Ellenbrook Fields parkrun # 28 External Results
Ellenbrook Fields
26 Nov 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:46Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
218:59Anthony Willcox PBV35MGade Valley18:3617:525.5 
319:29Vince Ellerby  V50MGade Valley19:1318:377.3 
419:34Rob Hughes  V40MGarden City Runners19:1019:006.8 
520:13Nick Laflin V40MUnattached    
620:33Patrick Bird PBV55MGarden City Runners20:3320:3326.4 
720:39Mary Bird PBS25WFramlingham20:3920:3937.5 
821:06Gregg Taylor S30MUnattached    
921:10Richard Hoare  V60MBoxfit Tri20:1519:4112.6 
1021:28Matthias Reif V45MUnattached    
1121:31Gareth Tucker  V35MGade Valley20:4918:285.1 
1221:36Pedro Gomez-Jones PBU11MSt. Albans AC21:3621:3625.5 
1321:45Stuart Middleton  V40MSt. Albans Striders20:0419:116.7 
1421:57Peter Edgerton V55MUnattached    
1522:04Mark Faughnan  V55MHerts Phoenix21:1720:5213.7 
1622:26Anna Bellingham V40WGarden City Runners    
1722:26Darren Canty V40MUnattached    
1822:33Mark Spitzer V45MUnattached    
1922:35Simon Armstrong V45MUnattached    
2022:42James Poole PBU18MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders22:4219:4216.2 
2122:48Beatrix Towers  U15WSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders22:2521:5319.6 
2223:10Michael Paine V50MGarden City Runners    
2323:22Matt Boville V45MUnattached    
2423:32Tom J Hughes  U15MHerts Phoenix21:5121:2619.3 
2523:35Mathew Towers V40MUnattached    
2623:46Tracey Cotton  V35WGade Valley21:3821:3813.5 
2723:55Melissa Mileham  V40WOh Ladies22:5922:3625.8 
2823:59Manny Adolph V45MUnattached    
2924:02Roland Beton  V50MSt. Albans Striders21:0920:4714.1 
3024:17Russell Bailey  V50MGade Valley23:2221:2725.8 
3124:20Nick Truran S30MUnattached    
3224:25Virginia Bird  V55WGarden City Runners24:1324:0830.6 
3324:43Joe Barnes V45MUnattached    
3425:01David Angel V45MUnattached    
3525:05Jan Haydon  V50WOh Ladies24:0323:5418.4 
3625:07Michael Tandy  S30MGarden City Runners23:0519:3012.0 
3725:09Linda Pollard V55WUnattached    
3825:34Federico Locci PBS30MPudsey Pacers25:3425:3440.2 
3925:59Gerwyn Llewellyn V55MUnattached    
4026:18Richard Hole  V55MGarden City Runners24:2222:3434.8 
4126:41Ian Rothery V55MUnattached    
4226:43Mary Edgerton V55WUnattached    
4326:51Tom Grainger S20MUnattached    
4426:53Richard Stratton V40MUnattached    
4526:59Debbie Morris SBV40WGarden City Runners26:5926:2341.4 
4627:01Gemma Searle S30WUnattached    
4727:19Graham Figg V50MUnattached    
4827:32Karen Inman V50WUnattached    
4928:03David Linwood V50MUnattached    
5028:21Hazel Davies V55WUnattached    
5128:30Lydia Ottavio V55WUnattached    
5228:31Claire Mearing V50WUnattached    
5328:40Nicola Towers V40WUnattached    
5428:45Simon Mark Berry PBV45MUnattached28:3524:3818.4 
5528:51Gary Howard V55MUnattached    
5629:30Lucy Wilson U11WUnattached    
5729:31Campbell Wilson V40MUnattached    
5829:44Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5929:47Davina Sharp V35WUnattached    
6029:54Kirsty Slater V45WUnattached    
6130:04William Lakshman Wilding U15MUnattached    
6230:05Donna Whitney V40WOld Hatfield Ladies Running Group    
6330:13Ian Kiff V45MUnattached    
6430:13Elisabeth Griffiths S30WUnattached    
6530:14Paul Whitney V50MUnattached    
6630:23Bart Oonk V50MUnattached    
6730:28Sandra Wise  V55WGarden City Runners28:4527:5129.8 
6830:30Rachel Andrews  V35WOh Ladies29:0524:2125.0 
6930:32Lindsay Phillips S30WUnattached    
7030:33David Andrews V35MUnattached    
7130:34Brigid Evans V50WUnattached    
7230:48Sylvie Gabbey  V50WOh Ladies28:0827:4627.3 
7330:57Kate Wakeling U18WUnattached    
7431:01Vicky Berry  V50WUnattached27:5225:3928.8 
7531:06Sarah Haverson V45WOld Hatfield Ladies Running Group    
7631:07Helen Johnson V50WGarden City Runners    
7731:41Linda Linwood V50WUnattached    
7831:42Jenna Pickering  S30WTri-Force28:1623:4114.7 
7931:55Maxine Bates  V45WOh Ladies31:5428:4749.0 
8031:56Jo Woof S30WUnattached    
8132:01Alex Varran S25WUnattached    
8232:20Claire Palmer V45WAthena St Albans    
8332:48Christopher Ansell U15MOld Hatfield Ladies Running Group    
8433:09Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8533:26Ruth Swinhoe V65WUnattached    
8633:51Martin Crisp  V55MSt. Albans Striders29:4329:4333.7 
8734:03Katharine Sweeney V50WUnattached    
8834:04Linda Peters V45WUnattached    
8934:34Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9034:35Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9135:05Caroline Hughes V40WUnattached    
9235:18Nash Gabbey U15MUnattached    
9336:07Tracey Stewart V45WGarden City Runners    
9437:10Lynette Spelman V35WUnattached    
9537:16Catherine Reid  V50WOh Ladies33:2433:2437.7 
9643:00Jonathan Krishnan Wilding U15MUnattached    
9743:01Emma Lakshmi Rajaratnam V40WWheathampstead Warriors    
9849:56Louise Sopp V40WOld Hatfield Ladies Running Group