Dunbartonshire Championships External Results
13 Nov 16

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:56Fergus Currie U11MGarscube9.0 
26:57Rory Elliott U11MKirkintilloch21.3 
36:58Saul McGlennan U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow7.9 
47:08Matthew BurnsideU11MGarscube Harriers  
57:16Christian McKayU11MVictoria Park COG AC  
67:29Andrew McNair U11MHelensburgh22.1 
77:31Ben Thomson U11MGarscube39.3 
87:40Adam WatsonU11MGarscube Harriers  
97:46Gethin Davies U11MHelensburgh20.4 
107:51Alex Brown U11MHelensburgh36.3 
117:53Bob NicolU11MGarscube Harriers  
127:54Cameron Williams U11MHelensburgh25.5 
137:57Finlay KalkmanU11MKirkintilloch O  
148:02Matthew Gall U11MHelensburgh10.9 
158:06Jamie McPhersonU11MClydesdale Harriers  
168:08Ryan Kearns U13MClydesdale46.8 
178:09Josy Teo WinterU11MVictoria Park COG AC  
188:18Zach ChaudhrayU11MGarscube Harriers  
198:33Ewan McCartney U11MHelensburgh36.4 
208:44Zak ChangiziU11MVictoria Park COG AC  
218:57William Scott U11MHelensburgh7.8 
229:06Lewis TokelyU11MHelensburgh AAC  
239:17Logan Moffat U11MHelensburgh52.4 
2410:46Adam Gorman U11MClydesdale32.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:35Sophie Sinclair U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow23.8 
28:04Rebecca Elsby U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow45.1 
38:13Zoe Wilson U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow19.3 
48:26Rebecca Barnett U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow22.1 
58:27Coryn MacleanU11WGarscube Harriers  
68:28Amy ByrneU11WVictoria Park COG AC  
78:35Jenna Gallacher U11WHelensburgh42.7 
88:42Ameerah WatsonU11WMaryhill Harriers  
108:58Ella Sharp U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow15.6 
98:58Maddie Rooney U11WHelensburgh22.8 
119:00Abbie Sinclair U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow48.8 
129:13Tuscany Wright U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow7.2 
139:14Eva Rooney U11WHelensburgh36.5 
149:32Millie Keightley U13WHelensburgh50.9 
159:46Alice AndersonU11WClydesdale Harriers  
1610:02Lorna BatemanU11WMaryhill Harriers  
1710:06Erin PriorU11WMaryhill Harriers  
1810:24Emma CarsonU11WClydesdale Harriers  
1911:41Lucy WilliamsU11WMaryhill Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:09Finlay Ross-Davie U13MGarscube-3.2 
211:15Fraser Gilmour U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow-2.6 
311:23Russell Barnett U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow19.6 
411:31Devan Miller U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow25.1 
512:30Alistair McCartney U13MHelensburgh18.5 
612:35Daniel KinniburghU13MVictoria Park COG AC  
712:44Marcus Donnelly U13MGarscube31.0 
812:49Louis Sharp U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow2.9 
912:49Connor Kalkman U13MKirkintilloch38.2 
1012:51Matthew Cameron U13MHelensburgh3.9 
1113:20Jake Speirs U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow4.8 
1213:24Liam Probert U13MClydesdale46.9 
1313:25Eoghan ConnollyU13MVictoria Park COG AC  
1413:49Tom GibbonsU13MGarscube Harriers  
1514:03Dominic Burns U13MClydesdale42.2 
1614:20Aiden McInally U13MClydesdale37.5 
1714:32Jamie GlenU13MGarscube Harriers  
1814:45Cameron O'BrienU13MGarscube Harriers  
1916:12Tom Heaney U13MGarscube40.4 
2017:08Julian SiebertU13MGarscube Harriers  
2117:28Matthew Wright U13MHelensburgh53.8 
2217:52Finlay Fleming U13MHelensburgh54.0 
2317:57Cameron PickenU13MHelensburgh AAC  
2419:06Greg CarsonU13MClydesdale Harriers   
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:36Anya MacLean U13WGarscube12.2 
211:41Valencia Wright U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow4.8 
