charlotte Wilson-Dewhurst  SENWLiverpool H19:0918:236.5 
1720:28   Alan Joyce  V60MKnowsley20:0019:258.2 
1820:45   Tony Metcalfe V60MMossley Hill    
1920:51   Rik Meadows V45M     
2020:53   Helen Davies V35MMossley Hill    
2120:55   Michael Connor  V50MKnowsley19:5019:427.9 
2220:57   Robert Wood  V60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:5019:237.0 
2321:06   Angela Delaney  V50WKirkby Milers20:5019:4115.6 
2421:10   Carl Yu  V40MLiverpool RC20:5020:1710.0 
2521:15   Keith Cahill V50M     
2621:30   Nigel Grant  V55MPenny Lane18:3316:425.7 
2721:34   Martin Ward V55M     
2821:40   Martin Hirrell  V50MPenny Lane20:4819:1510.6 
2922:07   Christopher Byrne SBV45MKnowsley22:0722:0412.3Click your Clock logo
3022:32   Eleanor Knowles V45WAmbleside    
3122:39   Andrew Glen  V50MKnowsley19:3219:177.2 
3222:57   Dave Tomkins  V70MNorthern Masters/Warrington AC22:4520:2416.5 
3323:04   Lisa Crosby  V45WMossley Hill21:3120:1012.0 
3423:14   Mike Evans  V65MKnowsley/Unattached23:0923:0913.8 
3523:35   Graham Deane PBV35MKnowsley22:3221:4811.0 
3623:53   Sinead Cairns PBSENWKnowsley23:5322:5117.7 
3724:33   Jennifer Smith  SENWWarrington AC23:5118:0218.0 
3824:35   Catherine Rigby  V50WMossley Hill23:3623:3620.8 
3924:41   Martin Farrar SBV50MSt. Helens Striders24:4122:1716.0 
4025:27   Alex McElroy  U11MKnowsley24:3324:3320.5 
4125:27   Christopher Mcelroy  V35MMossley Hill/Unattached20:3220:3210.4 
4225:52   Catherine McGann PBSENWWidnes Wasps25:5225:5223.3 
4325:59   Rachel Kuypers PBV40WWidnes Wasps25:5924:5214.9 
4426:04   Claire Meadows  V45WPenny Lane24:4924:4919.4 
4526:12   Mark Scott  V50MLiverpool RC23:5221:3714.6 
4626:34   Nathaniel Hopkin SENMKirkby Milers    
4726:48   Andrea Marsh V50Wknowsley Harriers    
4826:51   Jacqueline Jones SBV50WLiverpool RC26:5126:1816.8 
4927:08   Ann Flynn V50W     
5027:32   Rory Knowles U13MAmbleside    
5127:41   Claudia McLean  V45WKnowsley25:3825:3821.5 
5228:10   Martin Weadock V35M     
5328:47   Sian Kilty  V35WMossley Hill24:4524:4523.4 
5428:58   Lisa Pritchard  V35WMossley Hill28:1927:5824.6 
5529:06   Martin Rogers  V50MMossley Hill28:2824:0222.7 
5630:11   Jim Garvey  V70MPenny Lane28:5928:5927.6 
5731:29   Karen Irwin PBV50WKirkby Milers29:0428:5824.7 
5831:46   Stephanie Charman V65Wknowsley Harriers    
5936:06   Diane Rogers SBV50WMossley Hill36:0628:4922.3 
6042:23   Michelle Moody-Jones V45W     
6142:23   Susann Paetzold  V35WKnowsley22:0922:0914.2 
6242:25   Derek Hughes  V65MKnowsley28:4924:4328.9