Peter Pan parkrun # 165 External Results
Peter Pan
21 May 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:29Mark Nettleton  V50MBarton & District AC17:5717:553.5 
218:51John Parham PBV35MCity of Hull18:3218:3226.6 
319:01Jim Rogers  V50MCity of Hull/East Hull18:1417:435.5 
419:39Alex Hoggard  S20MUnattached18:1317:027.4 
519:40Simon Downs  V40MKingston upon Hull18:1017:164.1Click your Clock logo
621:00David Wilkinson V35MUnattached    
721:13Mark Stevenson  V35MUnattached21:0220:0315.4 
821:19Matt Henry S25MUnattached    
921:31Cheryl Beal  V50WCity of Hull20:4620:4622.3 
1021:35David Hill  V45MHaltemprice20:0019:2619.4 
1121:52Steve Hawtree V45MUnattached    
1222:09Alan Pollard  V40MCity of Hull20:3219:3520.0Click your Clock logo
1322:31Andy Guymer  V35MCity of Hull19:2918:4912.8 
1422:38John Escritt V55MUnattached    
1522:40Dean Field  V50MBeverley22:1422:1412.0 
1622:56James Finch V35MUnattached    
1722:59Sarah Rowland PBS25WKingston upon Hull22:2022:2017.1 
1823:01Derek Brown  V45MCity of Hull20:5720:4310.4 
1923:02Jon Robinson V40MUnattached    
2023:03Harry Barker SBU15MBarton & District AC21:5018:153.8 
2123:04Joe Field U15MHum and Lincs Orienteers    
2223:04Nigel Wiley V45MUnattached    
2323:05Jamie Rhodes  V40MFetch Everyone22:0621:3315.1 
2423:09Paul Martin  S30MUnattached21:2419:387.9 
2523:26Jonathan Hunter S30MUnattached    
2623:39Peter Taylor  V65MCity of Hull/Unattached22:3120:5317.2 
2723:45Steve Oxley V50MUnattached    
2823:56Darren Tomlinson V45MUnattached    
2924:02Jake Field U20MHum and Lincs Orienteers    
3024:09Simon King  V40MWhite City (Hull)20:5520:2914.6 
3124:21Suzie Rowe V40WUnattached    
3224:22Raymond Latus SBV45MUnattached23:3720:5324.3 
3324:25Geoffrey Wilcox  V55MCity of Hull23:0322:1117.9 
3424:27Michael Greenwood V45MUnattached    
3524:28Zak Oakshott S20MUnattached    
3624:38Endre Molnar V40MUnattached    
3724:44Pete Akester SBV35MUnattached24:4423:0234.2 
3824:45Trevor Peters  V50MCity of Hull24:0922:5421.1 
3924:47Roisin Gorry  U15WHumber Tri22:5120:5911.1 
4024:59Patrick Wilson V40MUnattached    
4125:07Kate Bowers  V50WWest Hull Ladies23:2923:2917.7 
4225:08Harrison Fairburn  U11MKingston upon Hull24:4224:1529.7 
4325:10Ben Fairburn V40MUnattached    
4425:12Dean Lancaster V50MUnattached    
4525:16Jo Butcher V45WUnattached    
4625:24Paul Davis  V40MCity of Hull23:0921:1214.0 
4725:26Malgorzata Wlodarska V40WHaltemprice RRC    
4825:27Graham Harper  V35MHaltemprice23:3722:4014.5 
4925:33Dave Shepherd V40MUnattached    
5025:39Ian Morley S30MUnattached    
5125:44Verena Golach  V55WCity of Hull24:4524:0220.4 
5225:49Dave Wise V55MUnattached    
5325:57William Fairburn SBU11MKingston upon Hull22:1821:4425.2 
5426:18Bridget Leitch V45WUnattached    
5526:20Mike Leitch V45MUnattached    
5626:21Peter Draper SBV55MWhite City (Hull)26:0726:0424.1 
5726:29Emma Barker PBU11WBarton & District AC24:4421:5617.9 
5826:51Tom Hare V35MUnattached    
5926:57Wendy Fairburn V35WUnattached    
6026:58Hannah Tillison S25WUnattached    
6126:59Jo Fletcher V50WUnattached    
6227:00Dinah Ashbridge PBV40WCity of Hull25:5423:0813.6 
6327:19Ann Holmes  V45WWest Hull Ladies/100 Marathon Club25:3223:1719.3 
