Renfrewshire AAA's Relays External Results
16 Oct 16

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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
113:34   Stephen Trainer SENMGreenock Glenpark/Belgrave-0.6 
213:48   David Henderson V35MInverclyde-1.8 
313:54   Robert Quinn V50MKilbarchan7.0 
414:10   Crispin Walsh V40MBellahouston Harriers4.5 
514:22   Paul Monaghan V45MGreenock Glenpark-0.3 
614:31   Andy Campbell V40MBellahouston RR1.0 
714:35   Callum Hunter U23MInverclyde/Glasgow Uni2.1 
814:58   Matthew Mackinnon U20MGlasgow City13.0 
915:04   Greig Glendinning V45MBellahouston RR3.9 
1015:13   Ted Gourley V50MGiffnock North4.0 
1115:24   David Mackintosh SENMBellahouston Harriers1.4 
1215:35   Jason Steele V40MGiffnock North5.7 
1315:39   Gordon HepburnSENMGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1315:39   Garry Porch V35MBellahouston RR3.7 
1516:05   Grant Sandilands SENMKilbarchan7.1 
1616:14   Mark Porter SENMBellahouston Harriers2.5 
1716:16   Francis Gilroy V50MBellahouston Harriers6.1 
1816:23   Mathew Thomson U23MInverclyde14.9 
1916:30   Scott McCluckie U23MInverclyde/West of Scotland Uni19.2 
2017:00   Duncan Anderson SENMGreenock Glenpark4.1 
2117:05   Neal Gibson V40MGiffnock North7.7 
2217:22   Alan O'Rourke V45MGreenock Glenpark9.9 
2317:51   David Boag V50MBellahouston RR11.1 
2419:16   Chris Doak SENMBellahouston RR22.7 
2519:43   Robert Shaw V55MInverclyde27.8 
2622:20   John CarruthersV45MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
113:24   Mark Pollard SENMBelgrave/Inverclyde-1.7 
213:39   John Bell SENMInverclyde-3.4 
313:53   Gregor Yates SENMBellahouston Harriers-1.7 
414:06   Daniel Doherty V35MGreenock Glenpark0.8 
514:25   Sean Gaffney SENMInverclyde0.5 
614:27   Conor Thomson U20MKilbarchan1.9 
714:29   Oliver SweeneySENMGiffnock North AAC  
814:36   Russell Whittington V45MBellahouston RR/Scottish Vets H2.9 
914:39   Bruce Carse V35MBellahouston RR2.4 
1015:25   Jon Hammerman V35MInverclyde-0.1 
1115:30   Tom Jamieson V35MInverclyde4.5 
1215:36   Stuart Mcmillan SENMBellahouston RR5.6 
1315:55   Chris Marsh V35MGiffnock North18.8 
1416:02   John StevensonV45MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1516:19   Calum Ferguson U20MBellahouston Harriers3.8 
1516:19   Robert Dolan V40MGreenock Glenpark5.0 
1716:25   Alan Craig V45MKilbarchan19.5 
1816:59   Kenneth CrawfordV45MBellahouston Road Runners  
1917:07   Graeme Gemmell V50MBellahouston Harriers3.6 
2017:12   Shaun Tonner U23MGlasgow City/Strathclyde Uni/Inverclyde23.5 
2117:32   Stephen ReidV40MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
2218:09   Michael Dunn V60MGreenock Glenpark12.7 
2320:21   John Beckett V65MBellahouston Harriers23.5 
2420:37   Alan Dunk SENMBellahouston RR31.3 
2520:58   David Logan V55MGiffnock North33.1 
2622:37   David Carruthers V40MGreenock Glenpark17.6 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
113:11   Ross Gray U20MInverclyde0.0 
214:14   Jack Heathwood U20MBellahouston Harriers3.1 
214:14   Graham Evans SENMKilbarchan/Heriot-Watt Uni-1.1 
414:18   Steven Campbell V40MGreenock Glenpark-0.9 
514:19   David Tamburini V40MInverclyde/Scottish Vets H-0.5 
614:56   James Montgomery SENMBellahouston RR9.2 
715:00   Nicholas Gemmell V40MInverclyde-0.2 
815:11   Luke Chamberlain V40MGiffnock North2.0 
915:13   Liam Conway V45MBellahouston RR8.2 
1015:14   Stephen Cooke SENMInverclyde16.8 
1115:31   Fraser Armstrong U20MRed Star1.4 
