Cardiff & The Vale of Glamorgan Schools AA Combined Events Championships
4 May 16
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800 U17M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P2:16.69Larry Ryan  U17MCardiff2:15.061:58.64-3.2 
P2:20.37Kellen Jones PBU17MNewport H2:15.442:15.4426.7 
P2:26.30Thomas Britt  U17MCardiff2:11.542:11.5421.4 
P2:26.68Dylan Woodhead PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:26.682:26.6837.1 
P2:27.95Billy Davies SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:27.952:25.641.7 
P2:28.98Jordan Lewis PBU17MCardiff Archers/Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:28.982:28.9836.4 
P2:29.72Shelton Pasipanodya PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:29.722:29.7239.9 
P2:31.75Rhydian Pollock PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:31.752:31.7534.6 
P2:32.33Logan Roach PBU17MCardiff2:32.332:32.3344.3 
P2:35.44Daniel Richards SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:35.442:32.4029.9 
P2:36.96Jacob MaulinDavies U17MC&V Sch    
P2:38.21Ben Thomas PBU23MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:38.212:38.2140.0 
P2:38.93Michael Thompson  U17MSwansea2:19.252:19.2528.3 
P2:39.92Sam MaulinDavies U17MC&V Sch    
P2:41.58Sam Montgomery PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:41.582:41.5838.5 
P2:43.82Jack Such PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:43.822:43.8239.5 
P2:45.88Josh Jones PBSENMCardiff & The Vale Schs2:45.882:45.8848.9 
P2:48.31Connor Bright SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:48.312:42.147.7 
P2:54.53Joshua Watkins PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:54.532:54.5340.5 
PDNSLatham Garrett U17MC&V Sch    
PDNSEthan Caveney  U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs    
PDNSLloyd Perkins  U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs    
800 U15M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P2:23.75Joseph Batte PBU17MBarry & Vale2:23.752:23.7541.9 
P2:25.87Dylan Jones PBU15MRhondda2:25.872:25.8742.6 
P2:26.25Etienne Lodge SBU15MCardiff Archers2:26.252:20.6122.7 
P2:27.94Panos Karras SBU15MCardiff Archers2:27.942:26.136.5 
P2:29.66Rhys Gentles PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:29.662:29.6637.7 
P2:32.28Tegid Phillips SBU15MCardiff Archers2:32.282:32.0922.0 
P2:34.53Morgan Jones PBU15MCardiff Archers2:32.882:29.0731.6 
P2:35.31Mason Grady PBU15MBarry & Vale2:35.312:27.2332.2 
P2:38.56Raheel Razaq PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:38.562:38.5635.6 
P2:39.45Matthew Jones PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:39.452:39.4530.2 
P2:40.08Jonathan Gibson SBU15MCardiff2:40.082:39.5037.8 
P2:40.20Ioan Davies SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:40.202:20.2425.3 
P2:40.70Iestyn James SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:40.702:37.3332.7 
P2:40.99Morgan Lewis U15MC&V Sch    
P2:41.83Lewis Williams PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:41.832:41.8336.8 
P2:42.15Kristo Ellis PBU15MCardiff2:42.152:42.1538.1 
P2:43.15Ben Wysocki PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:43.152:43.1537.3 
P2:43.30Cian Davies SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:43.302:34.8513.8 
P2:44.57Immanuel Feyi-Waboso SBU15MCardiff Archers2:44.572:31.5035.3 
P2:44.64Michael Hodges SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:44.642:31.1335.1 
P2:45.20Thomas Shaw U15MC&V Sch    
P2:45.67Dewi Paris SBU15MCardiff Archers2:45.672:32.4841.0 
P2:46.20Ben Colton PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:46.202:46.2041.2 
P2:46.34Chris Thompson SBU15MCardiff Archers2:46.342:36.7741.8 
P2:48.45Ioan McDougall PBU15MCardiff Archers2:48.452:48.4534.4 