312:57Caoimhe Quail U13WKirkintilloch26.6 
413:03Kenzie Macintosh U13WClydesdale19.5 
513:05Jenny Scott U13WHelensburgh10.4 
613:15Isabelle Burnside U15WGarscube20.8 
713:22Rachel Paton U13WKirkintilloch26.4 
813:29Grace MacLean U13WGarscube31.3 
913:38Beth Raeside U13WGarscube33.7 
1013:44Beth Bushell U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow17.5 
1113:45Lucy Sillars U15WGarscube42.5 
1213:50Ciara Brown U13WKirkintilloch37.2 
1314:01Polly Anderson U13WClydesdale20.4 
1414:15Iona Wilson U13WHelensburgh21.1 
1514:31Nicole McGilpU13WVictoria Park COG AC  
1614:35Evelyn Dennison U13WHelensburgh30.5 
1715:01Lucy McLean U15WHelensburgh46.3 
1815:58Eva McAloon U13WHelensburgh43.2 
1916:01Lexy Kenhard U13WHelensburgh23.4 
2016:02Kyla Dorizon U13WHelensburgh47.6 
2116:29Heather McDaid U13WClydesdale43.5 
2216:53Eva Rooney U11WHelensburgh36.5 
2321:00Hannah Prior U13WMaryhill Harriers49.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:22Charlie Milarvie U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow23.2 
217:36Lorn Webster U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow13.4 
317:56Cameron Kemp U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow27.6 
418:10Cody Stevenson U17MGarscube10.6 
518:47Michael Miller U17MClydesdale1.9 
619:34Fraser GordonU17MGarscube Harriers  
720:02Robbie BurnsideU17MGarscube Harriers  
820:12Calum BrownU17MVictoria Park COG AC  
920:36Fergus Blyth U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow24.8 
1021:01Thomas Connolly U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow8.9 
1123:28Arran Dunbar U17MHelensburgh43.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:45Elliot Duff U15MGarscube8.1 
218:02Jack Trainer U15MGarscube-2.4 
318:13Murphy HandU15MGarscube Harriers  
418:32James Connelly U15MGarscube9.8 
518:43Dylan Elliott U15MKirkintilloch14.9 
618:59Robert Whittick U15MClydesdale30.5 
719:04Calum BryneU15MVictoria Park COG AC  
819:10James Cathro U15MGarscube23.3 
919:20Bryn Davies U15MHelensburgh16.4 
1019:23Blayne Wright U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow-1.6 
1119:25Luke Aitken U15MGarscube18.3 
1219:31Jack McKinnonU15MVictoria Park COG AC  
1319:41Ruaridh Stickland U13MGarscube26.3 
1420:01John Docherty U15MClydesdale16.9 
1520:06Frankie Quail U15MKirkintilloch17.8 
1620:18Finn Burden U15MHelensburgh30.7 
1720:26Leo Currie U15MClydesdale33.8 
1820:40Jake McPherson U15MClydesdale32.5 
1920:43Louis O'Hare U15MKirkintilloch4.2 
2021:04Josh Bain U15MHelensburgh28.1 
2121:27Rogan KellyU15MVictoria Park COG AC  
2221:34Evan Mccallum U23MClydesdale28.5 
2321:34Frazer TreatyU15MMaryhill Harriers  
2423:14William Wright U15MHelensburgh21.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
120:48Emma Mahon U17WKirkintilloch24.5 
222:52Beth Gibbons U17WVictoria Park City of Glasgow33.2 
326:08Natasha Shaw U17WClydesdale42.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
119:44Emma Gilmour U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow19.9 
220:09Ellie Hinks U15WGarscube20.6 
320:31Unknown RunnerU15W   
421:19Mia Padmanabhan U15WGarscube/Glasgow TC9.4 
521:24Rhian Callan U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Glasgow Uni21.0 
622:12Skye Birnie U15WClydesdale35.7 
722:43Jenna Little U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Glasgow Caledonian Uni9.1 
825:01Katie Flett U15WHelensburgh17.6 
925:36Drew Gordon U15WMaryhill Harriers37.8 
1026:03Mhairi Quinn U15WKirkintilloch41.3 
1126:55Eve Reilly U15WKirkintilloch43.4 
4MXC M60
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:32AN Other      
227:15Hugh Laverty V60MClydesdale20.2 
328:33Billy Ferguson V60MDumbarton31.2 