6427:30Euan Marrazza U15MUnattached    
6527:55Maxine Whitelock V50WUnattached    
6628:15Melody Duke V40WUnattached    
6728:19Nicole Redfern V45WUnattached    
6828:20Nicola Barker  V35WBarton & District AC26:5323:5417.1Click your Clock logo
6928:24Ruth Watkins S30WUnattached    
7028:41Daniel Dennett S30MUnattached    
7128:43Pattison Ian  V55MFitmums & Friends27:5125:1522.7 
7228:52Jean Allen V50WFitmums and Friends    
7329:13Victoria Nettleton SBU15WBarton & District AC29:1324:5717.8 
7429:18Kalina Tyszecka S25WUnattached    
7529:21Gary Duke V40MUnattached    
7629:34Sarah Oliver V40WFitmums and Friends    
7730:06John Pawson  V70MCity of Hull28:4025:0725.9 
7830:09Louise Major V50WUnattached    
7930:12Kerry Blount PBV35WKingston upon Hull27:2326:2824.1 
8030:21Sarah Hall S30WUnattached    
8130:23Marie Bryant V40WUnattached    
8230:24Gareth Jones SBV40MUnattached30:2428:2953.3 
8330:27Pam Atkins SBV70WBeverley29:1726:1228.5 
8430:31Diana Wallis  V60WWest Hull Ladies28:4428:4430.3 
8530:37Sarah Wilson  V50WWest Hull Ladies28:2427:3828.7 
8630:46Helen Rees  S30WChorlton29:5927:0134.5 
8730:47Alan Owst  V35MChorlton20:2719:4314.3 
8830:48Fay Giles  V50WWest Hull Ladies30:4027:5128.8 
8931:41Roseanne Field V50WHum and Lincs Orienteers    
9031:49Ivor Roberts  V70MBeverley30:1328:2431.8 
9132:05Zoe Ellis S25WUnattached    
9232:08Michelle Marrazza V40WUnattached    
9332:26Joanne Akester V40WUnattached    
9432:28Jen Walker  V50WWest Hull Ladies28:4828:1227.5 
9532:34Lesley Page V35WUnattached    
9632:45Paul Yardley V40MUnattached    
9732:47Alison Mawson V60WUnattached    
9832:49Mark Mawson  V45MWhite City (Hull)21:0220:4016.6 
9932:50Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10033:08Annie Dalton V50WUnattached    
10133:14Angela Dixon  V45WKingston upon Hull29:1429:1446.5 
10233:16Caroline Taylor V40WFitmums and Friends    
10333:31Caroline Hastie  V35WFitmums & Friends32:0129:1237.2 
10433:38Sarah Tock  V40WBeverley30:4527:3624.4 
10533:40Jackie Long V45WFitmums and Friends    
10633:41Paul Harby  V50MFitmums & Friends30:2430:2430.8 
10734:08Richard Palmer V60MUnattached    
10834:12Suzanne Clarkson  V60WWest Hull Ladies33:0932:1431.1 
10934:25Tracey Tomlinson V45WUnattached    
11034:26Ruth Upfold SBV55WWest Hull Ladies34:2630:2836.9 
11134:27Sharon Wiley  V45WWest Hull Ladies28:3627:0829.0 
11234:31Adrienne Palmer V55WUnattached    
11334:37Teresa Ann Stamp SBV40WUnattached34:2030:4649.7 
11434:42Andrea Thomson  V45WWest Hull Ladies32:4430:5732.4 
11534:44Karen Scott  V40WWest Hull Ladies28:3926:4223.9 
11634:45Robert Thomson  V80MHaltemprice31:3330:1734.5 
11735:39Kate Thompson  V65WWest Hull Ladies33:5830:5533.1 
11835:56Debra Darmody PBV50WWest Hull Ladies35:5635:5654.0 
11935:58Kristine Shearsmith  V55WWest Hull Ladies29:3128:3937.0 
12036:34Leslie Beck V60MUnattached    
12137:13Toni Jowett S25WUnattached    
12237:15Ryan Hairsine S30MUnattached    
12338:20Katie Henry S25WUnattached    
12439:51Malcolm Roberts V55MUnattached    
12541:41Julie Ann Forton V40WUnattached    
12641:42Stephen Curtis V50MUnattached    
1271:02:29Liz Phillips V40WFitmums and Friends    
1281:02:32Rachel Miller  V35WFitmums & Friends46:4034:3438.7