P2:48.79Anthony Djangi PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:48.792:48.7937.4 
P2:48.84Evan Morgan SBU15MCardiff2:48.842:23.935.0 
P2:49.16Boaz Johnson SBU15MCardiff Archers2:49.162:46.5133.8 
P2:50.57Caylem Price U15MC&V Sch    
P2:51.72Josh Davies U15MC&V Sch    
P2:52.60Kier Jeffery PBU15MCardiff2:52.602:52.6040.0 
P2:52.98Tom Ellis PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:52.982:52.9845.2 
P2:53.30Archie Scott PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:53.302:53.3046.0 
P2:54.20Emmanual Ogun-Uya U15MC&V Sch    
P2:54.60Carter Prince Manning PBU23MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:54.602:38.8437.4 
P2:55.30Iwan Pyrs Jones PBU15MCardiff2:55.302:55.3042.5 
P2:56.96Ethan Wall SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:56.962:51.1036.5 
P2:57.04Morgan Jenkins SBU15MCardiff2:57.042:55.1635.3 
P2:57.46Mark Mellor PBU15MCardiff Archers2:57.462:57.4641.2 
P2:58.06Ollie James U15MC&V Sch    
P3:00.38Harry Watts U15MC&V Sch    
P3:00.52Simeon Greenaway-Robbins PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:00.523:00.5241.9 
P3:00.82Joseff Pitman U15MC&V Sch    
P3:01.03Gethin Rosser PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:01.033:01.0347.2 
P3:01.27James Corrigan PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:01.273:01.2742.1 
P3:01.94Saul Cable PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:01.943:01.9437.5 
P3:02.95Joseph Alexander PBU15MCardiff3:02.953:02.9542.5 
P3:03.01Jac Lloyd  U15MCardiff Archers2:34.632:34.6336.0 
P3:03.05Alex Smarandroscu SBU15MCardiff Archers3:03.052:46.1333.4 
P3:04.44Sam GwynCarrol U15MC&V Sch    
P3:04.55Christ Tshiunza PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:04.553:04.5542.9 
P3:04.57Ben Smith  U15MCardiff2:31.12:16.947.0 
P3:05.51Theo Cabango SBU15MCardiff Archers3:05.512:54.6250.5 
P3:07.41Jamie Duffied U15MC&V Sch    
P3:08.15Simeon Santima PBU15MCardiff3:08.152:39.3040.0 
P3:13.42Steffan GwynCarrol U15MC&V Sch    
PDNSArron Jolly U15MC&V Sch    
800 U17W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P2:29.56Taiya Jones  U17WCardiff Archers2:25.022:21.1622.6 
P2:37.21Lauren Evans  U17WCardiff2:33.952:22.786.5 
P2:48.18Josie Sivak PBU17WSwansea2:44.742:44.7433.6 
P2:52.84Ellie Peterson SBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:52.842:43.532.5 
P2:55.14Seren Davies SBU17WCardiff Archers2:55.142:37.042.0 
P3:05.39Angharad Broughton PBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:05.393:05.3940.6 
P3:13.60Daisy Morgan PBU17WCardiff3:13.603:13.6046.2 
P3:23.61Caitlin Hockley PBU17WCardiff Archers3:23.613:23.6150.4 
P3:39.92Caitlin Taylor SBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:39.923:36.753.1 
PDNFBethan Beynon U17WC&V Sch    
800 U15W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P2:29.23Nia Riley  U15WCardiff Archers2:17.662:13.912.9 
P2:34.73Alaw Evans  U15WCardiff Archers2:23.562:23.5629.6 
P2:37.33Sofia Vella  U15WCardiff2:23.762:23.521.8 
P2:40.87Elin Williams PBU15WCardiff2:36.362:30.3122.6 
P2:45.68Mia Goddard PBU15WCardiff2:34.182:28.6310.1 
P2:49.02Megan Wynne-Jones SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:49.022:39.6523.6 
P2:50.01Lily Roberts PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:50.012:50.0139.3 
P2:51.02Manon Roberts PBU15WCardiff Archers2:51.022:51.0239.7 
P2:51.83Grace Morgan  U15WCardiff Archers2:35.982:26.047.1 
P2:51.92Elise Churchill SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:51.922:46.041.7 
P2:52.58Brooke Peterson PBU15WBarry & Vale2:52.582:52.5825.6 
P2:53.54Sophie Sedgebeer  U15WCardiff Archers2:41.882:41.8836.0 
P2:54.57Heledd Powell SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:54.572:48.2119.8 
P2:59.04Belle Jones  U13WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:44.42:44.437.5 
