Great Cornard parkrun # 146 External Results
Great Cornard
26 Nov 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:46Adam Howlett  V45MFramlingham16:3516:300.4 
217:58James Wright  V35MSpringfield17:3817:351.4 
318:46Kieran Hayles  S30MSudbury Joggers17:1516:482.4 
419:09Aidan Cahill  U15MBraintree18:3016:40-0.7 
519:16Wayne Cook  V40MColchester H17:5417:386.2 
619:23Richard Flutter  V45MHarwich/Sudbury Joggers17:3317:335.6 
719:52Bradley Doe  S20MHalstead19:3318:2611.2 
819:59Piotr Bulacz  V45MSudbury Joggers/Unattached/Poland17:5617:564.5 
920:48Simon Derry  V40MSudbury Joggers19:5418:587.1 
1021:58Luke Terry S25MUnattached    
1122:20Stephen Bartholomew V35MUnattached    
1222:23Mark Stocker V40MUnattached    
1322:47Charlotte Willer U20WUnattached    
1422:50John Kerr V45MUnattached    
1522:51Gary Perryman  V40MTiptree21:0920:388.9 
1623:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1723:01Steve Jeggo V45MUnattached    
1823:35Steve Arnold V40MUnattached    
1923:43Steve Denham V40MUnattached    
2023:55Robert Davies V50MUnattached    
2123:59Chris Rugg V50MUnattached    
2224:15Elizabeth Cahill  V50WBraintree23:1122:1714.4 
2324:18Aarron Lusted V35MUnattached    
2424:27Paul Lake V55MMersea Island Hash House Harriers    
2524:35Robert Gourlay V45MUnattached    
2624:38Lana Mo U18WUnattached    
2724:49Ross Holmes V45MUnattached    
2825:03Steve Petts V55MUnattached    
2925:09Jimmy Secker V40MS C Fitness    
3026:11Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3126:17Christopher Thornton  V55MUnattached22:3120:028.3 
3226:24Paul Felton V50MUnattached    
3326:24Jackie Warren V50WUnattached    
3426:29Jon Buckle  V60MVegan24:1923:3217.6 
3526:31Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3626:44Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3726:53Darren Powell  V45MHalstead24:3522:3711.8 
3826:53Amelia Moule  U18WUnattached24:4120:268.3 
3926:54Ruth Cowlin  V50WSudbury Joggers24:2224:2215.7 
4026:55Andrew Graham V45MUnattached    
4126:56Samantha Cooper V45WS C Fitness    
4226:57Susie Moule V40WUnattached    
4327:02Helen Wagland V50WUnattached    
4427:09Hannah Johnson U15WUnattached    
4527:13Amanda Dunn  V40WHadleigh Hares23:1622:3015.8 
4627:44David Cahill  V50MBraintree24:0920:3111.8 
4727:45Kate Rugg V45WUnattached    
4828:11AN Other         
4928:20Todd Lewis  V50MSudbury Joggers22:4519:084.5 
5028:21Katie McLernon S25WUnattached    
5128:25Dave Blower V50MUnattached    
5228:48Michael Bigg S25MUnattached    
5328:53Lucy Willer V55WUnattached    
5428:53Peter Rawlings V65MUnattached    
5528:55Valerie Kerrison  V55WHalstead26:1325:3622.4 
5628:58Harriet Kiddy S25WUnattached    
5729:03Beverley Judd V45WUnattached    
5829:17Andrea Senior S30WUnattached    
5929:22Stephen Spencer  V60MBrandon Fern Hoppers26:0725:3324.5 
6029:47Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6129:49Lucy McLernon S25WUnattached    
6229:50Deirdre Jackson V50WUnattached    
6330:03Mandy Newman V55WUnattached    
6430:33Rachel McCrory V35WS C Fitness    
6530:57Debbie Jarvis V50WUnattached    
6631:07Isabella Johnson U15WUnattached    
6731:14Sam Gardner V40WUnattached    
6831:21Claire Mortimer SBV50WHadleigh Hares31:2129:0242.9 
6931:28Edward Senior V55MUnattached    
7031:49Shirley Keeble-Fox V55WUnattached    
7131:50Sarah Pope V40WS C Fitness    
7231:51Lorna Powell U15WUnattached    
7332:26Nina Powell V45WUnattached    
7433:11Alan Sparks S20MUnattached    
7534:05Sarah Johnson V40WUnattached    
7634:09Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7734:30Hayley Gittings V40WUnattached    
7836:35Maddie Powell  SENWUnattached33:4330:4350.3 
7936:35Julie Rout V35WUnattached    
8036:53Lucie Petchey  V35WSudbury Joggers31:5730:2726.8 
8141:20Jennifer McBride V45WS C Fitness    
8241:27Ola Bulacz U11WUnattached    
8345:00Rosie Kerr V45WUnattached    
8447:30Frances Wells V60WUnattached    
8550:51Daniel Cooper U11MS C Fitness    
8650:52Emma White S30WUnattached    
8750:53Carl Cooper V45MS C Fitness