Prostate Cancer Halewood 5K Series External Results
26 May 16
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:01   Stephen Doyle SBV40MKnowsley17:0116:375.3 
217:01   Colin Bishop  V55MHelsby RC16:4916:490.7Click your Clock logo
317:21   Andy McQue  V35MLiverpool H/Wirral16:3416:18-0.7Click your Clock logo
417:29   Ashley Crawford SENM     
517:33   Dale Higham SBSENMLiverpool H17:0116:5110.4 
617:45   James Thompson  SENMKnowsley17:2016:321.3 
717:56   Andrew Dunning  SENMUnattached17:0516:561.3 
818:07   Patrick Boyle SBV40MLiverpool RC17:4017:393.0 
918:21   Chris Pownell PBSENMKnowsley16:4015:30-1.4 
1018:22   Shaun Phoenix PBSENMSt. Helens Striders17:5817:5814.5Click your Clock logo
1118:23   Paul Goodwin  V45MKirkby Milers18:1018:019.1 
1218:30   Michael Ondrej SENMDarlington Tri    
1318:40   Mike Gall SBSENMKnowsley18:4017:462.8 
1418:42   Nigel Grant  V50MPenny Lane18:2516:425.4 
1518:44   Joe Chedgzoy SENMKirkby Milers    
1618:50   Steven Kelly  SENMLiverpool RC18:2418:2416.0 
1718:52   Stephen Robinson PBV40MPenny Lane18:5218:5223.7 
1818:56   John Halson  V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton18:1818:106.0 
1919:04   Kevin Fisher SENMKirkby Milers    
2019:08   Gary O'Brien V50MSandwell Valley    
2119:09   Catherine Howard  SENWKnowsley17:2817:2810.5 
2219:10   Paul Demore  V45MSt. Helens Striders18:1818:128.4 
2319:11   David Edwards  V50MKirkby Milers18:3217:585.6 
2419:17   Lisa Gawthorne SBV35WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:1418:396.3 
2519:25   Jim Savage  V40MKirkby Milers18:5118:0412.8 
2619:28   Ian Cannings  V55MWallasey19:1719:1713.7Click your Clock logo
2719:34   Mark Riley SBSENMSt. Helens Striders19:3417:383.2 
2819:43   Robert Burke PBV50MLiverpool RC19:4319:126.8 
2919:44   Neil Hennigan V40M     
3019:49   Robert Moore  V40MKnowsley19:1518:587.6 
3119:49   Nathan Parry  U20MKnowsley18:2818:1513.4 
3219:56   Tim Grace  V45MMersey Tri19:5218:374.5 
3320:00   Daniel McKevitt  V35MKirkby Milers18:4718:137.7 
3420:02   Neil Sahgal  V40MMersey Tri19:5319:5311.5Click your Clock logo
3520:13   Ryan Murphy SENM     
3620:14   James Brooker  V35MSouthport Waterloo19:1919:1912.6 
3720:27   Stephen Hayes V40M     
3820:27   Chris Falls V35MWarrington Road    
3920:31   Andrew Boulger PBV45MKirkby Milers20:2820:068.5 
4020:33   Kevin Dunbar  V35MSt Helens Tri18:3718:354.7 
4120:34   Alex Cowin  V35MPenny Lane17:1017:101.5 
4220:35   Harriet Bain SBU11WLiverpool H/Cheshire Schs20:3519:227.1 
4320:35   Ian Bain V50MLiverpool Harriers    
4420:42   Joanne Lacking  V35WHelsby RC19:2319:2317.7 
4520:45   Matthew Davies SBSENMMossley Hill20:4516:2418.2 
4620:50   Andrew Glen  V50MKnowsley19:1919:177.3 
4720:53   Jeff Gard V45MPenny Lane Striders    
4820:56   John Rippon V35M     
4920:56   David Navis PBSENMSt. Helens Striders20:5620:229.0 
5020:57   Tom Oakley SENMPenny Lane Striders    
5121:00   Tony Craig SBV45MKirkby Milers21:0020:308.6 
5221:03   Carl Balshaw V45MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
5321:08   William John Jones  V50MKnowsley19:5718:5510.9 
5421:08   David Lawton  V35MLiverpool RC17:4017:344.0 
5521:09   Stephen Wall PBV40MLiverpool RC21:0921:0912.1 
5621:10   David Webb  SENMPenny Lane20:3219:406.6 
5721:14   Steve Pemberton  V60MPenny Lane20:1618:4710.4 
5821:16   paul Barnett SENMLiverpool Running Club    
5921:17   George Pierce SBV45MLiverpool RC21:1419:1311.8 
6021:20   Alexander Bentley SBV35MKnowsley21:0519:408.5 
