Poole Runners Summer Series 3.5M
8 Aug 08
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
118:01   Williard Chinhanhu SENMPoole Runners/Zimbabwe36.0 
219:00   Giorgio Nero SENMLytchett Manor/Slovenia  
319:04   Mike Grist V45MPoole Runners3.8 
419:21   Steve PattersonSENMHead RR  
519:33   Steven πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ Way SENMBournemouth-2.8 
619:53   Jakob ValachevicSENMMalacky  
720:09   Adam Bardsley V35MUnattached6.5 
820:15   Rob Ineson U17MPoole Runners20.7 
920:20   James Share U17MPoole Runners-2.8 
1120:47   Simon Hayter V50MPoole Runners9.8 
1721:21   Simon Hunt V50MBournemouth10.8 
1921:29   Ian Barnes V60MPoole Runners9.5 
2021:34   Alison Barnes V35WBournemouth  
2121:38   Derek Evans V50MWimborne  
2622:11   Geoffrey Scott V60MPoole Runners21.4 
2822:24   Steve Crockford V55MPoole Runners36.0 
3722:57   Keith Fraser V55MPoole Runners12.7 
4223:33   Becky Rendell U17WPoole AC8.7 
4423:44   Alwyn Dominey V60MPoole Runners16.3 
4523:49   Nicole Bissett U15WPoole Runners36.0 
4924:00   Daveena Tweed V45WPoole Runners17.9 
5324:19   Rex Legge V70MPoole Runners36.0 
5524:39   Hannah Towner SENWPoole Runners/Unattached36.0 
5724:53   Jane Neal V50WPoole AC13.9 
8627:46   Linda Dominey V55WPoole Runners31.4 
8827:54   Maggie Kirk V60WNew Forest Runners33.7 
9028:08   Joan Royal V70WDorset Doddlers26.4 
10130:53   Miriam Gray V60WPoole Runners33.0