1216:06   Colin Wylie V40MGiffnock North4.3 
1316:12   Stephen McLoone V50MGreenock Glenpark17.5 
1416:47   Christopher Logue V35MBellahouston RR7.7 
1516:56   Stephen Hanley SENMGreenock Glenpark2.6 
1617:10   Danny McLaughlin V55MGreenock Glenpark7.0 
1717:18   David NessV40MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1817:23   Paul Houston V45MBellahouston Harriers8.9 
1917:26   Steven Hill SENMKilbarchan6.8 
2017:29   Gerry Gaffney V55MInverclyde11.9 
2117:41   Ross McGeoughSENMBellahouston Road Runners  
2218:17   Mark Magee U23MInverclyde12.1 
2319:51   Robert Carson V65MBellahouston Harriers14.4 
2420:00   Robert BoagV50MBellahouston Road Runners  
2521:52   Alan Woodall Stewart V65MGiffnock North24.3 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
114:08   Graeme Hyett SENMInverclyde/Belgrave3.5 
214:11   Michael Houston U23MInverclyde/Glasgow Caledonian Uni/Falkirk-3.6 
314:17   Graeme Paterson V40MBellahouston RR4.0 
414:34   Kevin O'Donoghue SENMGreenock Glenpark15.5 
514:42   Jason Kane SENMInverclyde2.6 
614:50   Iain Burns V35MBellahouston RR0.2 
714:53   Darren McQuade SENMBellahouston Harriers-0.9 
815:21   Paul Clawson SENMBellahouston Harriers2.4 
915:28   Ryan Waldron V35MKilbarchan4.4 
1015:40   Jude Boulton V40MInverclyde18.2 
1115:52   David Roberts SENMGreenock Glenpark7.8 
1215:53   Duncan MacFadyen V55MInverclyde/Scottish Vets H18.7 
1316:36   Robert Snodgrass V45MKilbarchan9.4 
1416:50   Graham McGrattan V60MGreenock Glenpark8.5 
1517:11   Stuart AustinV40MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1617:19   Michael Hampson V50MGiffnock North13.5 
1717:47   Henry Merriweather V45MBellahouston RR5.6 
1818:33   Tony Breslin V45MBellahouston RR11.5 
1919:40   John Cunningham V45MBellahouston Harriers8.7 
2020:27   Frank McMahonV65MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
2.6KXCL U17M L1
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
18:48   Ben Shaw U17MGiffnock North-0.9 
29:02   Nick Boyle U17MGiffnock North5.2 
39:05   Adam Hay U17MInverclyde-3.5 
49:18   Cameron Corrigan U17MKilbarchan9.4 
59:48   Liam Donoghue U17MKilbarchan20.9 
610:00   Sammy Hearl U17MInverclyde17.4 
2.6KXCL U17M L2
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
18:45   Nikolai Gajic U17MGiffnock North-3.2 
29:06   Cameron Wright U17MKilbarchan-3.9 
39:13   Harry Nimmo U17MGiffnock North4.3 
49:20   Dylan Crawford U17MInverclyde2.2 
59:38   Sulieman Niven U17MKilbarchan10.4 
2.6KXCL U17M L3
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
18:35   Craig Kennedy U17MKilbarchan-0.6 
28:38   Ryan Gray U17MInverclyde2.0 
38:43   Andrew Love U17MGiffnock North-0.6 
48:54   Jamie Sturrock U17MGiffnock North13.2 
2.6KXCL U15M L1
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:18   Sean Fischer-KeoghU15MInverclyde AC  
29:21   Lewis Barclay U15MKilbarchan3.5 
39:30   Andrew Robertson U15MGiffnock North1.1 
410:11   Ewan Ferguson U15MGreenock Glenpark8.1 
510:14   James Taylor U15MKilbarchan22.0 
611:01   Ross Davidson U15MInverclyde22.0 
2.6KXCL U15M L2
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:07   Lewis Hannigan U15MKilbarchan-1.0 
29:21   Ethan Carolan U15MGiffnock North-0.6 
39:24   Josh Law U15MInverclyde1.3 
410:35   Scott MeechanU15MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
510:57   Ryan Mcdermott U15MKilbarchan26.3 
2.6KXCL U15M L3
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:30   Kyle Irvine U15MKilbarchan17.7 