6121:22   Martin Hirrell  V50MPenny Lane20:3019:1510.5 
6221:24   Ian Rivers  V45MKirkby Milers20:4820:169.0 
6321:24   Charlotte Rawcliffe V35WPenny Lane Striders    
6421:29   Chris Slavin SBV70MNorthern Masters21:2918:4412.4 
6521:32   Cath Grierson SENW     
6621:32   Andrew Starkey SENMPenny Lane Striders    
6721:35   Gary Wilton  V35MKirkby Milers18:1317:484.6 
6821:36   Paul Hargate PBV40MSt. Helens Striders21:3621:3618.7 
6921:38   Steven Maguire  V40MPenny Lane21:0218:2314.8 
7021:58   Keith Webster SENM     
7121:58   Alan Spencer  V55MKnowsley20:3420:008.7 
7222:00   Billy Merritt  V50MKnowsley21:2919:4620.4 
7322:02   John Davies V40MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
7422:06   Stephen Green SBSENMLiverpool RC22:0619:319.6 
7522:09   Tony Dagnall  V60MSt. Helens Striders22:0022:0011.2Click your Clock logo
7622:10   Stuart Atherton SENMKnowsley Harriers Ac    
7722:11   Daniel Hall PBSENMUnattached22:1122:1113.3 
7822:12   Vikas Sharma  SENMKnowsley22:0519:4224.6 
7922:14   Michael Dunsch V60MFsv Meuselwitt    
8022:14   Kathryn Sharkey  V35WPenny Lane21:4021:118.3 
8122:15   Jerome Doyle SBV40MPenny Lane22:1519:259.2 
8222:16   Graham Howard V55M     
8322:20   Helen Owens V40WHelsby    
8422:21   Paul Cope SBV35MKirkby Milers22:2119:1816.6 
8522:23   Les Woods SBV55MKnowsley22:2321:4023.8 
8622:29   Liam Anderson SBV35MUnattached22:2922:0813.1Click your Clock logo
8722:30   Adrienne Hall PBV45WSpectrum22:3022:1820.3 
8822:33   Francis Slavin  V65MNorthern Masters22:2620:3912.7 
8922:36   Julia Shuker SBV40WSt. Helens Sutton22:3620:1814.8 
9022:37   Hannah Sargeant PBSENWPenny Lane22:3722:3728.9 
9122:38   Sharon Samson SBV35WPenny Lane22:3819:279.9 
9222:44   Steven Hesp SENMLiverpool Running Club    
9322:49   Pete Leadbetter V50MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
9422:51   Gemma Webster  SENWSt. Helens Striders21:3621:3626.5 
9522:52   Jennifer Grant  U11WLiverpool H22:0621:4516.8 
9622:53   John Guy  V40MPenny Lane22:4422:2723.2 
9722:57   Duncan Kennedy  V35MLiverpool RC22:0620:114.5 
9823:07   Alan williamson V35MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
9923:08   Billy Hargreaves  V65MSouthport Waterloo22:4719:0916.5 
10023:13   Kieron Carr  V45MKnowsley21:5121:2811.2 
10123:25   David Mattland SENMLiverpool Running Club    
10223:26   George McGraw V45MLiverpool Running Club    
10323:27   Stephen Gorman  V40MPenny Lane21:4121:4116.0 
10423:28   Steve Maddock V45MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
10523:29   Scarlet Fane De Salis SBU11WLiverpool H23:2923:1826.7 
10623:30   Max De Salis V45M     
10723:32   Arthur Cross V55MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
10823:35   john. connolly V40MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
10923:41   Dave Tomkins  V65MNorthern Masters/Warrington AC22:1920:2416.9 
11023:41   Jennifer Chedgzoy PBSENWKirkby Milers22:5521:5418.2 
11123:47   Michael Edwards  V55MPenny Lane22:4522:4517.1 
11223:51   Kenny Worrall  V40MLiverpool RC22:0322:0321.2Click your Clock logo
11323:55   Neil Spencer V45MSt Andrews    
11424:02   Billy Sergeson  V45MPenny Lane22:5122:3722.0 
11524:03   Darren Nickson SENM     
11624:06   Tony Holmes  V55MLiverpool RC23:0621:3310.5Click your Clock logo
11724:13   Karen Dalby SBV50WMersey Tri23:2522:4122.5 
11824:27   Gareth Owen V35MPenny Lane Striders    
11924:30   Alan Lowry SENMKirkby Milers    
12024:31   Rod Jones V55MLiverpool Running Club    