435:53Kenny McVeyV60MVictoria Park COG AC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:12Katrina Ballantyne U20WDundee Hawkhill/Glasgow University Hares & Hounds3.5 
225:59Val Houston V50WWesterlands33.8 
326:27Charlene Kelly SENWDumbarton9.7 
427:10Pamela McCrossan V55WClydesdale/Scottish Vets H11.5 
527:15Rebecca CroneySENWGU Hares & Hounds  
627:19Rebecca StansfieldSENWHelensburgh AAC  
727:40Chloe McAdam SENWGarscube17.5 
828:09Lorna MahoneyV50WWesterlands CCC  
928:14Mary Senior V40WGarscube6.6 
1028:19Martha Lovatt SENWGarscube10.7 
1128:21Fiona Martin SENWGarscube33.8 
1228:24Fiona Mccue V45WClydesdale32.7 
1328:39Emma Blair V35WGarscube7.3 
1428:59Alison WoodSENWGarscube Harriers  
1529:33Catriona PadmanabhanSENWGarscube Harriers  
1629:50Ausrine Ward V35WKirkintilloch17.0 
1729:55Katherine MitchellSENWGU Hares & Hounds  
1830:39Leanne Cooke SENWWesterlands29.5 
1930:52Clare Egan V40WDumbarton33.1 
2031:15Laura JohnstonSENWDumbarton AAC  
2131:22Morag Casey V40WGarscube16.1 
2231:38Deborah ShiptonSENWGarscube Harriers  
2331:43Allison LawSENWKirkintilloch O  
2431:45Kali HeaneyV40WGarscube Harriers  
2532:05Christine Duncanson V55WClydesdale35.9 
2632:06Nicola JacksonSENWDumbarton AAC  
2732:54Amy Cromarty SENWGarscube17.6 
2833:31Linda Sinclair V45WMaryhill Harriers18.7 
2934:23Alison Gallacher V35WDumbarton35.9 
3034:45Margaret Peebles SENWMaryhill Harriers26.1 
3138:05Caroline DowV55WGarscube Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
130:56Alastair Thurlbeck U23MGlasgow University Hares & Hounds8.3 
231:10Gavyn ChalmersSENMGU Hares & Hounds  
331:15Max Milarvie U20MVictoria Park City of Glasgow-4.4 
431:40Kieron Rafferty U23MVictoria Park City of Glasgow17.4 
532:27Donald McPartlin SENMGarscube0.6 
632:35Tom Callan U23MGlasgow Uni0.6 
732:57Alasdair Macmillan SENMGarscube15.4 
833:20Alan Blair SENMGarscube0.9 
934:02James McLaughlin V40MDumbarton13.3 
1034:08Nicholas Heaney V40MGarscube14.0 
1134:11Mark Walsh V40MDumbarton1.2 
1234:20David Lindsay V40MCentral/Garscube16.0 
1334:39Bastien Perez SENMWesterlands29.4 
1434:52Finlay Finlay V35MGarscube-0.4 
1535:05Callum Heirs U23MVictoria Park City of Glasgow18.7 
1635:14Daniel Burns SENMGarscube4.4 
1735:19Craig Prior SENM 1.4 
1835:24Crawford Little V45MVictoria Park City of Glasgow20.8 
1935:26Simon Sheridan V40MGarscube5.5 
2035:36Stuart ScottSENMHelensburgh AAC  
2135:47Aidan McCaffrey U20MKirkintilloch18.1 
2235:51Michael BoslSENMGU Hares & Hounds  
2336:02Peter HarperV45MGarscube Harriers  
2436:14Iain Robertson V35MClydesdale3.8 
2536:24Ian Thomson V35MGarscube7.1 
2636:25Gerry Craig V45MVictoria Park City of Glasgow5.9 
2736:33Chris Stockdale SENMGarscube22.9 
2836:40Peter Walsh SENMDumbarton13.3 
2937:16Euan Crumley V35MHelensburgh9.7 
3037:23Patrick Gibbons V40MGarscube4.7 
3137:49David Fenwick SENMDumbarton18.3 
3237:54Andrew StevensonU20MMaryhill Harriers  
3337:56Mark Welsford V40MKirkintilloch10.4 
3437:57Duncan Thomson V45MVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.9 
3538:01Alistair LittleSENMGU Hares & Hounds  
3638:28John Gordon Murray V40MGarscube5.7 
3738:45Robert Rogerson V55MKirkintilloch17.8 
3838:56Eddie Caldwell V45MDumbarton36.0 
3939:04Joe GoldieSENMDumbarton AAC  
4039:06Paul Cooke V45MGarscube25.7 
4139:08Tony Dolan U23MClydesdale20.3 
4239:12David Calder V50MWesterlands15.0 
4339:46Jonathan MillarV50MVictoria Park COC AC   
4439:50Alan Fleming V50MDumbarton17.5 
4539:59Ryan Nelson SENMClydesdale17.3 
4640:04Stephen Cole V45MDumbarton17.0 
4740:14Craig White SENMMaryhill Harriers17.7 
4840:33Jacob LovattV40MGarscube Harriers  
4940:50Nicky Parker V45MGarscube8.8 
5041:25Campbell Fullarton V35MHelensburgh27.5 
5143:22Stevie Cowper V50MMilburn41.1 
5246:23Patrick Burns V55MMilburn15.5