Eastern Counties Championships External Results
19 Nov 16
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
142:10Matt Janes SENMBedford & County/Herts Phoenix18.5 
242:22Steven Robinson SENMPeterborough/Royal Air Force2.0 
343:11Alan Darby SENMEly-0.4 
443:29Andrew Leach V50MNorth Herts/Bedford & County-0.8 
543:50Stuart Haw U23MPeterborough/University of London-0.8 
644:11Spencer Goodall V45MCity of Norwich/Eastern Masters4.9 
744:14James O'Neill V35MRyston0.3 
845:28Craig Emmerson SENMBedford & County/Staffordshire Uni-2.4 
945:36Shaun Walton U23MRamsey/Peterborough4.1 
1046:42Michael Taylor V35MRiverside-2.0 
1146:57Tyrone Farrer V40MHuntingdonshire-0.7 
1247:17Mark Clements V35MIpswich Jaffa3.5 
1347:35Steve Fraser-Lim V35MIpswich Jaffa11.4 
1447:59Robin Webb SENMEly2.5 
1548:36Martin Hewetson V40MBure Valley/Waveney Valley12.8 
1648:47Gordon Irvine V35MEly4.2 
1748:55Steve Hall V45MPeterborough/Ramsey6.3 
1849:03Nathan Popple SENMPeterborough/Bangor Uni9.8 
1949:20Nick Osborn V35MHuntingdonshire1.6 
2049:40James Sadlier V35MPeterborough1.9 
2150:09James Hayward SENMStowmarket4.0 
2250:59Nicholas Clarke V35MIpswich Jaffa3.3 
2351:01Andy Blair V50MBedford & County4.2 
2451:02Paul Jeggo V55MSpringfield6.4 
2551:04Ritchie Parkins V40MStowmarket/Royal Air Force23.4 
2651:28Scott Williams SENMStowmarket-0.2 
2751:42Kyle Chesterman SENMRiverside5.2 
2851:44Gary Finch V45MBedford H18.7 
2952:01Richard Hill V40MEly6.5 
3052:09Karl Hiner V50MRiverside8.8 
3152:16Stephen Howard V50MEly4.4 
3252:34Ian Marshall V35MHuntingdonshire4.7 
3352:46Martin Rowe V50MHuntingdonshire10.7 
3453:43Calvin Hemmings V45MBedford & County18.5 
3553:54Daniel Woolf V40MHuntingdonshire10.4 
3656:01Richard Steeley V35MLeighton Buzzard23.2 
3756:22Matthew Mason V45MEly12.4 
3857:39Derek Darnell V55MHuntingdonshire/Eastern Masters5.8 
3959:21Russel Breyer V50MIpswich Jaffa13.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
128:05Alexander Lawrence U20MIpswich-4.8 
228:35William Mullins U20MBedford & County1.5 
328:41Paul Wain U20MIpswich Jaffa1.3 
429:20Stephen Headley U20MBedford & County/Leicester Uni7.3 
529:32Andrew Headley U20MBedford & County/Kent Uni-0.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
120:40Joey Croft U17MHuntingdonshire-3.9 
220:41Isaac Ellard U17MEye/Bedford & County-1.2 
322:04Cameron Gillies U17MBedford & County8.4 
422:31Richard Laursen U17MBedford & County3.5 
523:04Henry Steele U17MSt. Edmund Pacers25.6 
623:32Oliver Davies U17MBedford & County18.4 
723:37Steven Quercia-Smale U17MSt. Edmund Pacers1.5 
823:44Elliot Breen U17MHerts Phoenix23.2 
1023:52Nathan Copland U17MPeterborough21.9 
923:52Luis Turner U17MPeterborough18.6 
1124:50Dominic Fitzharris U17MPeterborough28.8 
1225:13Max Daplyn U17MSt. Edmund Pacers20.1 
1325:35Keiran MoodyU17MSt Edmunds Pacers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:36Aiden Killeen U15MAmpthill & Flitwick6.1 
215:13Tai Elvin-Andrews U15MIpswich18.8 
315:24Conall McGinness U15MHuntingdonshire-2.4 
415:34Edward Blythman U15MBedford & County-0.8 
515:46Adam Wood U15MIpswich15.4 
615:55Bryce Breen U15MHerts Phoenix22.6 
715:56Charlie Wakefield U15MSt. Edmund Pacers/Ryston-4.0 
816:05Owen Brownston U15MBedford & County/Huntingdonshire16.9 
1016:07Harry Brodie U15MBedford & County-4.4 
916:07Tom Henson U15MSt. Edmund Pacers1.2 
1116:47Anton AuisU15MSt Edmunds Pacers  
1216:57Harvey Hancock U15MNene Valley-0.6 
1317:38Kiro Bakhcha U15MBedford & County28.6 
1417:39Joe Webb U15MSt. Edmund Pacers8.5 
1518:10Callum Nicholson U15MBedford & County/Riverside7.5 
1618:23Dylan Bradnam U15MSt. Edmund Pacers6.0 
1719:04Charlie BayleyU15MSt Edmunds Pacers  
1819:26Andrew Worrall U15MBedford & County25.4 
1919:48Alex Richardson U15MSt. Edmund Pacers26.5 
2019:53Indermeet Singh Bains U15MBedford & County18.5 