29:36   Ben Nichol U15MInverclyde-0.6 
39:42   Harry McGill U15MGreenock Glenpark-0.8 
49:58   Eoghan O'Donnell U15MGiffnock North1.7 
2.6KXCL U13M L1
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
110:12   Lewis Hainey U13MInverclyde-0.1 
210:19   Aaron McGillivray U13MGiffnock North9.6 
310:31   Hugh Shiels U13MGiffnock North1.9 
410:39   Ross Hastie U13MKilbarchan8.3 
510:40   Jude Dolan U13MGreenock Glenpark7.6 
610:44   Olly Smith U13MKilbarchan24.8 
710:52   Ewan HeronU13MGiffnock North AAC  
811:16   Jack Stewart U13MInverclyde27.1 
2.6KXCL U13M L2
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:41   Harris Paterson U13MGiffnock North-1.4 
210:34   Caleb Dunning U13MInverclyde10.3 
311:52   Ewan WalkerU13MKilbarchan AAC  
411:56   Michael Nolan U13MGiffnock North5.4 
511:57   Alex WisemanU13MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
612:20   Matthew McGeehan U13MInverclyde30.5 
713:00   Ross Kennedy U13MKilbarchan5.5 
2.6KXCL U13M L3
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
110:01   Robert Gray U13MInverclyde11.0 
210:12   Charlie Tomkinson U13MGiffnock North5.6 
310:59   Cameron Patton U13MGreenock Glenpark16.9 
411:22   Martin Burnhope U13MKilbarchan11.6 
511:28   Andrew Combe U13MGiffnock North14.3 
614:09   Edward Docherty U13MInverclyde34.1 
1.5KXCL U11M L1
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
15:54   Harris Morrison U13MInverclyde2.3 
26:06   Mark Macinnes U11MGiffnock North13.7 
26:06   Craig Shennan U11MGiffnock North3.2 
46:16   Lewis Cameron U11MKilbarchan24.0 
56:26   Jack Kennedy U13MKilbarchan6.3 
66:30   Ryan Mccusker U11MKilbarchan15.9 
77:01   Emmanuel Gebreyes U11MGiffnock North36.0 
87:12   Aidan Mcgarrigle U11MInverclyde31.0 
97:18   Nathan Dykes U13MGiffnock North36.0 
107:20   Ross McGinnessU11MGiffnock North AAC  
117:32   Mike LombardU11MGiffnock North AAC  
117:32   Sam McGarva U11MInverclyde36.0 
137:49   EJ OlatokeU11MKilbarchan AAC  
1.5KXCL U11M L2
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
16:00   Ryan Knights U11MKilbarchan7.2 
26:08   Jack Wallace U11MGiffnock North5.6 
36:13   Matthew Murphy U11MGiffnock North6.1 
46:14   Scott DevlinU11MGiffnock North AAC  
56:16   Keir Arthur U11MInverclyde8.9 
66:19   Harry MartinU11MGiffnock North AAC  
77:09   Philip McGeehan U13MInverclyde29.5 
87:12   Cormac Shiels U11MGiffnock North10.7 
97:15   Harry Provan U11MKilbarchan36.0 
107:34   Jonathon Watson U11MKilbarchan33.6 
118:10   Samuel Wylie U13MKilbarchan36.0 
1.5KXCL U11M L3
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
16:01   Adam Chamberlain U13MGiffnock North2.9 
26:30   Aiden McEvoyU11MInverclyde AC  
36:35   Vincent Kelly U13MGiffnock North34.7 
46:36   Ramsay Mcleod U11MKilbarchan11.3 
56:39   Conrad Craig U11MKilbarchan24.6 
66:44   James Mowat U11MGiffnock North7.1 
76:45   Alex Chamberlain U13MGiffnock North5.3 
76:45   Alexander Bassano U13MKilbarchan34.0 
96:53   Caleb Murray U11MKilbarchan34.8 
107:05   Tayven Adamson U11MInverclyde5.0 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
115:46   Christina Rankin SENWKilbarchan/Edinburgh Uni2.0 
216:09   Sarah Dempsey U20WKilbarchan15.2 
316:13   Ann Robin V35WBellahouston RR4.9 
416:54   Julie Gordon V40WInverclyde8.8 
517:02   Emma Baxter SENWGreenock Glenpark/Swansea Uni14.3 
617:47   Holly Thompson U20WKilbarchan4.1 
718:13   Heather Thompson SENWGiffnock North17.0 
818:21   Judith Macgregor V40WBellahouston RR17.8 
918:52   Janine Porter SENWBellahouston Harriers7.8 