P3:01.41Katie Hiscox PBU15WCardiff Archers3:01.413:01.4124.9 
P3:01.58Jessica Gregory  U15WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:47.362:45.842.9 
P3:01.95Rhianna Satterly SBU15WCardiff3:01.952:34.8520.3 
P3:02.07Charlotte Tudor SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:02.073:00.7350.1 
P3:02.60Nia Grundy PBU15WCardiff3:02.603:02.6038.9 
P3:04.02Kate Brown U15WC&V Sch    
P3:05.11Emma Carter SBU15WCardiff3:05.112:54.441.3 
P3:05.33Amelie Clode SBU15WBridgend3:05.332:58.138.9 
P3:05.64Laura Childs PBU15WCardiff Archers3:05.643:05.6446.3 
P3:07.60Mariella Watt SBU15WBarry & Vale3:07.602:57.5449.1 
P3:10.60Eve Pearson  U15WCardiff2:56.002:51.0032.4 
P3:11.66Eve Mordecai PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:11.663:11.6649.8 
P3:12.14Emily Steer PBU15WCardiff3:12.143:12.1444.7 
P3:12.43Freja Foot PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:12.433:12.4344.7 
P3:14.07Eleri Holmes PBU15WCardiff3:14.073:14.0748.8 
P3:14.84Lara Watkins PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:14.843:14.8445.3 
P3:15.32Kathryn Woods PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:15.323:15.3250.7 
P3:16.11Jemme Lai PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:16.113:16.1145.6 
P3:16.43Mia O'Connor PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:16.433:16.4345.6 
P3:16.50Macy Morgan PBU17WCardiff Archers3:16.503:16.5049.1 
P3:16.81Jess Page PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:16.813:16.8145.7 
P3:17.98Katie Gwyther PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:17.983:17.9843.5 
P3:18.04Ellie Wilson U15WC&V Sch    
P3:20.28Jessica Phoebe Lucy Jukes PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:20.283:20.2850.5 
P3:20.44Elen Jones PBU15WCardiff Archers3:20.443:20.4450.5 
P3:23.53Clare Grundy PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:23.533:23.5347.2 
P3:23.55Cadi Enoch PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:23.553:23.5547.2 
P3:24.83Tia Roach SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:24.833:23.7150.2 
P3:26.91Katie Fryett SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:26.913:25.2748.5 
P3:27.16Scarlett Morley PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:27.163:27.1648.0 
P3:27.29Georgia Seager PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:27.293:27.2948.1 
P3:28.78Molly Greenman SBU15WCardiff Archers3:28.782:59.550.6 
P3:29.82Sophie Taylor PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:29.823:29.8251.5 
P3:30.73Iona Scott U15WC&V Sch    
P3:31.67Evelyn Heis PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:31.673:31.6749.0 
P3:32.40Rosie Jones U15WC&V Sch    
P3:34.62Catrin Jones SBU15WCardiff3:34.622:53.7041.3 
P3:38.30Mollie Scott PBU15WCardiff3:38.303:38.3050.3 
P3:40.05Sophie Thomas SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:40.053:06.1733.0 
P3:40.51Maisy Goman U15WC&V Sch    
P3:43.92Taylor Thomas SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:43.923:28.0553.1 
P3:48.68Isabelle Francis PBU15WCardiff3:48.683:48.6852.4 
P3:49.83Georgia Maddy-Powell PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:49.833:49.8352.6 
P3:54.10Gwenllian Mears PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:54.103:54.1053.4 
P3:56.91Jessica Francis U15WC&V Sch    
P3:59.28Erin Colgan PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:59.283:59.2854.0 
P4:16.46Katie Kirby-Jones PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs4:16.464:16.4654.0 
P4:24.64Joy Nganjimi PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs4:24.644:24.6454.0 
P4:27.03Ore Egbetola PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs4:27.034:27.0354.0 
PDNSLowena Dias  U15WCardiff & The Vale Schs    
PDNSEleri Seaward  U15WCardiff 3:18.6548.3