2119:56Joe Kenworthy U15MSt. Edmund Pacers  
2220:10Aiden Painter U15MPeterborough21.6 
2326:32Barnaby Smith U15MHuntingdonshire29.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:42Lewis Sullivan U13MSt. Edmund Pacers0.2 
211:47Christopher Brodie U13MBedford & County10.3 
311:50Thomas DeardenU13MBedford & County  
412:18Tom Frohn U13MIpswich11.0 
512:21Callum CampionU13MBedford & County  
612:24Max Hanford U13MBedford & County8.0 
712:37Oduka FentelmanU13MBedford & County  
812:39Jason Hart U13MHuntingdonshire20.1 
912:50Oscar Woodward U13MSt. Edmund Pacers16.6 
1012:58James Price U13MBedford & County20.7 
1113:00Robert Parrish U13MBedford & County32.5 
1213:03Howard Croft U13MHuntingdonshire5.6 
1313:04Ciaran Burke U13MHuntingdonshire5.3 
1413:15Joel McGinness U13MHuntingdonshire17.4 
1513:24Conner Cassar U13MPeterborough11.2 
1613:34Ethan Cairns U13MBedford & County2.8 
1713:45Ashton RichardsonU13MSt Edmunds Pacers  
1813:51Jake TaylorU13MRiverside Runners  
1914:11Alexander Norman U13MBedford & County35.9 
2014:57Oliver Beasley U13MPeterborough12.2 
2115:02Zena Saez U13MBedford & County9.9 
2215:23Finley Copland U13MPeterborough38.9 
2320:17Gus Miles U13MPeterborough37.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:38Brian Rogers V60MIpswich Jaffa8.1 
224:54Jonathan R Haynes V60MBishops Stortford/Herts Phoenix5.0 
325:00Phil ReddonV60MRiverside Runners  
427:35Tim Newton V65MIpswich Jaffa11.9 
535:17Mike Rosbrook V75MHadleigh Hares27.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:17Rachel Gibbs SENWPeterborough24.4 
224:39Anna Folland V45WBedford H11.6 
324:41Claire Weller SENWIpswich TC24.8 
425:05Sally Cartwright V45WBedford H24.0 
525:36Maureen McCarthy V50WWest Suffolk/Eastern Masters/United States14.4 
626:07Sam Spencer SENWIpswich Jaffa13.2 
726:28Christine Anthony V50WWest Suffolk/Eastern Masters/St. Edmund Pacers11.0 
827:06Elise Daykin-Colombel V35WIpswich Jaffa31.6 
928:25Jo Wright V40WHuntingdonshire31.3 
1029:04Wendy Perkins V35WPeterborough/Werrington11.9 
1129:55Nora Haggart V60WBedford H13.0 
1230:27Sally JohnsonV45WBedford Harriers  
1331:03Maria Williams V35WLeighton Buzzard16.9 
1431:38Emma Wallis V35WRiverside16.4 
1531:59Pauline Stocker V55WHuntingdonshire18.8 
1635:21Julie Haselwood V60WIpswich Jaffa27.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
126:34Polly Smith U20WHuntingdonshire13.5 
229:08Amelia Darnell U20WHuntingdonshire9.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
126:16Lily Woodruff U17WIpswich20.2 
228:47Jodie Vuylsteke U17WHuntingdonshire26.5 
331:12Ellie Temple U17WSt. Edmund Pacers39.0 
431:17Lauren Oram U17WGreat Yarmouth32.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:36Sasha Tydeman U15WIpswich10.6 
216:45Holly Fisher U15WIpswich6.3 
316:55Lucy Taylor U15WStevenage & North Herts16.4 
417:00Mimi Salsby U15WIpswich16.3 
517:05Bluebell Cooke U15WStevenage & North Herts4.8 
617:10Katie Challinor U15WIpswich/Ipswich Jaffa15.6 
717:37Ella Robinson U15WNene Valley8.9 
818:04Katie Tasker U15WNene Valley11.2 
918:23Olivia Mead U15WNene Valley/Ramsey8.7 
1018:59Katie Wright U15WHuntingdonshire22.9 
1119:18Kirsten O'Brien U15WSt. Edmund Pacers19.9 
1219:35Laura Collins U15WPeterborough33.5 
1319:36Niamh Perry U15WSt. Edmund Pacers15.7 
1420:43Hannah WilliamsU15WRiverside Runners  
1521:55Ellie Sullivan U15WSt. Edmund Pacers28.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:51Isabelle Wilkins U13WHuntingdonshire9.9 
213:35Brooke Oram U13WGreat Yarmouth15.3 
313:39Elizabeth Taylor U13WPeterborough26.6 
413:43Francesca NicollsU13WSt Edmunds Pacers  
514:25Cecelia AlvarezU13WSt Edmunds Pacers  
614:47Sophie AllenU13WSt Edmunds Pacers  
714:51Rhian O'Brien U13WSt. Edmund Pacers15.7 
815:02Zoe TroyU13WSt Edmunds Pacers