Barry Island parkrun # 58 External Results
Barry Island
11 Jun 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:41Richard Jackson-Hookins  S30MPenarth & Dinas17:2415:33-2.1 
217:48Ben Butler-Madden  V35MPenarth & Dinas16:4815:49-1.6 
318:11Martin Green  V40MNorth Wales RR17:3416:57-2.7 
419:39Richard Wilder  V40MSan Domenico17:5116:302.3 
519:55Gafin Griffiths  V35MLes Croupiers19:2218:576.2 
620:45Marc Durkin  S30MPenarth & Dinas20:2020:2023.2 
721:09John Magee  V40MLes Croupiers20:0919:2210.1 
821:29Rhys Hardman  U15MBridgend19:4516:12-2.3 
921:35Rhodri Thomas  V35MPegasus RC20:5520:5515.4 
1021:53Mark Ellis  V40MBarry & Vale21:3721:3716.8 
1121:55Michael Elliston  V45MLes Croupiers21:2720:4513.0 
1222:07Carla Green  V40WNorth Wales RR20:3519:494.9 
1322:10Gareth Thompson  V35MUnattached21:2219:427.5 
1422:14Mark Bloomfield  V40MPegasus RC21:5121:2821.0 
1522:24John Dyer  V40MPegasus RC21:0020:1911.0 
1622:34Stuart Keeping V50MUnattached    
1722:37Kevin Hall V45MUnattached    
1822:40Andrew William Britton V50MUnattached    
1923:01Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2023:02Mike James  V50MUnattached21:3619:5914.1 
2123:27James Davies S30MUnattached    
2223:30Lisa Cleary  V50WPenarth & Dinas21:4620:4912.8 
2323:33Howard Coole V45MUnattached    
2423:51Mike Donnelly  V40MPontyclun RR21:3021:1311.5 
2524:00Jon Whittaker V40MUnattached    
2624:06Craig Gardiner  V50MUnattached23:1423:1415.7 
2724:14Joe Twigg S20MUnattached    
2824:16Chris Gimber S25MUnattached    
2924:23Sally Wilder  V35WSan Domenico19:5818:156.5 
3024:44Andrew James Jones SBV40MUnattached24:4421:2042.2 
3124:47Sarah Dodd V35WUnattached    
3224:51Selina Chan S30WUnattached    
3325:03Pete Nicholls V35MUnattached    
3425:09Caitlin Williams U15WSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
3525:15Alex Milano V35MUnattached    
3625:35Andrew M Sedgmond  V60MLes Croupiers24:2221:1319.3 
3725:40Sam Alexander U15MUnattached    
3825:56Phillip Lannon V55MUnattached    
3925:57Lindsey Hunt  S30WPenarth & Dinas23:3723:3023.0 
4026:01Lisa Williams V40WSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
4126:20Olivia Townsend U15WUnattached    
4226:30Jonathan Davies S30MUnattached    
4326:44John Frazer V60MUnattached    
4426:45Simon Arscott V35MUnattached    
4526:50Bethan Williams U18WSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
4626:59Gary Gould S30MUnattached    
4727:21Bethan Hardman  U11WBridgend24:3317:513.0 
4827:21Gina Hardman  V45WBridgend20:4420:269.6 
4927:42Martyn Parsons V45MSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
5028:03Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5128:09Sophie Conway V50WUnattached    
5228:12Evan Warburton U15MUnattached    
5328:38John Deakin PBV70MBarry & Vale28:2228:2224.2 
5428:50Rachel Davies PBV55WWomen Running Penarth28:1327:4923.1 
5528:51Liz Mallen V50WUnattached    
5628:59Jessica Smith S25WUnattached    
5729:08Emma Arscott S30WUnattached    
5829:19Henry Gil Jubilan V40M100% me    
5929:22Claire Pepper  V35WBarry & Vale28:0326:2821.6 
6029:31Geoff Twigg V60MSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
6129:40Nicola Roderick V50WUnattached    
6230:11Paul Buckle V45MSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
6330:31Rachel Jones V40WUnattached    
6430:39Tracey Brown V35WUnattached    
6531:20Sarah Louise Britton  V50WUnattached29:1027:1320.7 
6631:54Rhian Ryall S25WUnattached    
6732:01Charlotte Robinson U18WUnattached    
6832:06Tracy Buckle V40WSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
6932:36Helen Murphy V40WUnattached    
7032:37Rhian Murphy S30WUnattached    
7132:39Karen Spence V45WUnattached    
7232:55Jason Horton V45MUnattached    
7333:09Nicola John  V40WUnattached29:0827:5927.7 
7433:21Andrew Cleary V50MUnattached    
7533:33Rhys Horton U18MUnattached    
7633:33Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7734:33Julie Odgers V45WUnattached    
7834:49Lisa Peregrine V50WUnattached    
7935:03Kelly Richardson V35WUnattached    
8035:09Johanna Bainton V55WUnattached    
8135:10Jenna Webb S30WUnattached    
8236:18Nina Lawrence V40WUnattached    
8336:18Louise Phillips V45WUnattached    
8437:12Sarah Betts V45WUnattached    
8537:29Marivic Jubilan V40WUnattached    
8637:40Tracy Elliston SBV50WUnattached36:0422:1644.4 
8738:24Nicola Long V35WUnattached    
8838:38Thomas Bloomfield U11MUnattached    
8939:26Sally Bloomfield V50WUnattached    
9040:37Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9140:56Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9241:23Poppy Adams U11WUnattached    
9341:23Louise Adams S30WUnattached    
9441:25Emma Declaire V40WUnattached    
9542:54Tanya McNabb V35WUnattached    
9643:00Gaynor Loveless V55WUnattached    
9743:15Susie Jones PBV45WRun4All33:2328:1727.3 
9846:18Rebecca Marytsch V45WUnattached    
9946:19Andrew Marytsch V45MUnattached    
10053:22Glynys White V60WUnattached    
10153:22Nige Rees V45MParkrunnerPB