1019:23   Julia Wylie V50WKilbarchan/Scottish Vets H18.1 
1120:44   Alison GordonV40WGiffnock North AAC  
1221:12   Emma FoultonU20WInverclyde AC  
1221:12   Rebecca SimisterSENWBellahouston Harriers  
1421:27   Lisa RuddySENWGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1521:29   Claire FitzsimmonsSENWBellahouston Harriers  
1622:32   Deirdre Hoyle V65WBellahouston Harriers22.9 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
115:12   Elspeth Curran SENWKilbarchan/Glasgow Uni-0.2 
216:15   Rachael Bushfield SENWInverclyde/Glasgow Caledonian Uni8.8 
317:18   Sharon Hastie V40WKilbarchan5.8 
418:30   Shona Donnelly V45WBellahouston RR7.6 
518:45   Li Wang V50WGiffnock North12.4 
619:16   Lorna Coyle V55WGreenock Glenpark12.5 
719:23   Emily Jackson SENWBellahouston Harriers14.2 
820:27   Stephanie Baird SENWBellahouston Harriers17.5 
920:52   Sandra HouldsworthSENWKilbarchan AAC  
1021:16   Angeline Austin V40WGreenock Glenpark24.7 
1121:46   Kelly LudwigSENWBellahouston Road Runners  
1222:11   Alison MathewsV50WGiffnock North AAC  
1322:44   Michelle O'Shea SENWBellahouston Harriers20.3 
1422:53   Stella Mcculloch V45WBellahouston Harriers23.6 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
115:13   Laura Stark U20WKilbarchan11.6 
215:39   Nynke Mulholland SENWInverclyde1.7 
316:39   Louise Ross V35WBellahouston RR5.9 
417:01   Jennifer Rooney SENWKilbarchan8.7 
519:00   Caroline Cochran V45WKilbarchan12.3 
619:19   Kathleen McLachlan SENWGiffnock North14.7 
719:41   Suzanne Boyle V35WBellahouston Harriers15.5 
819:47   Emma O'Rourke SENWGreenock Glenpark23.2 
920:40   Madeline Smillie V40WBellahouston RR17.3 
1020:46   Victoria SmithSENWGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1121:09   Gael McCallumV45WBellahouston Harriers  
1221:25   Christine Mckay V50WBellahouston Harriers15.2 
1323:35   Jennifer TaitSENWBellahouston Harriers  
1424:58   Irene Zingone V65WGiffnock North20.6 
2.6KXCL U17W L1
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
110:12   Rona Tytler U17WKilbarchan13.4 
210:35   Danielle Kelly U17WGiffnock North17.2 
310:50   Zoe Joy Jamieson U17WGiffnock North24.9 
411:17   Nichola Doohan U17WInverclyde24.9 
2.6KXCL U17W L2
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:51   Lynn Mckenna U17WGiffnock North7.1 
210:30   Jennifer Lyne U17WInverclyde19.2 
311:09   Kim Crawford U17WKilbarchan26.8 
411:32   Leah Sinforiani U17WGiffnock North23.5 
2.6KXCL U17W L3
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:52   Shelby Morrison U17WInverclyde12.8 
29:59   Charlotte McKenna U17WGiffnock North6.1 
311:36   Eve Griffiths U17WKilbarchan25.1 
413:04   Rhona Mowat U17WGiffnock North4.2 
2.6KXCL U15W L1
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
110:21   Annabel Ballantyne U15WGiffnock North10.4 
210:29   Hannah McGeehan U15WInverclyde23.1 
310:35   Laine Alemu U15WKilbarchan9.2 
410:37   Libby Sutherland U15WKilbarchan7.9 
511:02   Leah Cameron U15WInverclyde17.6 
612:30   Laura-Jane Bertram U15WGiffnock North18.0 
712:58   Cara Wotherspoon U13WGiffnock North/Bellahouston Harriers24.0 
813:12   Lauren Paterson U15WGiffnock North15.0 
914:01   Megan McGroryU15WKilbarchan AAC  
2.6KXCL U15W L2
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
19:34   Heather Barnes U15WGiffnock North7.2 
210:14   Leona Murray U15WKilbarchan14.0 
310:31   Georgia Morrison U15WInverclyde7.9 
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