12124:33   Steve Ogden PBV55MPenny Lane24:3324:3315.9 
12224:34   Andy Rawes V35M     
12324:35   Steve Smith V55MLiverpool Running Club    
12424:38   Emma Williams  SENWKirkby Milers22:5322:5030.5 
12524:38   James Warburton  SENMKirkby Milers19:0818:4614.1 
12624:39   Anna Watkin  SENWPenny Lane22:3122:3117.4 
12724:40   Stephen Watkin  V35MPenny Lane16:4016:290.7 
12824:40   Cheryl Pace  V35WPenny Lane23:2923:2915.8 
12924:52   Diane Hennigan V40WPenny Lane Striders    
13024:54   John Dobie  V65MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton23:4320:5214.1 
13124:55   Jessica Carrigan V35WLiverpool Running Club    
13224:58   Sue Rogers PBV55WMossley Hill/Marlow Striders24:5824:5824.2 
13325:06   Michael Sutton V40MPenny Lane Striders    
13425:09   Holly Johnston SBSENWPenny Lane25:0924:1133.0 
13525:13   Jade Booth SENWSt Helens Striders    
13625:13   Sharon O'Connell PBV45WSt. Helens Striders25:1325:1314.8 
13725:15   Philip O'Rourke SBV50MLiverpool RC25:1523:3919.6Click your Clock logo
13825:17   Mike Welsby  V50MPenny Lane25:1124:5524.2 
13925:20   Carol Foster  V55WSt. Helens Striders22:4822:29 22.3 
14025:23   Katie Johnson  V35WPenny Lane21:0719:5716.2 
14125:24   Nigel Foo  V45MPenny Lane20:5920:248.6Click your Clock logo
14225:26   Tommy Gates  V55MPenny Lane24:5223:2222.1 
14325:27   Martyn Hughes SBV40MLiverpool RC25:2725:1121.7 
14425:27   Kevin Dillon V55M     
14525:28   Dawn Evans V35WMossley Hill    
14625:33   Nicola Howarth SBV45WSt. Helens Striders24:1024:1021.7 
14725:44   Dave Downey V50M     
14825:50   Jan McCard V40WWallasey Athletic    
14926:05   Mick O'Brien  V45MKnowsley25:5624:2524.6 
15026:06   James Stansfield  SENMPenny Lane24:0521:5018.1 
15126:18   Rachel Hall V35WPenny Lane Striders    
15226:22   Rachel Tickle PBSENWSt. Helens Striders24:5124:5117.4 
15326:28   Alen Hurley V50M     
15426:31   Frank Mcallister PBV60MSt. Helens Striders26:3126:3135.5 
15526:35   Keith Bell V40M     
15626:40   Micheal Devereaux  V65MPenny Lane23:0821:3432.4 
15726:41   Jane Nicholson  V50WPenny Lane25:3124:5817.4 
15826:41   Rachel Rick  V55WPenny Lane24:2424:0018.4 
15926:43   Sarah Jackson  V35WPenny Lane/Liverpool John Moores Uni22:3418:5116.6 
16026:43   Bhavna Mistry  V45WKirkby Milers24:2424:0115.6 
16126:46   Kathryn Horsley V40WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
16226:46   Justine Moore  V40WKnowsley21:3421:1011.4 
16326:46   Katie Cunliffe  SENWKnowsley25:3123:5720.6 
16426:47   Karen Parry  V45WKnowsley22:4622:4615.2 
16526:58   Christopher Sullivan  V40MKirkby Milers23:5823:5819.7 
16627:15   Peter Davies V55MMossley Hill    
16727:19   Hazel Brennan V35W     
16827:21   Sarah Matthews  V35WWarrington RR26:0323:2113.4Click your Clock logo
16927:22   Vincent Hessey  V65MPenny Lane27:0327:0324.3 
17027:22   Laura Bohanna SENW     
17127:25   Kay smith SENW     
17227:25   Jo Bruchez-Corbett  V35WPenny Lane25:1724:2618.8 
17327:39   Nichola D'cruze V35WPenny Lane Striders    
17427:40   Claire Meadows  V45WPenny Lane25:4224:4919.7 
17527:40   Amanda Booth SENW     
17627:41   Danielle Leahy SENWPenny Lane Striders    
17727:48   Helen Osborne  SENWPenny Lane23:0823:0826.3 
17827:59   Christine Grant V50WPenny Lane Striders    
17927:59   Cathy Nevin  V60WPenny Lane27:0822:0925.9 
18028:00   Tony Woods  V45MPenny Lane25:5123:1617.1 
18128:00   Eamonn Brady  V45MPenny Lane20:3020:2621.0 
18228:01   Euilua Walsh SENW     
18328:04   Gemma Cross SENWKnowsley Harriers Ac    
