Aldenham parkrun # 58 External Results
23 Jul 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:32Damien Lane  V45MHighgate17:3617:363.9 
219:08Gary Warren  V45MSt. Albans Striders18:3617:264.3 
320:42Mike Lawrence  S30MEaling Eagles19:0418:1510.0 
421:03Ashley Broomberg V45MUnattached    
521:47Andy Holt  V50MGarden City Runners/Herts Phoenix18:4617:393.3 
622:14Steve Greenaway  V60MEastleigh RC21:1519:519.7 
722:47Nicholas Alpe S30MUnattached    
823:00Brian Jones  V55MEastleigh RC19:5819:589.9 
923:15Yat Wing Smart  S20WShaftesbury Barnet20:4720:4714.6 
1023:26Huw Keene  V45MSerpentine21:5121:1616.9 
1123:31Tom Cox U15MUnattached    
1223:38Jamie Cox U15MUnattached    
1323:39Colin Disley S25MUnattached    
1423:40Mark Griffiths V35MUnattached    
1523:42Evan Waks V45MUnattached    
1624:01Saam Kyu Smart  U18MShaftesbury Barnet22:1419:5920.7 
1724:10Jonathan Crisford V40MUnattached    
1824:15Johan Olivier V35MUnattached    
1924:23Matt Cox V40MUnattached    
2024:31Donna Irwin  V40WSt. Albans Striders23:2822:1613.2Click your Clock logo
2124:37Michael Livingston S30MUnattached    
2225:11Jo Robinson V40WUnattached    
2325:22Jim O'Sullivan V45MUnattached    
2425:43Gavin Bilson V45MUnattached    
2526:09Sue McDermott V55WUnattached    
2626:17Jermaine Hawthorne S30MUnattached    
2726:21Matthew Waks U15MUnattached    
2826:26Dolores Mullen V35WUnattached    
2926:36Mick Carter V40MUnattached    
3026:42Carl Furness  V45MBedford H25:1519:3413.6 
3127:05Kieron Campion V50MUnattached    
3227:33Beth Atkinson Clark U15WUnattached    
3328:13Mital Vadhwana S20MUnattached    
3429:03Sarah Hall S30WUnattached    
3529:55Yee Yewt Smart  S20WShaftesbury Barnet27:2422:2237.9 
3630:53Mei Ping Feng V50WUnattached    
3731:02Alouette Greenidge S20WUnattached    
3831:07Philip Alberts V65MUnattached    
3931:25Janet Clark V45WUnattached    
4032:09Clare Browne  V45WUnattached29:4929:2331.0 
4132:59Susan Williams S30WUnattached    
4233:02Nick Williams  S30MWatford Joggers20:1419:0916.2 
4334:00Roger Anthony Day Williams V60MUnattached    
4435:22Josh Bilson U20MUnattached    
4535:52Bronya Phillips V55WUnattached    
4636:06Patricia Broomberg V45WUnattached    
4740:01Janice Shapiro V40WUnattached    
4840:16Dev Vadhwana U18MSikhs In The City    
4940:33Sneh Vadhwana V45WSikhs In The City    
5040:40Shai Ilivitzky S20WUnattached