Brandon Country Park parkrun # 196 External Results
Brandon Country Park
3 Dec 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:58Alex Benson  S30MSpringfield18:1017:485.1 
219:49Craig Forest S30MTeam Ram    
320:22Keith McCarthy V40MNewmarket Cycling and Triathlon Club    
420:41Henry Morrison V40MUnattached    
520:55Alistair Hennessey S25MUnattached    
621:11Carl Vincent S25MUnattached    
721:16Rachel Chatfield V35WColchester Canisports    
821:16Paddy O'Flynn V55MUnattached    
921:18Barry Smith  V50MRyston20:1319:447.7 
1021:27Steven Neal  V45MBrandon Fern Hoppers20:0320:0310.3 
1122:08Derek Clarke  V45MUnattached21:3621:3618.4 
1222:34Mark Gibbs V45MNewmarket Cycling and Triathlon Club    
1322:48Peter Gardner V45MUnattached    
1422:48Isaac Pembery  U11MCambridge & Coleridge22:3119:344.7 
1522:52Hayley Forest S30WTeam Ram    
1623:05Jacob Bell  U15MEly21:4618:376.8 
1723:14Neil Kellett V50MUnattached    
1823:24Callum Wing  U11MThetford22:4620:508.6 
1923:24Jason Wing V45MUnattached    
2023:30Roger Pembery V40MUnattached    
2123:53Richard Povey  V40MThetford22:0122:0114.3 
2223:54Mike Bull  V65MUnattached22:0921:3812.8 
2323:55Mike Harris V45MUnattached    
2423:56Karen Howell V50WUnattached    
2524:09Helen Coote V50WUnattached    
2624:13Ian Brown V50MUnattached    
2724:20Martin Brigden V60MUnattached    
2824:29Danielle Glavin V35WUnattached    
2924:32Kieran Hartigan PBV45MStowmarket24:3224:1418.9 
3024:39Fiona Cunnington V55WUnattached    
3124:40Ian Cunnington  V50MSt. Edmund Pacers21:0720:4410.1 
3224:47David Cordner V45MNewmarket Cycling and Triathlon Club    
3324:49Denys Taylor  V45MCambridge & Coleridge23:2819:206.1 
3424:57John Hubbard  V50MWestbourne23:0721:4917.8 
3525:02Tim Elliott PBV50MBrandon Fern Hoppers25:0224:2220.6 
3625:35Madeleine Chadwick  V40WCity of Hull22:5422:5417.2 
3725:36Mark Mortimer V50MUnattached    
3825:36Sarah Riley S30WQueen Mary University Runners    
3925:52Linda Baxter V50WUnattached    
4026:01Imogen Pembery  U11WCambridge & Coleridge24:1921:4210.6 
4126:03Sarah Lake  V35WTri-Anglia25:2824:0519.0 
4226:04John Monach  V35MDulwich Park20:3919:4810.4 
4326:09Claire Pembery V45WUnattached    
4426:28Barry Moyle S30MUnattached    
4526:31Billy Eccles PBU11MNorfolk Schs26:3120:247.0 
4626:31Michael Eccles  V35MNorfolk Gazelles16:4516:20-2.4 
4726:32Amy Monach  V35WDulwich Park25:1324:1324.1 
4826:48Tom West S25MUnattached    
4926:50Peter Rawlinson V50MUnattached    
5026:56Jason Smith V45MUnattached    
5127:06Catherine Armstrong  V40WNorthbrook26:2822:3313.4 
5227:20Tina Hawkins V40WRunning The Distance    
5327:31Emma Rawlinson S30WUnattached    
5427:36Mate Meszaros S25MUnattached    
5527:45Laura Schmitz S25WUnattached    
5627:46Steven Bode  V40MWest Suffolk26:1726:1236.6 
5727:56Lisa Plumb  V50WBrandon Fern Hoppers27:0026:3228.1 
5828:13Tracey Hill V55WUnattached    
5928:29Thomas Chambers  V35MBrandon Fern Hoppers26:2824:2230.2 
6028:49Allison Ragosa-Buckley V40WDereham Runners AC    
6129:04Peter Turner V45MThetford AC    
6229:09Carolyn Cordner V50WUnattached    
6329:16Rebecca Wing S20WUnattached    
6429:17Lorainne Reeves  V40WBrandon Fern Hoppers24:5523:0718.8 
6529:47Roger Adams  V45MBrandon Fern Hoppers26:5424:5226.2 
6630:31Thomas Gibbs U18MUnattached    
6730:52Brandon Morefield S30MUnattached    
6830:59Claire Stone  S30WYeovil Town28:5428:0032.0 
6931:00Marc Stone S30MUnattached    
7031:02Cathryn Mellersh V50WUnattached    
7131:33Lauren Taylor S25WUnattached    
7231:40Bridget Griffin V50WUnattached    
7331:47Jack Hollands V55MUnattached    
7432:15Deborah Flack V55WUnattached    
7532:16Debra Elton V50WUnattached    
7632:21Jo Stewart V35WUnattached    
7732:33Andrew Crosser V50MUnattached    
7833:01Gavin Ferguson  V55MUnattached32:1526:5426.4 
7933:15Dalena Christian V45WUnattached    
8033:32Libby Bell  U15WEly29:4229:4235.9 
8133:33Sarah Bell  V40WEly29:2825:4325.0 
8233:43Sharon Lister V40WUnattached    
8334:47Ella Gibbs U15WUnattached    
8435:06Karen Lloyd V45WUnattached    
8535:06Martin Lloyd V50MUnattached    
8635:08Caitlin Bell U11WUnattached    
8735:08Mark Bell  V40MEly20:1619:4212.9 
8836:18Dawn Thorn V50WUnattached    
8936:44Marie L Neale V35WRun Mummy Run    
9039:03Christine Winter V65WUnattached    
9139:48Sarah Trueman V45WUnattached    
9240:56Linda Chambers V65WUnattached    
9350:46Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9450:47Heidi Spicer V40WRun Mummy Run    
9554:27Louisa Silkstone U11WUnattached    
9654:28Rebecca Silkstone  S30WBrandon Fern Hoppers22:4922:1514.6 
9754:58Dianne Calvert  V50WBrandon Fern Hoppers33:4433:0730.7