18428:08   Caitlin Claytor SENW     
18528:09   Claire Butterworth PBSENWPenny Lane27:2527:2535.5 
18628:09   Katie Pownell SENWKnowsley Harriers Ac    
18628:09   Sarah Wright  V40WKnowsley27:0627:0622.3 
18828:10   Christopher Lee  V35MPenny Lane18:0917:5417.2 
18928:13   Clare Standley V35WKirkby Milers    
19028:15   James Lloyd PBSENMKnowsley28:1528:1536.0 
19128:16   Michael Maloney  V60MKnowsley22:4022:2412.2 
19228:18   Tom Smith U11W     
19328:20   Kelly Carey PBV35WLiverpool RC28:2028:2030.8 
19428:21   Suzanne Hornby PBV40WLiverpool RC28:2128:2135.2 
19528:22   Natalie Cubbins PBV35WKirkby Milers28:2228:0426.9 
19628:34   Nicola Maddock V40WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
19728:39   Kathryn Griffin V35WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
19828:43   Olga Jarzynka V35WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
19928:44   Darren Thomas V35MWarrington Road    
20028:51   Will Carson U13M     
20128:51   Jack Williamson U11M     
20228:59   Steve Carson V45M     
20329:01   Tom Hamer U11M     
20429:01   Liam Grady U13M     
20529:09   Denise Carrigan SENWKirkby Milers    
20629:12   Anne Phillips V35WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
20729:12   Ann Williams SENW     
20829:13   Claire Harper V35W     
20929:15   Leigh woods SENWPenny Lane Striders    
21029:16   Liz Dennett V40W     
21129:25   Jo Sutherland  V40WPenny Lane28:3727:3519.8 
21229:29   Hannah King U20W     
21329:31   Marie Chesworth  V45WSt. Helens Striders29:0528:0928.8 
21429:32   Paul Carr SBV60MSt. Helens Striders29:3227:2019.8 
21529:46   Neil Wilson V45M     
21629:59   Lisa Burns SENW     
21730:11   Rachel Murray V35W     
21830:11   Lisa Pritchard PBV35WMossley Hill27:5827:5824.8 
21930:22   Deborah Hill  V40WSt. Helens Striders28:5028:5032.2 
22030:23   John Hendrick V40MLiverpool Running Club    
22130:27   Nicola hughes V40W     
22230:40   Lenica Vaksmanka SENW     
22330:47   Zach Lomax U15M     
22430:49   Richie Deane V45MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
22530:50   Andy McEvoy V35MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
22630:51   Lauren Connor SBU15WKnowsley30:5126:2636.0 
22730:51   lois Sweeney U15WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
22830:55   Matthew Bates  SENMKnowsley28:0628:0625.6 
22930:56   Thomas Simon U11M     
23030:56   Liz simon V35WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
23131:08   Alison Lysons  V50WWarrington RR28:0026:5822.1 
23231:12   Tyler Holst U11MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
23331:12   Paul Gurney V40M     
23431:16   Rachel Roberts V40WKnowsley Harriers Ac    
23531:20   Adele Crawford V45WSt Helens Striders    
23631:22   Owen Simon U9M     
23731:27   Richard Simon V40M     
23831:29   Fiona Bradbury SENWKnowsley Harriers Ac    
23931:33   Nick Wong SENMKnowsley Harriers Ac    
24032:09   Inma Ruiz SENW     
24132:17   Amanda Holman V45WKirkby Milers    
24232:23   Karen Machin PBV55WUnattached32:2332:2325.4 
24332:24   Jayne Ellis V45WRainhill Plodders    
24432:33   Kathy Horn V40WPenny Lane Striders    
24532:33   Jane woods V45WPenny Lane Striders    
24632:45   Mary McDonald  V70WMossley Hill30:5929:2832.4 
24732:51   Jenny Grimes V35W     
24833:05   Suzie Tarbuck SENW     
24933:05   Howard Rogers PBV55MMossley Hill33:0533:0536.0 
25033:19   Caroline Morgan SENW     
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