March parkrun # 30 External Results
20 Aug 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:10Jevan Robertson  U20MNene Valley17:0416:460.1 
219:27Simon Pocock  V35MEpsom & Ewell18:5518:013.2 
320:06Simon Mead  V40MRamsey17:1816:550.5 
420:08Ben Skoulding S30MUnattached    
520:14Christopher Thompson V50MUnattached    
620:23Jason Bullman S25MUnattached    
720:27Justin Elvidge  V45MMarch19:3419:189.2Click your Clock logo
820:35Wayne Stimson  V40MMarch19:4319:337.8 
921:41Peter Cox V55MUnattached    
1022:48Brandon Pearce U18MMarch AC    
1122:53Richard Clews V35MUnattached    
1222:59Todd Robertson U18MUnattached    
1323:00Olivia Mead  U15WNene Valley/Ramsey20:3419:415.5 
1423:08Andrew Fulcher SBSENMMarch23:0822:1914.6 
1523:33Alfie Skinner U11MUnattached    
1623:41Dave Bridges S25MUnattached    
1723:42Stephen Cornell PBV60MMarch23:1023:0822.3 
1823:55Sam Lowe S25MUnattached    
1924:12Daniel Whitby S25MUnattached    
2024:26James Pritchard S25MUnattached    
2124:29James Mottram S30MUnattached    
2224:31Simon Neville V40MUnattached    
2324:31Archie Wilkinson U11MUnattached    
2424:38Darren Moat  V40MMarch21:1319:5010.5 
2524:46Allan Turpie V50MBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
2624:49Jon Long PBV40MMarch24:0523:0313.7 
2724:53Coral Major S25WUnattached    
2825:12Kerry Adam Logan S30MUnattached    
2925:17Tim Halton S30MUnattached    
3025:20Nathan Marsh U15MBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
3125:31David Tuffnail  V45MMarch20:5420:5423.6 
3225:36Chris Stephen S25MUnattached    
3325:42Graeme Robertson  V45MMarch24:2624:1317.7 
3426:01Ian Scott V35MUnattached    
3526:11Chiara Midali S20WUnattached    
3626:12Keith Howard V60MUnattached    
3726:36David Smith  V55MBRJ Huntingdon26:2521:0227.4 
3826:40Martin Kinghorn V55MUnattached    
3926:41James Halton V35MUnattached    
4026:43Roger Tolfree V70MUnattached    
4126:54Ashton Sutton U11MUnattached    
4226:55Ash Brown V50MUnattached    
4326:56Beverley Allcock S30WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
4426:57Joe McNamara U18MUnattached    
4526:59Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4627:36Clive Brinklow V50MUnattached    
4727:47Laura Arrowsmith S30WUnattached    
4828:27Bill Swadling V65MUnattached    
4928:34David Muffett V55MUnattached    
5028:37Ben Pickersgill U15MUnattached    
5128:45Graham Pearce V65MUnattached    
5229:04Irene Middleton V45WUnattached    
5329:26Lily Fiveash  U11WMarch25:0723:5321.2 
5429:28Samantha Wool  V40WBodymode27:0826:0622.0 
5529:29Rachel Halton V35WThese Girls Can Run    
5629:29Nathan Crofts V35MUnattached    
5729:57Clara Giroux U20WUnattached    
5830:32Rowena Smith V35WUnattached    
5930:33Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6030:46Darren Herbert V45MUnattached    
6130:53Wayne Day V45MUnattached    
6230:58Conor Murphy V50MUnattached    
6330:59Christopher Andrew V40MUnattached    
6431:03Edie Wilkinson U11WUnattached    
6531:03Paul Wilkinson V35MUnattached    
6631:20Carl Owen V50MUnattached    
6731:23Roma Oneil V55WUnattached    
6831:24Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6931:31Ewan Hannam U11MUnattached    
7031:32Roger Hannam PBV45MUnattached21:1019:579.9 
7131:42Jenny Bamford V35WRun Mummy Run    
7231:44Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7331:49Michelle Lee Petersen V35WUnattached    
7431:55Alison Gelder V35WUnattached    
7532:11Morgan Brady U11WUnattached    
7632:11Nicky Brady S30WUnattached    
7732:12Gemma Cotter V35WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
7832:19Duncan Perry V50MUnattached    
7932:20Lin Sutton V55WUnattached    
8032:38Molly Cook U11WUnattached    
8132:39Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8232:44Joanne Marsh S25WUnattached    
8332:44Vanessa Saberton-Smith V40WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
8433:03Sadie Mann V35WUnattached    
8533:32Gillian Holmes SBV60WThorney/Fenland31:3030:4531.2 
8633:52Harry Oakes U11MMarch AC    
8733:53Adam Oakes PBV40MMarch33:5333:5343.6 
8833:56Fiona McLean V40WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
8934:00Jade Farrer U18WUnattached    
9034:04Ellie Fiveash U11WMarch AC    
9134:06Clare Matthews V45WUnattached    
9234:09Darren Biggs V45MUnattached    
9334:17Sarah Reedman V35WUnattached    
9434:23Steve Clarke V40MUnattached    
9534:36Hazel Neville V35WUnattached    
9634:41Debbie Perry V50WUnattached    
9735:23Helen Owen V45WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
9835:38Honey Wright U15WUnattached    
9935:51Abby Harvey V35WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
10036:24Gina Longley V50WUnattached    
10136:58Jo Amps V40WUnattached    
10236:58Christopher Amps  V55MMarch29:0227:5225.8 
10337:01Charmaine Whitby V45WUnattached    
10437:02Katie Day U18WUnattached    
10538:51Georgina Carter S20WUnattached    
10638:52Laura Herring S20WUnattached    
10739:14Lucy Marsh V35WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
10839:15Molly Poole U18WUnattached    
10939:24Margaret Harris V55WUnattached    
11039:52Rebecca Harris V35WUnattached    
11140:11Lavinia Lee-Walker S25WUnattached    
11240:45Elaine Tyers V40WUnattached    
11341:32David Orwin S20MUnattached    
11441:36Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
11541:51Trudie Driver V45WUnattached    
11643:01Dawn Long V40WUnattached    
11744:13Lucy Martin V40WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
11844:14Tom Coates V40MUnattached    
11944:36Courtney Moon U11WUnattached    
12044:37James Moon S25MUnattached    
12145:01Julie Lee V55WUnattached    
12245:03Lily Brand U11WUnattached    
12345:04Kathryn Brand S30WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
12445:16Cerys Pearce U11WMarch AC    
12545:17Teilo Pearce  V35MMarch23:5021:2611.4 
12645:53Jamie-Lee Plumridge S20WUnattached    
12746:42Gemma Sommersby S30WUnattached    
12846:54Linzi Holdsworth S30WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
12947:55Kylie Denson S25WUnattached    
13050:29Willow Mills U11WUnattached    
13150:30Sally Mills  V40WMarch32:0527:4722.3 
13252:27Richard Coney V60MUnattached    
13352:33Sana Coney V50WUnattached    
13453:32Annabelle Brand U11WUnattached    
13554:17Dympna Probert V65WUnattached    
13654:19Andrew Brand V35MUnattached